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Alleged Galaxy Note 2 Bezel Pictured, 5.5″ and Dedicated Home Button?

Above is said to be the bezel for the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 that is to be introduced later this month. From looking at this person’s dust slippers, we can see that they must be inside one of Samsung’s hardware factories, lending some credibility to the image. From corner to corner, the display comes in at roughly 14cm, equaling to about 5.5″ in length. Another interesting addition is a slot for what we’re guessing is a big “Home” button. Yikes.

Unveiling of the device is set to take place on August 29 over in Europe. Guess we’ll know exactly what we’re getting in just two weeks.

Any predictions for what we can expect in the spec department? New Exynos quad-core processor and HD Super AMOLED+ display? Let us know what you want.

Via: Engadget

  • Roger

    Any word on if Sprint is picking this up? If not, other carriers here we come!

  • Ray

    phone with hardware buttons in 2012= Fail

  • cooksta32676

    Let’s hope it has all the specs the S3 was rumored to have.

  • Alex

    The big deal is that it makes for a larger physical device when it’s already big enough with a 5.5 inch screen.

  • So why are we still stuck having buttons for, Christ sakes… Please build the phone to ICS specs, SOFT keys… Motorola finally learned.. I’ve also seen a few other manufacturer hinting towards it. Just plain stupid at this point considering how flexible the software keys can be and not to mention customization from a theme stand point.

  • Transamturbo350

    I too was disappointed that the s3 had physical home button and I was coming from the gnex but I have to say that it really dosnt bother me that it’s there. I did like the on screen keys but I would rather have my nav buttons on the bezel and have my full screen.

  • Adam

    I’m rooting for a front facing speaker instead of a home button. It would be nice to not have to cup the back of your phone with ur hand to bounce the sound TOWARDS your ears… we might be a few years away from that though… that’s a lofty request, I know…

    • paul_cus

      Panasonic did that with the Eluga. It was the earpiece and speaker all in one.

  • JazzoRenee

    Why do people get their panties in a bunch over a button???

  • I love love love my Galaxy Note. The only thing it needs is a better battery life. Seriously. Its forgivable considering what it is, you know? But it needs more. I miss my Razr Maxx on vacations. The Note dies a little too quickly. Which wouldn’t be too bad except charging the phone takes ages and a day.

  • DedliYeti

    Please stop with the dedicated home button. It’s not what the cool kids want.

  • skinja

    SAMOLED Plus! Please.

    Plus is so much nicer

  • BSweetness

    I understand the love for on-screen navigation buttons…

    …but, until a manufacturer actually releases a phone with absolutely no bottom bezel (or with a bezel that’s barely there), I have no problem with physical navigation buttons. Why? With a device that has on-screen buttons (that’s doesn’t have any third-party app hiding them), the buttons take up approximately 0.3″ of the screen’s real estate almost constantly (only when watching videos do they go completely away). That takes a 4.6″ screen like the one on the Galaxy Nexus down to 4.3″ when doing pretty much everything. Personally, I’d rather have use of the entire screen. A 5.5″ screen that has physical buttons and 5.5″ of completely usable area is much better than a 5.5″ screen that has on-screen buttons and with 5.2″ of completely usable area in my book

    I would love on-screen buttons if the face of the phone didn’t have enough space on the bezel for physical ones. A device that’s all screen except for the earpiece, camera, and sensors at the top would be fantastic. But until there’s a device that’s almost all screen with absolutely no space for physical navigation buttons, I’ll take the physical buttons any day of the week.

    • This

    • JazzoRenee

      Who’s to say if that button weren’t there that you wouldn’t have the same size screen???

  • Nagini

    Honestly I prefer a physical home button. The onscreen Nav buttons create a lot of burn in on my GNex and I also always hit them while texting. No good.

  • James Jun

    If this has a menu button, I’m gonna rage. SIII was bad enough already.

  • Someone tell these people for the love of god that home buttons are soooooo 2000 and late

  • jer85008

    Dear Verizon, I don’t ask for much – and I’ve given you quite a fair amount of my ahem…”disposable” income – please get on board with this. I promise I won’t even look in the window of the Sprint/ATT/TMo stores when I walk by. I’ll show all my friends how great it is, and stay loyal to you for at least the next 18-24 months. Your move.

  • satsmine2k4

    hoping for
    1. Quad exynos 4 + 2gb ram
    2. 1080p HD super amoled display at least although plus would be great
    3. 32 and 64gb version + sd card slot
    4. 3000 + mah battery
    5. 9mm thin
    6. HSPA support for AT&T and T-mobile ( although lte would be great).
    7. 10mp high quality camera.
    8. Note 10.1 like s-pen
    9. Available for sale by august ending (unlocked version at least)…

  • OreoMan

    I’ve been preparing to get this phone by holding my tablet to my ear. I can’t wait! jk

    • JoshGroff

      Or you could use a Bluetooth headset, this isn’t the 90’s. 😉

      • OreoMan

        Those look silly! I’d much rather hold a tablet to my ear.

        • JoshGroff

          They don’t look silly by themselves, just make you look like you’re talking to yourself all the time.

      • Butters619

        Bluetooth headset? This isn’t the 2000’s!

  • Greg Morgan

    I guess this ongoing lawsuit with Apple really hasn’t hit home yet for Samsung…

    • JoshGroff

      Get it, hit “home.”

      • Greg Morgan

        Pun intended 😉

    • Liderc


  • me


  • Liderc

    Not that I would buy one, but physical home button = continued fail on Samsung’s part. I just can’t imagine why they’d continue on this path since Google is obviously sticking with on screen nav.

    • S_T_R

      I was going to like/agree with your post, but then I read the phrase “= continued fail”, and realized you are barely literate and don’t know how to use the word “failure” and can’t spell the word “is” so you put “=fail” instead. Since I don’t support illiteracy, I cannot approve of your post, even if I support the conclusion.

      • Liderc

        S_T_R = Fail

      • PC_Tool

        “realized you are”

        …realized that you are.

        Apparently, you do not approve of your own posts, either. 😀

      • Nice use of commas and the over use of the word ‘And’. 😛
        If you are going to be a prick about grammar and ‘literacy’ then don’t pick fights on the internet as it is one of the dimmest places to pick fights.

        It’s clear that you don’t have any real argument and just want to weigh your verbal garbage in on someone’s comment, attacking them to make yourself feel like a proverbial ‘big boy’. Thanks for visiting the site and contributing your 10th grade maturity to our article.

        • S_T_R

          It really wasn’t about grammar, nor about picking on an individual, so much as a statement about people using a term 2 years after it was already lame.

          But hey, it’s the internet and you’re free to use lame terminology, post cat pictures and rage faces, while making Chuck Norris jokes all day long. Because that REALLY makes you cool and unique and is not a waste of everyone’s time, including your own.

    • Joshua Barta

      Touchscreen devices have no business having physical buttons anywhere on the front of the device. Capacitive buttons I can live with, but a physical home button is just absurd.
      Really though, why not just go with on-screen buttons in the first place?

      • I’ll take any buttons as long as they’re not on-screen, honestly. What’s the point of on-screen keys anyway? They just trim potential space (yeah yeah, they disappear here and there but still). Even more pointless than that is the One S / One X which has capacative buttons but still flashes an on-screen menu button for older apps. Lame.

        Whatever they decide, I hope Samsung carries out their uniformity for all their future devices. Galaxy S3 now has global accessories.

        • The point to on-screen buttons is flexibility in the screen as they rotate with your orientation holding the device, don’t see your hardware keys doing that. Secondly it gets them out of the boat of copying apple as there’s no button, and it plainly makes the device look sexier, believe me, I still get people asking about my gnexus, and finally the buttons have a future potential of having customizations to what is down there.. So why not? Why not make phones look and designed better? why not make the phones Google ICS+ compliant, why not take away from what apples image is of center button and go with something way more ahead of its time? Just food for thought, two there own really..

      • JazzoRenee


    • Considering that Samsung has sold over 10 million phones with a physical home button in the last couple months shows that they have not failed.

      • Liderc

        They’ve SHIPPED 10 million phones.

  • AlexKCMO

    Want on Verizon’s LTE network.

  • Michael Forte

    I think they’re gonna need a bigger bezel to fit a Verizon logo on there…

    • chris125

      Nah they will do like they did with the sgs, logo just on the back.

      • Captain_Doug

        I wish all OEM’s/carriers would put their logo on the back of their phones. Are they trying to advertise to the user? On the back looks better and doesn’t mess with the flow on the front.

        • paul_cus


    • jessiejames1209

      Galaxy Note coming to Verizon? I like the sound of that!