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“When Do You Think We’ll be Able to do That Thing?” Asks iSheep in Latest Samsung Spots


Oh Samsung, such a clever bunch. After releasing a full 90 second spot that pokes fun at Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5, they return today with two shorter spots. They cover topics from the longer commercial, only this time they take some extra jabs, like by having a mom confirm with her Galaxy S3 owning son that “this is the line for apps” as if that’s all the iPhone is good for.

Another girl watches NFC sharing in action and then wonders when iPhone owners wil be “able to do that thing?” Not for a while I’m afraid, dear iPhone owners. Maybe next year. 


  • Lisa V

    how can it be legal to share playlists

  • Chris

    What happened to people having opinions? I have an iPhone and I extremely prefer it over a Samung Galaxy phone or really any Android phone. I don’t think it’s better, I just prefer it. What happened to that?

    Also, what happened to making your product look better. Why would you insult the people you want as customers? It’s like BMW calling everybody who owns a Mercedes stupid, but then asking them to buy from them. Why am I going to but a product from a company insulting me? People I’ve talked to about the ad feel the same way. It’s not good marketing. It’s one thing to say your product is better, but another to call potentiomal customers “stupid”

    • Stan Bradshaw

      why do you prefer it?

  • jay_peter

    Samsung just looks ridiculous at this point.

  • Dear Tim, Steve wouldn’t take that – although, it is rather funny …

  • nightscout13

    In the 2nd commercial, all the iSheep standing in line had earbuds in. I don’t think that’s accurate.

    • that may be true but everyone recognizes those headphones since they cant use the phone

  • Liderc

    Samsung is killing it with these ads. It’s hilarious and it’s true, two things I’m in favor of.

  • db

    what a dumb commericial – no wonder why they lost the lawsuit

  • The problem with these commercials is that they assume iSheep actually care about technology and advancement.

  • RichFromBX

    I don’t consider myself a droid purest like a lot of people here and I’m far from an apple fanboy, I’m just someone who likes to have something nice that works…I have to say that the S3 is that thing that is both nice and works..

    I’ve been using the S3 since it first came out and when the iPhone 5 came out I picked one up to check it out and in all honesty, the S3 is better in just about every way. it’s a nice demonstration of an evolution in mobile devices where as the iPhone felt like it has for the last 3 years, nothing really innovative…

    I can’t really put my finger on what makes the S3 that much better but there’s just something about it that feels right where as the iPhone just felt stale…

  • Chuck Finley

    I’ll be completely honest (but I don’t have to be because HEY, THIS IS THE INTERNET)….I couldn’t care less about the Apple/Samsung beef……but the commercials, are funny, no matter who you “support”, you gotta admit that.

  • master94

    Iphone is for old people 🙂

  • durangojim

    I think by this time the “iSheep” moniker is wearing thin. Most people who choose the iPhone have done so after comparing the other phones available and choose what fits them best. I bought one of the first OG Droids in Michigan and stuck with Android through the Incredible, a Galaxy S, the Thunderbold, and the then Galaxy Nexus. This time though I wanted a phone with an excellent screen, superb battery life, and great camera, so I thought I’d give the iphone 5 a chance and I’m enjoying. I still kept my nexus but I might buy a Lumia 920 when that comes out. I think the bashing that occurs has become really stupid. A cell phone doesn’t make anyone a better or worse person or cooler or less so. I’m loosing a bit of respect for this site because of posts like this.

    • mc

      one of the reasons why i kind of want the iphone 5, its nice to try new things out. I wont get rid of my Galaxy Nexus though

  • Ant R

    Best new feature of the I*hone is the new earphones?

  • The son in the first video is wearing the exact same hat, shirt, and glasses as the one guy in the second video. I am pretty sure it isn’t the same person though. Strange….

  • Jim McClain

    now how will mom and dad find their way home with no maps that work

  • DJyoSNOW

    Story of my life THANKS MOM N DAD :/

  • Deja deja deja deja deja vu.

  • Towelie420

    Is this the line to vote for Obama? I know absolutely nothing about him, but my friends say he’s cool, so I’m gonna vote for him! 🙂

    • JoshGroff

      I actually wish Obama was an actor, he has a great voice, but I don’t trust him as a president.

      • fixxmyhead

        is it cuz hes black lol

        hahaha jk

        • JoshGroff

          I think it’s mainly because I don’t trust politicians in general, lol. And black people make for the best actors, look at Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. 😉

  • Detonation

    The problem with these commercials is that they appeal most to the people that are already android fan[boy]s, not the people they need to win over as customers…

  • Nw_adventure

    Just used NFC on the new parking meters here in Salt Lake, pretty sweet but I dont really have any other uses for NFC at the moment.

    • Thats odd… every drug store and gas station near me (2 CVS, a walgreens, Mobile and Hess) all have the NFC payment terminals which I love to use.

      It was hilarious since the girl at CVS was like “do you have an app or something for that?”

      Yeah… something like that 😛

  • Sb_81st

    I think the video is priceless…

  • frankandsimple

    Actually, the title should read “When do you think We’ll be able to do that thing?,Asks a paid actor in a Samsung ad, that is trying to highlight a feature that perhaps none of the so called “isheep” really want.. because truth of the matter being.. consumers have the power to choose these days.. and if a phone is not delivering what the consumer want.. it gets dumped in no time for another that does.

    So bottom line being.. such ads are silly and a waste of time.. only cherished by fanboys who go thumping their chests and screaming “SCORE” after watching an ad played by paid actors following a script.

    • aye_winchell

      you seem lost, let me guess, Apple Maps?

    • PSU_DI

      How else do consumers know if they have a choice when it comes to having a high end device, if not for advertising the features that the other device lacks. Most device purchases are made based off of personal recommendations and Apple has been wildly successful in there branding, mainly by highlighting what they can that the other can’t. The truth is that Samsung is highlighting how they hype for the next apple product is overblown and that the consumers do have choices now, and that means you don’t have to wait hours in a line to get something equivalent or superior to the apple product.

    • Adam

      I’m pretty sure almost all commercials about any product contain paid actors and promote the features of the product.

    • PC_Tool

      I bet you *loved* the Mac vs. PC ads.

      Of course, you won’t actually admit that since you just posted that such ads are “wasted time” and “silly”….

      I’d love to introduce you to “Reality”…where marketing alone can make or break…virtually anything. I really do hope you two get along.

    • Oh I forgot, we don’t really WANT a feature until Steve Jobs tells us that we want it.

    • frankandsimple

      The point I’m highlighting here is about Droid Life asserting this as if an “isheep” in reality is wondering when they’ll get the feature… AND the empty chest thumping by fandroids based on an ad. It is scripted.. and yes, it does highlight the feature in question. That warrants a comparison between haves and havenots between the operating systems.. its is preposterous to believe into the ad.

      • Galaxy-S3

        It’s funny how people who had absolutely nothing to do with developing a product, and will never, ever make a penny off that product, are so excited to see that product beat another product they had nothing to do with. Strange creatures, those humans.

        • Every post in this thread is like that. You would swear Samsung is paying these people.

    • Droidzilla

      It’s just like the “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” ads; I love to see the underdog snipe at the established, complacent leader. All in good fun.

  • DroidzFX

    headset jack on the bottom.. mind blown.

    Commercial cracks me up.

    • Alan Paone

      its actually that much better having the jack on the bottom. I’m glad because now that apple is doing it, everyone else will copy them, even if they’re copying the nexus.

      • capecodcarl

        I have no idea why someone would want the headphone jack on the bottom other than it makes creating a universal dock easier I suppose… but dock makers should be able to get audio from the Lightning port directly without needing to plug in the headphone jack port. I guess many people also put their phone in their pocket upside-down for some reason so there’s another plus to the bottom-jack.

        The bottom-mounted jack on my Nexus 7 drives me nuts all the time since I’m usually working on it in portrait mode with the bottom resting on my leg or something. That causes the headphone cord to bend awkwardly and/or dig into my leg. I need some headphones with a 90-degree plug I guess.

  • zepfloyd

    I’m sure I’ll get buried for this.. but really, why DO we care? If people want an iPhone, let them have it. Use what makes you happy. I don’t chastise the few people in my office who still love their Backberry’s; making fun of your potential customer doesn’t seem helpful. It just panders to people who already hate Apple.

    • Laki S.

      THIS. I wish I could upvote this more.

    • Clifford Gadd

      I don’t make chastise anyone for having a iPhone, but when I do see one I don’t pretend to like it. I will admit that the iPhone is a good product, but I just don’t like what Apple stands for anymore. Litigation instead of innovation. Apple is spending so much time trying to stop Android legally instead of intellectually that Android OS just moving on without any competition. Sure it’s a brag right to have things that the iPhone doesn’t, but I feel that Android could be so much more if Apple would just step up and occasionally outdo Android here and there. As it is now, it’s mostly a hardware war instead of a software war. Or at least that’s what I see.

      • zepfloyd

        I’m completely with you. I would never own one, and I don’t recommend it at all for a number of legitimate reasons, but I just never understood what commercials like these do other than appeal to their already exisiting base.

        • Royal2000H

          They appeal to the uninformed. Not to the people who stand in line all night, but rather the people who stroll in a few days later because they hear the iPhone 5 is the best phone out.

          • XoutlawX

            I like both platforms, but there really are too many people that choose the iPhone because it’s an iPhone like this woman:

          • Royal2000H


            But she can’t be the norm. She must have gone crazy in those 2 days. She owns an “Apple 4” so she does know what an iPhone is… Ha I don’t even know

          • XoutlawX

            Haha, yeah not the norm (just the extreme side of apple fan). I don’t think she even owns the 4. She said that she hasn’t owned one, but she has used her friend’s phone.

          • Newge

            Jesus, that lady is awesome! I think she just saw a line and got in it. Eventually she found out she was there for a phone. So bad ass.

            For the record I’m a former Android user. Switched to the 4s last year bought the iPhone 5 for the LTE that should have been in last years 4s. Like the Android OS better but prefer the construction and design of the iPhones. Not saying it’s superior so don’t start killing me! I just like it. Can’t one of you guys figure out how to run Android on an iPhone?

          • XoutlawX

            Yeah, maybe she thought: “hey this line looks fun” and decided to hang out lol. It could also be that she hadn’t gotten enough sleep. There are big lines for anything there. There’s this Halal cart on 53rd and 6th near Radio City that ALWAYS has huge lines for food. It’s really good too.

            I’m also considering switching to iOS. It’s not just the construction and design of the iPhone, but the customer service that Apple provides is sooooo much better than the phone carrier’s.

    • Kagnon

      If the person is more of a feature phone person who just wants games i usually recommend the iphone. (Those users who usually just use stock apps for everything)
      Android for people who likes to customise. (But at this point i’ll recommend JB > iphone)
      Windows for an easy to use phone.

      • Nicholassss

        I totally agree with you. I plug android hard, and it used to be if someone wanted a smart phone just for base smartphone features and wanted something stylish and reliable. But these days that recommendation is increasingly going windows phone.

    • “Why wait in a long line for hours for a phone that does less?”

      That seems to me that its trying to appeal to both Apple users AND non-smartphone users.

    • TheWenger

      Because people buy it blindly because they don’t know that there are better options out there. Some people, sure they know the alternatives and iPhone works best for them. But the majority of people are clueless and just want one to be hip. Using that logic, it makes me feel better about the American population when I see someone with a slick new Android phone.
      The less iPhones people buy the better IMO. You could say it would give less money to Apple to fund their Jobs Jihad.

      • God, your elitism stinks. You act as though people are mindless zombies. I think people shop at Apple stores to stay away from people like you. If non of the android OEM’s can come up with a decent marketing plan for their phones then they should fail. These commercials reek of me too, And if beam is the only feature you have over the iphone 5 then Samsung is screwed bause the iphone 5 beats the S3 in synthetic benchmarks.

    • Richard Wolff

      rim users aren’t as smug as iphone user’s rim user’s in fact kinda come off as beaten and sad (I’m sorry rim peoples we love you)

    • JoeTi

      Totally agree. I feel similarly about iPhone and Blackberry users at this point. Perfect mobile platforms for some users, not as much for me. In fact, I recommend the iPhone/berry to some people for their simplicity and more narrowly focused features. They are about choice, not decisions. Sounds crazy, but a lot of people dont want a ton of customization and a multitude of variation. If you do, go Android.

    • It’s a marketing strategy. There are a large group of people who just buy an iPhone BECAUSE it’s an iPhone, and they believe that they are better because of it. If you can damage that “mystique” and reality distortion field, only then can you ever open up that group of people to consider another device. Take away the coolness.

      • Hunter

        You sir, said it best

      • And we should care why? Whe don’t get anything if Samsung sells more phones.

    • While we’re at it, iSheep is as childish and cringe-inducing as Fandroid and Samesung and “i*one” behhh. It’s so cringe-inducing.

    • me

      RELAX This is funny. Have a sense of humor

  • for anyone that has an nfc phone and dropbox i urge you to PLEASE try Filebeam, its free on the appstore and it is AMAZING. and instant

    • moozicmon

      Just gave this a go. This app REALLY needs some coverage… incredible.

      • moon1991

        Hi, my name is Fong. I’m one of the developers of FileBeam. We are planning to integrate with other cloud storage services like GoogleDrive, Box, and Skydrive and so on. Thanks @litobirdy for mentioning FileBeam, and thank you all for your support. Beam On!

  • EvanTheGamer

    “this is the line for apps” as if that’s all the iPhone is good for. – Right on the money!

    • So crappy apps and good hardware is a win for Samsung?

  • her gesture with “do that thing”… lol

    • nwd1911

      I watched it a second time and got an extra lol based on your comment. Thank you.

    • D

      I got a laugh out of that as well. 🙂

  • NorCalGuy

    Lol maybe on the iphone 5Slightly better

  • KB26

    On the iPhone 8NFC.

  • I swear Samsung should just flash this at the end of every commercial:

  • Serious question, when was the last time anyone reading this used NFC sharing? I haven’t even come close to or thought about using it.

    I can’t help but think that, as funny as these ads are (and they are very funny), Samsung is still marketing features that just aren’t that interesting. Watching a video while typing a message? Sharing playlists by tapping phones together? Does anyone actually use or care about these things?

    Shouldn’t they be touting the truly great things about the phone, rather than things that Apple happens to not have?

    • Detonation

      +1. I would much rather just share something via email/messaging/etc. They only thing I’ve found NFC useful for using tags to trigger actions.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I have a few times…it’s a very handy feature, and is there when you need it. 😉

      • JoshGroff

        That’s the way I think about it, just having the ability to use it if ever there’s a scenario in which I’ll want to is a bonus.

        • EvanTheGamer


    • Bauce40

      I’ve never used Beam on my Galaxy Nexus cause all my friends have iPhones

    • Mordecaidrake

      If more people had NFC I’d use them. I’ve used it to send pictures and stuff from my Gnex to my Nexus7.

      • summit1986

        I was just doing that last night to transfer SNES ROMS from my GNex to the 7.

    • jldleo

      Serious answer, They are marketing features that ARE very interesting. Whats NOT interesting is a panoramic camera, 4″ screen, and LTE all of which Android owners have enjoyed for a year plus on some phones and all of which Apple is advertising in there campaigns now as if they are the first to have them.

      • I’m not trying to compare to Apple’s marketing, just thoughts about what Samsung is doing.

      • angermeans

        You may be somewhat right, but what is interesting is the hardware that Apple has done with the new iPhone 5. I checked it out and even being an android fan was in awe and wished Samsung and even HTC would make hardware like this and stop with all this plastic nonsense. hTC is much better than Samsung in this regard and the One x and s are beautiful, but still very lacking. We can continue to think that LTE, a 4″ display, and a panramic camera feature may not be interesting, but the fact remains and has for quite some time that the iPhone has by far the best camera (iPhone 5 makes this even better), has the best display (seriously pick up an iPhone 5 as much as I don’t want to admit it it looks excellent and they have gotten rid of the digitizer much like super AMOLED but with the much better LCD that apple is known for. The display almost floats and is just as bright as my Galaxy Nexus or GS3 display, but without the pentile and over saturation that plagues Samsung phones), the best processor (we won’t see a15 chips until next year and apple has even done more by doing it themselves read the anandtech review), and has always had the best build quality. Like I mentioned above this phone is gorgeous. I wish we had it with jelly bean. Only Nokia seems to be making hardware even in the same ball field as apple and no one else is even close (IMHO). This is not even mentioning the fact that although iOS is a little stale it runs circles around android in fluidity and overall responsiveness. Project butter does a lot to make this better but I can still tell a huge difference between my Gs3 and Gnexus and iPhone 4S and new ipad

        • I’ve been trying to convey this message since the android vs. iPhone war started heating up. As much as I don’t want to admit it. You are 100% correct.

          • angermeans

            People refuse to listen most think apple is only playing catch up and in some things they are, but others they are way ahead and this has come from years and years of paying close attention to detail and ironing out bugs and making the OS run like a fine tuned machine. Like I said above it may be a little stale and locked down, but this comes with upsides as well because it has attracted the industry best debs. Android is doing great for itself but we will always play catch up to iOS. Simply iOS makes money and the Eco system is great. Why do you think every company from amazon, barns and noble, Samsung, HTC, etc etc are scrambling g to get Eco systems up. Apple has done this for years and some may feel that the iPhone 5 is just a rehash of last years model when in reality they have redefined an industry leading hardware design and made it even better looking. I’m serious I am really jeleous of the build quality it is absolutely stunning when holding it in hand and the display is by far the best I’ve seen.

          • Greyhame

            Haven’t had a chance to see one, so I can’t comment about build quality. But I think you’re missing the boat. Yes, I agree with you, apple makes great devices. I think most here can admit that. But it is their tactics as a business that draws out my disdain for them. I don’t care how great it might be, I would never buy an ip5. And I think that is true for the majority around here. Yes, you’ll have your fanboys, and I too have stooped to silly comments before. But for me and the majority of mature android fans, I just cannot stand apple as a company.

            I must disagree with you in this, however – android will not always be playing catch up, at least not in software. apple is a hardware company, they may win that battle for the foreseeable future. But Google is a software company, and that’s where the innovation lies (and why I’m hedging my bets with them). I would go so far as to say it’s apple who’s playing catch up here… by a long shot.

            My phone is buttery smooth *while doing multiple things at once*. Try doing that with an iphone.

          • dangolds

            Overall, this thread is spot on and some of the most candid, unbiased analysis I’ve seen comparing Apple vs Android on this site. Very refreshing to strip away the fanboy rhetoric and focus on the good and bad of both platforms.

            In response to your post above, however, I don’t know that Google is any more of a software company than Apple is. Google is a search and data trader, first and foremost. Obviously they do this through web-based software but developing a mobile OS for phones is not their #1 business priority or historical base of expertise. It’s a skill they’ve developed and refined over the last 5 years to gain access to more search and user data that’s available in the mobile space. To me, this is very similar to what Apple has done with iOS – they developed expertise that previously didn’t exist within Apple in order to sell new and innovative hardware beyond the traditional desktop or laptop.

            What both companies have in common is that their mobile software platforms were developed specifically to help grow their core revenue streams. So to me, it’s tough to assume that Android will beat out iOS long-term under the guise that Google is a “software” company and Apple isn’t. Google is no more or less of an expert of mobile OS development than Apple is – it’s a competency that both companies have only recently established. Whoever wins out (if either does at all) will do so for other reasons, in my opinion.

            I respect your opinion on why you don’t support Apple as a company, that’s certainly your right. To me, I’m every bit as wary of Google and their use of all that personal data they have access to as I am of Apple. Accordingly, I’m not pro one company over the other from an ethics or principles standpoint. I like both platforms but am more heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, which I also prefer over Google’s. Therefore, I’m more likely to choose an iPhone over an Android phone at any given point. I’m fortunate enough that my employer provides me with a company iPhone and iPad, so that has allowed me to experiment a bit more with Android on my personal phone. I previously had the Razr Maxx, now have the GS3. In my opinion, Razr Maxx was a good phone but not iPhone/iOS caliber (too laggy, too many forced shutdowns and restarts, screen that got uncomfortably warm to the touch when the phone was being used heavily). GS3, however, is much more in line with the iPhone/iOS user experience and has been a great device so far. Should be fun to compare side by side with the iPhone 5 when I’m able to upgrade my work device in November.

          • Greyhame

            You make some solid points. And I understand that it isn’t a black and white case of apple = hardware, and Google = software.

            I’ll just say this. Yes, Google started as a search company.. but Google has evolved quickly enough to understand that their mobile OS is the vehicle to their main revenue stream: ads. Also, being an apple enthusiast, you have undoubtedly used itunes and quicktime. From my own personal experience, both of those software programs are HORRIBLE. And take a look at the evolution of iOS. It’s completely stale, and what’s new is taken from elsewhere (notifications, for example). Another example of apple lacking in software is with the ip5’s new screen resolution. It displays letterboxing on any app that has yet to be updated (read ALL OF THEM, as the resolution was only just revealed with the ip5). Who’s responsibility is it to fix letterboxing? Apple’s? No, they shirk that responsibility onto the developers shoulders. Meanwhile, Google’s OS can scale to display onto any resolution, on the fly. Yes, I realize not all apps may be optimized for all resolutions, but I can run my GNex in a tablet layout with a few tweaks, and the same apps I ALREADY have installed, will scale accordingly.

            Then look at what Google has done from Gingerbread to HC, ICS, and finally Jelly Bean. Heck, the change from ICS to JB alone has made my GNex feel like an entirely new phone. That’s no small feat. Google Now is amazingly accurate and helpful in ways I didn’t even know existed. After watching JB’s unveiling, I seriously cannot wait to see what they have in store for android’s next iteration! (No way they could top the sky dive entrance of the N7… is there??)

            So while each company delves into both hardware and software, they both strongly skew to their strengths. And while some hardware is already reaching the limits of physics and physical constraints, software has limitless potential…. As long as innovation isn’t stifled by litigation, which is why I cannot stand apple, and which was my stance from the very beginning. =]

          • Google is not a software company they are first and foremost a advertising company. All their software innovations exist to get information about you that they can sell to others. Why do you think all of their software is free, the cost is covered by ad sells.

            iOS 6 and jelly bean are on par feature wise, their just designed differently but they perform the same tasks. One company wants to sell you apps the other ads, same but different.

          • Greyhame

            So you’re saying that Google started advertising, and then, for some reason, developed the incredibly complex algorithms for providing accurate search results for an ever expanding web to.. spread their own ads? I don’t think so. It was Google’s success as a search engine that rocketed them to where they are now. Google.com is the most valuable real estate on the entire web, yet they keep it free of ads. If that symbolism doesn’t highlight the importance of their search engine, nothing will.

            SOFTWARE … this is Google’s impetus.

        • Sirx

          AARRGGHH! Fine! I admit it–the Iphone is, in fact, an awesome phone. And yes, something about the responsiveness and the animations still exceed Android. And I secretly harbor a desire for the iTouch just to have access to their delicious game selection *breaks down in tears*

      • Kerry Davies

        after your first pano pic how many does anyone really need. Its cute dont get me wrong but i had my Gnex for 9 months and used it once and then again to show someone that iPhone didnt have it first. Other wise its useless

        • ArrowCool

          I disagree. I’ve taken plenty of pano pics with my Gnex over the last 10 months. Everything from pictures from my seat at baseball and football games, to pictures from my hike along the Appalachian Trail this summer.

        • Droidzilla

          I use it all the time. Even though you don’t use the feature, what does it hurt for it to be on your phone?

          • Kerry Davies

            I like all forms of tech regardless of how boring i find them. As of this moment i have only heard of 3 people to use it. I realize that there are more but i have quite a few people i converted over to the nexus and none of them use it. Ill give props to who ever got the stitching to work so well that genius

        • jawabba

          Its phenomenal for realtors showing large areas of space and setups. Its a step above the normal which draws more views than standard photos.

          • Kerry Davies

            I should sent that idea to my mother, Thanks!

    • Clifford Gadd

      I use it sometimes between my Gf’s SGS3 and my GNex. But not that often. Really I just keep NFC turned off to save battery, but I think I will use it more once more people have the ability to use NFC and NFC payment.

    • PSU_DI

      I share pictures with my wife’s Nexus all the time using beam. I also use it to share a websites I have open with her.

    • moelsen8

      i think, just like most everyone else, i’d use NFC sharing and pay with NFC if/when they become more ubiquitous. if everyone had nfc on their phone, i’d probably be using it all the time. just like paying for stuff. once it’s almost a guaranteed thing, it’d be great to leave the wallet at home.

    • i use it quite often with my wife, usually when we are driving somewhere and she wants to look at what i’m looking at on google maps, I’ll just “beam” it over to her

    • Alan Paone

      I use it all the time. It sounds like your friends are lame technophobes.

      • fixxmyhead

        my friends are :'(

        all there phones are stock

        • JoshGroff

          I have two friends with HTC androids (1 Rezound, 1 Inc 2) and a friend with a 4S. None of them really do anything major besides listen to Pandora with them.

          • fixxmyhead

            yup same here. my friends just use it for facebook and other small crap like that. one of them has had the epic 4g , epic 4g touch, and now the gs3. he always asks me what the best phone is but i dont know why he gets high end ones (at the time there out) when he barely uses it to its potential. he didnt even know it had nfc and all the little motion gestures. the other has a mytouch 4g slide stock. i told him to root it but he doesnt care

    • Devilsephiroth

      Between both mine and my boyfriends galaxy nexus , and my nexus 7. Just makes life easier . I would assume NFC would become more and more prominent with sharing abilities. But by the time apple jumps on board they’ll try to claim they’ll have all the hot features like its brand new and unimportant until they unveil it.

    • Watching a video while typing a message? yes, because my wife texts me sometime while im watching the newest sbnation video. Sharing playlists by tapping phones together? yes .. for my wife. 🙂

    • I don’t share things very often with NFC, but I use NFC daily.

    • Kerry Davies

      I use it when im around other who have NFC other wise I use it for payments everything around my work takes PayPass, its great never having to take my card with me

    • PC_Tool

      Paid for lunch yesterday using Wallet…. (Bet you can guess where I ate…)

      As many others have stated, it’s there if we need it…obviously, those who have never had it…won’t miss it. (…and thus won’t see a need for it)

    • dangolds

      I have a Galaxy S3 and I’ve used NFC to beam stuff once or twice, tops. To me, it’s just like LTE was last year – nice to have on your phone in theory, but very limited from a practical standpoint at this point in time. The biggest practical advantages the Galaxy has over the iPhone are maps/navigation quality, widgets, a better notifications system and more camera features (especially burst mode). Apple can counter with iMessage, better media/games content in their App Store and better call quality/signal strength. Everything else is just a matter of personal preference (how much do you like to customize, what’s your ideal screen size, etc). They’re both super fast phones with nice designs, excellent screens and good battery life. The Samsung commercials are funny but the reality is that these two devices are pretty much equal at this point based on how the average customer uses a smart phone. I like them both and find it comical when one side tries to argue that one device is clearly superior to the other.

      • sjobalia

        LTE was limited last year in a practical standpoint? I’m not sure where you came up with that. LTE was used vastly as it got released.

        • dangolds

          I came up with that using common sense. Verizon in 2011 was still missing a ton of markets in terms of LTE coverage. ATT had deployed LTE to only a handful of cities. Sprint and T-Mobile had no LTE service at all. So in 2011, it was reasonable to assume that LTE had no practical use for most smart phone users in the US. It’s why Apple was able to get away with launching a 3G phone one last time. LTE might have been useful for you in 2011, but by and large coverage was not available to most smart phone users.

          • onDroid

            Except the typical cell phone plan requires a two year agreement so buying a LTE phone in a non LTE area had validity in 2011. You don’t just buy based on what the phone can do right now but also by how well it will hold up over the life of the contract. The people who bought the 4s had there phone become obsolete almost immediately because instead of thinking about the future apple focused on what is acceptable at that time. In the same way apple missed the boat with NFC. This just goes to show their lack of innovation and forward thinking.

    • I use it all the time lately

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Haven’t used NFC sharing ever. But I’ve used Google Wallet 5 times already today. Plus I have NFC tags at work, home, and in my vehicles set up so I can easily change settings on my phone to suit my needs in different places.

    • I’ve never used it at all. My mom has a GSII and she envies the feature. I reassure her that it’s generally pointless since almost nobody we know even has a GSIII. I hate to say it but the features they display would be raging popular if iPhone would just incorporate NFC. I bet if they did, EVERYONE would have an NFC payment system installed, subways in Boston/NYC etc would incorporate it…it would be awesome. As lame as iPhone is, it’s practically a global standard and really pushes things.

    • lilmoe2002

      I do…. A LOT.