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Don’t Forget to Watch Episode 2 of The Droid Life Show


Episode 2 of The Droid Life Show went down last night. If you missed the action, which included a giveaway of three Nexus 7 16GB tablets, then be sure to watch the replay that we have included above. We also chatted about the HTC DROID DNA, Google’s upcoming Android event in NYC, all of the devices we have reviewed over the last week, and more.

Next week’s show will likely be moved to Tuesday night. Stay tuned for details.

  • Malikai Looper

    I think the show is great! Lets us DL readers put names to faces and also allows you guys to get together as a group and talk shop. We all read the articles you guys post, and I personally enjoy watching the show and hearing your guys’ opinions on things via Google Hangout. Offers a nice change of pace from reading. Keep it up.

    Oh @kellex:disqus, happened to pause the show at the right time to get this AWESOME Screenshot of you LOL.

    @Timotato:disqus Go Giants! Digging the Orange Title Bar!

  • droidify

    Since there are so many haters in here, I thought I would let you guys know that I enjoyed the show and I hope you guys keep doing them. One thing about the net is that there are always haters. Its amazing how courageous people are when they are anonymous. I wish I could watch them live but my work schedule usually doesn’t permit. Keep it up. I enjoy watching.

  • wm snyder

    I think it went very well and will be better next week and yes a lady presence would be nice but Tim you stay put your our anchor man. Tech is fun but it can reek havoc and your the man for the job.

  • TowelieMeBanana

    I dig it. I’m always glad to see people that want to talk about phones, especially Android, just as much as myself. Keep it up. It will smooth out over time.

  • Steve Douglas

    So for those of us who really long commutes.. would you think about getting this in podcast form?

  • Any thoughts of doing it in a podcast format at the same time and uploading it so we can listen to it during a workout? You tube works as well, but just curious.

  • Thomas

    We learned that while Ron looks like a stoned porn star…he has great insight & alot to offer when commenting on topics. Something Tim could learn from, seriously. Just laughing at each question & giving 2 or 3 word answers adds nothing to the show. Eric adds great insight as well. Kellex, your the phone nerd version of Howard Stern. With that said, dump Tim & find a hot chick to just sit there, at least she will be contributing.

    • I think we should dump you instead 😉

      Thanks for that constructive feedback.

      • JoshGroff

        Bard’s Tale 50% off says what?

      • Thomas

        Sorry if it came across rude, but yes my intentions were meant to help. I know you have more to offer than just a few words, maybe your just camera shy. Ron can help you w/ that..right ? He has done plenty of work in front of the camera 😉 ( see my previous post for reference ) So Ron..I saw your last movie, wow your Droid DNA is quite impressive.

        • Not a problem, I can take it! Sorry if you felt I wasn’t contributing enough, but my mind was centralized on how bad a time people were having in the chat. We were giving away tablets and I don’t accept a poor way of entry. I’ll do my best to be more “in the zone” for you next week. If not, I’m sure I can find some ladies to take my place for you 😛

          • Thomas

            With that said be horrible…be very horrible..lol. Oh & make your bed before the next show my OCD was kicking in bad. Unless that’s Ron’s wet blanket behind you…then I would just leave it.

          • It ain’t my bed! That’s the dog’s bed! 😛

          • Thomas

            Well then Ron has alot of explaining to do.

          • 1bad69z28

            LOL, Ok Tim how much is Ron paying this guy LOL Good show with some bugs NP it will only get better 🙂

            I was commenting but on the Google+ side because i kept getting kicked off liked everyone else that was the only draw back lol and for some reason the feed went out twice. I think kellex saw the samething before he went out.

            Good job man

            Giants put a beatdown on Verlander, which I wasn’t expecting and the Panda was pissed off hitting those 3 homers.

          • Yea, it was a crazy game. With I could be in SF to watch. Missing home!

          • 1bad69z28


    • JoshGroff

      Tim has the dogs though, you can’t compete with that.

  • Where to hangout lol in order to win the nexus 7?

  • Dee Mann

    This show was a disgrace last night!

    • Hah take it easy there, buddy. I think you’re talking about the Tiger’s performance instead…

      • Dee Mann

        Lol I was hoping kellen would have a Pablo Sandoval kind of night…instead he showed up like verlander!

        • We still had fun!

          • Dee Mann

            You tried jbsourcery 3.0 yet on your gnex Tim?

          • JoshGroff

            It’s booting, let’s try this bad boy out.

    • Yikes. Thought the show actually went well, other than the IRC client breaking down.

  • WOW the comments are working! and I haven’t gotten kicked yet! 😉

    • That was TONS of fun! Not. lol

      We learned a lot from last night’s show! It will only get better now 🙂

      • It definitely made it entertaining, ended up running the video on my CR-48 and the chat on my Gnex

      • Noticed that you didn’t have the dog’s in the room this week and everything went to hell. Also glad that Ron got himself a new camera. Now Eric needs one.

        • Yea, it must have been the dogs. Need to the dogs to be tension awkwardness killer lol