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Android 4.1.2 Factory Images for “yakju” Galaxy Nexus and “soju” Nexus S

This afternoon, Google posted Android 4.1.2 factory image files for the “yakju” Galaxy Nexus and the “soju” Nexus S. They previously released the same files for the “takju” Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7, so that about wraps up their world unlocked GSM lineup. All that’s left are a couple of Nexus S models and the device expected to receive the update months after everyone else, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (“toro”).

On a side note, the first factory image for the Nexus Q (“tungsten”) has also been posted. It’s an Android 4.0.4 build IAN67K.

Via:  Google

  • kunqing


  • kfath1978

    So no love for the VZW Nexus? Go figure.

  • sam

    sojus a type of rice liquor from korea lol

  • Nexus S is really spoiled by developers 😀

  • Jwhap

    I am interested in the nexus q update……..wonder if there are any goodies in that?

  • Does this put the rotation lock in the Notification drop down or does it add the Nexus 7’s volume controls?

    • Pete

      Not on the Nexus S 🙁

  • Q

    what does 4.1.2 add?

    • Jwhap

      Enhanced notifications, one finger expansion of notification.

  • dave

    New to this so stay with me….HOW TO EFF DO I ROOT MY VERIZON NEXUS ON JELLYBEAN WITH A MAC thanks 😉

    • Jwhap

      There is a you tube video out there…..I could have sworn I had seen it…if not…..borrow a friends laptop…

      • michael arazan

        I belive DL wrote about this a while back about rooting using a mac, and I think Kellex roots with a mac too, use DL’s search

    • KreeTerry

      its not hard, you just need to download and setup a few things. follow this guide.

  • Derek Gelinas

    4.1.2 for the Galaxy Nexus is available right now in Liquid RC5. It’s the best liquid release yet!

    • tomn1ce

      Darn it and I just put RC3 on my G-Nexus….back to the drawing board…

    • lipo

      is on Bugless Beast too the best rom i tried all

    • cobjones

      And merges to AOKP..dizzy thermal has the builds on goo

  • dave

    A Verizon Nexus is a oxymoron.

    • Kevin

      I have decided that I like the Verizon Nexus. Granted, I got mine in July and I’m assuming things were different early on. But now… I got 4.1.2 sooner than my buddy with who has a Nexus from the Play Store thanks to Bugless Beast. And if I break mine, I have insurance. Verizon will overnight me another one.

  • No.

    Is takju the same as maguro?

    • Pete

      maguro is the hardware configuration, takju is the software configuration. you can safely install takju on the maguro.