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Did the LG Optimus Nexus Hit the FCC With AT&T Bands and NFC as the LG-E960?

Yep, the LG Nexus talks have officially reached overdrive. Multiple sources from across the web have weighed in with their spec lists, but what about something more official, like an FCC filing? Overseas blogs and forums like Blog of Mobile are under the impression that the LG-E960 (mentioned here by us) is the model number for LG’s Nexus, a device that passed through the FCC this week. 

What was in the filing, you ask? Well, we know that this phone is only Tri-band, unlike the GSM Galaxy Nexus which was Penta-band. This filing only lists out AT&T’s 850/1900 GSM bands, so for those on T-Mobile, this news might be a bit disappointing. As you can see from the diagram up top, the device also has an NFC chip, but we sort of figured it would if it were to become a Nexus device.

We should also point out that while the LG Optimus G is headed to AT&T, it has LTE, which this phone doesn’t. So no, this is not the Optimus G. It could very well be the next Nexus, since we are expecting it to be an unlocked GSM phone sold directly through the Google Play store. We aren’t sure why Google and LG would go with an AT&T radio only though, unless it was a cost cutting measure. Then again, this may not be the phone at all.

Via:  FCC

  • dboii54

    Actually, the FCC filing DOES list WCDMA band IV, which is T-mobile’s 1700/2100 bands

  • randomname

    Um…If I’m looking at the report correctly this device will work just fine on T-Mobile. It won’t, however, be a world phone. On the galaxy nexus, the penta-band radio was required for operation outside of the united states. This one is stuck here in the US.

    Unless I’m reading things incorrectly the document lists support for GSM frequencies 850mhz and 1900mhz, as well as WCDMA (HSPA+) frequencies 850mhz, 1900mhz, and AWS. For voice and 2g services ATT uses 850, whereas T-Mobile uses 1900mhz. For HSPA+ ATT uses 850mhz, and 1900mhz. T-mobile uses AWS and is refarming their 1900mhz spectrum for their HSPA+ network as well.

    Would have liked to see LTE as T-Mobile’s future LTE network will be on the same AWS frequencies as ATT’s (minus the 700mhz spectrum ATT uses in addition to AWS).

  • So does that mean the LG Nexus will not have LTE?

  • florious80

    This doesn’t surprise me if this is the next Nexus. I posted before on this, but i think CDMA nexus is just not plausible after the Vzw Gnex debacle. GSM is what Google want to work with so that leaves only ATT and T-Mobile in the game. But gosh I would so pick up a CDMA Nexus…. TT

  • UrDoGG

    if true, booo…

  • ddevito

    Perhaps Google is going to release a Nexus for every US carrier.

    • michael arazan

      A different Nexus phone made by a different manufacturer for each different carrier?

      Rumors are sony may make a playstation Nexus phone

      • descendency

        The rumor is fake. The person that started it admitted to faking it.

  • PhillipCun

    Google needs to demand more from the manufacturers if they want to participate in the Nexus program. They should set these standards to help better market the Nexus line. The consumer needs to know that they can expect a level of quality when they hear the name “Nexus”. They will not only have the best phone possible they will also have the PURE Google experience.

    They NEED to support all carriers and they need to release THE highest spec phones possible. No more shortcuts. This is the only way they can make a huge splash at the launch of the new Nexus program.

  • zepfloyd

    I pointed this out last week too, but checking the bluetooth cert:

    It definitely doesn’t have LTE, and It’s only 3.0 compliant as well, not 4.0.

  • If that is the case, hopefully they will dropped the price on the GNexus, then I can wait another year for a better phone. Still hoping for a multiple Nexus year myself.

  • Jon

    If I had to guess, this is the international version.

  • Bionicman

    yea this sounds craptastic. hopefully not the new nexus

  • jak_341

    If this is truly the next Nexus, the Nexi have officially jumped the shark. I want the GNex 2!

  • AT&T only and no LTE? wtf?

    • yarrellray

      This is perfect for At&t. My current Galaxy S3 pimp slaps this senseless..

  • moelsen8

    woo hypebeast. and boo triband. i kind of doubt this is it. it’s starting to become a pretty disappointing day for rumors.

  • What are my hopes of getting this phone subsidized through at&t?

  • Greyhame

    AT&T is coming out with guns loaded. Can’t believe all the exclusives they’re landing. When are OEMs going to realize that exclusive releases hurt everyone involved??

    • Bob G

      When Verizon starts playing ball with manufacturers and not trying to strong arm them.

    • KleenDroid

      I am still surprised Verizon even got the G-Nex.

  • don’t think this is it…. i just… i can’t…. it has to be more than just att compatible. Otherwise, it wouldn’t need to be sold from the Play Store.

    • just looked up the e950. It’s a WP7 device. pretty sure this e960 will just be an upgrade to that phone.

  • Greyhame

    Don’t worry GNex, you and me.. we’re still good.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I’m still considering buying the unlocked GNex (have the VZ one) as a travel phone even a year later due to finally having the right accessories and such.

      • Greyhame

        I wouldn’t question it. Maybe wait til the new one drops to see if the GNex goes even lower?

        • descendency

          They may discontinue the old Nexus.

    • Feeling the same way every time I read about the next Nexus. I think I’m just going to buy a couple extra extended batteries and call it good for another year. One to replace the one I’ve been using since launch and another as a backup.

      • Larizard

        Any deals on the VZW extended battery anywhere? Thanks.

        • I haven’t looked in a few weeks but I’m pretty sure they can be easily found for ~$25

  • aQuickBit

    And my hopes for a CDMA version have been crushed 🙁

    • Greyhame

      Not if the Nexus program changes are true..

      I’m saying there’s a chance!

    • Omar Salmin

      Sprint has always gotten the nexus late in the game, go with an unlocked phone or play the waiting game.