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Vic Gundotra Posts Picture to Google+ Using Snapseed, Which Isn’t Out for Android Yet

There must be a lot of perks to being a big wig at Google. One of which is using products that your company hasn’t even publicly announced whenever you want. Lots of fuss was made when Google snatched up Snapseed, a popular iOS photo editing software, for use in Android, but it seems that the Android launch isn’t too far away.

Vic Gundotra posted a picture to Google+ the other day, which looked very hipster-filtery but upon closer inspection you can see that it was posted using Snapseed. The photo editing application was only acquired two weeks ago so it makes you think the Android app was already in production before Google acquired them. Whenever it does come out, it looks like it will have a tight integration with Google+.

Via: Google+

  • I just wanna know when Instagram is adding Google+ support. {{-_-}}

  • obviousman

    How do you know he wasn’t using an iphone?

  • the android app has been in the works for a good while. they have had “coming soon” on the snapseed website for as long as i have known about snapseed.

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  • egghead

    “There must be a lot of perks to being a big wig at Google.”

    A first class seat clearly isn’t one of them as that’s clearly a coach seat, unless of course it’s a private jet. I’d say keep Snapseed and put me in first!

  • gbenj

    Can someone clarify? Why does it mean that he’s using an Android app? Couldnt the Snapseed iOS app be posting to Google+?

    Even if its not the current app, an update to that app with that functionality seems just as likely a possibility.

    • Do you really think the Senior VP of Engineering at Google is using an iOS device to post to Google+?

    • That was Verizon Galaxy SIII check Exit data

  • Interesting to see he is carrying a Verizon Galaxy SIII (SCH-I535 is in the EXIF data)

  • Greyhame


  • fauxshizzl

    “There must be a lot of perks to being a big wig at Google” Yeah, like the Gulfstream jet he is flying in..

    • Andy

      I was thinking the same thing. big deal he’s using some photo editing app. there’re are about 100 other ones in market now.ha

    • CookieGT

      Thought that looked very much so like a G450 winglet.

  • Droidfan

    The Google ecosystem is really beginning to come together in innovative and fascinating ways. Google + as the hub to interconnect all of Google’s various services is so obvious now. It’s clear this whole universe is designed to leverage Google’s massive search capability to the maximum. And do that in a way that consumers get the most value for the information Google harvest.

  • ddevito

    I like Google+, but until Google incorporates G+ services fully baked into Android I don’t see any huge advantages.

    GTalk, Messenger, GVoice = should all be ONE.

    • Greyhame

      It’ll be great when that happens.

    • Andy

      i’m so confused why there is gtalk and messenger on my phone. Also hate that you can video chat with messenger and hangout? i don;’t get it. they need to streamline the video chat

    • JulianZHuang

      i hate google voice. i only use it for a while and remove it, so annoying.

      • John

        great for craigslist 🙂

    • pretty sure that is a feature of Android 4.2

      • ddevito

        Nope, they’re still the all segregated like they are now in 4.2