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Verizon Approves Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung and Verizon can check the Galaxy Tab 7.7 off of their Ice Cream Sandwich update list, as the build of LP10 was approved this morning with changelogs posted. The update brings the tablet up to Android 4.0.4, still includes Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, a data usage meter, new calculator, new homescreen layout, more organized settings, a redesigned gallery app with photo editor, Face Unlock, new music app, desktop view in browser, and more.

The jump from Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich is substantial, so be sure to update to this as it becomes available. Usually when these support documents go live, the update rolls out to users within a week. Let us know if you see it!

The update is 283MB in size. 

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  • RideHigh

    What a Joke. Verizon announces Galaxy Tab 7.7 ICS Update “Soon”! Call Verizon….”well it’s up to Samsung”……………..call Samsung, “well it’s up to Verizon”…………..What a freakin’ joke. Neither of them had any reservations about taking my money when I bought it at the “Verizon” store who now says “well, it’s up to Samsung”……………………..ever try talking to a Samsung Customer Service person (in Calcutta, Hyderabad, Delhi or wherever they hide them)? Yes, I understand the question you are asking is…………………..”well it’s up to Verizon” Total BS! Selling this thing and buying what I should have in the first place……….Hello, is this Apple?

  • dave

    they can NOT check it off the 7.7 update is not arriving for anyone will never sign another verizon contract again

    • Garrett Shaw

      Two weeks later and still nothing. I’m dropping Verizon!

  • The Xoom is on jellybean.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I swear any product that is being updated that doesn’t involve the latest OS…. has me uninterested!!…

    • David Dudovitz

      That’s because you’re not still stuck on Gingerbread Poor DInc2

      • JoshGroff

        The Inc 2 is pro, don’t be hatin. In all seriousness, my friend has one and it refuses to die.

      • Matthew Merrick

        That’s because you’re not still stuck on Gingerbread Poor Droid Charge

        • That’s because you’re not stuck on Gingerbread Poor Thunderbolt

          • Matthew Merrick

            At least you (supposedly) have an ICS update coming….

          • yeah, we’re supposed to have it by 2 months ago