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Gameloft Releases Trailer for Zombiewood, Coming This Halloween

I know, I know, there are 8,000+ zombie games on Android these days and the last thing you probably wanted was another. Or are you always down for another undead conquest? I know I’m always ready for another zombiefest. Enter Zombiewood, the latest from Gameloft, in what appears to be one of the sillier takes on the walking dead genre. 

It’s a twin-stick third person shooter, that involves all sorts of cartoonish guns, outfits, comedy, and mayhem. It’s coming this Halloween for a price yet-to-be-determined.

  • anon

    fing sick of damned zombies, do something new already damnit

  • flosserelli

    So, it’s essentially Guerrilla Bob using Team Fortress 2 weapons in a Left 4 Dead setting.

  • Going through my phone and Nexus 7 and deleting all games that have IAP and will not buy/down them any more.

  • The zombie graphics are not that appealing. Guess I will have to try it out to judge better.

  • Stoker

    Hope it’s not an IAP based game since I am boycotting those.

    • TheOiulkj

      In the trailer you can see weapons that cost coins and dollars, so sadly, it’s probably one of those.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Good for you! I’m proud you are a member here! And if you read the word “Gameloft” next to anything, you pretty much be guaranteed that it will be a IAP, manipulative, rigged, crapfest, of epic monetary proportions. I now have some hope in the quality of the Android Market, knowing at least one other person besides myself, will not support this shady, in-trap purchases, business model. I thank you for your convictions. Maybe one day when enough people wise up and see that the ratio of “money spent to quality and substance given”, is abominable compared to just paying one up front cost for an application, like it used to be on the Market. And hopefully we can return to a time of quality, integrity, ethics, and actually getting VALUE, when you give someone your money. Instead of feeling taken advantage of, lied to with extreme malicious intent, and finding out after you buy a game, that you didn’t actually buy the whole game, and unless you want to grind away until your hair grows to the floor, that you have to spend more than the game could ever be worth or shockingly you have to pay again because you stupidly thought that when you paid the initial entrance fee for the app, that you were actually getting the entire app, and not crippled chunks of it.

      It infuriates me to see so many people either blind or apathetic to the fact that they aren’t getting a good value for their money. And that nowhere else in the real world, is the manipulative, carnival game practice exceptable. Here let me illustrate.

      SALESMAN – “Well, how are you doing today sir? I see you looking at that new 2012 Honda Accord, she’s a real beauty isn’t she?”
      CUSTOMER – “Yeah, she sure is, fill her up and wash her please, I’m buying it!”
      SALESMAN – “You will be extremely happy with this car sir. Now, before we go and talk price, let me fill you in on our new dealership buying policy. I’ll have you driving home in this beauty tonight, but there are a couple of restrictions. After you buy the car, anytime that want to drive more than ten miles, you need to first stop by this dealership, and pay us $500, for the Road Mile Warrior Package, and this package allows you to drive for a total of 50 miles, then you will need to come back in and purchase a new Mileage package from us. Also, I noticed you turned on the CD player in the car, and were listening to those amazing Rockford Fosgate speakers in the car, there are 8 speakers by the way. And you can rock out listening to those speakers and that high quality CD player in the car, anytime you’d like! But, if you want the player and speakers, that will be an additional $960. Oh and, before I forget, if you like to use the Turn Signal while you are driving, we have a buy one side of the car blinker light, get the second side blinker light, 10% off, and that will run another $450. All of this is optional of course, and you can still have a grwat time in your car without these things, and you can still technically drive the car without turn signals, though, I should let you it’s illegal. So what do you say sir, do we have a deal?!”

      CUSTOMER – “[email protected] YOU!”

  • Reminds me of Dead Rising…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Gameloft develops games like it’s the end of the bloody world. Seriously.

    But Zombiewood actually looks awesome.

  • SD_Scott

    AMAZING! Will definitely keep my eye open for this one.

  • Stewie

    Could be great, but TWD is this Sunday …. Unless you’re on dish hehehe ….

  • Totally off topic: But, maybe similar?

    October 30th – November 10th, you can get a free copy of Plants Vs Zombies for Mac or PC.. Give coupons out to trick or treaters!


    I don’t work for any company or affiliate related to this..

    http://www.stopzombiemouth.com/ – Official website.. – Droid-Life team, feel free to remove links if not allowed & my apologies.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Go get bent Barry, and stick your spam right up your septic tank.

      • Not spam, Haus. Thought it was fitting (Zombie games..) Although, I do want to add.. Everyone else in your replies got lengthy responses, and mine was only 13 characters 🙁 Did I do something wrong? Is this real life?

  • gameloft is on fire recently. hopefully all the new titles are good!

    edit: it’s also nice to seem them with more new and not-blatantly-copycat IPs

    • John

      Agree. I’ve give them one thing (besides their constant in app purchase model), they do pump out game after game. It’s nice to have a dev company like that for Android.

    • aj522

      Looks like Burn Zombie Burn