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Wednesday Poll: Which Type of 4G is Better?

Seems like a silly question, right? “Which type of 4G is better?” The idea comes from a poll run by investment firm Piper Jaffray, a firm known for covering almost nothing other that Apple products.

So what does this poll mean coming from them? Well, in their poll of 3,000 people (is that all?), they came to the conclusion that almost 47% of U.S. citizens do not feel as if they need 4G or 4G LTE. As you all know, the iPhone is not a 4G LTE device, nor is it really a “4G” device, unless you are listening to AT&T’s software lies. Basically what I’m saying, is that their poll is kind of a joke. For all we know, they could have polled 3,000 iPhone owners, who clearly do not care about 4G since they bought iPhones, knowing that they aren’t 4G phones.

In return, I thought I’d ask our readers, a group of people that from what we can tell over the last couple of years, care a heck of a lot about 4G. And then if the results lean the completely opposite way, we can write ridiculous headlines like “75% of U.S. Citizens Can’t Live Without 4G!”

Which Type of 4G is Better?

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  • owan

    I couldn’t answer this poll. I’ve never tried an HSPA+, but what I do know is that LTE on the GNex sucks battery life like Paula Deen sucks down butter. Maybe its somewhat spotty coverage in my area, or perhaps its the GNex’s incredibly awful LTE reception, but I can’t use LTE at all. Its quick as hell, but maybe HSPA+ would be almost as good while being more reliable. I don’t know. At least LTE is true 4G, while HSPA+ is 3G++

  • RW-1

    At leat you can still always have the advantage over the iPhone by being able to pull and replace your batt, which a few exceptions lately ….
    I had good 4GLTE coverage here at work, and founf my Gnex would need to go onto the charger by 2PM, I then finally decided to try being on wifi at home and work, and let it do its thing, bat tlife has been markedly improved, but for most I see it just as a fact that you have to live with; if you use the faster network, you have to have a car or desk charger handy, nothing more …

  • RW-1

    It is silly … If I’m wrong I’ll gladly accept knowledge, but from what I read none of what is currently available is TRUE 4G, even the moniker LTE which is Long Term Evolution indicates this is only a precursor to what is supposed to be even better down the line.

  • marcus russell

    I battle my teo freinds all the time we all have 4g phones mine is lte theres are t mobile hspa+ and at&t hspa+ i always load pages and videos faster. I will say t mobile most of the time comes in second

  • ryanallaire

    Anyone who said anything else than 4G LTE, obviously hasn’t used it therefore don’t know how awesome it is 🙂

  • JPose

    Wrong! The iPhone is a 1X device. I’ve heard of someone modifying a 4S to get 2G service. Crazy right?

  • Guest

    HSPA+ is NOT 4G. It never will be. Technically, LTE currently doesn’t mean the spec for 4G but at least it can potentially meet the spec.

    • LTE, HSPA+, and WiMax all meet the revised 4G spec as defined by the ITU.

  • Every iPhone 4s user I know believe that because it is a 4s and a that the Sim card shows 4g on it actually believe that their iPhone 4s is a 4g

  • paul_cus

    LTE with fallback to HSPA+

  • SmarterThanMostOnTheNet

    Hi. I have an iPhone as well as my GS3. I might be in a small minority (unlike my retard EX who thought that the iPhone 4 meant 4g..) But I am aware that the iPhone 4S on ATT only can connect to a HSPA+ 12-15 network. I know that I do not have actual “4g” despite the branding. I want LTE because it’s fun to laugh at people who have Sprint, or some of my friends who have slow internet at home…and I can load pages on my phone faster than he can on his computer. Do I NEED LTE? No. Do I want it? Hell yes.

  • HTC1

    Really????, I can’t even beleive this is a question. I know i’ve said it a thousands times here but if your not on Verizon (anything) you don’t have a phone!!!!!!!!!

  • For the stating that VZW’s 4G LTE is real 4G while HSPA+ and WiMax aren’t, have a look at this:

    “The ITU has decided that LTE-Advanced (which is a collection of standards defined in upcoming UMTS Releases 9 and 10) and WirelessMAN-Advanced (commonly known as WiMAX 2) both qualify and are officially designated as IMT-Advanced technologies.”

    “As mentioned in our article about LTE, IMT-Advanced was the original set of specifications that determined whether a technology could be considered to be “4G” by the ITU (who owns the global trademark for “4G”). The North American carriers pushed the issue and managed to get the ITU to revise its specification for 4G to include any significantly evolved wireless technology, which allowed HSPA+, WiMAX, and LTE to be marked as 4G technologies. Prior to this, none of those were considered 4G.”

    “Think of IMT-Advanced as the final stage of 4G. Current LTE and WiMAX networks are essentially “transitional 4G” technologies.”

  • Derkk

    To be quite honest, until LTE is voice and data, I prefer HSPA+ for my “4G”. Having to constantly switch from LTE to HSPA is really annoying.

  • I’m a VZW Galaxy Nexus user. As other have said, I’d really rather have HSPA+ right now. Better battery life and adequate speed (at least in my area) is what I like about HSPA+ phones. I rarely need the speed of the VZW LTE at its max. I do most of my large downloads on the computer and also use my phone the most at home and work, where I’m connected to WiFi. Most of the time 3G is almost adequate for what I use my phone for while on the go, so a decent bump in speed with HSPA+ would do just fine. I really hope there’s some sort of break through with LTE and battery life (or just battery tech, or both…) sometime soon.
    Really, the only reason that I have stuck with VZW and not gone to one of the GSM GalNex carriers is because of the awesome VZW discount that we get through my wife’s work.

  • me me

    I actually have a comment about a topic for once! I work as a subcontractor for both ATT and VZW, and I can say from first hand experience, ATT is not a true 4G. VZW has been putting billions of dollars into running new fiber drops and upgrading equipment to achieve the speed they have today. To tell you the truth, I don’t understand how ATT is allowed to even claim in commercials that they have the “fastest” or yet the “largest” 4G network in the Nation. Just goes to show, you cant believe everything you see on TV!

    • Well, Verizon’s 4G LTE technically isn’t true 4G either.

      • PC_Tool

        See my response below…

        • See my post above… =P
          …or, maybe it’s below… Who knows where Disqus puts it for others.

  • fauxshizzl

    Even though I get full bars of LTE everywhere in town and get ridiculous fast download speeds according to the speedtest app, I haven’t noticed any significant difference in actual use. Youtube is still slow, Facebook still takes 15 seconds to load a picture, and the browser is also a let down. Sure speedtest says I am getting 37Mb down and 15Mb up, but if I cant tell when I use my, then it is useless to me.

  • Okki125

    The kind that works consistently… my Thunderbolt is dropping my data connection (unlimited) like crazy.. I need to check to see if it’s still on every time I try to log into one of my apps! HEY VERIZON.. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!?!??!


    For those on HSPA+ being told they have a “4G” connection you’re being lied to and are grossly ignorant if you believe you do. LTE is the true 4G standard. Do you think AT&T, T-Mobile(?), and Sprint who are rolling out LTE are now going to call their networks 5G? No, they’ll coin another buzzword to make you all think you have even faster 4G when all you really had was 3G 2.0.
    I’ve been a Verizon LTE customer since it was available in So. California well over a year ago and I’m also a Verizon FIOS customer (35Mbps/35Mbps), I’ve been able to consistently achieve 30Mbps on my phone. This is something I was never able to do on my AT&T and T-Mobile phones while a customer of their “4G” (hahaha) service. I normally average about 3 – 7Mbps.

    • Well, Verizon’s 4G LTE technically isn’t true 4G either.

      • PC_Tool

        Both WiMAX and 4G are “true” 4G according to the ITU. They changed their definition when everyone starting calling anything significantly faster than 3G “4G”.

        • Well, yeah, ITU gave in to the US carriers pushing hard to be allowed to call their stuff “4G”, despite it not fully meeting the initial 4G requirements. Even with that, though, they are really transitional 4G technologies and LTE-Advanced/WiMax2 subscribe to the ITU’s real vision of 4G.

          • PC_Tool

            It doesn’t matter how they came to be “4G”….they are the “real” version of 4G as it is defined. Now.

            I have no doubt the ITU will allow the carriers to dub LTE-Advanced/WiMAX2 something else entirely.

            So “technically”, Verizon’s 4G *is* true 4G, as is HSPA+. Claiming otherwise is disingenuous.

            It is true however, that they are not the technologies originally envisioned when 4G was first conceived. That’s not relevant to the poll or article though.

          • Splitting hairs here… I think we are in agreement overall. My main point is that they don’t adhere to the original vision of 4G and were only classified as such after the carriers bitched and moaned to be able to call theirs 4G for marketing reasons. Yeah, this isn’t relevant to the poll article but it is relevant to Drazy’s comment.

          • PC_Tool

            Honestly? What tech *does* adhere to it’s original “pipe dream/best case” original vision?? (Am I being too cynical?)

            DRAZY was simply incorrect. They are 4G. Not sure if it was simply due to idealism or ignorance of “how stuff works”. 😉

            Things seldom turn out exactly how they are intended. Idealism is great, but ranting that reality doesn’t match the ideal, and that the reality is therefore “wrong” is about as useful as administering medication to the dead… *grin*

          • Again, I think we are in agreement. The only difference is that you are focusing on how thing are now while I am also discussing how we got to where we are now. Maybe you think it’s irrelevant, but I like to look at things like that. I am not saying that the reality is “wrong”, it is what it is.
            And you’re absolutely right, pretty much no tech adhere’s to it’s original vision.

          • PC_Tool

            Nah, I didn’t say you were wrong. I said DRAZY was. 😉

            There’s nothing wrong with looking at how things got the way they are…in fact, it’s a requirement if you want to have any idea of what the “next” thing might turn into.

            I just get a bit sour on the whole “it’s not really 4G” argument…when it is…it just isn’t the ideal it was first intended to be. Sorry if it seemed like a personal attack. It definitively wasn’t intended as such….just a clarification.

          • No worries, good discussion. I think what brought on this discussion was my initial “Well, Verizon’s 4G LTE technically isn’t true 4G either.” statement. I shouldn’t type stuff that I don’t really mean. I was trying to be quick at the time and biffed the whole thing up. 🙂

          • PC_Tool

            So much for “quick” eh? (5+ comments later…)

            It’s all in good fun. That’s what the tubes are for, right?

      • DRAZY

        According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Verizon’s implementation is 4G. How do you make the assertion that what Verizon offer isn’t 4G? Based upon?

        • Maybe Disqus isn’t showing you the lengthy conversation thread between myself and @PC_Tool:disqus, but it covers this.
          In short: According to the ITU, HSPA+ and WiMax are both 4G as well.

  • feztheforeigner

    Where is the fake WiMax option so I can ignore that too?

  • Lets all be honest here. Who REALLY needs 4g? I think that poll was bogus. Most of us have gotten in the habbit of using wherever available due to our carrier capped plans. we work, go to school, take care of kids etc. For the most of us the extended period of use comes when at home (unless your a bus or truck driver) and on WIFI. People assume just because they read 100+ emails for work and check fb here and there that 4g is a must. At the end of the day people have no clue what their talking about. If you disagree with anything I just said then answer this. Does it make any type of difference if your phone is running at 3mbps as opposed to 20 mbps when checking email, reading news articles, or even fb. People don’t stream as much as they think and that would be the only reason for the speed.

    • gotten in the habbit of using wifi*

    • PC_Tool

      No one needs it.

      Hell, no one needs cell phones…

      But this topic and poll has *nothing* to do with what you *need*…

    • itznfb

      LTE = no waiting for pages to load. I need.

      • That’s weird, while obviously much faster, I still experience page loading with LTE.

  • Where is my option for “The kind that is actually 4G”

  • Tcali

    Btw, how does HSPA+42 compare to LTE?

  • LionStone

    This is medium usage on Dinc4 with 2150 mAh battery, on 4Glte the whole time. Low usage I was getting 1 day 12 hrs with 2.5 hrs screen time.

  • Alan Paone

    I wish Bell would sell a worthwhile LTE phone. And by that I mean an LTE nexus. Until then I’m on my fauxG Galaxy Nexus

    • JoshGroff

      Heh, fauxG, I like that.

  • A1cntrler

    I would just be happy if I could keep my 3G and cell connection. Here at home, with my phone sitting stationary on a table, I can watch my bars go from full, to 1 to none, and watch 3G go to 1X the back to 3G, all without touching my phone or moving around in the room.

  • Hogasswild

    I have just switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and from a user perspective, if the user doesn’t know what’s inside and it works the same who cares? My TMobile Note is just as fast as my Thunderbolt was at downloading. The key is coverage which Verizon has in spades. If T-Mobile had equal coverage people wouldn’t be saying how much better LTE is.

  • David

    The unlimited kind is the best kind.
    None of the available 4G are remotely useful. You can use up a months worth of LTE (2GB) in 15 minutes. Its useful for the carriers. Not consumers.

  • ej

    HSPA+ bc it’s easier on battery life

  • dsass600

    LTE is superior but I would take HSPA+ over LTE because of the battery benefits.

  • jnt

    you have over 3k votes now – time to make a national headline

  • Giper54

    I wish there was a poll for AT&T and Verizon lte. There is no denying that Verizon has a larger network and much more lte in the us than anyone else and probably the best network overall. From what I have read, and I am no expert, cdma networks seem to have a harder time with signal handoffs from tower to tower as the Panda put it, the phone falls off a cliff when it loses LTE CDMA/Lte phones are always searching for a 4 g signal and a weak LTE signal really affects the battery negatively. I believe this is the same for gsm but it the battery drain is not as bad. I am looking for an expert to explain the pluses and minus of LTE ON Verizon and AT&T.

    • Futbolrunner

      Only 4 sentences in that paragraph? Damn.

    • JoeTi

      CDMA voice has a better chance at handoff success tower to tower over gsm. CDMA data vs gprs+ data handoff is more or less the same. The noticeable data hang would be 2g to 3g or 3g to 4g. Both carriers have similar issues here but Vzw 3g is pretty solid across the board compared to att. Of course, YMMV.

      • I would have to disagree. I had the Verizon Gnex since day 1 and battery life was horrible (On launch day I bought the extended battery) and the handoffs were intolerable. I live in Philly and driving around town I would always notice 4G going to 3G and vice versa. This would happen everyday. It was a pain. I loved the LTE speeds but it wasn’t consistent and by 3 I was looking for a charger.

        Last month I had enough and bought the GSM Gnex to go along with T-Mobile $30/month plan. I can’t believe I didn’t make the switch earlier. My battery lasts all day, seriously. No more being tethered to a wall charge. T-Mobile HSPA+ network is not that bad at all. It is not Verizon LTE speeds but its not that far off. For $30/month its awesome.

        • yarrellray

          I applaud your switch and why I gladly did the same thing after 6plus months of suffering on Verizon with my Galaxy Nexus. Tmobile has been a blessing i must say. And my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile gets pumping fast speeds and great signal strength and great reception every day. And battery life all I can say is WOW. Above entry shows posted pictures my device is great.

        • Andrew Elliott

          Looking to do the same thing when the next batch of Nexi(Nexuses) come out. I will miss Verizon speeds, but I can live with slower speeds for 30/month

        • JoeTi

          I hear ya, but hand off, connection persistence, Call quality are separate from battery life. I LOVE my Gnex, but my girl’s 4G experience and battery drain is way different on her GS3. This is the difference between the Gnex TI processor and the GS3 QUALLCOM S4 paired to the QUALLCOM 4g late radio in both phones

  • NO ONE needs an internet connection in their pocket for survival but damn if it doesn’t make life easier, give you more opportunities for entertainment, and gives you an unlimited knowledge base.

    I understand that everyone isn’t a tech head, everyone doesn’t need the fastest of the fast, but EVERYONE has had issues with streaming multimedia on a 3G connection…if you have the opportunity to not have that problem at little to no extra cost why would you not want it?

    • BTW, Faster=better so LTE all the way…even at the cost of a little battery life in comparison to HSPA+. With LTE enabled, I still get a day’s worth of use out of my GNex so it’s still not an issue.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    At&t 4G LTE and HSPA+ has proven to be faster and more reliable than big reds LTE in my experience..

    • Diablo81588

      Ha! ATT has the slowest HSPA+ network on the planet.. Barely ever gets higher than 3mbps on any device I’ve seen. Its a complete joke and to call it faster than lte is a disgrace. The only reason their lte might be faster is because few use it..

    • At&t’s LTE network also has a miniscule number of users/devices as compared to VZW at the moment

  • LTE needs to get better in the future. It’s a battery killer.

  • AlexKCMO

    I live in Kansas City (if the KCMO in my name doesn’t give it away). I personally think VZW 4G kind of blows. In fact, I turn it off. There is a very noticeable lag with the 4G (in Kansas City).

    Its like the tortoise (3G) and the hare (4G). Let’s pretend I’m loading a web page. The tortoise goes off slower, but gets going immediately. The hare goes to the store, buys a new phone, plays a couple levels of Angry Birds, wipes and flashes a new ROM, goes home and checks Droid-Life, then comes back and realizes he’s lost the race. Considering the race was only .25 miles, he lost it long ago.

    On the flip side, let’s say it’s a marathon and I’m downloading a movie to watch on an airplane. While the tortoise gets a pretty good head start, it can’t win the distance run. The hare eventually wins because even with a 2 mile head start, it can’t beat the speed of the hare.

    I haven’t tested it in other areas, but I keep it off in Kansas City.

  • cooksta32676

    I wonder how speed on VZ will be affected when they activate 25 million Ip5 this fall?

    • Tim242

      iPhone 6, or the new iPhone. The 4S was the 5.

  • poeddroiduser

    How about NONE since they technically aren’t 4G? The carriers have branded them as 4G.

    • The ITU accepts them as being “4G”.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    If you voted anything besides LTE, you’re a crack smoking dope. Oh yea, ATT’s LTE scorches the panties off verizon’s schiznit.

    • Yeah, just wait til ATT’s schiznit expands and is flooded with a multitude of LTE devices.

  • LTE SON !!!!

  • Vistaistehbest

    WiMAX is the best, actually.

  • Holla at me when I can use leave LTE on all day without worrying about my battery.

    • PC_Tool


      Ever heard of the Motorola RAZR Maxx?

      Of course, if you are not USB-charging averse, any 4G device will do.

      • Yea, when all phones use the same battery technology as the Maxx (thin+high capacity), maybe LTE will be better. The point of a mobile device is for it to be unplugged, I don’t have the luxury of being able to go all day with my phone connected to USB.

        • PC_Tool

          Not sure if trying to be disingenuous, or failing at logic…

          You asked to have a device where you can leave 4G on all day. Check. It’s already available. Problem solved…

          …but that wasn’t good enough, so I am left with the conclusion that what you really want is to bitch about 4G.

          As for having your phone plugged in “all day”, that would only be necessary if you have *no* battery at all. What you probably meant is that you are limited to plugging your phone in only at night?

          That’s a hard case…and hardly representative of the main.

          • The question asked which 4G is better. In my opinion HSPA+ is better, I don’t consider HSPA+ to be *true* 4G but it gets better battery than LTE and faster speeds than 3G. All I’m saying is that with HSPA+ I can leave my house at 4am and not worry about charging my phone until I get back home, about 18-1900. I couldn’t do that when I had LTE.
            Even though the speeds were incredibly fast, it’s not a reasonable trade off for me (battery vs speed). I understand that there is ONE phone out there that has a really good battery, but most phones don’t have that good of a battery life.
            I think over time batteries will get better and 4G will used less battery, just like 3G got better over time.

          • PC_Tool

            “I don’t consider HSPA+ to be *true* 4G”

            You don’t consider reality? That’s unfortunate… 😉 (sorry, couldn’t resist)

            No worries. You are right. HSPA+ will definitely get you better battery life barring the Maxx exception. Both are 4G though, and “true” 4G at that. The original “ideal” definition will likely move on to be called something else entirely (5G?) when that finally becomes a reality…and then we’ll get to go through the whole battery-life issue all over again. Yay..

          • The question asked which 4G is better. In my opinion HSPA+ is better, I don’t consider HSPA+ to be *true* 4G but it gets better battery than LTE and faster speeds than 3G. All I’m saying is that with HSPA+ I can leave my house at 4am and not worry about charging my phone until I get back home, about 18-1900. I couldn’t do that when I had LTE. Even though the speeds were incredibly fast, it’s not a reasonable trade off for me (battery vs speed). I understand that there is ONE phone out there that has a really good battery, but most phones don’t have that good of a battery life. I think over time batteries will get better and 4G will used less battery, just like 3G got better over time.

  • NicholasMicallef

    I’d love to be able to try out 4G LTE, but since I live in europe, HSPA+ will do fine for now 🙂

  • Mike

    I can’t wait for vzw to have 4g coverage across the entire country and for when I can use it while traveling abroad. We are a society with an insatiable desire for needing it faster.
    PLUS the “3g Network Optimizations” that limit my UNLIMITED data plan are getting old very quickly. 4g FTW.

    • 4G LTE is addicting! When you look back and see, Verizon purposely allowed unlimited for the first year to get people addicted to the speeds so that they can charge them up the nose in the future. I mean i’m up to 15gb/ month now on 4G LTE!

  • Seriously? What kind of question is that. If you know anything about anything, you should know LTE (Long Term Evolution) is better than the rest of the garbage. (That’s why every other carrier is switching to LTE)

    • Yes its faster but is it worth the battery life?

      • LionStone

        The battery life on the new processors are much better, (the S4 snapdragon). Idk about the bigger screen phones, SG3…but battery life is great on the Dinc4…just posted some screen shots.

      • It completely is… I just turn on 4G when I NEED it, if I don’t I’ll just go 1X.. But when I get bored on watch, just turn on that 4G and I can play any game with a maximum of 50 ping. 😀

  • Just wait til LTE advanced is released and shows the true power of LTE! iPhone owners will bow down to our 100mb/s and higher connection speeds!

  • I couldn’t live without my 4G LTE Razr! I feel crippled when I travel into a 3G only area because its just sooo slow that it drives me crazy! Just for an example of how fast it is, today at my High School in Tech class a group of us was trying to do a research project when the school’s wifi decided to quite working. I pulled out my Razr and started FoxFi and within 15 seconds we were back up and running over 5 laptops, a desktop and a few other devices and the speeds were still faster than the regular school wifi. Heck, once one of my classmates noticed how fast it was, he gave up the HSPA+ on his iPhone 4S and joined my network.

  • On my VZW LTE GNex I don’t even use 4G… I use Wifi constantly as well as 3G.

    I live in baltimore and my 4G always toggles to 3G because I don’t have it everywhere. So I’d rather go with consistent 3G coverage with better battery life.

    Running AOKP JB Build 1

  • Strictly speaking, the only 4G on the list is LTE.

  • Greyhame

    How many iphone users polled thought they already had a 4g phone cause they have the iphone 4/4s? That’d be fun to know.

    • nightscout13

      I don’t think there are many iPhone users on this site. Droid-Life is for people who know and understand the industry, and iPhone users do not.

      • yoyoyo

        Honestly I think people are a little blind here too. Spend some time on non Verizon biased android blogs and you will see.

        • sc0rch3d

          i was on a famous apple blog and there was a guy that got nearly 100 up votes using the phrase something like “take my money – sincerely iLovers” in reference to the next iPhone. hmm….we’re blind?

      • Nowayjose

        Actually I have an iPhone I completely understand it.
        I just like reading about mobile news.

        • nightscout13

          That’s cool.

      • JulianZHuang

        people like you are making me feel disgusted for using android.

        • nightscout13

          Well i’m not here to please you, so…….

      • RW-1

        Hey mon, there are, believe it or not, just as many Android users out there that don’t know the industry too… We constitute a minority here on DL (teh educated, the unlocked, the rooted and ROM’d crowd) and the other Android blogs.
        If iPhone users want to share Steve’s phone experience, that’s ok by me, I myself like to have my own, hence Android.
        But you have to have a stickle of tolerance for those not int eh group, not much, but just a bit. You might win one over 🙂

    • I love it when some stupid iSheep tries to tell me their 4S is a 4G phone. After laughing at them I explain to them and most of them, after I tell them the facts, agree that its a rip off. I mean what was the point of the 4S? The only benefit was Siri who has been easily beaten with Google Now. When someone asks me if an iPhone 4S is worth it (someone I know who will not make it with a droid, ie grandparents, iSheep, etc) I tell them just wait because the 4S is a waste of $200

      • zulu208

        siri does have a 1up over Google Now in that it can actually schedule a calendar appointment for you. Google Now just set an alarm.

        • LionStone

          Not really, once you register your # to sync w/ your calendar, you can easily create events that go to your calendar…just used it today…hold mic, say, “Text- Google calendar- Thursday, 5p, Petaluma little league game”. Swipe to calendar, boom, there it is 🙂

          • RoarImmaBear

            Siri on iOS6 actually doesn’t suck. Now it can tell you about sports schedules, find movies at theaters (even for dates in the future…as long as it’s in the fandango database I believe), navigate using turn by turn and as long as the restaurant can be found on OpenTable, make a reservation. While none of this is probably new and revolutionary (inb4 OMG DID IT FIRST sjfbskdjbf), the sole purpose is to dispel some of this “useless siri” comment stuff. Because it’s actually coming to be able to do more things that a smartphone user would do. Google Now is cool, but the functionality is limited…and don’t get me started on S Voice. I have not opened the app but ONCE since I got my gs3. I wish I could use Siri on my gs3 because Voice Search is pretty bad when it comes to voice recognition. I have my gs3 rooted also…I think just like Siri, Google Now will get better as time goes along. There are iSheep and SheepDroids. There are also informed people 😛

          • Siri is nice but IMO she is slow and unresponsive. My dad purchased an iPhone 4S in January and thought she was so cool the first few days but after a month or so she just gets irritating. Especially when trying to say call _(insert contact name_ because he has like 4 contacts that are similar but completely different people. Not to mention she takes upwards of an entire minute just to respond (not exaggerating, we actually timed it). Yes, the speed would probably be increased when iPhone gets 4G but as of now there is no confirmed 4G LTE just rumors.

    • Jay

      I have an iPhone (company paid, use to have an android but company forced to iPhone) and follow.

  • nightscout13

    Really?? 52 poeople think HSPA+ is faster than LTE? People are ignorant…..

    • Knlegend1

      The question was which is better. Speed is one thing but a reliable signal is another. I personally don’t care though.

      • nightscout13

        LTE is better in the long run. LTE is the future. HSPA+ is not going to be around 10 years from now. HSPA+ is just 3G on steroids. LTE will carry Voice and Data over the network, and will eventually have better latency.

        • I’ll take much better battery life on GSM Gnex right now than Verizon Gnex that I used to have. You say LTE is better in the long run but all I care about is right now. LTE killed my Gnex, it was not worth it. I’m sure in 10 years they will figure things out to make the battery life better but right now I can’t deal with it. T-Mobile HSPA+ speeds are not that shabby at all.

  • HSPA+ because it is nearly everywhere on AT&T. Verizon LTE or AT&T LTE isn’t close to HSPA+’s coverage.

    • Tim242

      Verizon’s LTE now covers 75-80% of the population. At&t’s HSPA+ doesn’t even come close to that. Never mind, the inconsistency of H+.

      • Whats the purpose of using LTE if you can’t get through a full day on a single charge?

        • Tim242

          You’re not going to get through a full day with heavy use, on any network. I’m a heavy user most days. I carry two batteries. With moderate use, I make it fine with just one.

          • LionStone

            Actually, you can, just depends which phone you have. I can go all day even with the stock 1700 mAh battery on the Dinc4 🙂

          • Tim242

            Not with heavy use. But, I make it just fine with my GNex.

          • LionStone

            Yes, you can, with heavy use, which I figure is: 3-4 hrs hotspot to N7, 3-4 hrs screen time, 30 min of phone calls…

  • Derek Ross

    I’ve heard people in passing that think the iPhone is really 4G. I’d be surprised if the 5 on Verizon wasn’t 4G though.

    In any event, definitely LTE. I only wish coverage was a bit better. I live in North Phoenix, well within city limits, and I barely even have 3G on my Verizon Gtab 10.1 and certainly no LTE. Not a huge deal as I of course have wifi at the house, but even at my work a bit more south LTE speeds are quite a bit weaker than they should be. Go further downtown and its easy to see 25+mbps.

    I just wish they would cover the entire Phoenix market, it’s not like I’m off in the sticks or anything.

    • Tim242

      I’m surprised so many people are calling the 6th gen iPhone, the 5th.

      • smartguy05

        They aren’t meaning its the 5th gen, they mean it will probably be called the iphone 5.

        • Tim242

          But it won’t be. Apple names by gen of data tech, or gen of phone. The next iPhone doesn’t have 5G data, nor is it the 5th iPhone. Calling it the 5 would make no sense. They skipped iPhone 2 and 3 naming, picked up with product gen on the 4. None of this really matters though, common sense should at least tell us that the next iPhone will just be called the new iPhone.

          • smartguy05

            I guess I was right?

          • Tim242

            I guess you were : ). I think they gave in to the media moniker.

  • blarghonk

    Right now they’re essentially the same… but LTE is much better when you think about the future. LTE will just get faster and faster while HSPA+ will peak much sooner.

  • To me it ant even a competition 4G LTE is the only real 4G.

    • Erickbernal27

      It’s not even real 4G.

  • Silver Veloz

    You should have added another line – How many of you don’t have 4G yet in your area?

  • EC8CH

    I just wish 4G speeds where more consistent in my area. In some parts of town I get 20+ down, but at home and at work I’m lucky to get 5.

  • C-Law

    I have unlimited Verizon lte but battery sucks on my gnex when its on. My friend has HSPA+ with T-Mobile and although he doesn’t get my speeds, he has awesome battery life and much faster than my 3g speed

  • Davros

    What, no facts on upload/download speeds and coverage? I mean I hear LTE is far superior but I’d like to make a non-fanboyish decision on which is best.

  • onDroid

    How does 4G LTE not have 100%?

    • Doan

      If someone’s carrier doesn’t have LTE, they’re probably voting for what they have.

      • onDroid

        I suppose, but if there is something better out there than what I have I am not going to vote for what I have just because it’s mine. I’m not an apple user.

    • Battery life my friend. I had the Verizon GNex and it wasn’t worth it. I switched to T-Mobile after buying a GSM GNex. I only pay $30/month for 100 minutes, unlimited text messaging with 5 gigs of data. With Verizon I was paying $90/month. Was Verizon three times as better as my T-Mobile service I get now? Nope.

  • Levi Wilcox

    Well it depends where you live in the world. There’s HSPA+ speeds of 168 Mb/s. But the current revision is the US far below that. In the US, Verizons LTE is superior due to signal penetration over any other LTE or HSPA+.

    • Giper54

      Does Verizon use a different LTE signal than AT&T? How is Verizon’s LTE able to penetrate better than AT&T?

      • its the frequency at which the LTE is ran at. VZW runs their 4G LTE at 700 MHz while ATT runs theirs in the AWS bands (1700/2100 MHz) and in some places 700MHz. you most likely are in the areas where they operate in the aws bands and therefore have crappier building penetration. That actually was one of the big downfalls of WiMax. The technology was quite good but sprint/clearwire deployed it at the 2.5GHz (2500MHz) band and so basically you would never have in building service..

      • Levi Wilcox

        It’s due to the spectrum (block C specifically) that they bought in the 2008 auction. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_2008_wireless_spectrum_auction

  • Ravi Rao

    Doesn’t matter for me. HSPA+ and LTE are fast enough, but I could live without LTE. I don’t tether and don’t stream much. I care about battery life, hardware specs, and Android OS features in that order. I usually just keep my phone on 3G and forget about switching to LTE.

    If I get rid of my unlimited data on Verizon (Galaxy Nexus), then I’ll be streaming even less.

  • JG

    I still find little to no use for it. why do i need to have 20-30mb/sec on my phone…what could i POSSIBLY be doing that needs that kind of bandwidth? music streams fine on 3g navigation works great on 3g, i still dont get it. Feel like a novelty to me. Untill they can get me 4g speeds without having my battery last 3 hours, then ill jump back on this bandwagon.

    Now a 4g hotspot for my laptop or tablet…now that makes sense. theres no need for that kind of speed on my 4.8 inch screen.

    • Flyinion

      Real world example. My OG Droid on 3G in the store, need to look up a recipe on Food Network website because I forgot what I needed to buy. Sloooooooooooooooooowwwwwww. I’m talking a few minutes for the page to load up to where I can get the recipe text. Now on my GNex with LTE, it’s very fast and I don’t look like an idiot standing in the produce section for 3-4 minutes staring at my phone (I’m not exaggerating the time on 3G).

      Other than that though, it’s useful for those of us that flash ROMs a lot as well since those are around 150MB plus files and downloading that on 3G is again…….slooooooowwwww.

      • JG

        wifi would be your answer…and maybe you get crappier 3g service than me, but i just tested opening the food network site and it tooks 16 seconds

        • Futbolrunner

          Wi-Fi? At the grocery store?

          • JG

            i must live in a great place…yes i can connect to a xfinity wifi hotspot in my town pretty muc anywhere and pull around 2.5mbs on my 3g.

          • Flyinion

            Yeah like Futbolrunner I have no wi-fi at the grocery store. 1mbs is 3g on a good day, usually 3-500mb in my area.

  • I would like to point out 4G doesn’t technically exist yet… that is all 🙂

    • Doan

      It probably does exist, but it’s not marketed to consumers, yet.

  • Drew

    4G LTE is amazing. I don’t have it in my town, but it’s in the city I go to school. That speed is the same if not better than my wifi at home. It’s weird having to explain what 4G LTE is to my friends with iPhones.

  • Erik Meyers

    This poll is also a bit misleading. LTE is clearly the superior technology, but that does not mean we need it for daily use, especially if we go from one wifi spot to the next. Perhaps the better question is not which is better, but is LTE a requirement in your daily use? How many people have it and turn it off because it uses too much battery. So they are getting less than HSPA+ in that case.

    I gave up my GNex LTE on VZW and bought an unlocked GSM GNex from Google and use it on ATT, so I am getting HSPA+ and it does just fine. I really do not notice the difference in practical use.

    • I included the same 4 answers that Piper Jaffray used.

      • Erik Meyers

        Oh, yeah, not bashing your poll by any means. I am just saying that its still not getting the root of the issue. The experience should be the root of the issue.

        • shane

          I completely agree.

    • i agree LTE is is the superior tech but its not worth the battery drain unless you have a battery that can withstand that kind of drain i.e.. razr maxx
      @droidlife you guys gotta pull some strings with these oems to make them have bigger batteries

      • The regular Droid Razr can get me through a full 12 hour day with heavy / moderate use on 4G LTE. I just set smart actions to automatically turn cellular data off when the phone idles.

    • Eric Richardson

      I agree, I did the same switch and couldn’t be happier. GSM is just worlds better, battery life-wise, without giving up a whole lot when you really get down to it.

      • Erik Meyers

        2 out of 2 Erik(c)’s agree. So that means it is true.

        • Erickbernal27

          Erick agrees as well 😉

          • Tyrian

            Do 3 Eri[c][k]s make a right?

      • nightscout13

        Of coarse regress is comfortable. The road forward is always uphill.

      • Tim242

        HSPA+ is not GSM.

        • nightscout13

          @google-150714d00c97423ef58e62d0f0a7890f:disqus BURN…… LMFAO

    • Butters619

      I live in San Diego and AT&T’s HSPA+ network is so bogged down with subscribers that it moves quite slow and at peak times doesn’t work at all. Without LTE I would have intermittent or no data from 4:30 – 5:30 every day.

      It also comes in handy at concerts, sporting events, and at Disneyland where the over use of AT&T’s network comes back in to play. But man the extra battery drain sucks sometimes.

      • this guy

        i go to San Diego to work during the SDCC convention. EVERY iPhone user is sitting there smacking their phone when they have no connection, but my LTE runs just fine the ENTIRE time. I never had an issue this past year. I thought it was a good test as I think SDCC probably brings a good variety of the market to the convention, and my RAZR gave me excellent coverage. For once, I am happy with my Moto/VZ choice.

        • Butters619

          Hahaha exactly! I went to a music festival this past weekend and never lost service or data once. Actually i had 4 or 5 bars of LTE the entire time. Everybody I went with (all iPhone users) had no service almost the entire time.

        • Mchl496

          I live in San Diego and I don’t get signal on verizon at Padres Games.

    • UndergroundWire

      I never turn off my LTE on my Verizon GNex. Nor did I ever turn it off on my Thunderbolt. In the case with my Thunderbolt, I carried an extra battery.

    • I agree with you. Wifi still the best option available.

    • I beg to differ. While traveling over the summer my cousin brought along her iPhone 4S and was trying to stream a TV show on HSPA+ off of, I believe it was an MTV app because the show was Teen Wolf, and it was so slow that every 5 seconds it would stop and buffer and the audio and video were out of sync. I whipped out my Rezound on 4G LTE and went to the actual MTV website (which is notoriously slow) and I was able to fast forward to where she left off and stream no problems. Heck, my Rezound even did it in full 720p when her iPhone couldn’t do just regular. As for battery life, most newer devices are really starting to shine here. The original first gen tech like the Thunderbolt sucked (I owned one for over a year) but the devices I have owned have all gotten better. Heck I can squeeze an entire day out of my new Razr on 4G LTE with heavy use.

    • S3

      To all their own opinion but LTE on Verizon kicks as* I personally have been spoiled by the amazing speed and I love shutting up my friends with *phones, they claim they dont need LTE but they cant want something they have yet to experience!

    • itznfb

      LTE uses almost no battery when you’re in an area that has a good signal. I live in Pittsburgh and I can go 200 miles North, West, East (not so much South) and still be in areas with a good enough signal so that it’s not hunting. I use my Thunderbolt quite a bit and battery lasts 24+ hours with no issue. I wasn’t aware people still used WiFi. I never use WiFi. Ever. Mobile data is lacking in security enough as it is… to hop on someone else’s network with any number of other people is just too much of a security risk.

  • most people don’t know about 4g, that’s why they don’t think they need it

  • Jody Barnes

    The only conclusion I can come up with is that they haven’t experienced LTE so they don’t understand the difference. (4G is 4G right?)

    • Sort of my thought as well.

      • WAldenIV

        I’m in the distinct minority here, but I don’t see any need for 4G with the prevalence of wi-fi everywhere.

    • Nope. HSPA+ isn’t 4G. It’s just marketed as that. LTE is pretty much as close as we’ll get to true 4G for quite a while.

      • Erik Meyers

        Yeah, LTE is not technically 4G either. T-Mobile has 42Mbps HSPA+ which is faster than LTE can go right now so, there is that.

        • But can T-Mob’s HSPA+ always reach the speeds they promise? That’s the question.

          • I live in the UK btw, so we’re only getting our first dose of LTE on September 11th. I haven’t experienced ‘4G’ yet 😛

        • Butters619

          If you are in a T-Mo 42 HSPA+ area, it is freaking amazing. Only problem is those are few and far in between.

          • RW-1

            If you were in that area, can one make a comparison on use vs batt life? Two different hardware radios for the networks and differing tech, but is it any better in sipping power vs LTE which chugs it? (and I’m on a VZ Gnex so this is an actual question, not adding fire to the flames in this section of the thread).

        • disqus_IHpm8UzFns

          Faster is just a buzzword! Unless you’re downloading big files, huge mbps numbers are irrelevant. The number that really comes into play is latency. That’s the amount of time it takes your phone to start loading a web page. If you have a 42 mbps hspa+ connection,and I have a 1 mbps lte connection, my phone will load a web page much faster. That’s the real benchmarks we should be looking for, not just company PR phrases.

        • Tim242

          42 is theoretical. It never reaches that, not even close. I have proof that my LTE has topped 50.

          • yarrellray

            Bottom line here. Tmobile and it’s GSM HSPA PLUS 42MPS network is better than good enough compared to Verizon Lte or At&t for that matter. Speeds are crazy fast on Tmobile and the best of it is the fact that you done have outages like Verizon. Tmobile has excellent service great signal strength and great reception every day and devices on it’s network all work equally. Matter of fact we won’t even discuss the insane battery life my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile gets with HSPA PLUS. It’s the best battery life i have ever had on any smartphone ever in three years. Pretty sure nobody on Verizon even with the same device compared to this. If so prove it be about it don’t talk about it.

          • squiddy20

            1. You’re a moron.
            2. Everyone here is talking about speed of the data network, not battery life of the smartphone. Try staying on topic.
            3. Here you are yet again citing “HSPA PLUS 42 MPS” (which is really spelled “HSPA+ 42” as the MBPS (not MPS) is already assumed) instead of stating your real world, average data speeds.
            4. Tim 242 is absolutely correct. Just because the tech is named “+ 42”, implying a theoretical download speed of 42 mbps, does NOT mean you’ll even remotely get that speed. Heck, according to Comcast, I should have download speeds around 20 mbps, and Speedtest.net confirms it (usually higher), but my ACTUAL speeds when downloading a file are around 5 mbps. That’s why there’s usually a disclaimer in fine print that “this speed can only be reached under optimum conditions with plenty of bandwidth” and/or that “this speed is only a theoretical maximum”. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

          • JDog

            Technically your limited by the server you’re downloading from. So when you do a speed test and it show 50Mbps, you are capable of reaching that in the area you are in. Just don’t expect that speed from every site you visit because of variables like web traffic on the site you are on will slow your connection down. That’s why web sites crash if too many people visit at once.

          • Apostrafee

            I see someone works for TMOBILE

          • Curtis

            It looks like you drew this in MS Paint. Nice work!

          • Tim242

            Nobody takes you seriously. You have a new favorite carrier/network tech every week. HSPA+ is not GSM. Tmobile’s network is spotty at best. HSPA is not consistent. You bring up Verizon’s LTE outages….they haven’t had one in almost a year.

          • overclock

            My Droid RAZR Maxx beats your silly S3 anyday of the week.

          • prsplayer210

            my droid 4 an lte device will last 29 hours on a full charge and ive had tmobile 4g and the speed and reliabilty of verizon. but trust me all devices dont work the same the sidekick 4g is a pos. and tmobiles data counting is like 15% different than data counter on your phone while i accept that there will be a small difference but thats about 500mb on a 5gb plan difference not mention lte is a far superior technology

        • so my speed test in huntsville alabama doesnt count then ???

        • Diablo81588

          You won’t come anywhere close to 42Mbps with HSPA+. And for your information, LTE has a theoretical peak of 100Mbps, so you are completely wrong.

          • Are you dumb? The current LTE is not at its peak. It is still in beginning stages of development compared to other techs such as 3G, 1X, etc. LTE Advanced is what companies are now calling the LTE that can reach peaks of over 200mb/s, but that tech is still a few years away from widespread implementation (I believe a company in Canada is in planning stages of deployment).

          • Diablo81588

            Your point? I’ll say again, the CURRENT PEAK of LTE is 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload. I never said it wasn’t capable if higher speed..

  • sc0rch3d

    what kind? the kind that works in my area

  • Those results are great. LTE is the king.

  • ok

    Why would anyone ever vote for HSUPA or HSPA+ over LTE…

    • Battery life

      • shane

        Battery life. And hspa is fine for most cellular users.

    • envoy510

      Battery life.

    • Battery life and T-Mobile HSPA+ is pretty fast.