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Factory Image JRO03O Released for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus

With the official Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) update out for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus (toro) as build JRO03O, we were wondering how long it would take for the factory image to be released. The answer to that is, today. 

If you cruise over to the Nexus Factory Images page, then into the “mysid” section, you will find the download for JRO03O. While Google will likely keep this file there as long as they can, it’s never a bad idea to keep these stored in a safe place. You might need them in a pinch to revive your Galaxy Nexus from a day of tinkering.

Download:  mysid-jro03o-factory.tgz

For instructions on how to flash a factory image, be sure to bookmark this post.

The Android team also released new JRO03R binaries for the ROM developers in the building.

  • Stupid question. Will I lose root?

  • bqluong

    I was having a really tough time flashing the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean to the Galaxy Nexus because Win7 64-bit kept disconnecting and adb didn’t show any devices. There is a file in the zip file called flash_all.bat. So Step 1: adb reboot bootloader. Step 2: flash_all.bat. Then sit back and relax and watch magic happen. It was so frustrating trying to enter each command and then getting and error of either device not found or error image partition invalid.

  • BiggShooter

    has anyone located a ZIP FILE for the JRO03O factory image??

  • 538z

    Jelly Bean has lots of bugs including a charging issue. I hope it gets fixed soon!

    • Care to explain? I don’t have any issues charging and no immediately noticeable bugs.

  • Jordan Webb

    People have noted that there’s minor differences in smoothness, but that may be a placebo. Either way, does it matter? I mean, if you find out you’re not on “the path” next time an update rolls out (could be months or never now that we have JB), just use this to climb back on.

    Besides, if you’re flashing leaked stuff now, you’ll probably be flashing leaked stuff long before VZW rolls it out OTA in the future.

  • wickets


  • Funny thing is that JRO03O is not even the latest version of AOSP available. I’ve noticed a difference in smoothness coming from JRO03O to JRO03R. Not too sure exaclty what is different between the two builds but 3R has been running awesome for me. It is nice to finally get a JB factory image though, I will admit that.

    • PC_Tool

      The funny thing is, the factory image is O, while the binaries are R.

      Go figure…

      • I was going to ask this… what is the difference between the image vs. binaries? I noticed this difference too and am just curious….

        • PC_Tool

          The image is the OS (with binaries, presumably O, in this case). You can fastboot flash these image files to bering your phone to a bone-stock (though unlocked) state.

          The binaries are for building AOSP. The latest AOSP branch is likely R, thus accounting for the R binaries. Verizon simply hasn’t “approved” R images.

          Hope that helps instead of confuses you even more. 😉

          • So, the core code is different between JRO03O image and JRO03R. Yea – not so clear….but, good enough! 🙂 Thanks!

    • br_hermon

      So does that mean you have a Nexus S 4g? or do you have a different model phone with a rom based off of JRO03R? What Rom?

      • PC_Tool

        Most AOSP builds of JB (for any device that is supported in AOSP) have been on R for a while now.

        AOSP does not rely on factory images, and is almost always ahead of them in terms of version.

  • InvaderDJ

    Hey Kellen, would you mind updating the instructions for flashing the recovery image for the current images? I use the link to them all the time for people who need to flash them but for less tech literate people changing the instructions to match the actual files is a little intimidating.

  • blujayeww

    Got it!!!

  • BobGuy

    Does anyone know where I can get the Themos.ogg file from ICS? I heard my new ringtone today and I’ve gone into a state of depression.

    • Larizard

      Yes!!! Finally someone else noticed! Themos was replaced in JB! it used to be the Ice Cream Truck Theme. But I personally don’t mind the new more quirky, Themos.

      Search Google and you will find the old Themos theme out there.

  • Walt

    this is for the i515 also?

    • Walt

      from what I’ve read I think the newer one is the GSM version so I answered my own question, sorry…;-)

  • KG

    Anyone been able to download the file? Doesn’t even try for me, just stops right away. So do all the other files on the Factory Image page.. hmmm

    • KG

      Edit: Working now

  • Anyone else having difficulty downloading the image from Google? Getting a “0/239 MB Network Error” from Chrome. Looks like something is wrong on the Google side.

    • Working now. Looks like I wasn’t the only one having the problem earlier.

  • Andromedo

    Can anyone report what radio versions are included in this image? Thanks!

    • KG


      • Andromedo


  • I still don’t think my wife’s phone has gotten the update yet…

    • BobGuy

      Can you find the Themos.ogg file on her phone and share it with the world?

  • Well that made things much easier. Simple flash. WOOT!

  • SeanBello


  • SeanBello

    ah yes, just what I was waiting for!

  • yummybear

    JB makes my phone work worse.
    It worked perfect on ICS. Some things I
    noticed, touchscreen irregularities, automatic screen brightness is much brighter, too bright, web sites flash
    out and back, its a step backwards for this phone, which
    came with 4.04, and was perfect. Ugh.

    • Bob Marley

      srsly? what are you smoking?

      • John

        dunno but i want some of that! it’s not easy to make JB “work worse” than before

    • The stock leak didn’t have any of the bugs you mentioned; but why don’t you just flash one of the many fantastic JB ROMs and be done with it?

    • PC_Tool


      Factory reset your device. Obviously, something was installed prior to the update that completely hosed the process. (Yes, “hosed” is the technical term)

      Factory reset it and you should be golden. Failing that, follow Dave’s advice and flash Bugless Beast. You’ll thank Peter Alfonso later.

  • edwoordd

    Quick question: I rooted my gnex 3 days ago and I have 4.0.4 & still running stock, so if I update my phone will I lose root & is there a way to get roo back?

    • k_nivesout

      It’s a nexus, of course you can get root back in a few easy steps. Or you can try OTA root keeper which should allow you to maintain root through the update. If you’ve got further questions, I’d do some reading on XDA/rootzwiki.

  • david

    Please help. I have the update but it won’t download

    • try wifi

      • david

        I did. Still not working.

        • simple fix, download via your pc and do the update manually. just put it on the root of your sdcard then boot into recovery mode through the bootloader (press these keys at once power + volume up and down), Once in recovery just select flash update.zip on sdcard and you should be updated just as if you got the OTA.

      • david

        Not working

    • John

      try including the error it’s giving you. can’t expect some suggestions if all you say is “download is borked” =P

  • do they have a fix for the wifi issues that were apparent before in the initial release of JB?

    • My WiFi has been a lot better since I flashed the official VZW Gnex JB for what it’s worth. Not sure what issues were apparent.

      • n900mixalot

        Same here.

      • it’s only authenticating on a corporate network using PEAP or TTLS, where for some reason JB won’t authenticate, but ICS was rock solid

    • Bigsike

      Mine is perfect running on Bugless beast, my coworker stock but rooted has horrible troubles.

  • Justin W

    It would be nice if OEMs had factory images of their phones like Google does.

    • Nexus +1

    • Not A Name

      could something like that bypass VZW?

      • Sloan Marion

        They need to get the radios from VZW/Sprint since CDMA is closed-source, while GSM radios are open-source, so Google doesn’t need to wait for AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.

        • They can update the OS without updating the radios… It’s quite a simple thing to do actually..

          • zepfloyd

            True, but that’s not how it works for AOSP.