Motorola’s Punit Soni: Bionic Owners Have “Gotten a Raw Deal,” New Motorola Will Try to “Fix Things”

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Punit Soni has only been the VP of Product at Motorola for a few weeks and already has taken to Google+ to interact personally with current customers to try to fix some of the company’s past mistakes. One of the topics he is actively involved in includes the DROID Bionic and the fact that it still has not received its Ice Cream Sandwich update. As you all know, Motorola previously promised to the world that the update would be here in “early Q3,” however, we are now days away from the end of Q3 and the update is no where in sight. 

Soni admits that Bionic owners have “gotten a raw deal” thus far and that a new plan is being formed, but also wants it to be clear that with the new Motorola team at the top, they are doing everything they can to eliminate situations like this from ever happening:

We have a plan for Bionic. I am currently solidifying things to ensure we can publish it, commit and follow up. I think you guys have gotten a raw deal and we could do way better. But you are one of the top few things I worry about when I look at Upgrades.

The Google+ thread of his that we have linked below continues on for quite some time and is filled with Soni’s responses to all sorts of customers. One comment of his that stood out was the thought that his team now knows to “take your complaints seriously” and that in the future, they will be transparent and stand next to upgrade timelines:

Again..I totally understand how you feel. And this should never happen. I am not going to throw out the argument “we just got here”. We are taking responsibility for this. And we will engage with you, listen carefully to your concerns and most importantly, try to FIX things.
So we are doing that. My team knows to take your complaints seriously, we are working hard to update the Upgrades timeline pages to reflect the right data, and then we WILL stand next to those timings and will meet them. As far as what is in our control, we will be transparent and we will commit to your happiness.

Keep the feedback coming.

I suggest you take up Soni on his offer to provide more feedback. With a new CEO and other execs at the top from Google, Motorola is wanting to change to be better after years of pain. It all starts with listening to passionate consumers like you.

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