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AOKP Developers Add In Their Own Jelly Bean Easter Egg Goodies

Oh, those crazy developers. If you have flashed the newest build of AOKP, then just like the official Jelly Bean build from Google, you can find some amusing Easter Egg fun. Under Settings, tap rapidly on “AOKP verison” which will bring up a flashy picture of a majestic unicorn. Long press on the unicorn and boom, tons of floating multi-colored unicorn heads for you to play around with.

Good work, fellas.

Cheers Bryan!

  • endeliz

    well idk unless you are a homophobe its pretty cool and i am a 43 yr old woman .. this rom so far has been one of the best that i have used .. paranoid android is good too but their kernal didnt wok well for what i needed

  • mikeym0p

    Did you guys see the CM10 easter egg too? You get to it the same way you did the cm7 one. I noticed it in the 8/22 nightly but it could’ve been there longer.

  • kidheated

    Does anyone know why they specifically chose to use a unicorn as their logo? I always wondered.

  • fish1552

    I didn’t like the old logo, but the new logo and wallpapers THEphlash made rock. For those people being all homophobic, check them out before you complain. If a simple logo makes you feel like less of a man, maybe you have bigger problems with your sexuality.

    And I gotta agree with the others – if you can flash a ROM but can’t change a bootanimation or a walllpaper, you might wanna go back to Android basic training again.

  • Booyah

    Those crazy unicorns…

    I’m coming from BAMF Paradigm, and this build at least offers a lot of the features BAMF does, and it’s only going to get better. Still lacking some classic features (customizable lockscreen icons and torch toggle, among others), but still a stable JB build nonetheless. I think I’ll stick with it and look forward to the latest builds!

  • cobjones

    For all the complaints…

    If you can flash a rom you, then you can change the boot animation

  • Derek

    Who else thinks their logo is a little bit gay? Come on pink unicorns?! I like their ROMs, but I’m a little embarrassed to have that logo anywhere on my phone.

    • JoshGroff

      Real men aren’t embarrassed. Also, it’s an angry pink unicorn, so it’s ok. (you could always use ROM toolbox and change the boot image if you really care that much.)

  • dethknite

    Awesome is an understatement!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Still don’t see Sprint GS3 support… guess it’ll be coming. . . . . anyone running a Solid STOCK JB Rom for the GS3?

  • abhisahara

    This is there in the ICS too. I used it in my rom. Even antiochasylum used it. 🙂 We can even change the picture….just go to framework-res.apkresdrawable-nodpiplatlogo.png
    Change it to whatever u want 🙂
    Just quickly press in succession 4 times the android version in about phone and u are visited to this 🙂 AOKP have gone a step further adding a gif 🙂
    Roms for Galaxy Note International – GT N7000 on xda

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Lol the hell do people care about the Logo so much? . . . You can switch the Wallpaper and you can disable it on boot… sheesh

    • asdfjkl;

      because it sucks

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        which has nothing to do with nothing…

  • All they did was change a few PNGs in SystemUI.apk/drawable-nodpi…

    • gleezbo

      And framework res and wrote some new java!

  • trolololol

    love the rom, hate the logo. I know they’re trying to be funny, but I’m a grown man and don’t want rainbows and unicorns all over my phone. I always delete/disable any wallpapers, boot animations, etc they include.

    • will bartlett

      im a grown man also. i find it wonderful that they can do WHAT EVER THE HELL THEY WANT.

  • sc4fpse

    The unicorn logo is literally the only thing I don’t like about AOKP. What a strange logo.

  • akazerotime

    I’ll stick to BAMF. Really..

    • Billy

      The dude abides…..Best Jelly Bean rom to date.

  • NicholasMicallef

    The CyanogenMod easter egg fits better TBH.

  • ojaymayo22

    How is everyone liking AOKP so far? Is it 100% stable for someone who doesn’t have the time to flash often (for example, I don’t want my alarm app to fail or any other apps to glitch). Or will updates come soon so I will have to continue to flash? Should I wait (for any bugs, battery problems, reboots, ect…) to be fixed, if any?

    I’m on Vicious V1 right now with Franco241 384gpu…and it almost perfect, but not 100% stable.
    Thank you!

    • tomn1ce

      If you have all those question you should wait until users try out the rom and then spot the bugs if any…

    • cobjones

      Haven’t ran into anything today. Was running the 8/19 nightly before with no issues either .

    • big10

      I’ve been running it for the last 24 hours. Came from Milestone 6 to this and it’s missing a few things like brightness slider in the pull-down menu and no customizable lock icons, but the core is there and of the three JB roms I’ve tried (Pete’s rom and some vanilla JB rom), this is the most stable.

    • ojaymayo22

      thanks guys!

  • …and they couldn’t bother to change the background to some sort of rainbow palace to match the flying unicorns? I’ll pass.

    • Noyfb

      Everyone knows Quadracorns are more badass than those unicorns. C’mon unicorns are for 14 yo girls, Quadracorns are for men

    • Why dafuq u hating on the logo? i drew it in your kitchen big K

  • i don’t like their logo