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How to: Add Multiple Google Accounts to Your Android Device [Beginners’ Guide]

Like many others, I have a few Google accounts. One which was my personal before I came to Droid Life and of course my business one that I use now. With Google allowing me to sync multiple accounts on one device, it allows me to receive emails from both accounts and also use services under different accounts as well such as Picasa, Google Play, and more.

Sometimes, you’re not the only one that uses your Android device. For example, if you have an Android tablet like the Nexus 7, maybe your children like to use it or your girlfriend. For times like these, it’s great that Google allows you to have multiple Google accounts tied to a single device. While your account can remain professional and business-centric, your other Google account can have all of the nonsense games and applications that one may download from Google Play.

Down below, we’ll go over how to set up multiple Google accounts on your Android device and you can start utilizing all of your accounts at once like a champion. 

How to add multiple accounts:

1.  From the main homescreen, open up your main Settings menu.
2.  Under “Accounts,” select “Add account.”

From this next page, you will choose which type of account you will add. Depending on what apps you have installed will determine which options you have. If you have nothing installed yet, you’ll be given options for Google, Corporate, and Email.

3.  For this example, select “Google.”
4.  If it is an already existing Google account, simply add in your username and password.
5.  By selecting “New”, your device will have you create a new Google account for use on your Android device.

Now that you have another Google account set up on your device, you can use it for another user on Google Play or whatever else you may need it for.

Alternative method:

The quickest way to add another Google account is from the Google Play application.

1.  From anywhere in Google Play, hit the settings menu.
2.  Select “Accounts.”
3.  The window will display the main account associated to the device and underneath will show “Add account.”
4.  Select “Add account.”
5.  From here, enter in the username and password to the Google account you wish to add to the device.

Once signed in, you’re free to roam the Play store with multiple accounts on the device.

*The rest of the Android Beginners’ Guide is a one-stop shop for all of those new to Android.

  • My problem is I want to add my google account to my sisters phone so I can buy stuff for her and she can download it, but when I add my google account it puts all the pictures I uploaded to google+, with the instant upload, on her phone. Let me tell you that I don’t need her looking at any of those pictures.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    I knew this was possible, but I never investigated how to do so, or how it technically worked. So this was very enlightening for me, thank you very much for the tip. I wonder how easy it is to switch from different accounts once you have them set up? And also, do you have to have an existing Google Account or Gmail Account for you to set up a second or third one on your device? Or does it simply allow you to create a brand new one on the spot. I actually have a ton of extra Google accounts I set up, because I found a neat way of setting them up so that I didn’t have to give and verify an effing real phone number with data harvest Google. Plus it allowed me to set up a bunch of new Youtube accounts this way also, seeing as Google now has ruined Youtube, and they force you to have to use a Google/Gmail account to set up new Youtube accounts. In my opinion, Youtube was much better off before Google got their filthy money-grubbing hands all over it, and partnered with those censoring a-holes VEVO, thus ruining many, many, many great music videos. They even have the nerve to say that they don’t censor videos on their website, and that they come that way from the artist. Even if that were remotely true, which it’s not, artist release a crap censored version an original uncensored version. Guess which version Sh!tVEVO plays almost exclusively? If you guessed uncensored, please take a hammer and repeatedly bludgeon yourself in the face and groin area for me, thanks. To me there isn’t much worse in the world of music videos, than having to watch a cut up and garbled hot mess that all censored videos are. I would pretty much rather not even watch an artists video if that’s my only choice at hand, and I blame the artists for not putting their foot down with their studio or production company, and allowing them to censor their work.

  • Raven

    The problem with this is when you have people like my wife who have 3 gmails, maiden name, married name, and an organization she was in charge of and then switches between them and then buys things from the Market/Play Store and doesn’t check which she is on and then gets purchases scattered between all 3 and then when getting a new device has to put all 3 back on again to get all of the purchased items again. It would be great if you could merge or transfer Play Store purchases between gmail accounts.

  • mikedizzle

    I have used multiple Gmail accounts on my work phone for a while now. Its awesome

  • j_peter

    If you need an instructional video, you blew it.

  • Swabbie

    And how does this affect your device if both GMail accounts have Google Voice?

    • John

      You’re SOL there (on the gvoice part)

    • You can chose between Google Voice accounts when you set it up but I do not believe that you can change between them on the fly like in gmail (I am not 100% certain of that though as I only have gvoice on one accout.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Honestly after being an android user for over 2 years now (OG Droid was my first), I had no idea you could do this. Thanks so much for posting these. Even though they may be fairly basic guides for most people, sometimes I come across new things I can do with my phone and tablet.

    • fixxmyhead

      dont u go through every little single option when u get a new phone or OS upgrade?

      • You mean I am not alone in doing that?

        • fixxmyhead

          first android phone i bought in 2010 (dont laugh) a samsung intercept ( i thought it was the coolest sheet ever, not joking i was in soo much awe) did not know a single thing about android and i only bought it cuz my friend mentioned there were cheap android phones. i went through every little setting. practically knew where everything was by the end of the night. the rest as they say is history.

          • I know that feeling bro, I bought the OG droid after the incredible came out because I did not have the mobile know how as I do today and my dad was the one that picked it up. But I also went through every setting within 24 hours and the rest is also history.

          • michael arazan

            I remember losing my android virginity in the D1. Going through every nook and cranny through all the settings and systems pushing every button to see what possibly could be done next to customize and make it my own and what it offered..
            Excuse me I need a cigarette now.

    • That’s why we’re all here 🙂

  • ilovetechnology

    FYI – typo under step 2 from the main method. Please delete this after fixing.

    From this next page, you will choose which type of account you will. Depending on what apps you have installed will determine which options you have.