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TSF Shell Pro and Its $17 Price Tag Receives Major Update to V1.6.0


Remember TSF Shell Pro, the $17 home replacement app that we looked at back in February? It’s still around, and today, received its second massive update that includes a set of significant upgrades. At initial release, TSF Shell was all about flashy animations and show, but it lacked a lot of the customizable features that we enjoy in launchers like Nova or Apex. In this new update, many of our worries are now taken care of. 

TSF now has full HD icon and theme support, gestures, more custom desktop settings, new widgets, and a new way to multi-select. I haven’t used it in a couple of months, but after this update, I’m thinking about giving it another shot.

Here is the full changelog:

1.  HD icon/theme support
2.  Powerful Gestures(Toggle notification/Toggle menu/Run app/Run shortcut/Switch screen…)
3.  More Desktop Custom Settings(folder/infinite scroll/sliding dock…)
4.  Unread badges for icons
5.  New decoration widge released(3D AirShip Widget/Pendant Widget)
6.  New multi-selection
7.  Left/Right Preference settings
8.  Fix most of bugs
9.  Optimization of a lot of details

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  • Trevor

    THis with the circle theme the best.

  • Trevor

    Been using this for awhile the best home replacement app out there. Can’t ever go back to apex or nova or any of the scrub launchers.

  • ashish

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  • b_to_the_randon

    Hey just wanted to drop by and say two things; first, screw you for inducing me to spend $16. Second, thank you for showing me this app. I took the plunge obviously and I have to say this is absolutely awesome.

    I’ve used a number of launchers over the years, Fed’s Launcher Pro back in the 2.3 days, then Go Launcher, and now Nova in the ICS/JB era now and this blows everything I’ve used out of the water. It’s SO smooth, not to mention all the nifty eye candy widgets and functional ability to lasso/group things. It’s all a little jarring because it’s all just a little different, but it introduces so many novel functions (lasso, multi-select, theming icon engine, etc.) that it’s all incredibly useful. And yet somehow it all manages to make things if anything smoother than ever! I’ve not really noticed a depreciation in battery usage either and that’s with a lot of the goofy animations turned on.

    I’ve got this setup on both my Galaxy Nexus (to which it works awesomely!) and my Nexus 7 (also awesome, but the Notifications Count add-on is marked incompatible with this, boo). I was sort of hesitant to use this as my tablet UI, but the ability to swap the density of the icons on the fly made it feasible.

    Absolutely love this one, best $16 I’ve spent in a long time.

  • Scott Willenborg

    Until they “upgrade” the price to around $5 there is no way I’ll even try it to find out if I like it or not.

    Nova/free works great, I had no qualms at all paying $3 for Prime.

  • Jeff Simpson

    Has anybody bought it?

  • MrEnglish

    For 17 bucks it better do something related to breasts.

  • Lane252

    I just don’t understand why the 17, i understand that you need money to motivate you to do more and do better but 17 🙁 my heart hurts

  • froyo

    As cool as it looks I just can’t justify paying that for a damn launcher, even with the the $25 credit from buying the Nexus 7. The price needs to be about half of what it is.

  • Just found a borrowed copy. needs more options to justify the cost. Not that great. Could be.

  • Nice update but I’ll wait until they get off their butts and enable it to auto rotate the screen instead of being locked either way. Once that is updated then I will use it 100% of the time. Good features in the update though 🙂

  • so basically they took the features from Nova? the gesture section even looks the same.

  • Time to go download this again, there goes my speech I was going to write tonight

  • Jimmie

    I use a droid x2 as my second phone and I’ve used tsf as my everyday launcher for about 4 5 months now, I love it but it does taking getting used to

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looks really Nice… but after I paid 15$ for SPB Shell 3D and Stopped using it… I’ll never pay that much for a launcher again Lol . . . we change things too much to spend this much money on one launcher

    • I have both and actually rather enjoy TSF over most other launchers

      • scott62185

        Can you elaborate, why?

        • siko

          see first comment…..

        • I prefer TSF because it has more customization in the launcher, even before this update it did. SPB is fast but there are several screens that are stock that can’t be removed and for me that’s a big deal because I like to stick to just 3 screens on my launchers and I want as little on them as possible so i use gestures etc. The giant clock screen and stupid flickr ones are just annoying to me