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This Guy Appears to Have Walked Out of Staples With a 32GB Nexus 7 in Hand

Lucky, lucky, man. The 32GB Nexus 7, that has received more coverage than an A-Rod phone number on baseball to Australian bikini model scandal, is available in limited quantities at some Staples stores. Most stores are not going to sell you one until the 29th, however, one lucky reader of ours appears to have worked some magic today when he got off work. Having purchased an 8GB model on 10/14, he returned it today in exchange for the new 32GB version, which as expected, retails for $249.

Who’s jealous of all that storage? 

Cheers J!

  • NYAvsFan

    I picked one up on Friday from a Staples in Manhattan. They had 3 in stock. I can post a picture later.

  • Uday Kiran

    Got one yesterday morning NJ.

  • It’s a 32GB Nexus 7, not sure why the big deal…

  • Kim


  • They caught on and won’t sell them anymore.

  • JohnnyHempseed

    Myself and a couple other lucky people picked up a 32GB Nexus 7 at Staples in NJ yesterday 🙂 http://oi47.tinypic.com/w1s02q.jpg

  • wolfgang71

    I’ve just had two Staples store managers tell me next Friday is the launch day for the 32gb at 249.00. I guess a week to wait. Have the managers look up the barcode on the receipt in the picture. It will show up even though its not in the inventory system

  • Both my stores have them but said they cant sell until the 29th. That was over the phone.

  • Just called my local store in Columbus,OH. She told me they didn’t have any in stock and her computer gave her a message that it isn’t to be sold until the 29th of October.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    I don’t know what everybody complains about when it comes to storage. My music / movies stay on the cloud on my N7. I have 115 apps installed (including preinstalled aps) I also have some fairly large games as well and still have 1-2.5 GB free.

    • JoshGroff

      I guess it’s mainly because it’s the exact same price point.

    • PhoenixPath

      “I don’t know what everybody complains about when it comes to storage.”

      You might not understand why women complain about childbirth either, but that doesn’t make those complaints any less valid.

  • David Verba

    I am so tired of being an early adopter and getting screwed. I know it’s my own damn fault, it happens nearly every time – but they should do something for us. It’s because of the early buyers the Nexus 7 32gb was even created. Sadly I know nothing can do be done to rectify – I (we) just need to learn to be slightly more patient with tech, but won’t that decrease initial demand?

    • Pudd Puller

      waaah freakin waah…as if anyone with a brain would not know this would happen. bfd baby boy

    • JoshGroff

      We got $25 play store credit and $10 in Google Wallet? If they still offer that on the 32, I’d be more upset.

      • David Verba

        This is true and a good point….

  • cphilano

    Well it’s about time that they at least made a 32 GB for the Nexus 7 tablet. I understand the whole “let’s put everything in the cloud” road that has been taken, but is it really ok for our tablets to have less storage capacity than the phones we carry?

  • Jon Ellingson

    This really pisses me off that after a few months a 32 gb version is out for the same cost as the 16 gb. I think google/asus needs to compensate all those who pre-ordered or bought in early. I have always hated the idea of removing external storage and moving to the cloud.

    • I already argued about this but they really don’t need to compensate anyone, any bit. They’re giving new customers an extra 16gb for free, they have the right to do that. They also removed the play store credit, so theoretically they pre-compensated you with the $25 credit.

      Early adoption always carries a risk. Especially on 1st gen products.

  • Tim Hardeman

    Well I know what I’m looking for on break tomorrow. 1B32. Let’s do this.

  • E

    I know the guy who got this, and I can tell you EXACTLY what he’s going to do with all that storage: Gay porn. Lots and lots of gay porn…

    • Jon Coffey

      NOM NOM!

    • Tyler Chappell

      Everyone knows that that’s the best kind.

    • Compeyson

      There are other kinds?!

      • JoshGroff

        Wait, what have I been missing out on?

  • BigFonz


  • ljbdroid

    I called 5 different staples and none have any. Nor do they know when they are getting them.

  • master94

    Wish they would have kept the 16GB model alive and dropped the price to 150 and the 8 GB model to just 99 dollars.Do that and the nexus 7 would be in every house instead of that mostly in the homes of Android fans like us.

    • Tyler Chappell

      It really makes no sense for the 8GB to be dropped to $99. It would do great at $150 though.

    • j__h

      wishful thinking… those prices would have Google footing a large part of the bill.

  • I got one too! The Verge picked it up and shared the photos. http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/19/3528014/nexus-7-32gb-available-staples

  • Michael_NM

    I’m jealous.

  • ralph9994

    And i Got mine 2 days ago at gamestop. 16GB for the same price…. dammit

    • cleetose

      Only have yourself to blame for that.

    • Trey Mitchell

      aren’t you in the return period then?

    • JoshGroff

      I might buy a 32GB just because I have $150 in best buy store credit. Then I’ll probably sell my 16 to a friend.

    • PhoenixPath

      Most return policies are *greater* than two days….if it’s that bad, do something about it.

  • Tony Byatt

    Too bad there aren’t any Staples down here in the New Orleans area…

    • Chris

      You live in N.O. too? 😀

      • Tony Byatt

        Yes sir, Algiers…the closest Staples is in Pascagoula, MS…a little too far, so I’ll wait for the official release…

  • Jean

    Hes not the only one

    • Got one too?

      • TheWhiteLotus

        Why does the label say Made in China when the package and everything else says Taiwan? You should do a story.

        • capecodcarl

          Asus is headquartered in Taiwan, but probably has factories on the mainland of the PRC.

        • The label was clearly Made in China, of course. 🙂

        • WAldenIV

          Right or wrong, the US has a “one China” policy and considers Taiwan to be part of China.

      • Jean

        Yes I do I work for staples and I seen it come in here’s a pic I got it for free by returning my 16gb one

        • michael arazan

          Well I’m now holding off on buying an N7 8gb version now, hopefully i’ll get the 16gb for 200 instead.

          • j__h

            I think this would only happen for a refurb, although it may be less.

      • Lane252

        i work at staples…it was a mistake the associate wasnt supposed to sell it, but staples has fixed it so that they all ring up at 10,000 dollars until the official release on the 25th same day as the 32gb fire. but yea guy got lucky. we have them there at my store now

    • Kim

      @c5e0d5875236c938432153160f4fa883:disqus i wish i didn’t buy my n7 16gb….. so sad pandas.just as Ann said I’m impressed that any one can profit $6333 in four weeks on
      the internet. did you read this web page…bit.ly/RkDmvZ

    • Kim

      @WAldenIV:disqus i wish i didn’t buy my n7 16gb….. so sad pandas.You can finally afford all those things you wanted by getting this bonus monthly cash on your account… See how to do it…bit.ly/QfEfqJ

  • Benjamin Sicard

    The part that makes me happy is that they will be reducing the price of the 16GB version.

    • Trey Mitchell

      no I think that one will just be discontinued based on the story a week ago saying it was reaching EOL
      although it would make more sense to me if this took the 16gig price slot and the 16 took the 8 and the 8 was discontinued or dropped to 159……

  • PhillipCun

    i wish i didn’t buy my n7 16gb….. so sad pandas

    • EvanTheGamer

      Who cares man, you’ve enjoyed your 16GB N7 for the last few months…that’s all that really matters any ways, right?

      • Seth Schorr

        ^This. I bought the 16gb and have no complaints. Most of my memory is free because almost everything is in the cloud. Do I wish for a 32gb? Of course, but certainly have been loving N7 for a good while now. No complaints!!!

      • George264

        The thing is absolutely great, but the lack of more storage means I can’t keep a single HD movie on the nexus or else, I can’t fit anything else. And it also means I can only have 1 or 2 of the high-end games. I have to constantly delete apps to fit more stuff.

        • Booyah

          For movies, just root it and get an OTG cable. Keep only the apps on your N7, and the rest of your media on the OTG with a flash drive. I do that and have no issues.

          • EvanTheGamer

            I tried that once, but it didn’t work. I probably got the wrong damn OTG cable(got it from Amazon), or it was just a dud.

            I tried using the StickMount, but because the OTG cable was a no go, it obviously didn’t work out.

            What OTG cable did you buy? And are you using StickMount? Please let us know, would love to give this another try!

          • Booyah

            Get this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005FUNYSA/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00

            Takes a few weeks to be delivered, but is free delivery and works like a champ. I use StickMount and everything just works.

          • EvanTheGamer

            EDIT: Just purchased it, and looks like I’ll be getting it between Nov. 15 and Dec. 5. DAMN, but guess what do you expect, it’s shipping from Hong Kong!

            Oh, excellent! I’ll be buying this one immediately…the sooner I buy it, the sooner I’ll get it. lol And at $.83, that’s a steal! I just hope it works.

            This is the first one I bought(which I never received; damn package was empty when I got it in the mail!):

            And then this is the second one I purchased(should have just re-purchased the first one):

            Anyways, I’ll buy the one you bought, and hopefully all will work out this time.

            Thanks man, appreciate it!

        • JoshGroff

          I had Horn, Bard’s Tale, Dark Meadow, and Batman on there with room to spare. Then again all my music is on my phone and I only use my tablet for apps/games and streaming.

  • Isn’t the N7 kinda old news? I was hoping for something more than a slight storage bump! They should upgrade the ENTIRE device so they can SMOKE the upcoming iPad Mini!

    • 4n1m4L

      They also changed a few other things, chips, but not enough to call it a new tablet

    • TheWhiteLotus

      No, it isn’t old news. The N7 smoked the iPad Mini from day one.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Nope, but comments like these is definitely old news.

    • The N7 with more storage at the same price point is actually good news, it just should have been released originally. Now, the N10 is news. Hope they’ve fixed the screen lift issue. I actually miss my N7, returned it 3x for bad screen and finally gave up. Probably end up getting the N10.

      • George264

        I had the same problem. I had screen lift issues and I kept having replacements with Google, till I gave up. I bought it again 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow is my last return day, so running there ASAP.

  • Guest

    10/14? That’s 5 days ago… sketchy…

    • That’s the return portion of the exchange he did, because he bought his 8GB on 10/14.

      His screenshot was also dated 10-19, and within minutes of me asking for it. Who knows though! So many trolls in the world these days trying to scam sites. 😛

      • Jon Coffey

        This ain’t my first post. 🙂

  • nightscout13

    32GB = Good.

  • Lucky guy!

  • Diablo81588

    Didn’t know Staples was carrying the N7. Hmm.

  • Meh! If I want a tablet I am sure not gonna get some small thing like that! Galaxy Note 2 for my smart phone and ipad3 for my tablet.

    • Diablo81588

      Size matters eh?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Go away trollish one.

      Also, you wouldn’t know what a good tablet was if it came up and punched you in the face.

      • JoshGroff

        Just for that I want a falcon tablet.

    • Michael_NM

      I like your first name, but you should get lost in your last name.

    • EraserXIV

      I don’t really understand the niche the 10″ tablet is trying to fill… I got a touchpad during the fire sale and it’s running CM9 on it perfectly, but it just sits there in my room. Yeah it’s nice to have, but it’s more of a toy. Whenever I do take it out with me, I feel like a tool taking it out to read articles when I can do the same exact thing on my smartphone. The extra weight and space it takes up isn’t worth it just to read it for a couple hours a day. Something smaller and lighter I could possibly justify (like a 7″ tablet). And when I really am traveling for an extended period of time I’m probably already bringing my laptop with me, which I would much rather use than a 10″ tablet.

      Day to day or something in a pinch: smartphone
      Morning commute to 3-4 hour plane ride: 7″ tablet (you really aren’t going to miss those 3 extra inches…)
      Anything longer: take out your laptop, or if you must this is when you use a 10″ tablet but you probably already have your laptop with you so why go through the hassle of bringing an extra device you have to maintain and worry about?

      • DiamondDave

        I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I Love my dual booting TP!!!

      • WAldenIV

        8.9-inch is the perfect size.

      • iPad, MiFi and Android Smartphone. 10″ tablet is nice when using for IT support remoting to servers and such not to mention when handing it to my little girl to watch Netflix or play Angry Birds! To each their own as our needs differ.

  • I call Photoshop!