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Carphone Warehouse Posts LG Nexus 4 Pre-order Page, Ships October 30

Carphone Warehouse officially outed the LG Nexus 4 this morning. A landing page for the device has been posted, confirming the name, look, version of Android, and every single spec you could imagine. 

According to CW, the device will ship on October 30, which just so happens to be the day after Google unveils the phone in NYC. As you all know, October 29 is the day that Google will take the stage to talk about Android 4.2, which is now confirmed, and this phone. So if CW is right with their date, you could be buying your new Nexus 4 by the time Google leaves the stage.

Aside from a date, we also have confirmation of Android 4.2, which will remain as Jelly Bean. A couple of the new features that Google may show off are hinted at in 360-degree panoramic photos and some sort of “Gesture” typing. Gesture typing is listed as “a faster way of typing that lets you spell words by dragging your finger across the screen from letter to letter.” That sounds like Swype, does it not?

Last, we have confirmation on specs:  4.7″ HD display, 8MP camera, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, and 8GB of internal storage. No pricing has been revealed.


Via:  Carphone Warehouse (Page pulled)

Cheers Shawn, Paul and Chris!

  • daryle barden jr

    Only 8 gigs of internal storage. Should be a minimum of 16. Why is there always that ONE thing that has you like “if only it had (insert here) i would buy this phone”. I know there is cloud storage but i don;t want all my pictures on cloud. Some are too “personal” 😛

  • panicswhenubered

    I lol any time I hear or read the word “Carphone”. I haven’t see or used a “carphone” since using the one in my dad’s old ’92 Lexus SC400 almost 10 years ago. What a terrible name for a online store.

  • panicswhenubered

    I lol any time I hear or read the word “carphone”, I haven’t seen a carphone since riding in my dad’s ’92 Lexus SC400 coupe almost 10 years ago. What a silly name for a web retailer.

  • SeanBello

    that’s almost a death blow to the Nexus brand. 8 gb might be ok for the “average user”, but is realistically 1/4 to half (at worst) to what a normal Nexus user would need. all those specs don’t mean much if there’s no storage

  • azndan4

    8 gb storage with no sd slot? Idiots.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    My favorite thing about this. Phone ships on the 30th with 4.2 meaning a copy will hit the developers within a week of that. Took a whole day to port JellyBean from a demo phone, I don’t expect any less from the Android Army to suck the soul from this retail phone in about the same amount of time. Maybe the our post-election present will be 4.2 for our Gnexes. Nexuses, Nexi, whatever! 🙂

  • Jackson

    If it was 250 I would buy it with 8gb

  • anezarati

    No Price?

  • L. S.

    I love how the 8GB part was mentioned towards the end of the article lol.

  • ben5korbel

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $82h… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online Zoo33, C O M

  • Ooh, they pulled the page. Whoops!

  • Guest
  • Drooooid
  • Where are you guys seeing this? the site is down??

  • 8gb and no sd = shame

  • BTLS

    Too bad the back has a Huge “I LOVE VERIZON WIRELESS 4G LTE” logo in bright red!

  • spizzo03

    So still no confirmation or denial of an SD card slot for memory expansion….but with just 8GB of space, I don’t quite know how well this will come off on consumers. I understand the cloud and all but with the advent of ‘shared data’ plans and data capping…the cloud doesn’t seem all that appealing to me as an augmentation of local storage capacity. Just my 2 cents….

  • Zac Holley

    hopefully it comes in at 399$ or less and I am in….

  • Christopher Keys

    Awesome!!! wanting this phone… 🙂

  • moelsen8

    bah 8gb of space? give me a break. DOA for me if that’s the case

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Yeah really no clue what the heck Google is thinking with providing such a measly storage space on these things. Oh well, not going that direction anyways.

      • michael arazan

        It’s almost like they are working with carriers to get more people to eat up data and get on the bigger plans for bigger fees.

    • Tyler

      Total non-starter at only 8 GB. You may be able to stream photos, videos, or music (when on network) but put the OS, a few big modern games, and a few backups and you are out of space. Stupid.

      • SeanBello

        yeah, I have next to nothing on my N7 and I only have like 4gb free. 16 gb is pushing it, let alone 8

  • xcodybx

    still looks like AOKP

  • sagisarius

    Well, here’s hoping that £389 translates to like $400 U.S. or something.

    • J. Gilbertson

      389 British pounds sterling = 627.7682 US dollars
      source: Google
      search: £389 to USD

      • sagisarius

        Yeah, I ran that too, though usually it’s not really a direct exchange rate type of thing. $400 would be a lot better than $600.

  • Eul Cam

    I don’t mind if they have an 8GB option but to have it be the only option and no SD card is kind of crazy. Maybe they will offer 100GB of Drive storage, like on the new Samsung Chrome Book.

    • hfoster52

      And an unlimited data plan so that you can use it….

      • moelsen8

        and one of those portable Cell-On-Wheels to drive around behind you so you always have a good signal.

        • hfoster52

          Haha a microcell with car charger connected to a mobile hotspot. Verizon would love this idea because it would $$$$ for them.

    • bucwylde23

      I don’t care if they included a terabyte of drive storage, doesn’t do me any good when I’m on a slow or nonexistent network connection or want to try to conserve data/battery life.

    • Jackson

      That’s actually s good point never thought of that

  • There’s that AOKP-laced Nexus 4 again…