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Download: New Jelly Bean Radios FF02/FG02 for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

When Jelly Bean was first outed this morning for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, most people immediately asked, “Are there new radios?” Indeed there are. And they are already available as a flashable .zip file that should work over the top of just about any other radio. So far, everyone that I have seen has had success in flashing this file. The new radios are FF02/FG02. 

Download:  411_radios.zip [mirror]

To flash this, you will need to be root or at least have a custom recovery installed. From that recovery, “install zip from sd card” and make magic happen.

Via:  RootzWiki

  • found a bug… app window / play store icon (top right of screen) won’t work. have to launch the app with the app icon

  • Mario Merendino

    Does this come with G-Apps?

  • Mykel

    Does any one know if these radios fix the crappy Bluetooth sound quality introduced with the 4.0.4 ICS update?

  • Is anyone else noticing quicker battery drain after flashing these radios? Ever since I flashed this yesterday, my GNex is leaking juice like crazy. 30 minutes on 4G, using Flipboard and battery drops from 65% to 45%. Charging is also relatively slower than before. Anyone else having this problem?

    • desiman26

      Yes, I just noticed this too. Thought I was just using the phone a lot more recently.

    • I’m about to throw my phone because of how fast my battery has been draining. Running SlimBean w/ Franco r264 (tried lean kernel, too and stock jb) and I’m getting HORRID battery life. Airplane mode I can use my phone and I get reasonable drain but the moment I turn that radio back on I’m losing 1% every minute the screen is on.

      Also note I’m using 3G, not 4G.

  • raj

    It seems like these new radios are draining battery as I kept my phone in standby for about 8 hours and it drained 50 percent

    • Did you figure out what was wrong with your phone?

      My phone radio has been draining my battery like crazy lately. Left it on my nightstand last night with Wifi and Sync off just to see what drain would look like over about 8 hours. Woke up this morning and it had gone from 97 down to 61%. Apps accounted for like 2% of the drain, everything else was “phone radio”.

      I had strong signal the whole night, I don’t get it. I am trying these radios now on AOKP Build 1 but I’ve experienced the “phone signal” drain for a few days now on several different ROMs. It’s really making me think something broke with my hardware, if I can’t fix this I’m going to try and get a replacement from Samsung within the 1 year warranty period.

  • desiman26

    New radios seem to be looking good for me. Much better reception in the DC area, esp lte. Even switching from wifi to lte or 3g to lte or vice versa seems to be much faster.

  • I found the new radios to be much better service. Quicker switching between 3g and 4g and I noticed that when i was home my with my verizon repeater it now shows an R on top of the signal bar

  • quick

    no more dropped 4G! I use to drop constantly. Installed the new radios and it hasnt dropped yet ( for 7 hrs!) This is amazing!

  • PK

    Radios sucked for me. I reverted. Running BB 4.1.1 and even after reboot twice kept getting same results… lower signal strength by 3 to 8 db and about 20% slower transfer speeds on two different testers. I reverted back to 05 / 04 and everything improved again.

  • SCHMIDThappens29


    Just wanted to let everyone know… i was going to return this samsung galaxy nexus i bought from the net. i got it for a great price I’m guessing because of the problem it was having dropping from 4g to 3g to no signal at all and whatnot every couple minutes. i was very upset.

    Thank God my friend sent me this link before i made it to UPS to ship it back for a refund..

    I unlocked and rooted phone, flashed the new Jellybean Mod by BAMF… then flashed these new radios… i haven’t lost service yet! It is working WAY better than before and i will now keep this phone. I can’t believe the new features JellyBean has and i am incredibly pleased that these Radios were released. Hell yes.

    The only problem is.. is the battery seems to be draining fast.. i think it might be because my house is in a weird area or something.. This rom is supposed to help that out!

    Good luck to all. Thanks!

  • gpzbc

    For some reason, I had to flash this twice in TWRP. It didn’t fully work the first time, but it worked perfectly the second time.

  • duke69111

    I have full 4 bars of 4g at my current location and only 2-3 bars of 3g. Why is that, anyone know?

    • 4G and 3G are diferent technologies and use different towers. They will never be 100% the same.

  • NemaCystX

    It should be noted that if you are using AOKP JB, it will bork your camera and make your phone overheat & crash gallery. I know mine is, it feels like I have a heating pad in my hand right now

    • Shaunwin

      Is anyone else having this problem??

      • jmwinters

        Working just fine for better part of the day so far

    • CLOS

      I’m not having this problem on aokp build 1. you may want to wipe and flash the latest nightly or build 1 again. I don’t think the radios are causing this problem

    • sounds like something else is going on. There’s no way a radio flash would do all that. Is your phone overclocked?

      • NemaCystX

        no, just stock AOKP JB B1. I flashed the radio zip from this article using TWRP (I think its much better than CWM)

  • nybadboy11

    wow I cant get a signal without a network extender but with this new radio i dont even need it anymore..this is great!

  • Can I install on top of Bug less Beast ?

    • Hawk888

      Yep, no probs here.

    • DD

      Flashed and im good to go on BB

  • PyroHoltz

    These new radios improved my transfer speeds (up and down) AND improved my signal dBm.

    I went from 11 Mbps down, to 16Mbps down
    and from 3Mbps up, to 5 Mbps up

    My signal improved from -107 dBm to -93 dBm

    (these test were performed in my office which is a concrete blast bunker in Littleton Colorado, using 3 separate speedtest servers)

    • prestone1

      lmco? i have never been too impressed with my lte speeds in the denver metro area. usually around 8 down

      • PyroHoltz

        Roger that, Waterton. You too?

    • OreoMan

      The speeds in the Tech Center area suck as well!!

  • Kal5el

    Md5 52cb0605b23492e78d6e2c2de3969768

  • Tyson

    For some reason, now my signal indicator says that I am roaming. Is anyone else seeing this? It never did it before I flashed this.

  • Ben

    Here’s hoping that these new radio fix the mic mute issue!!!

    • Tim Swann

      radios have nothing to do with mic muting

      • gpzbc

        Not necessarily. There are conflicting thoughts on this. Basically, no one can seem to figure it out… yet.

  • Just to make sure we keep this available I’m throwing it on my box and dropbox accounts. https://www.box.com/s/933b2c70ba97764bc154 and http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31814820/411_radios.zip

  • sperho

    Before flashing:
    Signal -95 dB
    D/U in Mbps

    After flashing (7 minute later, same location on my desk)
    Signal -98 dB
    D/U in Mbps

    3 minutes later:
    Signal -93 dB

    So, maybe a bit faster uploads with similar signal strength.

  • rich

    does everyone have an update from vzw for vs 4.1? i never seem to get them

    • duke69111

      No. This was a test phone that received an OTA test update and the radios were pulled from the file.

  • One improvement I’m seeing already is the switch between 3G and 4G depending on the availability of 4G. It’s instantaneous.

  • My 4G SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS lately!!! Terrible! Can’t wait for this update!

    • Tim Swann

      do you have a replacement phone? aka certified like new? if so, that’s your problem

  • wickets

    Thanks a ton.

  • droidify

    I wonder why these radios are so much larger than the FC04/FC05’s. The LTE radio is 10,497kb versus 2754kb before. I think I’ll wait till I see some more feedback.

    • Because the FC04 was a patch not a full radio.

      • droidify

        Makes sense, thanks for the info.

        • Snow02

          Also, the other zip you were looking at was probably compressed. Extract the radio and you’ll find it’s the same. I never compress clockwork zips as a rule.

  • AmneonX

    Can anyone confirm improvement?

  • dean2359

    This may be a dumb question but do you have to flash this every time you flash a new rom?

    • RW-1

      No. Radios are not overwritten by ROM’s nor Kernels.

      • dean2359

        Good news ,thanks

      • David Becker

        If you do a wipe data in Clockwork will you still have your radios? Or will you have to reflash?

  • kuboo99

    Looks like we crashed somebody’s dropbox account. Good thing there is a mirror.

  • burntoast

    I am so happy I can cry..

  • Jackson

    This is impressive for my area

    • wheineman

      Are you kidding? That’s impressive for anywhere! I am getting 2.4/2.2 in Philadelphia! Our LTE is way too saturated.

      • droidify

        If that got you thought that was fast, this will really make you sick. That was with 2 bars the day they turned LTE on in my town.

        • wheineman

          I miss those days. My Thunderbolt on launch day was able to hit those speeds. But within a few weeks it was down to 2-5mbps

          • droidify

            Yeah Philly is pretty big. The worst speeds I’ve seen around here in NC was 6-8Mbps with 1 bar but 15-18mbps is still the norm. Hopefully they will continue to expand in the bigger cities to ease the load.

        • duke69111

          That’s awesome. To bad that didn’t stick. 🙂

        • Hooray

          Good old Greensboro, I remember my days there.

    • scotcho85

      Carlsbad, CA

    • Holy S#!t……!!!

    • antwonw

      This was a couple of months ago. I keep forgetting to re-test those speeds every time I go back. Also notice that I am streaming Pandora at the same time too.

  • Jackson

    I used to drop signal on 4g every 5-10 mins now since flashing not once its been a half hour I’m happy

    • Tim Swann

      replacement device?

  • Jeremy Edwards

    I think the test update for the Verizon nexus came out in Feb and was pushed out in July. Does that mean I should expect this to come out in December?

  • Flashed just fine. Here’s to hoping I can pick up, and hold onto a 4G signal better than before. Phone did not want to relinquish a 3G connection for nothing – not even wi-fi.

  • Will this affect my ability to take the OTA Update when it is avail?

    • PyroHoltz

      New radios should not affect the OTA.

      • orion

        Iirc people that wanted to flash to 4.0.4 which included fc 04/05, had to first flash back to the 4.0.2 radios if they had previously installed leaked radios which is what these are.

  • MikeSaver

    Will this not help with battery life too just by default? I’ve noticed worse battery life since flashing Jelly Bean (running BuglessBeast). Its been slightly improved since flashing LearnKernel but still not great.

  • mrmacatac

    im running Sourcery JB 4.1 v2.0..should i be safe to flash these over it?

    • billy routh

      Thats what I’m running its the best JB ROM out there IMO. Yes you should be safe to flash the new radios

      • mrmacatac

        thnx man, i love the rom it works perfect for me. the 3g/4g handoff is actually pretty dam good on its own..BUT I WANT BETTER hehe

        • jrfergy

          + Butter:-)

    • i agree sourcery is hands down the best rom in every catagory for nexus with jelly bean and it does work with this new radio

      • jim

        I have noticed that everyone thinks the rom they are running is just the best lol

        • yeah pretty much but i feel sourcery just is different then the other ones because they way it recieved push notices from the group of devs and fixes its just alot different its bug free where other ones are always somthing different thats wrong like takes for ever to get past the google screen (aokp)

      • Tim Swann

        disagree. IMO, LiquidSmooth has the best JB ROM, but that’s just my opinion.

        • jim

          i was on paradigm 2.2 till today now on 2.3, no problems at all

  • Blaine Wildrick

    after flashing the mirror file, i’ve got I515.09 V.FF02 / I515.FC05

    …i guess it didn’t install the new cdma radio?

    • gpzbc

      That happened to me. Just try flashing it again.

  • rohicks

    Error (509):
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    • Snow02

      Yeah. Sorry about that. Use the mirror.

  • Shawn Williams

    Love this! So glad I don’t have an iphone.

    • to bad you don’t have a GS3 though

      • mudleyblind

        Why would I wanna have GS3 When I have Nexus?

        • TheRobotCow


        • Joey

          Because the GS3 is superior?

          • SKAVENG3R


  • akazerotime

    New radios and BAMF 2.3 = awesome sauce

    • Ronald Bernard

      Thats what I wanna hear. Also, running BAMF and updated to 2.3 last night. My favorite ROM so far.

      • jim

        How is 2.3 different then 2.2. ?

    • Brotha Billy

      2.3??!!…ummmm, i gotta go! BAM….F! Agreed, awesome sauce.

    • Booyah

      Random, but can you flash 2.3 coming from 2.1 without full wipe, but just wiping cache and dalvik?

      • akazerotime

        I would say do a full wipe, but I have yet to see an issue with a dirty install on the forum

    • jim

      What the difference 2.2 to 2.3?

      • akazerotime

        More custom settings. Seems snappier too.

    • lamenting

      any way to change the brightness of the soft keys? they’re way too bright in 2.2.

      • akazerotime

        Under the bamf settings, under visual page 3 of 3, navbar button color slide the alpha bar to desired brightness

        • lamenting

          nice one.. I never saw the other 2 pages of the Visual tab (!!)

  • About Phone reports the expected radio versions, but the bootloader reports the old version for the CDMA radio…odd.

    • wheineman

      I do not get that. Mine reports the new radio in both locations!

      • Which bootloader version are you running?

        • wheineman


          • I got it sorted. Did a battery pull and all is well. Still strange. I’m on LC03.

  • CoCoCalypso

    Any reports on a noticeable difference?

  • I’ve noticed a marked improvement in data response time (as in lower) – eg. when I refresh flipboard, do friend searches in FB, check-in on Foursquare, or pull twitter updates – it’s much snappier. Upload speeds on speedtest.net are also noticeably higher. NYC

    • Yep. Higher upload speed. But I’m getting lower download speed.

      • tw

        Same – higher upload speed but lower download speed.

  • I really hope a dev makes a stock rooted version of JRO03O to flash. I love stock ROM’s and LOVE being on the latest build.

    • I am sure Bugless Beast will eventually update to this, best Stock, no customizations ROM out there.

  • Anyone seeing improvements?

    • Hey. I have a refurb replacement from Verizon (my new original’s screen came with a scratch which spider-webbed after an absurdly modest drop). The refurb has been switching between 4G and 3G with long hiccups of data loss in between. Before I flashed the new radios, I was on 3G at my work desk. After the new radios, I am on a strong 4G, still at my desk. No interruptions or switches down from 4G over the past hour fifteen.

      On my POS G’Nex refurb 1.25 hours of uninterrupted 4G = vast improvement.

      • Cory Parker

        Vast improvement? More like a godsend of an improvement since mine is pretty much the same with 4G having the long hiccups so using 3G

  • mustbepbs

    I miss my Galaxy Nexus :< Now that I have a Nexus 7 and a GS3, the GS3 never gets used. Wish I had my simple Nexus back.

    • Joey

      Wanna trade? ;D

      • mustbepbs

        Yeah if you throw like $200 in with it.

        • Sean O’Neill

          i’ll give you $150 and my nexus…

  • Can anybody make another mirror, this one is dead? Please!

    • SethMcDonald

      the mirror just worked for me. try again.

  • Greg Morgan

    I hope these radios are an improvement. Dropping 4g like it’s hot lately.

  • KleenDroid

    This is a nice thing to wake up to!

  • WalterWhite


    • Chris Pinola

      so when ya gunna kill skyler? i can’t STAND her 😉

      • Black Roger

        Skyler has a nice rack though.

  • Can someone give a simple definition of radios? ELI5 if you will… Also if i’m on AOKP will this be necessary?

    • TheWenger

      Radios usually come from the carrier (VZW) when they send out an OTA. They are kind of like firmware/kernel stuff that facilitates communication between the processor and the CDMA/LTE radio hardware in the device. The radios are hardly ever built into ROMs, so even if you have AOKP, you’ll still have to flash these manually if you want them. Updating AOKP won’t overwrite them though since they aren’t included.

      • Excellent. I had a feeling it was something along those lines but just wasn’t sure.


      • @TheWenger:disqus this was very well said. This should be the definition of radios for smartphones. lol.

    • EC8CH

      Software that controls the antennae in your phone… may or may not improve the reception that you experience.

  • can i flash this over my aokp jellybean build 1 rom?

    • derek connolly

      yes, worked fine for me

    • NemaCystX

      mine borked the camera, gallery apps, they just force close each time now, my camera is just a black screen, and my phone just gets very very hot since installing it after rebooting. tried flashing the old 4.0.4 radios i had before and it still does it… might have to do a full firmware recover. let it be noted i’m running AOKP JB

  • Thank you.

  • TheWenger


  • Hmmm, do I dare flash these? What if they’re worse? If this release is still in a testing phase, they may be completely broken much like the IMM76Q release.

    • Michael Forte

      If they’re worse you can always flash back to older radios.

      • Think i’ll wait til article is posted abou tthese being an improvement or not

    • derek connolly

      if you go to the source link there is a link to the old radios to revert back.