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Another LG Nexus 4 Image Leaks Along With Name and Specs

Famed image and spec leaker, @evleaks, dropped info on the upcoming LG Nexus 4 this morning, echoing info we have seen a number of times over the last few weeks. For those not familiar, understand that this Twitter account posts press images and spec details of devices well before they ever become official and is almost always spot on. Here is what we have.ย 

Again, none of this is necessarily new info, but we would assume that it was pulled from an online source that has final or close to final details. The name Nexus 4 was included, as was model number LG-E960. Mentions of the quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 720p display, 2GB RAM, 8MP, and new version of Jelly Bean were also mentioned. The phone will reportedly carry a 2100mAh battery and as had been talked about previously, two options for internal storage: ย 8GB or 16GB.

As far as the image above is concerned, you can tell that it has been cropped, probably to conceal its origin. It looks like the Galaxy Nexus, and the LG prototype that was pre-reviewed last week.

The rest of the specs according to today’s leak:

  • LG Nexus 4 (LG-E960)
  • 1.5GHz Quad-core APQ8064 chipset (Snapdragon S4 Pro)
  • 1280×768 resolution display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB/16GB internal storage
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 1.3MP front camera
  • Android build JB MR1 (some form of Jelly Bean)
  • 2100mAh battery
  • 9.1mm thick
  • 139g

The low storage limits are odd, as is the idea that this phone won’t have an LTE modem. I’m close to calling this a step backwards, but at the same time, if Google is making these two moves to keep the price incredibly low, then I can probably live with HSPA+ and 16GB of internal storage. I’m talking $299 for an unlocked, quad-core phone with 2GB of RAM. That would be a major win. I know that we have all become accustomed to LTE speeds, but if you can buy a new Nexus each year for $300 without being locked into a contract, isn’t that a deal?

That is of course, all speculation. We should know exactly how it will go down after Monday, October 29 in NYC. Flight booked.

Via: ย Twitter

  • S Bosworth

    Has anyone thought that there will not be a VZW version of the Nexus this time around? The launch was a disaster, the VZW Galaxy Nexus lost and then regained AOSP support, and VZW being a pain in the ass in general, all could have contributed to the decision.

  • Simon Belmont

    You do realize this is the probably the Google Play Store variant right? 8GB and 16GB storage options to keep the price down.

    Carrier versions will probably have 32GB variants and LTE. Just saying.

  • yarrellray

    Galaxy Note 2 pimp slaps this Lg Nexus 4 . No comparison.. http://www.gottabemobile.com/2012/10/19/samsung-galaxy-note-2-vs-lg-nexus-4/

  • EnterTheNexus

    This should’ve been the Galaxy Nexus…

  • edude03

    I don’t see what the big hype with LTE is. Now granted I’ve yet to use LTE for any length of time however having a faster network connection on your phone isn’t really a big deal from my point of view. If you’re worried about tethering speeds you can always get a stick.

    • Until you use LTE, you don’t know. It’s nice watching Netflix, or a Youtube video and it plays with no buffering in HD quality. or updating an app on the go is very fast. video calling when you’re out and about is perfect quality. Trust us that the LTE experience is unmatched so far, unless you’re on a good wifi signal.

      • edude03

        The problem is I can do all that stuff already on 3G with a strong signal, I can pull 9/4 in my house right now on 3G which is amazing. Why do I need it to be faster?

  • Wes

    With no LTE, good luck finding it on any carrier’s shelves. This basically means that it will sold exclusively online. That happened with the N1, and it was a huge failure. All of you guys preaching how Google should stick it to the carriers fail to realize how important the carriers are in marketing the phone. The Galaxy Nexus would have been a failure had it not been sold on Verizon.

    • jzwerlz43

      i hope you realize the point of the nexus project isn’t to make outrageously high sales, its to test the newest version of android and to showcase it to the community. It’s also for all the tech geeks who want to add custom roms and want more out of their device. just saying

  • HSPA+ is fast enough for most of the world and fast enough for the US until a couple years ago. Now if you’re on Verizon it sucks since it’s 3G crawls.

  • kkloster

    Since there is a lot of LTE vs. HSPA+ (and, either implicitly or explicitly, Verizon vs. T-mobile) talk going on in this thread, I’d like to ask a question that I’ve really been wishing I had some reliable data on. You guys seem like the ideal sample group.

    Does anybody have issues with T-mobile data speeds indoors (large-ish buildings)? I can never get any decent data rates when I’m inside larger buildings, often times I can’t even get webpages to load up.

    I know that T-mobile HSPA+ network frequencies are all in the upper part of the cellular spectrum (PCS and AWS frequencies). Since their HSPA+ network operates on a higher frequency part of the spectrum, T-mobile’s data doesn’t seem to penetrate buildings as well as data transmitted over networks that operate over a lower frequency part of the spectrum (such as Verizon’s 700 MHz band on which they operate their LTE network). Does anyone have experience with Verizon’s data rates being good or bad indoors? Better or just as bad as T-mobile? I always hear that Verizon’s LTE network is by far the fastest data network, but I wonder if their network performance is much better than T-mobile’s when using the phone indoors?

    I’m concerned because even T-mobile’s planned LTE network is said to be rolling out on AWS (at 1700 MHz) which I fear could mean that even T-mobile’s future LTE network performance would be poor inside buildings.

    What do you all think?

  • With that low of a storage, I would look for Nexus 7 like pricing. Because most people will balk at 8gigs. But they would certainly unbalk (like I did) for $199 for an unlocked phone. I’m looking for Google to make a huge splash here.

  • ckeegan

    Battery kills it for me. LOVE my Galaxy Nexus, HATE the battery, and I have the extended.

  • mezy1

    OK first of when the hell did everyone think a nexus would have LTE? We all knew Google wouldn’t sell nexus threw carriers after what happened with Verizon. We all knew this why is eveveryone acting brand new? Its not going to have lte did the last unlocked version have lte no so why would this one. Second the design when the galaxy nexus came out everyone said they loved the front but hate the back amd the specs weren’t up to par with top tier phones Google and lg fix every single problem now people don’t like it. Smh. I feel people are acting like this just because its LG. If Samsung made this exact phone it would be accepted. Wait till it comes out, I’m sure when you hear reviews of how good the phone is people will buy it. If I was going to buy any lg it would be a nexus because there problem is software. They always had good hardware. Samsung sucked at some point also. Now look so stop saying not buying cuz its lg its shows people don’t really trust google with the nexus program.

  • HarryColon

    I don’t see the LG Nexus being sold through Carriers because they are already going to sell the Optimus G. If this is the actual phone and specs I am quite disappointed coming from the iPhone where the company never pushes for bigger and better and always holds back I am starting to feel like Google is doing the same…The Phone needs an SD slot and removable battery, that is a must. IDC what Google has done in the past, their phones have to get better otherwise they are just as guilty as Apple for holding back.

  • bitpimpin

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining about a lack of LTE… the only Nexus that has (or has ever had) LTE is the Verizon version… the very same phone that people refer to day in and day out as “not even a real nexus”

    Mind you, at the same time, a lot of people are skeptical Verizon will even get a nexus this time around… honestly I see the whole LTE thing as moot at this point.

    • bitpimpin

      We can really start looking forward to/expecting LTE on our handsets once 2 things happen:
      1) LTE coverage has blanketed the entire US on all major networks (especially the CDMA ones – coming as early as next year on Verizon)
      2) VoLTE has been implemented on said networks

      Once handsets become “pure LTE” we can expect a “one handset for all networks” model (in the US at least), much like everyone seems to be expecting from this current nexus (sorry to get your hopes up guys)

      Right now we are at a transitional period where GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ (T-Mobile and AT&T “Faux G) and
      GSM/UMTS/HSPA+/LTE (AT&T 4G LTE, Future T-Mobile LTE) vs. CDMA/LTE (Verizon/Sprint) is ALMOST irrelevant…

      once VoLTE is implemented, then CDMA will no longer be needed on Verizon and Sprint phones… as long as they don’t do anything stupid (like embeded SIM cards), it means that we can just pop any 4G sim into any 4G LTE phone (that supports VoLTE of course)…

      At that point the only consideration becomes bands and frequencies… but I’m sure they handset/radio/chip makers will do a good job of crossing that bridge once we get to it (like how they developed pentaband radios for GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ devices as well as the multiple embedded antennas/multiband antennas in them)

      Like I said, we’re in a transitional period right now… once all the stars align (nationwide LTE coverage, VoLTE, multi band phones, Sprint launching LTE on Clear’s spectrum, T-Mobile reforming their’s and MetroPCS’s spectrum, T-Mobile finally launching LTE on said spectrum) the wireless telephone industry will never be the same (hopefully in a very good way)

      • Tim242

        Verizon LTE covers over 80% of the US population. Putting a phone out without LTE is beyond stupid. It would be a major step backward.

        • bitpimpin

          except that this phone would not be able to be used on Verizion even if it had LTE, seeing as how its a GSM phone… you obviously didn’t ready any of what I wrote above.

          you are right about verizon’s LTE coverage blanketing 80% of the US… that’s why I mentioned that they are on track to have the entire US covered by next year…

          and the only thing stupider than a phone without LTE is putting LTE on a GSM phone and expecting people to use it on Verizon and Sprint’s CDMA/LTE networks.

        • William_Morris

          Yet their subscription is only 100 million users. That’s 30% of only one country that uses a phone that is global in nature. Germany only has 15 million current consumers out of 500 million people in Europe that can use LTE (3%) Combine the two markets and that means only about 14% of the market has access to LTE (maybe as much as 16% if you include the fledgling AT&T and Sprint consumers). Don’t get me wrong, I’d love an LTE Nexus with a stronger radio than my GNex, but HSPA+ will remain the standard until more markets (like Europe) implement the technology. So it’s not a step backward but a lateral move. It only becomes a step forward when it can became profitable for them and more available for us.

          • Tim242

            There will be an LTE version, regardless of what world technology philosophies are. Going by your logic, there would be no LTE phones in existence yet.

          • William_Morris

            Not at all. Going by my logic, the one phone that gets the coveted Nexus name is accessible in all markets. Other phones have been created for certain markets to fully access the technologies available. The logic stands that this truly “global” phone is global because you can use it anywhere. With LTE, you’re limited to a certain carrier in only one location in Europe, only 3 carriers in the US (really only 1 until the other two catch up and T-Mo actually introduces LTE) and some markets in Asia.

            They can sell a lot more phones (which I think is part of the idea) with it being usable in any market as opposed to only a few.

            If they make an LTE version, awesome, if not, no skin off my teeth, I could see why they wouldn’t.

          • Tim242

            Nexus is not that coveted. The phones usually come out with outdated specs. Even if the whole world had LTE, there would still not be a global phone. There are 50 different bands.

          • William_Morris

            Even if your argument about the Nexus brand not being coveted (you know, the whole thing about OEMs bidding and competing to make that PGE device) is true, the idea remains that the phone makes more sense as a GSM version instead of making it LTE first and foremost.

            Think like a business person. If you want your handset in more hands, what technology do you go with? A market that has around 150 million subscribers worldwide (LTE) or a market that has 4.4 billion (GSM)? (source: IDATE.org).

          • Tim242

            But…they already make LTE versions of all phones, including the Nexus. You are making no sense.

          • William_Morris

            How is it not making sense? You complain that making this Nexus phone without LTE is “beyond stupid.” To me it seems that it would be beyond stupid to make and sell a phone that only 150 million potential customers have access to instead of 4.4 billion. You are literally talking about a niche market so small that it doesn’t even make up half of a percent of worldwide cellular phone customers. It seems it would be a major step back if you were to target the LTE market first and foremost.

            If you’re talking about them releasing both, you’re still not seeing the picture. Verizon is the leading market in the world with LTE service. If they didn’t play nice with the last Nexus phone and Google is serious about doing what they intend to do with the Nexus brand, you won’t see it on their network. This eliminates 100 million customers from the pool, leaving less than 50 million possible phone sales on all of the other “potential” LTE markets. The math doesn’t add up to create two versions of a phone where one would be more expensive simply because it has an extra antenna.

            So your comment about it being beyond stupid and a major step backward is asinine.

          • Tim242

            LTE is not a niche market. Even Apple made an LTE iPhone this go around. Google has been making LTE Nexus phones already. To reverse that would be going backwards. LTE is the new standard.

          • William_Morris

            LTE is a niche market, the numbers prove that much. Apple’s largest consumer base is the United States, it would make sense to finally produce an LTE device since it has the potential to reach the most customers who have access to it. If you notice they’re not making a non-LTE and LTE versions of the phone; European iPhone owners have LTE phones that cannot use LTE because there is no access to it. Google, to keep the cost down for their “non-contract” phone probably thinks more globally and realizes that the size of the market merits neglecting the inclusion of an antenna that only reaches nearer to 0% than 1% of a global cellular consumer base. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus was also proof positive that working with a carrier ended up with unhappy customers and the most staunch limitation to the AOSP philosophy. I highly doubt there will be another Verizon Nexus device.

            Not really moving backwards or beyond stupid it would seem. Will it hurt their bottom line? A little, but not enough to hurt them in the long run, I would think.

            I’m not pushing the superiority of GSM over LTE. I’m just saying that it makes sense not to waste resources and bring up the cost of a phone simply because only 0.3% of a global market can utilize the technology.

          • Tim242

            Phone makers always make multiple versions of a phone. Why would that change now? The Nexus itself is a niche product

          • William_Morris

            You’re right, the Nexus is a niche product. It was only when the Galaxy Nexus was manufactured that there were multiple versions of the phone.

            Now that Verizon and Google are at odds over what happened with the above said phone, I’ll bet more likely than not they won’t come together again with this type of a device.

            So eliminating that 100,000,000 potential customers, you only have 50 or so million LTE users. Niche phone within an even smaller niche market. Seems to me that would make very little profit or sense to do. Why waste the resources to assemble a phone that will now reach 0.11% of the market.

            You’ve proven my point. To keep it cost friendly, they won’t include an LTE antenna and thus aren’t stupid nor moving backwards.

          • Tim242

            You are wrong again. There were multiple versions of the Nexus S. Nexus S 4G on Sprint ring a bell? That was a wimax phone!

          • William_Morris

            Fair enough, Nexus S was also on Sprint. Still doesn’t prove that it’s “beyond stupid” and “a major step backward” for them to not include LTE.

            And they very well may include an LTE version… on Sprint… 6 months after the initial release of the GSM version. No love lost, no profit lost for not including it.

          • Tim242

            Really? No profit lost? Google is making barely any profit on Android period, much less their niche nexi. The Verizon version is what put the Galaxy Nexus on the map. I don’t understand your thinking.

          • William_Morris

            My thinking is that your statement about them not including LTE being beyond stupid and a major step backward is flawed. That’s what this is about. In the grand scheme, I sincerely doubt it hurts their bottom line. Because when it comes down to the LTE users, myself included, we don’t amount to much of the global market.

            As I said before, they may make one with LTE, but if they don’t, and so far all signs point to only this version of it (even if it’s just in the short term), I can definitely see why they wouldn’t make one

            Please, justify for me how it’s beyond stupid for them to not make an LTE version of this phone. How is it a major step backward? How will not including a new albeit not very widely available technology really detract from their over-arching goals of presenting a inexpensive contract-free developer’s device that is capable of being used practically anywhere in the industrialized world?

          • Tim242

            . Again…the Verizon version is what put the Galaxy Nexus on the map…

          • William_Morris

            And like I said, Verizon will not carry this phone. So if the largest market for LTE doesn’t carry it, why make one with an LTE antenna? Seems like a wasted expense.

          • Tim242

            The thing I dislike most about the internet, is the number of people that spew their opinions and pass them off as fact. You have no idea which phones Verizon will or will not carry.

          • William_Morris

            You’re right, I don’t know what they’ll carry. But what I can infer from all we’ve been provided here and other sources on the internet: the new Nexus phone is currently GSM only which leaves Verizon and Sprint out of the mix completely since they don’t use any GSM technology. I still await some veritable proof that says that not including an LTE antenna on this phone is beyond stupid or a major step backward.

            Why doesn’t math work for you? 4.4 billion vs 150 million. GSM is the largest possible market to sell phones in. If this phone is a niche phone (which we both agree it is) why would they even worry about the smaller market if they know their product would only have wide success in a market that’s more accessible to it just by sheer volume alone? You can say Verizon put the Galaxy Nexus on the map. But what map? Can’t be profit if you say that Google doesn’t profit much from Android. There is no statistical proof that the Galaxy Nexus caused a noticeable expansion on application or resource development. Galaxy Nexus owners on both Verizon and Sprint have been shafted because they aren’t receiving the updates as Google originally intended.

            What can we see right now? By all leaks we have here and XDA and a few other resources at our disposal: the new Nexus does not have LTE. Before this time last year we had image leaks of an LTE Galaxy Nexus. That could be statement enough to say they don’t think it’s “beyond stupid.” In fact, it’d be really smart to release to a wider audience for the sake of making all these innovations that make Android great let alone any market share/profit.

            And they could still release an LTE version. But it will be bastardized just as the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint and Verizon have been as well as not being released until a later date.

            Finally, what does it matter to you whether or not this device has LTE? In this very same comments section, you said that you were going to buy the Galaxy Note 2.

          • Tim242

            The world has more Edge than HSPA+. So, I guess they should just strip the HSPA+ radio out as well. BTW, the LTE variants got Jellybean before all of the GSM variants. Stay tuned for the new HTC phones, they will be 1X only, since LTE is so niche and 3G radios are too expensive. *rolls eyes*

          • William_Morris

            Wrong. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus didn’t officially receive the OTA Jelly Bean update until September 21, 2012. The GSM version got it July 9, 2012.

            Secondly, even with Edge, it’s still GSM technology. Much easier to port upgrades to that technology since it has such a wide user base. HSPA+ still has nearly 10 times the global footprint of LTE.

            And still, no proof of not including LTE being “beyond stupid.”

          • Tim242

            All of the GSM models did not get it in July. The play store version just got it 2 days ago. If you don’t understand how putting a 3G only phone out after already having a 4G phone out is going backwards, you need help. That would be like the iPhone 6 not having LTE next year.

          • William_Morris

            The GSM version just got the latest update to 4.1.2! Jelly Bean 4.1.1 was released back in July for all the GSM Galaxy Nexus phones (including those purchased in the Play Store).

            And yes, it would make sense that Google wouldn’t put LTE if the market is not favorable for it. First: Verizon is the largest carrier and also the causes the largest hindrance because they use a different proprietary closed-source technology that they withhold from Google to allow for timely updates. Second: globally speaking, a market that has 1 billion HSPA customers and 3.4 billion other GSM customers makes for a much wider market that can produce profit and more data mining for the likes of Google than only 10% of the former number and 3% of the latter.

            Yes, Apple has put LTE into their phones. But they don’t make non-LTE variants. They are moving forward with it while, perhaps, Google isn’t ready to spend that kind of money.

            It’s not necessarily a step back when other portions of the world haven’t taken the step forward. It’s lateral movement at worst and a tested model they have found works for them. If they didn’t, there would be signs of carrier involvement (which the latest announced Google press release shows no such thing… not even of LG who is making this device [Samsung was announced carrier partner at last years press release]), or some kind of evidence different from what we have presented

            So, you’re left with no ground to stand on to defend your statement.

            And as I said, they could make one with LTE… it’s stupid if they wouldn’t though.

          • Tim242

            Oh, and HSPA is not GSM.

          • William_Morris

            Once again, you’re wrong. HSPA and HSPA+ are part of the GSM family of technologies. It’s the latest evolution of the technology. (source: http://www.gsma.com/aboutus/gsm-technology/hspa/).

            And you still bring no proof. Just let the issue drop.

          • Tim242

            I don’t need proof that OEM’s won’t go backwards. HSPS is an evolution of GSM, not GSM. WCDMA was an evolution of GSM, but was obviously based on CDMA. Edge is GSM, anything further is not. EVDO is an evolution of CDMA, but is not CDMA.

          • William_Morris

            You’re still talking? Good grief.

            It’s not a step backwards. That’s why you can’t prove anything. Just let it go. For 4.4 billion potential customers who do NOT have access to LTE, purchasing a phone with it benefits them nothing. I’m sure Google sees that and to keep costs low, they aren’t including it. That’s not stupid, it’s actually very businss savvy.

            Will we get an LTE version? It’s very possible, however unlikely especially on Verizon. But right now, we know that the only one we have any information on does not and obviously Google thought it prudent enough not to include LTE. And since I don’t work for Google, I’m gonna have to say that I think who they do have making that decision obviously knows what they’re doing.

          • Tim242

            The only problem with that is…this is strictly your opinion at this moment. We won’t know Google’s decision until Oct. 29. Keep in mind, what you are seeing is simply a prototype that has “with Google” on the back. Nexus phones never say with Google. I had several HTC Sense phones that dismd though. The point is, your opinions are not facts. Stop passing them off as such.

          • William_Morris

            And your opinion that you stated like it was a fact is what started this all. You said not including LTE is beyond stupid and a major step backward. Where are the facts that support your statement? Oh that’s right you said you don’t need proof.

            Well, if I’m guilty of passing off opinions as facts, I’m in good company with you there doing the same thing.

            I’m done with this argument. You bring nothing to the table and have wasted your and my time. Have a nice day and go Android!

          • Tim242

            What started all of this is silly fanatics taking leaked prototype details and running them as if it is the released product. OMFG only 8GB? OMFG no LTE? OMFG

          • NoLTE

            There won’t be an LTE version. Sorry.

          • Tim242

            You gotta love people that state opinions as facts. I believe that there will be one. However, I couldn’t care less. I am done with Nexus phones. They always come with sub par hardware. I’m getting the Note 2 : )

    • Tim242

      Ummm you are forgetting the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. It most certainly has LTE. A smartphone without LTE at this point, would be dumb. Pun intended.

      • bitpimpin

        ummm are you forgeting that Sprint (like Verizon) is a CDMA/LTE network… and once again this is a GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ plus phone… even if you added an LTE modem to it, you could not use it on Sprint or Verizon.

        • bitpimpin

          seriously though, it might behoove you to re-read what I wrote. i think you missed like 99% of it

        • Tim242

          On this version…there are always multiple versions. I was just pointing out to you that you were wrong when you said Verizon was the only Nexus version to ever be LTE.

          • bitpimpin

            thanks for pointing out to me that I was wrong… i completely forgot about the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, which basically launched before LTE even existed on Sprint, and is not even officially supported under AOSP… a phone on a network which still would in no way benefit from or be compatible with the Nexus pictured above, even if it had an LTE modem in it

          • Tim242

            You just go on and on about nothing. None of what you say is relevant to the subject at hand. There have been LTEvNexus phones since there was LTE. That will continue to be the case.

          • Tim242

            You should be more worried about this LG Nexus, that says “With Google” on the back. No Nexus has ever said that. However, a lot of HTC Sense phones did.

          • bitpimpin

            LTE modems aside… finally, something we can both agree on lol. the good news is that i read somewhere (might have been right here on DL) that this may just be because its a prototype version, and the “with Google” might change on the production versions (as has apparently happened before in the past)

      • Guest

        seriously though, it might behoove you to re-read what I wrote. i think you missed like 99% of it.

  • ChuckG73

    I am very happy with my $649 Moto Droid Razr Maxx HD

    • bananatroll

      ugh, thats how much my damned razr cost!

  • PhillipCun

    LG butchered their Nexus device if this is the final specs. No LTE, small storage space and nonremovable battery are some of the worse things i have ever seen. This is an embarrassment if this goes into production as is. IF Google only releases one Nexus phone this year and this is the one, this is definitely 2 steps backwards for the Nexus name.

    It’s great to offer affordable phones, but people want to see what Google can do and this is just going to ruin the Nexus experience. People who buy Nexus devices aren’t the general consumer, its the tech people. And what technologically inclined person would buy a mid-spec phone? Who doesn’t want the fastest and best phone? Why bother building this device? Useless.

    • bananatroll

      I’m not dogging on any LG fanboys here, but I have to agree with you. LG is IMO not Nexus Quality Hardware. Lol then again I don’t think samsung ever was either. It seems to me, that after the N1 Google just stopped caring about the program altogether. The only reason they went with Samsung in the first place was because their cost to produce was cheaper than everybody else’s – but then again with Samsung it ALWAYS will be. Cheaper components, cheaper labor, cheaper build quality = Google’s favorite Nexus manufacturer to date.

      See guys, Google isn’t really “thinking” like a smart phone maker yet. Apple does. RIM does. Nokia does.

      I love Android! But as of now all the guys in Mountain View care about is the bottom line. Secondary is consumer satisfaction, device quality, and a great end-user experience.

      Until our friends at Google can stop thinking SOLELY with their check book, rather than with their ears, eyes, and adoption rates… They are’nt going to be able to provide the same quality end user experience a company like Apple or RIM is going to… or even Windows is for that matter.

      Google needs to exert more CONTROL over Android as a whole. We all know what I’m talking about! But to do so would sacrifice some profit, because with more control over your product, comes more pissing and moaning from the people that work for you. And that cost money!

      I am off the point here, but by picking yet another “second rate” OEM like LG as the exclusive Nexus phone provider Google is showing yet again, that they really don’t give two sh*ts about what Nexus fans think at all… they care about PROFITS. The problem is thats really all they care about.

      We can scream, shout, and make all the damned noise we want to about “this feels cheap!” and “my Nexus HD couldn’t get a signal from on top of a cellular tower – FML!”, they just are not going to listen to us!

      Google will start paying more attention once consumers become fed up with this total lack of consistency with Android all over. It is only a matter of time!

      but now is NOT that time.

  • Chuck Finley

    I guess my question is, “Why not have LTE?” (other than to save money)
    I completely understand the cost-saving measures of going HSPA+ but I thought LTE was the “new standard” now since 3 out of 4 (though, not for lack of trying, T-Mobile) major carriers were all trying to sell us on their 4G LTE networks (even if it’s only on in 7 cities and 3 mobile home parks).

    If there are going to be multiple Nexus, then this makes sense but if this is the only Nexus being released this year then it’s a little bit of a head scratcher.
    One thing, we’ve learned is that good marketing works, and if you told people that LTE is “totally awesome and blazing” and that your LTE network is “totally awesome and blazing” and they believe you (or your awesome commercials and billboards), will they want to buy a phone that doesn’t come with LTE, even if they have absolutely no idea what LTE is?

    • William_Morris

      The universal constant for an unlocked international phone is only GSM. LTE is scarce in European markets (Deutsche Telecom in Germany and EE in the UK [not officially launched yet]). The Nexus “brand” that Google has created is designed to be a phone that can be used in almost any country. Because LTE is only widespread in one of the larger markets (and even then, not completely), I imagine Google decided to make the phone more accessible in all markets rather than just a few.

      CDMA technology also hinders this because it is a proprietary property of Qualcomm. The largest market in the US is also the most “hindered” by that one fact alone.

      This is why we see this still happening. That and carriers want to put their crap on the phones they offer because they think their consumer is too stupid to use the free services provided by Google.

    • bitpimpin

      i totally agree with you that LTE is “the new standard” but I guess it would have been too messy to implement it in this iteration of the phone. As it stands, adding an LTE modem to this phone would have only made it compatible on AT&T’s network. T-Mobile still does not have LTE, and no one knows exactly when and on what bands it will be launched. Sprint and Verizon wouldn’t even be able to use this phone on their networks, because even with LTE in it, it would lack the CDMA radio needed for voice calls… and that’s just the US.

      as far as other countries around the world go, many have still not adopted LTE, and the ones who have seem to be using all sorts of incompatible bands and frequencies.

      as it stands right now, they have a phone that almost anyone on almost any GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/etc network in practically any country in the world can buy and use… it looks like it just wasn’t worth the headache (at least not until LTE matures and all these things are ironed out)… its the same thing they did with last year’s GSM galaxy nexus, and that seems to have paid off well for them.

      and i definitely think you hit the nail on the head about cost savings… especially if they go the play store route again. with all the rumors and speculation of this being targeted at around the $299 USD unlocked price point, I can imagine they wouldn’t want to waste the time and money of adding functionality that only a small subset of users, under the right conditions would benefit from

      the new nexus (this version of it at least) seems to be a super cheap high end world phone… if google does go the route of CDMA nexus phones (Verizon, Sprint) this time around, then we can for sure expect to see LTE in those phones.

    • kkloster

      nice BN ref

  • Mike_Cook7

    2gb of Ram and 8gb internal storage = you can do nothing very quickly!

    • JayBeeZee

      I have a USB OTG cable for my Galaxy Nexus. I got it just to have and it was pretty cheap. I imagine if I am on a plane that it would come in handy to load up a cheap USB drive for extra content but I’d most likely keep my ‘core content’ on my phone and only use the OTG+Flash drive in particular situations. This isn’t a glamorous solution, but at least these phones have the option.

      I’ve grown to learn that I don’t need every new song, every last 4 video pod casts on my phone. Though, i can see people wanting the extra storage. The more you have the more you use.

      That being said, you’ll have about 5+GBs of useable space. T’ain’t much. But if the phone is cheap, it will get the market share they need which could help create demand for ‘pure’ Android devices from other carriers in 2013 from a larger audience than just geeks.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I was going to hold on on this phones availability on Verizon but decided it’s not worth it and picked up a Razr HD MAXX last night. Thing runs better than my GNex and already has 10x the battery life. Worth every penny.

  • Nice. I dont care about LTE but 16gb storage hurts this phone

  • tyb82

    I would be shocked if this is released without LTE….

  • Charlie

    I just really have a feeling that if you want the Nexus this year, you will have to leave Verizon. No LTE and no Verizon. Period. ๐Ÿ™

    • Bob G

      Verizon no longer has the best phones anyways. Unless you are grandfathered in to unlimited there, there is little reason to stay.

  • Captain_Doug

    I don’t care about Lte.

  • Android build JB MR1 means the second revision of JellyBean. Maybe API 17 or Android 4.2. Refer to this: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/manifest/uses-sdk-element.html#ApiLevels

  • Bionic

    HTC and LG both fail at batteries lately. Seriously.

    • Danrarbc

      2100mAh is fine, especially for a GSM only device.

      • JoshGroff


      • Bionic

        eh, i guess yeah for a GSM only yeah, but still id like to see more. Good think i only buy motorola phones.

        • JoshGroff

          I used to do that, until T-Mobile didn’t get any Motorola smartphones. :/ Now I buy whatever.

          • JMonkeYJ

            how are you liking t-mobile? been thinking of making the switch from verizon

          • JoshGroff

            I actually made the switch to VZW about 6-7 months ago, been regretting it ever since. Then again VZW has 3G in my area and T-mo has their shiny HSPA+.

          • kkloster

            @JoshGroff:disqus: What is your experience with VZW vs. T-Mobile data rates when indoors? do speeds suffer as badly on Verizon as they do on T-mobile in large buildings?

          • JoshGroff

            I haven’t really used mobile data much with Verizon because the speed is frustratingly slow, so I can’t really give an accurate comparison.

  • duke69111

    Yea, its a good deal, but what good is it with out the blazing fast speeds.

  • thebruce44

    Its a step back in the important areas. I don’t want more cores, ghzs, and ram. I want more battery life, better screen, and better LTE radios.

  • I’m ok with 8 or 16GB as long as it has a SD card slot, but no LTE is a no-go for me.

  • Ryan5609

    As far as I am concerned, this is not what the Verizon version will be, assuming there will be one at some point. The international version will be HSPA+, but highly doubt VZW would let a smartphone grace their lineup that doesn’t have the LTE branding on it. Its one of their biggest selling features, for VZW to sell a phone without it would just be plain stupid. I am guessing this is the international version that will be sold on the Play store and the Verizon/LTE versions will be soon to follow. The lack of memory would be a big let down, but I could live with it.Not so much with LTE, No person that has ever used LTE would ever consider going back to 3G or any other modem, regardless of the device.

    • guyinmass

      You have made a big assumption that Verizon will get a version. So far they’ve only carried one Nexus phone

      • Ryan5609

        Well all we can do is assume at this point. All the major carriers got the last Nexus phone, and that seemed to do quite well IMO. I haven’t seen any evidence against there being a Verizon version, nor have I seen any evidence supporting that claim. Everything else aside, no LTE would be a deal breaker for me. If there is no Verizon version of this particular Nexus phone, there could be another Nexus phone down the road like everyone is speculating.

    • Sean Livingston

      I have galaxy nexus with vzw; they getting dropped for this device. it is not worth me paying twice the price when I can just ride straight talk with hspa + on att or tmobile for half the cost.

  • Bionicman

    i wonder instead of marketing this as a top of the line, edge of technology phone, it’ll be a solid mid-range phone at a lower price for devs (which we know the nexus program was designed for originally). dont get me wrong, its obviously a step up from the GNex but compared to some of the high end phones coming out from samsung and HTC its kinda of eh

    • JoshGroff

      It’s on par with them outside of internal storage. How does that make it just eh…

      • Bionicman

        i would have liked a bigger battery, maybe 1080p screen, and 32gb options. look im not pretending to know EXACTLY what the specs are going to be. im guessing based on the info above soooooo maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised. im kinda hoping i am!

        • JoshGroff

          1080p would suck life out even with a solid battery, and a GSM device doesn’t have as much to worry about with the battery drain as a CDMA/LTE device. I think it’d be fine.

  • definitely considering it if it comes with a ~$299 price tag. (it IS LG after all…) but i’m really hoping they come out with different phones for different tiers..

  • I couldn’t be much more disappointed with the design of this phone. Google needs to do more than avoid looking like Apple. They need to make a cool looking/feeling phone.

    • EC8CH

      sorry the G-Nex is both cool looking and feeling.

      Curved surfaces are very ergonomic, and the outline of the phone and the completely black face with no buttons looks better than any other cluttered up phone out there.

      • moelsen8

        word up.

  • MikeCiggy

    Is it a deal to spend hard earned money on last years technology? No.

    • Danrarbc

      Quad core S4 is last year? 2GB of RAM? Sure the storage amounts are low, but that’s fine if it’s dirt cheap as long as they also have a high end Nexus.

      • MikeCiggy

        I agree the processor is great… the 2 gb of ram is as much as a phone should ever need… even maybe overkill

        However with a small storage like that it is last years tech. If they are going to sell variations of storage sizes anyway why not also release a 32gb and make everyone happy. You want more storage you spend more money.

        You also mentioned “as long as they also have a high end nexus”
        As the date comes closer and we still sit with evidence of only this one device I can just keep hoping. I think a Gnex2 would be killer.

        • If is comes with a high speed micro sd slot like the Galaxy S3 and able to go to 64GB than your “Last years technology” quote is useless. Also if that’s the only thing you have to say about being last years technology than my friend you need a re-education in technology because there is nothing on this phone that seems remotely close to “Last years technology”. Few months ago maybe but certainly not last years. No phone had these specs last year. Zero.

          • William_Morris

            Do not expect this device to have a microSD slot. Much like the other Nexus devices (excluding the N1) we will not see one of these on the PGE devices. They want you to use their cloud service so storage is moot. Granted, I know a lot of people have maxed out their storage, I just don’t think they care.

  • JoshGroff

    Any chance on this being HSPA+42?

    • William_Morris

      According to one of the guys who did the leak last week, the GSM version only uses HSPA+21. I think it has to do with the European market only using HSPA+21. I could be wrong.

  • Don’t even use 4G on my VZQ Galaxy Nexus. Battery life too weak even with AOKP JB B4 with Franco Kernel nightly.

    Wifi and 3G all day.

    Might need to give my GNex away and get a new Nexus

    • You must have an issue with your’s my wife’s battery life last’s all day in 4G and never had to use WIFI. You must have something wrong with your’s. I suggest a wipe.

  • MY bet this could be the unlocked version sold on Google play. More versions could be released for specific carriers started at 16GB annnnnd its also good to add the other rumor about the other 4 nexus’ maybe this nexus is all about price point like the nexus 7 and other nexuses will come with other aspects

    • Zach

      There are not going to be 4 other Nexus phones anytime soon. This LG is it initially. We would’ve seen more by now with the event 10 days away.

      • Actually the other nexus was a high hope but I think this LG nexus will appear at first on the play store and latter on carriers with LTE

  • Prox

    I dont understand why everyone is so stuck on VZW. I was a VZW customer for 15 years I had the Bionic LTE, the Nexus LTE. I was so fed up with paying $100 a month and the fact that I would lose unlimited internet if I upgraded. I switched to T-Mobile, bought a Nexus from Google. I have unlimited everything for $60 + a 15% discount. The HSPA+ speeds far exceed my expectations. I download torrents at 500kb/s on HSPA+, the same speed on WiFi. Sure the LTE is more widespread than HSPA+, and completely understood if your not in a prime market for T-Mobile. Verizon speeds are great and the coverage is fantastic, but for the price is it really that much better? T-Mobile is refarming to 1900mhz and rolling out LTE next year and the current HSPA+ is beyond great. I left Verizon and I will never look back


      if you had one phone and paid $100/mo, i would call somebody! unlimited data is a must for me…and even if i want to choose tmobile, coverage isnt good where i live. to each their own!

      • Prox

        I live and work in a prime T-Mobile market, again if your not in a prime market I understand why you would want Verizon. But the savings alone per month over VZW compared to T-Mobile is worth it.

        • DanWazz

          What you did is my plan after my two year contract is up.

          • Prox

            You will enjoy not having to deal with the joke of the department at VZW that sign’s off on the firmware for the CDMA/LTE radio’s. If I was that bad at my job I would have been fired years ago.

        • Dan

          I too live and work in prime T-Mobile market, but I also travel regionally, and out of their coverage, and while they roam phone to at&t fine their roaming data is vitually non-exsistant, like 50mb a month or something.

    • Colin Vesper

      Where I live, the choices are Verizon or AT&T. I’d much rather have Verizon, although I’m not happy with the choices they’ve made lately.

    • BSweetness

      Unlimited data + unmatched coverage where I live (and around most of the country) + corporate discount + 9 out of 10 people I interact with on a regular basis via calls/text are on Verizon (so it’s pretty much all mobile to mobile, allowing me to keep my calling/texting plans at a bare minimum) = me never leaving Verizon unless their entire company falls apart.

      • Gotta love that corporate discount ๐Ÿ™‚

      • r0lct

        Or when your unlimited is up. They aren’t going to let people transition to VoLTE with unlimited plans IMO.

        • BSweetness

          At this point, anything said about forcing people off unlimited data who don’t try to upgrade is pure speculation. Is is likely to happen at some point? Probably. But I’ll cross that bridge when we actually come to it.

          • r0lct

            Of course there’s no point in jumping the gun.

  • JulianZHuang

    2100mah battery

    i can burn it all up within 1hr 20mins, just like my genxus with samsung extended battery.

    i guess i picked the right choice of switching to i5.

    • Prox

      i literally lol’d

      • JulianZHuang

        i know why you lol, because i picked i5 over other android. i had been blindly supporting the android system for the last 3 yrs. i got bored with it. everything i do on my gnexus, i5 offer that too. so i decided it’s time for a change.

        • Prox

          no sir, I lol’d because you burned up a battery in 1 hour. I recommend apple products to everyone one who needs one. The need is based on the ability of the user to operate a smartphone.

          • Guest

            thats good for you. too bad, not on my gnexus. running cm10 for the last two days and still max around at 1hr 40mins.

          • Prox

            ok thanks.

          • Danrarbc

            1hr 40 minutes of Ustream broadcasting maybe. Something is broken.

        • mc

          i respect your decision, be proud of the device you own. if it works for you thats great

        • i5 doesn’t do everything that your GNEX does. Don’t lie to yourself. Doesn’t have NFC, doesn’t do widgets, doesn’t have Google Now (way better than siri and I have both). If it works for you great but don’t say one can do the same as the other because that is simply not true.

          • JulianZHuang

            1. widgets, there is only 1 widget on my screen and that is a calculator and hardly use it
            2. NFC.. i only used 1 time at 7/11 and that’s it.
            3. Google Now. a lot of commends doesnt work on google now but work on Siri. If you want to, try this out. Say this on google now “What planes are above me?”, but on siri, it’s a funny commend. you can google about it.

            but for me, it is true. i only use my gn for gaming, 4G access, shopping, photos, cant do music because of battery life, and social network. all of those can be found on i5 too. so for me, this is true.

            ps: im not a fan of siri or google now or voice action.

          • Problem is you have a battery and or software issue. My wife has a GNEX with extended battery and outlasts the iPhone 5 that I carry. I don’t know what you might be doing differently but she does all the same things you do.

    • igotgame

      Whatever makes you feel better about your stupid purchase. I had 2 hours of screen on time on 4g yesterday on my GNex and had 50% battery left when I got home using stock extended battery. So you were doing something wrong. I could run Slingplayer non stop on 4g and easily pass the 2 hour mark.

      • JulianZHuang

        that’s good for you, been running my gnexus on cm10 for the last two days. max around 1hr 40mins.

        if im not regretting about it, then it’s not a stupid purchase.

  • NorCalGuy

    No LTE = No go


    Garbage battery

    • This comment makes no sense. I have a G3 and it has the same battery and it last’s more than all day. I guess your the type that likes to carry bricks around in your pocket.

  • DanWazz

    It will be a good day when LTE is the standard and we can buy unlocked, off-contact, LTE Nexus device from Google and run it on any network we want.

    • JoshGroff

      It will be the best day ever.

  • NyReynolds

    What I find funny is that Sprint and Att have confirmed (I think) that they’ll carry the optimus g. If they do that would they carry the nexus 4 as well seeing how they’re very similar? If they font carry it and its sold through the play store then it would probably work with Att and T-Mobile. Wouldn’t that leave the door open for Verizon to pick up an LTE nexus and have a somewhat exclusive on it? Just my thoughts on the issue.


      similar to the sgsII and galaxy nexus last year? That’s my guess also.

      • NyReynolds

        Exactly. Its weird though that there hasn’t been one rumor about a vzw nexus.

  • JoshGroff

    You know what hurts more than the blatant idiocy of some people saying a GSM unlocked phone will fail without LTE when only AT&T really has any to begin with, them assuming it’s physically impossible for an LTE variant to be made.

    • mustbepbs

      For once I agree with you completely.

  • No LTE and only 16GB…no way won’t buy. My 32GB GNex is almost maxed out. Ether it has a SD card slot or 32GB+.

  • With the rumors of multiple (~3) Nexus phones being released… what if this is just the mid-tier selection?

    • MikeCiggy

      bottom-tier **

      • JoshGroff

        What’s bottom tier on it… The internal storage? Screen, processor, camera, RAM are all mid-top tier.

        • MikeCiggy

          We are talking about an LG phone, a Nexus device from a company that hasn’t even proved itself in the smart phone market yet. Yes great specs but will it execute? bottom-tier…

          • JoshGroff

            So it’s bottom tier because they haven’t proven themselves? That makes absolutely no sense… Especially since the software is coming straight from Google and LG does throw together some nice hardware.

          • blix247

            Yeah, apparently among the best specs on the market = bottom tier. It would be better if they had re-released the original Samsung Galaxy S as the next Nexus. After all, its from a top tier vendor, and thats what makes a top tier device!

          • drgalaxy

            josh if you think lg is bottom teir better not buy the motorolas coming out

          • Josh Nichols

            Someone hasn’t seen the Optimus G review.

    • Zach

      Please tell me where the leaks are for the 2 other devices?! The fake Xperia photos from a few days ago? What else? With the event being 10 days away, we would’ve seen more by now.

      I’ve said all along that the rumored 5 Nexus devices will be the 3 Nexus 7 size variants, a $99 Nexus tablet and ONE phone. Hope I am wrong, but that’s what I see.

      • Just so you know the HTC J Butterfly with the 1080p 440ppi display that just released in Japan has the same “with Google” on the back panel as the Nexus 4 does. That’s a pretty strong indication that will be a nexus device as well.

        • Zach

          We would’ve seen more by now if it were true. No way it happens. If Verizon get’s a variant of this phone, it will be loaded with Sense just like Japan’s version. It’s probably something they put on it for Japan. Keep dreaming though!

        • Zach

          Oh, and also this great article about 1080p screens too confirming that you won’t be able to tell the difference in a 720p. It’s just a selling point.


  • moelsen8

    kind of disappointed in all of this. the 16gb would have to be at $299 to get me to jump. more than that, and i might as well keep my gnex for another year (since it looks the same anyway, has more storage, etc).

    i have no problem with google selling cheap phones with little internal storage. i love the idea of them trying to bust the US market open like that. but then give us a microSD, damnit. hide it, make it hard as hell to access, maybe like 3rd party apps are now (you have to allow them initially), whatever. just put a microsd on the phone and sell it with 4GB internal, if you want, i don’t care.

  • if Google is making these two moves to keep the price incredibly low, then I can probably live with HSPA+ and 16GB of internal storage. Iโ€™m talking $299 for an unlocked, quad-core phone with 2GB of RAM. That would be a major win. I know that we have all become accustomed to LTE speeds, but if you can buy a new Nexus each year for $300 without being locked into a contract, isnโ€™t that a deal?

    I don’t agree at all.

    • Sean Livingston

      Why do you not agree?

    • mustbepbs

      Tell us how you really feel.

  • Sean Livingston

    HSPA+ is good enough for me. I don’t need everything instantaneously. As long as it ain’t just 3G, I’m good. I’m tired fo VzW and ATT prices. As soon as I can, I’m canceling vzw anyone, going to straight talk. LTE would be useless for me anyways.

    • mustbepbs

      Me too, considering I’m on fast WiFi 99% of my day. I don’t care about LTE at all.

    • Same here. Can’t wait to stick it to VZW. This phone could be my next phone.

    • bitpimpin

      thank you… finally some common sense. most people dont seem to realize that you can’t even tell the difference between LTE and HSPA+ in most real world applications (unless you’re tethered and downloading torrents; which makes you an a*hole anyways for ruining unlimited data for all of us)

  • Important Guy

    I don’t know why people complain so much about “low capacity 8GB/16GB” phones. I use 2GB on my phone, tops. The rest is streamed/dropboxable.

    • moelsen8

      keywords are “I use”. some people use much more local storage. hell, i had 10 gigs of pictures and movies i took on my phone last week before i finally cleaned it off. i guess i could live with a little less, but i wouldn’t want to have to move my pictures off every day. and i don’t want them to instantly upload somewhere, either.

    • Sean Livingston

      Yea, when you are flashing ROMs all the time and storing backups, 8 GB (when 2-4 is used up by JB itself) is not nearly enough.

  • If my monthly payment isn’t going to be cheaper then there isn’t much reason to go off contract other than keeping unlimited data.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Pretty sure since this phone won’t be on Verizon, nobody that reads this blog is actually excited for this phone. ๐Ÿ™

    • JoshGroff

      What has you thinking it won’t come to Verizon? Clearly we all know the GSM variant won’t, but what makes you assume a CDMA/LTE variant won’t be made, much like the current G-Nex?

      • TheDrunkenClam

        I’m doubtful, but gosh I hope it does make it on vzw! Although the low storage is disappointing. Maybe it’ll have a 32gb option. Anyone seen any news to indicate a chance of an LTE vzw version? Do tell.

        • JoshGroff

          They did pass on the Optimus G, maybe the Nexus 4 was the reasoning behind it. It’d be nice to see Verizon get one with 32GB like the current G-nex. That would definitely be a nice upgrade.

      • Boner

        Have you seen the VZW GNex and Google’s and VZW’s relationship about it?

        • JoshGroff

          Yes. Your point being?

        • BGRUGGER

          ha ha! boner…

    • Sean Livingston

      I’m excited.

    • I’m excited, because I want to dump VZW and start buying phones like every other devices I own – at the full price. Paying full price for Verizon phones is economically not feasible.

  • Jigga_Z

    Clearly this phone is slated towards the European markets (and others of similar nature) rather than the states. No LTE (makes sense as most of Europe is still without LTE), and unlocked at what I imagine will be a very low price (which is how most EU people get their phones).

    Sure, it doesn’t make sense for us in the States or Canada, and the memory is a bummer (though I’d be fine with 16GB), the price and specs make sense for a very particular market, just not ours.

    • moe6

      Most of Asia pays retail for phones too.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Most likely this will be the version released in the Play Store. The Play Stores Galaxy Nexus only has 16GB and isn’t LTE either.

    • I’m afraid of Play Store’s Galaxy being the one with 8gb and the LTE version with 16gb, 8gb isn’t enought nowadays. (I’ll stick with the GSM cause here in Brazil the LTE is in tests and with a different frequency from the rest of the world)!

      • Sean Livingston

        I think the play store will sell both. If this is being introduced the 29th, I think we will see both, hopefully.

        • Hope so, and hope that the 16gb could cost no more than $349 (something like the Nexus 7, but with $299 for 8gb and $349 for 16gb).

          • michael arazan

            Sad that my OG D1 has more storage. Its sad all this limited storage crap is to just push GDrive more. I have a 32 gb Nexus and pay for 100 gb fo drive because I think 32 gb is too small.

          • If manufacturers or Google could follow the S3’s features, we’d all be happy. Get the 16gb model, chuck a 64gb SD in there and you’re good to go.

    • JoshGroff

      Someone else in this comment thread actually knows that? Thank god…

  • So then no Verizon again?

    • JoshGroff

      Looks at G-Nex… Play store variant is GSM with no LTE… Verizon has one with LTE/CDMA. Please will people actually get this through their skulls?

      • Bwayz

        There will be NO Nexus on Verizon this year! Face it! Kel has been indirectly saying it for weeks!

        • JoshGroff

          but but, please? Alright, I’ll switch to T-mobile. Damn, Google twisted my arm.

  • Not A Name

    Meh… non-removable battery is a deal killer for me. Also I’m on VZW, I hope the nexus 5 is VOLTE, works with all carriers, and sold by Google.

    • JoshGroff

      VoLTE won’t be that useful until we actually have full LTE coverage. (otherwise you would also need both a CDMA and GSM radio with the right frequencies to work on all carriers)

      • MikeCiggy

        He said Nexus 5. Meaning next years, and Verizon has already promised to cover the entire US in 2013…

        • JoshGroff

          But that’s just Verizon, you also have to think about the carriers that haven’t yet or have only just begun implementing LTE. (Sprint, T-Mobile, Metro)

          • MikeCiggy

            I would hope they could create a software to handle VoLTE and regular band calls also. For the time being until it can mainstream. Much like the phones now that can handle 3g or 4g. If we had a 4g only device instead of multiple radios, batterys would last even long.

        • Danrarbc

          This is assuming there isn’t more than one Nexus this time, and the Nexus 5 isn’t a Nexus version of that 1080p 5 inch One J from HTC (please have one of those Google!)

          • MikeCiggy

            Yes yes, we keep hoping im just commenting on what we currently know.

    • Josh Nichols

      VoLTE won’t work with all carriers because not all carriers use the same bands for LTE.

  • SIII User

    No LTE Modem = FAIL
    As much of a non-starter as dating a smoker.

    • lol. win.

    • brando56894

      I agree, if this doesn’t have LTE I wouldn’t even consider it.

    • LiterofCola

      Nothing wrong with dating a smoker, but yeah… no LTE, no-go

      • Guest

        Ashtray kisses aside, It’s not even all in the kissing. The smell reeks off smokers through their pores even.

      • Mmmm, love me some cancer sticks.

      • Neomastermind

        This statement is all kinds of wrong.

      • Josh Nichols

        Easy Farva

    • yeah thats the reason I pre-order the Lg Optimus G

    • r0lct

      If you’re on Verizon. If you’re on a network with HSPA+ not necessarily.

      • Butters619

        You haven’t used AT&T’s HSPA+ network in California have you? It’s slow the majority of the time, and downright barely trickles some of the time.

        • r0lct

          I have not, I’m on Verizon as long as work pays the bill. My point is not everyone wants/needs LTE, especially if they are looking to save money on their monthly bill.
          Personally with my Gnex I’m on WiFi the vast majority of the time so I leave it on 3G a lot to save battery and would actually prefer a GSM model.

          • It really doesn’t matter which connection you’re using since the mobile data shuts off when youre on WiFi and turns on when an MMS is coming in

        • DrewNusser

          Don’t worry – it’s slow everywhere.

    • Josh Nichols

      You realize the US is one of the only places in the world with wide-spread LTE? Why would they make a phone to sell in Europe with an LTE chip that isn’t even going to be used?

      • Cowboydroid

        Many people seem clueless about this. This is the worldwide version. It is not going to have LTE. Obviously, if they’re going to sell it in the States and through networks, it will have LTE.

        Bunch of fanboys getting pissy about nothing.

        • Butters619

          Just like the current Galaxy Nexus that they sell in the states? Oh wait, that doesn’t have LTE.

          • Jeff

            They Galaxy Nexus has LTE…

          • blix247

            Yep, only the Verizon version does. Carrier subsidy will have to pay for the cost of the LTE chip.

          • oCxTiTaN

            Hopefully you are being sarcastic, since the Galaxy Nexus in the states does have LTE…

          • BSweetness

            Only the Galaxy Nexus obtained through Verizon and Sprint have LTE. The unlocked version of the Galaxy Nexus sold through the Play store does not have LTE.

          • Josh Nichols

            He said “in the States and through networks”. Try reading next time, it helps when you’re trying to be a smartass.

          • LiterofCola

            I lol’d

          • Butters619

            Either I skipped right over that or he edited his post. if I skipped it, my apologies.

    • bitpimpin


      • bitpimpin

        actually since this only effects users on AT&T (seeing as how they are the only GSM/LTE network that could use the LTE on the phone if it actually had it)… so let me revise that… #AT&TSubscriberProblems

    • kidheated

      Though I don’t really use my LTE on my Gnex, as I usually default to the wifi connection I’m under at the moment, but I see your point. I have been saying it for a while now, googs always back-peddles on one aspect in their devices and it is extremely annoying. I guess they just don’t get it, once the bar has been raised, it can’t be undone.

      • Josh Nichols

        You have no idea what you’re talking about. First, parts of the world don’t even have LTE, so there is no point to an LTE chip in a phone if you can’t use it. Second, almost EVERY carrier has a different LTE band. There are simply too many LTE bands to make putting in an LTE chip even remotely plausible.

  • KleenDroid

    Dig It

    • mustbepbs

      If the price is right ($299) this will be my next phone. Can’t wait to get off Verizon.

      • moelsen8

        yeah price is gonna be key here for me too. otherwise it really would be a step backwards..