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Shiny New Revamped Google Play Developer Console Now Available for All

For some time, the Google Play team has been working on a new developer console to make publishing and managing apps easier than ever, and finally after months of testing and previewing, it’s live for everyone. The console features a ton of new features like viewing ratings over periods of time, a much improved interface, and even automated translations. 

If you’re a developer and want to go give it a try, simply head to your current developer console and hit “Try the new version.”

Via: Android Developers Blog

  • ericl5112

    Does this version let you expand the “other” catergory? I hate that I can only see the top 6 or 7 devices using my app, which only account for 20-30% of my total installs. The other 70% of installs are on devices I can’t see, and that makes it difficult to know what to optimize for/what new features to prioritize.

  • fiveHellions

    Agreed, I just got access today. Looks alot cooler but doesn’t add features and in fact actually doesn’t have some of the features of the old interface. I would have thought in the last few months they would have made it alot better before releasing it to everybody. Seems as if it hasn’t changed any since they first started letting some preview it back in the summer.

  • I’ve had access to this new console for a couple months now and constantly found myself using the old one because not all features have been ported and some information is more easy to reach in the previous incarnation.

    I am hoping that they’ll continue to improve (like Google is best known for) the new version and that I’ll wonder how I lived without these improvements.

    • Tac

      Pretty much this, especially when it comes to dealing with older .apk versions.

  • sam

    love the new design, but no new features :

  • KleenDroid