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Eric Schmidt: 1.3 Million Android Activations a Day, 480 Million in Total

Today at Motorola’s press conference, Eric Schmidt surprised everyone with his presence and laid out some numbers for all you Android fans out there. As of today, 1.3 million Android devices are activated daily, 70,000 of those are Android tablets totaling at a whopping 480 million. As we’ve seen, these numbers continue to grow and become even more impressive. With Nexus 7 tablets flying off the shelves and a new lineup of DROID devices coming out, it’s only going to enlarge.

Watch the live event here.

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    Hmmmm… 1.3 million… A day? Let’s see apples numbers!

  • Steve

    most of them are mine, im a crack flasher 🙂

    • Tim242

      That does not count in activation numbers

      • Steve

        Ok so I’ll ignore “Activation Successful” after each new install

        • Tim242

          Google has said time and time again that they count activations by the App store activation first activation) and not every time a factory reset is done or OS install. When you see phone activated message, that means it activated back to the cellular network. Google said very plainly that each phone is only counted once. Have you been under a rock?

          • Bruce

            No but I dont take Google at there word because my head ain’t full of them.

          • Tim242


          • Rick

            +1 your head is full of them if you think those numbers are not inflated. Do they count deactivations? How about reactivations or multiple activations? You know Obummers twitter account has over 700000 false followers?

          • Tim242


          • okay what are they using to uniquely identify an activation so that it only counts once?

          • Tim242

            Google play tracks the imei. They have said this over and over. I trust them more than some nobody on a blog.

      • Rick

        Um you think the word (new) in front of activations was omitted by accident? I don’t think so..

        • Tim242

          Google only counts one activation per phone. They have stated that time and time again.

  • ddevito

    All your [USER] base are belong to us

  • JustTrollin69

    Android, bossing it up.

  • Lucky Armpit

    I hope the person at “that other tech blog website” who said that Android tablets are dying and was bad for Google is watching this. Her article was just plain wrong, period. I really wish people would do the proper research before spouting off nonsense like “dying Android tablets”. *rolls eyes*

    • William Peterson

      What is “that other tech blog”? Seems like the perfect time to leave a comment for her…

  • RedPandaAlex

    Just a reminder, when they talk about activations, they’re talking about cellular activations, so it’s not counting re-sold or factory reset devices. It’s cellular activations. So it’s not counting wifi devices.