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DROID RAZR M and RAZR HD Press Photos Leak

Here are the official press shots for the DROID RAZR M (left) and DROID RAZR HD (right). “But, but, where is the edge-to-edge device?” We told you over the weekend that everyone was blowing this “edge-to-edge” rumor out of proportion and that this supposed tipster was referring to nothing more than the RAZR M, something you should have seen in the various leaked photos of the device over the last couple of weeks. Because it does indeed have a somewhat edge-to-edge display, unfortunately for tech enthusiasts, that display is only qHD.

On the other hand, we have the RAZR HD, which will be a much bigger device than the RAZR M, even if it doesn’t appear that way in this picture. You have seen it as well. It’s the big dog in this fight.

Both devices are expected to be unveiled in about 2 hours. Our live blog will be up here, shortly.

Via:  Twitter

  • Looks like the Droid X

  • Scoob

    The Edge to Edge phone is Intel’s Motorola phone that is being announced later.

  • Drew

    hmmmm sticking with my razr maxx!

  • Does anyone else think that the “chin” on the M kinda looks like the Bionic? Almost like had the Bionic come out on time there may have been a 2? It takes plenty of designs cues from the RAZR but the basic back shape and chin remind me of the Bionic a bit.

  • Akashshr

    LOVE IT! Dont care of edge to edge! Thats just ‘perfect for me!

  • I’m seriously disappointed in Motorola if this truly is what they think is worth calling the highlight of the day. I might not know the specs yet but this looks identical to the RAZR to me and isn’t worth in my mind its own event. This phone may run jellybean, but will it get an update to android 4.2/5.0 in a timely matter? Probably not, even with Google’s new OEM program and being owned by Google I doubt it. Motorola hasn’t done anything ground breaking since the Motorola OG Droid yet everyone seems to hold out hope, despite Motorola slapping us in the face with locked boot loaders time and time again. Unfortunately as android fanatics and rom flashers we want something that they just won’t deliver, because we aren’t the majority and they are willing to play fetch and bend over backwards for Verizon. The OEMs make the phones yet the carriers decide what they should be like. I hate to bring it up but look at the i*hone. Verizon didn’t do anything for that phone for it to be a success, its Apple’s own doing. If Motorola really wants to bring itself back to its pre-android status as a leader it needs to take charge, put out something revolutionary without the carriers input, across every manufacturer and start a new campaign specifically for that phone. Whether that is stick with the droid name or not they need a new strategy as their old one isn’t working. Hopefully Google’s refocusing of the company by selling parts away and downsizing it will allow them to focus on this a release a phone that can change everything. Until then though Moto will be off my radar.

  • HTC1

    what happend with all the hype for the Razor HD. I’m not a moto guy but i remember everyone going crazy for it. But now no one seems to be excited anymore. did something change from what it was supposed to be? This is a serious question by the way. I’m not bashing Moto. I’m really curious about what happend. I remember people saying “it will be the best phone available for a long time” (and things like that)

    • Justin

      It would have been… had it been released in April as was originally rumored.

  • The bezel-less phone is being revealed at “Let Us Take You To The Edge” event 9/18 with Moto+Intel. These two Droids are being revealed today 9/5 at Moto’s event. You’re wrong.

    re: “””””””””””””””””””””But, but, where is the edge-to-edge device?” We told you over the weekend that everyone was blowing this “edge-to-edge” rumor out of proportion and that this supposed tipster was referring to nothing more than the RAZR M”””””””””””””””””””””

  • Bionic

    I love all the people that are so hung up about the LOOK of a phone. ITS A PHONE WHO CARES.

    • fartbubbler

      I know you’re just trolling, but a vast majority of smart phone users spend alot of time LOOKING at their smartphone.

  • derekross

    @kellex:disqus The Edge to Edge event is on the 18th!

  • enerjak

    I kinda hope the Razr HD is lame because it’s too early in the morning to regret my recent purchase of the GS3.

  • Kierra

    I like the design of the phones.
    Just wish the HD came with Jelly

  • Me

    The “M’s” double chin looks like Jay Leno!

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I don’t know, the corners on that RAZR M look pretty rounded….

  • Edge-to-edge is marketing speak. It means minimal bezel left-to-right, making it easier to use the device one-handed and reach the far side of the screen.

    If you made a phone truly edge-to-edge screen (i.e. no bezels at all), it would have nowhere for the mic/ffc/earpiece, and there would be nowhere for cases or your hand to rest that isn’t on the screen. Moto cut the side-to-side bezel down substantially on both devices over what is on the RAZR/MAXX, and they are the first OEM to use on-screen keys on their own.

    Hey here’s a great topic of discussion: with Motorola’s unlock tool being IMEI-tracked, what are the odds that Verzion will allow the BL to be unlocked, and then deny CS/device replacements to those who have bricked devices?

    • moelsen8

      marketing speak, yes, but even your average consumer will look at that and be like “no, that’s bullsh*t”. i’m fine with room for microphone/camera and soft keys (and verizon logo? haha) at top & bottom, but if you say edge-to-edge, the sides of the screen better touch the edge of the phone.

      i’d say the chance of verizon allowing the bootloader unlocking sit around 0%. i’m anxious to see how that one plays out.. moreso, what will the excuse be? same old network security nonsense?

  • Manny

    These phone would be Kick ass if only moto would get rid of BLURRRR.

    • Tim242

      Ummm they have. Have you not seen their new blurless phones?

  • smwandrie93

    To all who complain about the verizon logo, lets take a gander at most of the phones released this year, not just on verizon but on all the other carriers as well, what do you see on the front…..take one guess, oh oh i know!!! a carrier logo, and if its not on the front its on the back and bigger, so stop your bitching about something so stupid and focus on the phone not the logo, oh and by the way, it is easy as hell to either A) paint over which i did, or B) just not look at it… problem solved!

  • ChaosVoyager

    Both devices are expected to be unveiled in about 2 hours. Our live blog will be up here, shortly.” Geeez does anyone have a watch? 2 hours starting when???? /s the answer is forthcoming in 2 hours.

    • LionStone

      Thought the same thing…it is anyone’s guess when they don’t put a timestamp on the post with the date.

  • Alpha_Axl

    The “Edge to Edge” device isn’t being announced today. That is a separate event on September 18th. (Intel)

  • Dave

    Looking at these designs and I think just “blah”. Sure it’s distinctly moto, but I feel like they need something new. Also the Droid brand needs to die off. It was great when it started but it feels tired at this stage.

    Also why, oh why, must Verizon insist on having its logo on the front the device. I know what network I’m on, I don’t need it plastered there for constant viewing.

    • moelsen8

      at least (and it’s a sh*tty “at least”) they don’t have their name in your notification bar like ma bell.

      but yes, i agree, if they can’t release no more than one keyboard and one non-keyboard droid-branded phones, they need to kill it off. probably kill it off regardless at this point.

      • LionStone

        Oh damn you are right…they do have it in their notification bar…that would royally suck.

    • KleenDroid

      That’s because Motorola put a bullet to the head of “Droid” with every phone after the original Droid 1 which was a home run. First thing they did was lock every phone since taking away the huge wave of growing enjoyment we were having.

      To me it really seems as if they didn’t want the success to continue.

  • moelsen8

    i haven’t seen one comment on bootloaders yet. any bets!? everyone but verizon?

    • KleenDroid

      Motorola is now known as the brand of “NO”.

  • Apostrafee

    If the Razr HD doesn’t have a 13MP camera it will have a hard time keeping up with other phones as far as sales goes. Sure the people here know that the lense and sensor quality are far more important but the general population will hear 13MP and jump on it.

  • Motorola needs to revise their definition of “edge to edge.”

    • nightscout13

      I second this motion. Hear Hear!

    • Aardvark99

      Exactly! So the screen goes from one some edge to another… it’s just not phone’s edge?!

  • Naga Appani

    If this is what we see in couple of hours, It will be epic fail….

  • Sporttster

    Who’s excited about this!!!!!!! {golf clap} AGAIN, who’s excited about THIS!!!!! {crickets chirping}

  • Honestly don’t understand the big deal about the Verizon logo. So what if it’s there?

    • HTC1

      I’m with you. I actually like people knowing I’m on verizon. When i see a AT&T or t-mobile logo, I laugh. I love people knowing I’m on the ONLY network that actually works…….

  • Bleh, who cares…. It’s just another crappy Moto devices with sub par specs that’s only a mild bump up from their current “flagship” poop device. Motorola will just keep on failing………

  • Temp

    Edge to Edge means there are two RAZRs, also known as sharp edges.

  • nightscout13

    No way the M is edge-to-edge. Look at the double chin!

  • ceejw

    After seeing what Nokia put out today these phone designs look pretty bland.

  • I hope there’s another device too

  • Booyah

    Why’d they post a picture of the Droid RAZR MAXX? …oh wait…

  • if this is ALL Moto has to offer this will be the biggest let down of ALL the press releases taking place.

    • KleenDroid

      This is Motorola’s way of saying to Apple “Please just take all the phone sales, we don’t need any more”. I also noticed written really small on the bezel “This phone is fully locked down for your displeasure”.

  • OfTheDamned

    I think most of you would complain about the design even if Moto released a straight copy of the GS3.

    • its not even the design that’s the issue.. they possibly releasing these phones with ICS.. that’s a let down

    • I would think it’s ugly for sure. I also think the gs3 is ugly.

    • KleenDroid

      I honestly am not all that interested in the design of any phones… I think they are all just fine. I just want them to unlock them. Then any Moto phone would be winner.

      My D1 was a homerun at the time and it was a brick. Unlock them and we will come!

      • fixxmyhead

        i dont care either but apparently the whole android community have become women and care about how the phone looks like a fashion thing.

        • The same could be said about your hair, the clothes you wear, your car, your home, your shoes, taking showers daily. I’m sure you don’t care about those either.

          • fixxmyhead

            actually i dont care about having “stylish” hair or brand name clothes etc, i make my own shoes from recycled old converse that ive worn down (its unique and something different.). also i sometimes skip showers too ( but i dont get that dirty at work. i sit on my @55 all day witht the a/c on) idk i guess its from my old punk days still got alittle left in me.

  • Booyah

    Why’d you post a pic of the Droid RAZR MAXX? …oh wait…

  • satsmine2k4

    ugly ++

  • Chilly O

    Liking my chops…can’t wait…

    • u better hope their announcement says the phone has Jelly Bean or this is a huge let down… the lower end model is getting the “edge to edge” hype.. ?

  • philnolan3d

    I hope the announcements include Jelly Bean for the Razr Maxx.

  • shmigga

    Pretty ugly. Huge bezel too!

  • Honest_Beaver

    Honestly. It’s absolutely awful. It’s incredibly awful.
    It’s not what can be called ‘the day’s main event’.
    Awful. Just awful. If true, Motorola should fire its design team immediately.
    Ugly and Cheap.
    Let’s HOPE, it’s NOT what Motorola will present us today!!!
    SAMSUNG Galaxy SIII and HTC One X are real masterpices comparing to these things, also comparing them to SONY’s and LG’s design disasters.

  • Dave

    This bezel is brought to you by Verizon Wireless

    • Verizon had a hand in manufacturing the phone? Idiot.

      • Dave

        Yes, that’s exactly what I said. By no means take my comment as a light jab against Verizon’s obvious branding on the bottom bezel of the device used as a parody of the typical “this show is sponsored by…” TV advertisements. /s

  • PuzzleShot

    dat bezel

  • My question is still… where is the HD Maxx?


      I believe that it will have the larger battery, there will no longer be a smaller battery razr.

  • BrianLipp

    i want moto to make a great phone again, but unless they’re hiding some great phone really well, its super disappointing that they are just releasing a Verizon Atrix HD and are hyping it to hell

  • los jefes

    Ugh… Verizon logo on the front is a deal breaker.

    • I’m with you. Do we need to be advertised to every time we look at our phones?

    • You know … i’ts a Droid. That was always a clue?

  • Greg Morgan

    Sorry, I’m not impressed at all.

    • LiterofCola

      Do we even know the specs at this point?

      • Greg Morgan

        I don’t know all specifics, but i’m pretty sure it’s not that much different then the Razr now just with an HD screen and on screen nav buttons.

        • BrianLipp

          all the spec leaks are pointing to it just being a Verizon branded Atrix HD. S4 chip, 720p screen, on screen buttons, etc

  • Doesn’t feel high-end.. Motorola should change their designs.. Aluminum please!

    • philnolan3d

      aluminum is more high-end than kevlar?

      • Saw the design of Samsung Ativ S? or even Samsung Galaxy Note II? They have a high-end feel… I really want Motorola to succeed. But these designs won’t make them successful!

        • smwandrie93

          never knew a huge slab of plastic was “high end”, best make the next rolls out of all plastic, or the next white house out of all plastic, or the next luxury computer out of all plastic, not this good looking metal and kevlar, those are too “low end”

    • MKader17

      It’s doesn’t feel high end because you are touching your crappy computer screen, no the actual phone.

      • FYI I’m touching my Nexus 7’s gorgeous screen

  • Michael Grubbs

    Fear teh bezel!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’m guessing that “Edge to Edge” Device won’t be coming to Verizon… where the F would they put the DAMN LOGO!

    • The Razr M is the edge-to-edge device. There will be another similar to it that gets released in Europe, but it will have an Intel chip in it. Should look identical though.


      • Detonation

        Seems kind of weak for having a whole other event for it tagged with “Let us take you to the Edge” especially if its just going to basically be the same phone they already announce today.

        • That London event is a big deal because it’s the first Moto Intel phone. At least that’s what my thoughts are.

          They could also announce the global GSM Razr HD there as well.

      • bobukcat

        So you don’t believe the Intel powered version will be released in the States?

      • Butters619

        It’s funny how you are right but get down voted.

        • moelsen8

          i didn’t downvote kellex (don’t bite the hand that feeds), but i’m not seeing any “edge to edge” bezel in any of these or other leaked pictures. looks like the same bezel we’ve had for years.

          • nightscout13

            I’m guessing it’s the same as when Motorola said the RAZR is 7.1mm thin, completely ignoring the massive hump at the top. Would hvae been better if they hade it an even 9mm all the way down. I HATE those humps.

        • KleenDroid

          The kids love to downvote.

      • Wait, so they’re just lying? I wouldn’t cal that “edge to edge”.

      • Matt Cordero

        I think they have something to show at the press conference when they show off the intell chip. That’s where it says there taking it to the edge.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        If the RAZR M Screen in considered Edge to Edge… I think Motorola has just redefined the term all together…