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Video: Pinch-to-Zoom Finally Making its Way to Gmail for Android 4.2?

A leaked version of the Gmail application has fallen into the hands of the Android community. The version is numbered 4.2 and brings a couple of features that many here have been screaming for for quite some time. According to the video below, users can now swipe away unwanted messages to either have them deleted or archived, but the feature that has us most excited is the ability to pinch-to-zoom in emails. 

The pinch-to-zoom looks smooth as butter and all we can keep saying is, “finally.” We’re hoping this version of the apk can be leaked for everyone to enjoy, but the holder of the apk is still “awaiting permission.”

Color me excited.


Via: Android Police

  • Da Queen

    Really? People are excited to zoom email? I”d really rather be able to sort by sender, subject, etc. I’d rather be able to copy and paste into GTalk. Oh well…swipe away is cool…if that’s all we get :-/

  • jowaldo

    I just want pictures emailed as attachments to open up automatically inline, instead of manually downloading/opening each individual…

  • ChuckDz3

    One thing I have been really wanting in gmail ever since the expandable notification in JB was an option right from the notification bar to delete the message without going into the app.

  • John

    I like the pinch zoom… don’t like the swiping leading to only one action.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i notice they only zoom IN with the pinching in this video. i find that most of the time in the Gmail app i want to zoom OUT (like to see an HTML email that has columns and images and stuff). zoom in is nice, but here’s hoping you can also zoom out, cuz that’s what i really want.

  • Willie finally have the ability to email group in Gmail

  • jester4281

    Would only be better if they would include a email unread count like they do for the packaged mail app.

  • mustbepbs

    What I want is expanded notifications for Google Talk.

  • feztheforeigner

    Was this a 4K video?!

    • The Race To Die

      is that what that original quality choice is? never seen that as an option in a youtube video

  • gk08

    I’d also love to see group messaging ability. You can define a group contact in web GMail and just type that in the address bar but Android GMail won’t let you do it, You have to type out each email separately. Annoying.


    There should be a rule against using the word “leak” if you don’t actually have a link to the thing that was leaked. It’s a video, and nothing more.

    • Hah it was leaked, to someone who won’t release. Why u so mad?

      • Its really not a leak if one person has it. For all we know, he/she/it is a tester. Not exactly leaked. Leaked “video”, maybe.

  • Mike Gall

    Nice. Now is there anyway to select all your mail at once for a mass delete?

  • D.C.

    Zoom would be nice. Getting Gmail to handle standard Internet Calendar Sharing (ICS) meeting requests (calendar invitations) would be better. The sixth most starred issue at code dot google dot com (Android – An Open Handset Alliance Project) has 2,739 people requesting this feature since 2008. It’s status? “New”

    Web-based gmail correctly handles calendar invites and prompts one to respond with a “Yes/No/Maybe” reply. Why can’t Android?

  • Booyah


  • Second day in a row that you have said “smooth as butter”…

  • Gary Patrowicz

    I have seen this posted all morning but still no apk

  • Afrayedknot

    This is great. Now if they only make it so that it shrinks the email to fit the screen like the iOS mail client does. But still, I want this update ASAP.

    • Stevedub40

      Agreed. I don’t usually need to zoom in, I need to zoom out. The swipe feature is much appreciated as well.

  • I think i am looking forward to this more than 4.2. Anyone else?

    • Seriously, I’m sort of with you. Well, until we get some massive changelog. But I don’t know how many times a day I try to pinch-to-zoom an email even after all these years of not being able to do it.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        IT’s annoying because all other stock email clients have pinch to zoom. Like my work email.

  • dmoto

    Wow, this feature alone, will make me want this update!

  • Chaddaddadd

    Finally! I’ve wondered why this didn’t happen sooner. A much needed improvement

  • ddevito

    Great. Hope Google Voice is next.

  • elemeno

    This changes everything.

  • kretz7


  • I always wondered why this feature wasn’t included especially when Google tends to release features before they are ironed out (which is more Apple’s mantra…well until maps haha)

  • sc0rch3d

    need swipe away on gmail, mail, and gvoice! hurry up G!

    • sc0rch3d

      a unified inbox would be better tho

      • I agree, this is what should happen next at some point in Android Development, Unified inbox

      • T4rd

        Exactly. I’ve been dreaming of Google creating an iMessage competitor. Gtalk and Messaging need to be combined and Gtalk needs to add MMS support. That would be perfect.

        • sc0rch3d

          i have to believe we’re coming to a new era in communication….i don’t even see why we need to distinguish between a tweet / email / text. let it all come in and let us build smart filters. makes searching and organization much easier.

          • I like your way of thinking.

          • ddevito

            Windows 8/Phone 8 is attempting to do something very similar to this

      • mgamerz

        Google Voice needs expandable notifications first

  • mustbepbs

    Finally. I simply don’t understand why this wasn’t included in the beginning.

  • JohnPA2006

    Thank GOD !!!! Finally .