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Verizon’s Developer Edition Galaxy S3 Finally Up for Sale, Starting at $599 for 16GB

I recall news of developer edition Galaxy S3 devices that would soon go on sale for Verizon customers more than two months ago in July. Has it been that long already? If you’ve been waiting to jump on one of these unlockable developer edition devices that will allow you to mod and tinker to your heart’s content, get your credit cards ready. For 16GB, the price is set at $599.99, and an additional $50 for the 32GB variant. 

What’s even worse, from what we can see, you can only buy the Pebble Blue version. What Samsung, no white hotness for us tinkerers?

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Via: Phandroid

Cheers ItsaSamsung!

  • Ravi Rao

    So now Verizon and Samsung can say that it was offered and nobody bought it (just like Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus poor sales), which they can use to support their locked bootloader philosophy. Well played!

    • leoingle

      There is alot of GNex’s out there….

      • Ravi Rao

        There may be, but publicly, Samsung says that the sales were terrible. They even stated that during the apple trial.

        • leoingle

          They said a lot of things during that trial to try to prove their agenda. Those phones were sold
          somewhere or we wouldn’t be able to use them on Verizon network.

  • S.Ober

    I’ve had a developer version ever since it launched on Verizon. Ha Ha Ha.

  • NyReynolds

    What if no one supports this phone and the next time Verizon screws us, we don’t get a leaked unsecure boot loader? that’s my major concern. Then we’re out of options if the phone is as locked as motos phones.

  • Total_telecom

    This sound have been the nexus, puts it to shame

  • Total_telecom

    It’s pleasing to see Samsung taking interest in the community I must concur that the boot loader is already unlocked and we are flashing and tweaking away Already

  • LOL Why on this earth would anyone do this when you can one click unlock the bootloader??

  • Don Demon

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong or they are both already on back order? I wanted to order the 32 gig SIII. But, both said on back order.

  • interstellarmind

    i sold my SGSIII back in August in order to get this, using my “old” GNex in the interim. Now, I’d much rather wait for the Note 2.

  • LLcdPH

    I want the “developers edition” Razr Maxx HD NOW!

  • Futbolrunner

    Too late! I got my Verizon GS3 for $370 off craigslist and unlocked the boot loader myself. Mint condition too 🙂

    • leoingle

      I got mine off craigslist from a guy that had only had it 3 weeks, still had the screen plastic on it with a new otterbox defender case also. I sold the case on craigslist for 35 bucks. So i got a almost branch new VZW S3 for $315 😎

  • its on backorder…..

  • theterrorwrist

    Add an extra 200 bucks and you can get this!!!… https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DXcImcc3RDw

  • umm vzw.. suck my cock.. and this is y someone at sumsung leaked the unsecured bootloader

    • um…i think it was developer Adam Outler at XDA using his CASUAL method.

  • capecodcarl

    Hopefully you never need warranty service on this thing since it only comes with a 30 day warranty (or until you modify it by installing a custom ROM). So, basically, if your screen flakes out you’re out of luck. Imagine if laptops were like smartphones. “Woops, looks like you installed Linux on this laptop so we can’t repair your LCD after all and we’ve permanently voided your warranty even if you reinstall your Windows image.”

  • user311

    What’s even worse, from what we can see, you can only buy the Pebble Blue version”

    What makes this confusing is that you have an image of the white model on your page. It made me think for half a second that they were offering it in white too.

  • John S

    Hopefully this becomes a trend with manufactures. I wouldn’t mind paying the same price for a Developer phone (even though I’m not a developer) off contract as a non-developer one. I do love the freedom of being able to put any custom ROM on my phone that I choose. Partly why I’m sticking with my GNex for awhile.

  • IW

    With the bootloader already hacked on the regular version of the SIII, why would anyone need this?

  • Ethan

    Haven’t yet rooted my GS3- been a bit too skittish about doing so while money is tight and I don’t want to wind up bricking my phone. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best route for me to root?

    • KleenDroid

      The first time you go down this road it makes you nervous. But later you learn that if you follow directions it is very difficult to brick a phone. There is almost always a way out of whatever mess you are in.

      Just take your time and read up on it till you feel confident that you can follow along.


      • Glen E Ston

        Truth, You really have to almost try to brick a phone these days.

    • Mike_Cook7
    • nhizzat

      Google works wonders.

    • J Dub

      Easy root tools out there now. Easy peasy. Learn ADB and your golden. Not much to it.

    • Chronon7364

      I just recently rooted and unlocked my VZ GS3. Its pretty easy, if you do your nandroid backups, your pretty dame safe, and honestly, I’m running CM10 now and totally love it. I always liked the phone, but its so much better now. Its almost like getting a whole new phone. I’d say do some research and go for it! You’ll thank yourself.

    • joemiggs

      Go on xda there’s so many threads explaining how to do it. Its not that hard at all. Theres even a bunch of youtube videos about it. Just do as they say and you will be fine.

  • This is point less now haha

  • DJyoSNOW

    I wanted blue but a bit redundant since the developers have it unlocked.

  • OMJ

    It appears to offer nothing different other than an unlocked bootloader. This is pretty pointless. You might as well buy from vzw and unlock on your own just for the ease of warranty situations.

  • I got one very similar just simply rooted and unlocked my s3, Pretty damn close.

  • Big waste. Development is probably gonna be crap, because of the amazing Adam Outler at XDA!

    • nhizzat

      That makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Wouldn’t the vSGS3 and the Dev-vSGS3 be essentially identical after the normal one was bootloader unlocked? I expect roms cooked for one would work fine on the other.

  • NemaCystX

    I bet Verizon does this for the Note 2 also

    • nhizzat

      I’m all in if they do.

  • I can has Jelly Bean?


  • Or for the low price of “way less than $599” get yourself a Gnex and do whatever the hell you want with it. And as an added bonus we will throw in “no stupid hardware buttons” if you buy a Gnex.

    • nhizzat

      And be saddled with a phone that gets subpar signal reception, subpar battery life, and a screen that doesn’t compare to the S3.

      Total win.

      • John

        signal has never been an issue for me. battery is true & screen is superb.

      • radiohead14

        don’t forget the crappy camera as well

      • Br_d

        You’re not “saddled” with a phone if you buy it off contract.

      • Ryan

        isn’t the screen on the S3 identical to the GNex?

        • Isn’t the GNex screen curved?

        • Abhijeet Mishra

          It’s the same tech, but improved even further. GNex’s screen is great, but the SGS3 screen is even better. But Nexus devices FTW, no thanks cartoon fest UIs like TouchWiz and late software updates (talking about GSM Nexus, not the awesome Verizon Nexus 😛 )

      • Jim McClain

        I have to admit that my wifes GS3 is really impressive on battery life,but after I flashed Jelly Bean over a month ago,my nexus is great and after I flashed the new radios that were leaked, my signal is better than hers, took a trip to our place at the beach and all the way there we were comparing and I had great signal in places she had none, so I’m not sure what phone I like the best

      • The Gnex and the S3 have the exact same display. And the radio issue is not an issue anymore. There have been multiple radio updates that have fixed it.

        • okay bro while you may think it is a non issue it still certainly is esepcially if you used an s3… my gf has a gnex as does my bro. i got verizon to swap out my gnex to an s3 because of all the complaining i did. yeah explain to them why i still have 70% battery and get a 4G signal while they are down at 1X and their battery is nearly at 15%.. oh yeah and they phones are so hot you can fry an egg on it… yes i have tried every combo of radio leaked or not on their phones and yes they have had multiple replacements already as well..

    • StompIt

      Where can I get the Verizon Gnex “off contract” for way less than $599? I only see the GSM model on Play.

      • Br_d

        eBay has brand new ones off contract for $300. There are a lot of gently used ones selling in the $200-$250 range.

        • StompIt


      • swappa.com

        • michael arazan

          Also, still no razr maxx dev editions anywhere, what the hell happened to those things. Nice to see Samsung came through though with a dev edition, but they underestimated those wonderful hacker geeks, truly no mission to impossible for them.

        • StompIt

          Thanks too!

      • leoingle

        it took me a week to sell mine on craiglist for 200. And it is in perfect condition with a Skinomi screen protector and Diztronic TPU case. So there must be more going cheaper. It’s crazy what you can get that phone for now.

    • Mack

      Or you could go the route of getting Verizon’s regular GSIII seeing as the bootloader is unlock-able thanks to developers.