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32GB Sony Tablet S Plus Cradle Available From Woot for $260 [Deal]

After you pick up your OG DROID from Daily Steals for $70, you may want to think about adding a tablet to the party. Woot is currently selling the Sony Tablet S, a beautifully designed Tegra 2 tablet, for $259.99, a package that includes a cradle. With its 9.4″ display (1280×800), dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, dual cameras, and expandable storage, this has always been one of the more appealing tablets in our eyes, it just didn’t get much play.

Sony is currently charging over $400 for this version, not including the $20 cradle. From what we can tell, this is in “new” condition and is not refurbished.

Via:  Woot

Cheers Seth!

  • Just bought one…

    Nice gift for my brother whose going to college…

  • Was going to get a Nexus 7, but I am really about to buy this instead. What do you guys think?

    • Ethan

      Just got my Nexus 7 earlier today- first Android tablet I’m 100% happy with. I’ve owned the Tablet S and while it is an excellent device (and at this price, a great deal), the difference between the Tegra 2 (in the S) and the Tegra 3 (in the 7) is what strikes me the most.

    • grab this fast. its a steal at $260 plus cradle. I own one and still love it. im going for a nexus 7 also just for the 7 inch form factor. if your looking for a 10 inch tablet, then just grab this

  • XBR360

    I saw this at about 2 am last night and was really tempted to pull the trigger. Then I stopped and considered the fact that I already have a xoom, GT 10.1, and a Nexus 7 on the way.
    I do really like the design, build quality, and Sony products in general though.

  • lilschil

    Just about to sell out. On Last Call!

  • Sony is currently charging “over $400”???? Are they high. Please tell me no one is actually buying that. Like not one single actual soul. Right? RIGHT????

  • I have the tablet s and this is just a steal

  • I would have bought this if I didnt just buy my xoom 😛

  • Aside from storage and a larger display, does this have any advantages over an N7?

    • George264


    • Bigwavedave25

      has built-in IR for use as a remote. that’s about it.

  • digitalicecream

    Picked up two, selling one on ebay for almost double…heh heh.

  • nhizzat

    Great price but I’m still liking my Xoom with the HD speaker dock and Moto BT keyboard and mouse, both of which were purchased for a cool $20 each. On top of all that, direct support from our Android overlords.

    • Dat Nguyen

      I have a Samsung GTab 10.1 and 2 Xooms. Both function smoother and more reliably than the Samsung. The stock ICS is solid on Xoom and the Wifi non 4G version is on JB… Other than the display and girth, XOOM FTW. It is the true Android experience and is now getting true Nexus-like love.

      • nhizzat

        It’s not labeled as a Nexus but it gets updates like one which is a big reason why I picked one up.

  • If I didn’t have a Nexus 7 I might jump on this.

  • fauxshizzl

    I wouldn’t piss on that thing if it were on fire.

  • Adam Elghor

    cant tell if sarcasm or serious?…

    • VinMessina

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Jack

    there’s also this deal which I think is better since it’s the Asus Transformer TF101 with the keyboard dock. only bad thing is it’s refurbished.

  • teng247

    these older gen tablets are getting cheaper and cheaper. Great for the kids…. or just to mess around with.

    • alexis orms

      Yeah, i want to buy a few to us more as appliances. Mount them statically in certain locations around the house as info devices, like news, or a music controller.

      I think it be nice to start with one on the wall next to my bed that will play a news station as an alarm clock in the morning (still looking for an app that can do that) and maybe one mounted to the refrigerator to display recipes while cooking.

      • teng247

        i currently have my XOOM WIFI w/ EOS JB rom on the speaker dock (on sale of coarse) as a kitchen radio/web browser. I love my Xoom now because of it. Maybe ill install some cookbook app so i can flip through things to make.