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T-Mobile’s Galaxy S2 the First to Receive ISIS NFC Mobile Payment App?

Is Isis, the mobile payment joint venture between Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, finally ready for prime time? According to a changelog for a new software update that is headed to T-Mobile’s Galaxy S2, it may very well be. For those not familiar, Isis is an NFC-based mobile payment system that 3 of the 4 major U.S. wireless carriers (Sprint excluded) partnered up to create. It’s essentially the reason that Google Wallet won’t work on any of your phones. 

In this changelog for the Galaxy S2, we see an improvement listed as “ISIS/NFC update.” This could mean a couple of things – that the app will be included in the update or that T-Mobile is simply prepping the phone to be able to use the Isis app. Either way, this is move we should all be excited to see.

The last we heard, Isis was still in or about to go into testing in Austin, TX and Salt Lake City, UT. The time frame for those markets to have all of the fun, was “summer.”

Ready for Isis? Or should I phrase that, “Are you ready to finally take advantage of that NFC chip and ditch your wallet?”

Via:  T-Mobile | Android Police

  • I have a T-Mobile GS2 with NFC and whats the good for NFC if its not even available to use in the first place. I really cant to be able to use it ! Lets brng on ISIS!

  • derek connolly

    NFC payments is something I really want to use but lack of support and lack of places that have NFC make me sad.

  • jim

    i just heard that the new iphone wasnt supporting nfc

  • Travillion

    So when Apple launches the new iPhone next month with NFC, will Verizon tell them they have to use Isis? Not likely.

    • You think it’s more likely that Google will develop a wallet app for iOS?..
      Ok, that’s actually quite possible.. But still.
      Knowing Apple, they’ll either integrate Isis into the OS or create their own payment system altogether called iWallet.

  • jim

    mine wasnt working,but I rooted the other day and went to jelly bean,then updated it, not sure if its working or not, I did get the ‘not supported ‘banner at the top of it

  • DoctorNick

    Can anyone confirm that this update does indeed install ISIS on the phone?

  • PhillipCun

    damn these guys are HUNGRY for money. Isis? MCX? Google Wallet? Square+Starbucks? Way too many options will confuse the consumer. If its secure, available on every phone that’s all we need. Not 5 different apps that we need to remember which to use and where… Someone needs to regulate so we can catch the eff up to other countries.

  • GJV

    As other have asked, how is it legal under FCC regs for carriers to block Google Wallet? How is this any different than VZW blocking wifi tethering apps??!? Some phony-baloney “security” concerns? What a crock. If you haven’t already FILE AN FCC COMPLAINT against Big Red for this. It’s free and easy. Do it!

  • Awesome! I have the S2 on T-Mobile and I live by SLC!

  • J Dub

    At this point I don’t care. Just give me something that’s free, well secured, root is ok with, and isn’t gonna mess up with constant ROM flashing.

    I got it working on my S3 with VZW with root, but with ROM’s coming out daily and the ability to totally bork NFC I just left it alone.

  • AceyKula

    I have AT&T and have the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Google Wallet has worked since I got it. I LOVE IT! It’s convenient and I don’t have any security issues. My only issue is that more retailers need to be compatible.

    • michael arazan

      All we need is Google Goggles to take a picture of our drivers license/ state ID and Google wallet to store it safely and we won’t need a wallet anymore

  • CoCoCalypso

    “It’s essentially the reason that Google Wallet won’t work on any of your phones.”

    I thought the carriers couldn’t block Google Wallet anymore…

  • Prox

    I thought Verizon got in trouble for blocking apps. Why is Google wallet still blocked? I have an unlocked galaxy nexus and use wallet all the time

  • r0lct

    Isn’t a ban on this phone imminent?

    • WaynePrice

      um there not coming to take them away from people who own them already ..

      • r0lct

        I’m just saying they must all be pissed at Samsung right now. When your headline is going to be translated into “New payment system launched for phone banned for ripping off Apple”

    • PhillipCun

      Uh no. the 8 phones that Apple wants banned does not include the S3.

      • r0lct

        Neither does this article

      • summit1986

        The phone in this article is the S2

        • And the phone in the picture is the HTC Desire Z. Point?

  • Seth

    I hope to see this idea take off. The only problem i see with this is security. This is sweet

    • Daniel Rosseau

      I don’t understand the security concerns with this and/or google wallet. It’s more secure to me than your actual wallet. At least if people steal your phone, they need to know your pin and if you’re really concerned, the lock screen pattern. If someone steals my wallet, they can walk right into a store and use the card. I don’t think anyone has asked to see ID with my wallet in the last few years. Also, the NFC chip has a very small range for anyone to pick it up and only works when the screen is on.

      • TheWenger


      • J Dub

        Agreed. It’s no different than stealing your real wallet. You hand your card to wait staff all the time. What’s stopping them from copying your card numbers, exp. date, and security code? Yeah they need your billing address, but a few friendly casual questions could narrow down where you live.


    Anyone that has the VZW GS3 can install google wallet right from the play store now. I forwarded my wife the update email from Google wallet and the link worked to install it on her phone.

    • Gregory Mehojah

      I just checked the Play Store from my VZW S3 and wallet does not show up when I do a search.


        use this link – open directly from your phone. My wifes phone was stock, not rooted and it loaded right up.

        Google Wallet app

        • Crakalakin

          Nope, “This item isn’t available in your country or by your carrier.” when I follow that link.

  • Gregory Mehojah

    Google Wallet works on my VZ S3, but of course it had to be rooted and hacked to get it to work properly.