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Will There be a Galaxy Nexus 2 Made by Samsung? Maybe, but This Concept Will Most Certainly Not be It

Every once in a while, we write up a story with one goal – to head off another story that’s floating around before it gets out of hand. That’s what we are doing today, with this Galaxy Nexus 2 rumor. It goes a little something like this.

One of our favorite sites to browse from time-to-time, Concept Phones, posted up the picture we have included above, calling it the Galaxy Nexus 2. They were clear that it was simply a concept and not real, but a few sites picked it up here and there over the weekend to talk about the possibility which has led to certain religious-based sites (that will remain nameless) thinking that there actually is a Galaxy Nexus 2 on the way. They even attempted to get into details about Google and Samsung partnering up again, and that the device would launch with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. Get right out of town! 

I’ll just say this – there could be a Galaxy Nexus 2 in the works, but the picture above certainly won’t be it. Details of it also have not leaked, so any word or “report” you read about this phone over the next couple of months will likely be nothing more than a fabrication, taken out of context from other reports based off of the latest concept phone.

What we do have, is a report from the Wall Street Journal, claiming that Google has opened up the Nexus program to multiple OEMs, so that we could have multiple Nexus phones and tablets to choose from this winter. If this is true, then Samsung will likely be one of the OEMs bidding for a spot in the program, as they were pegged to make the last two Nexus phones. At that time, we could see a Galaxy Nexus 2, but part of me thinks they would go with a much more original name.

And, back to your non-stop watching of the Olympics. Glad we cleared that up.

Via:  Concept Phones

  • L. S.

    That concept looks like crap, like the iPhone 5 concepts I have seen.

  • oh my GOD……

    Please DON!!!!

  • DroidMaxximumized96

    Why wouldn’t Google make a Motorola nexus they own Motorola anyways

  • duke69111

    If the picture was a real phone, at least they are using almost all of the screen.

  • i personally think motorola will NEVER release a nexus phone. As much as i want a crazy battery like the razr maxx, motorola just ruins android for me. they wont even unlock bootloaders now (except the atrix hd?). Theres no way they’ll make an unlocked bootloader stock android nexus phone (thats just my opinion, it would be cool if they did). Also, this time around, i highly doubt verizon will actually release another nexus on their network. they already dont care about their customers.

  • harsh

    Small bezel … that’s what I always want !!!

  • jester4281

    Should be a blast trying to apply a screen protector on that thing.

  • park ks

    wow fantastic look!!!

  • Of course it will… Galaxy is a SAMSUNG product line. Will the next Nexus device be made by Samsung, though? Who knows.

  • Steve Benson

    Uh oh, there’s already data issues with this phone….Gray bars!

  • PC_Tool

    “Google has opened up the Nexus program to multiple OEMs”

    Playing devil’s advocate here, but hasn’t the Nexus program always been “open to multiple OEMs”? Google sends out a call to create the next Nexus device to multiple manufacturers and chooses which one will be the next, right?

    I know we’d all love to see some options when it comes to the Nexus devices, but I can’t dodge this nagging suspicion I have that most of this rumor is simply fanned by wishful thinking.

  • Im sorry buy that is a sexy phone and i would buy that off contract in heartbeat. cant stand how the current nexus looks and feels.

  • Galaxy Nexus was always a terrible name. Call this one Nexus Prime (like Gnex was meant to be) now that the N7 has raised the brand awareness.

  • Dou

    Why not a Samsung Galaxy Note!!! that would be amazing

  • I’d buy this POS.

  • Tyler

    Can’t be real, I can’t find the ridiculous Verizon emblem on the back.

  • Andrew Remmers

    It would be quite fantastic if the phone was that slim though. I also don’t understand why near bezel-less screens don’t exist. You only need a smidge of structure there to make the phone rigid

  • Mike

    I think the BlackBerry TK (
    http://www.digitalhomeboy.ca/?page_id=3510 ) concept would make a better device.

  • balagiwithak

    The front looks like a Moto phone…maybe we will finally see a Moto phone with an unlocked bootloader, and what better than it being a Nexus?

  • UrDoGG

    Even though this is fugly, I still wish a phone would come out with virtually no bezel on the sides.

  • OhAaron

    I like it… :/

  • JulianZHuang

    Seem like it will last 1hr of browser usage.

  • Al

    Looks like the unwanted child of the droid X lol

    • Diablo81588

      It looks nothing like a Droid x..

  • Now you’re posting stories about non-stories? Is DL really this desperate for traffic? Skip the garbage Kellex.

    • Knlegend1

      You didn’t read what he wrote.

  • Can a man dream for a moment? I want 5 Nexus phones:

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2
    Motorola Nexus M
    LG Nexus Prime
    Sony Xperia Nexus
    HTC Nexus One X

    One can dream right?

    • eddy

      Motorola Nexus Maxx !!

    • Except, it would be the Motorola droid nexus HD MAXX

      • Motorola droid nexus HD MAXX 4G LTE

        • Trevor-kai Craig

          Motorola Droid Nexus HD MAXX 4G LTE 2013 Exclusively From Verizon

  • cknight91

    The concept with virtually no bezel kind of gave that away…

  • Hope it’s not 5 different Nexus phones. that going to cause a lot of fragmentation.

    It’s freakin’ floatin’

    • TC

      looks ‘shopped… 🙂

  • Dave

    Yeah that looks terrible.

  • Geocranium

    I’m surprised at the lack of enthusiasm by manufacturers towards producing a phone that has a very, very tiny bezel like this render.

    It would be a totally new design feature to implement and I think it would work really well.

    Hopefully SOME company produces an Android handset with an almost nonexistent bezel before Apple implements it in their next iPhone.

    • Dave

      I disagree with the idea of having a “nonexistent” bezel. It would be a pain to hold without accidentally hitting the touch screen with your palms/fingers while in use. Bezels are there for a good reason (prevent accidental touches), and they are more functional than merely fashion.

      • cknight91

        Not to mention the increase in fragility.

      • Diablo81588


      • Geocranium

        I’m holding my phone right now and the way I hold it, no part of my hand touches the front. I honestly don’t see how one can accidentally touch the screen.

  • Michael_NM

    Hey Google. Steal that Play Music icon and make it your own.

  • I actually like this design (i’m weird like that. i don’t blame people for hating it though), excerpt for the camera placement. that ruins it completely.

    • Larizard

      i scrolled up to see the messaging icon and lol’d

    • AlexKCMO

      I like it too. You know though, if it was real: OMFG NEXUS THIS IS AMAZING!!!!

    • DigitalDK

      That icon is from the Xperia phones… whoever did this mockup totally did his homework.

  • I still think that the 5 nexus devices will be:
    -Nexus 7 (Made by ASUS)
    -Nexus 10 (Made by an OEM)
    -Nexus phone (Made by one OEM)
    -Nexus Q (No clue who is the OEM)
    -Nexus TV box (Made by another OEM)

    This is what I think they meant when they said 5 different OEMs. Instead of five different phones, we will be getting five different devices.

    • Mack

      Never thought about that but it does make more sense than 5 phones. Hopefully if the Nexus 10 comes to life it will be an Asus product. I know some Nexus 7’s have had issues but mine is flawless and I love the build quality.

      • feztheforeigner

        Asus really is the best for tablets. Can’t even think of one other OEM that comes close…especially in that “A” category…

        • Larizard

          i see what u did there

        • angermeans

          I’m just glad that my Nexus 7 is nice cause after owning the Transformer Prime I was really worried about the build quality and had zero plans of ever getting another ASUS branded android device. They just use cheap parts, thir displays are awful (this is no different on te Nexus 7 but at least it is a little higher pixel density, and yes I have seen the Infinity and is a much higher pixel density but is still very very poor and looks way washed out. No where near te retina iPad for sure.

          • I love my Transformer Prime. Yes, ASUS messed up on the WiFi thing, but other than that, it’s awesome. No issues with build quality or the screen.

      • JMonkeYJ

        I got a nexus 7 with the screen flaw in a major way. But now I have my replacement with no manufacturing defects and can fully enjoy it. What an excellent tablet. The best of the 3 I own (Nook Color and HP Touchpad).

    • Daniel Rosseau

      I think they are going to come out with 5 phones. At least I hope they do. I like this idea
      Galaxy Nexus 2 or something like that
      Nexus Razr Maxx
      Nexus One
      Nexus Ion
      Nexus LG Something haha

      I just really want a Moto made Nexus with the same size screen as the Galaxy Nexus and a Maxx battery

      • Alpha_Axl

        Weird…I already have the Nexus One! 😛

        • Greg

          maybe they would call it the HTC One neXus

          • RAZR_FANN

            HTC [O(neX]us)?

      • Derrick James

        dont forget the Nexus Razr Maxx Maxx two months later

      • Trevor-kai Craig

        Dear God, please never let LG make a Nexus device. Amen.

  • jacques cousteau

    Can we get that wallpaper…

    • JustTrollin69


  • somethingwired7

    I would love a phone with an edge to edge display! I wish a manufacturer would bring a phone with one into production

    • mustbepbs

      I would hate it. Imagine how horrible it would be to hold. You’d have to hold it from the bottom and not touch the sides or else you’d be swiping and hitting things with your grip. Definitely not practical. The GS3 has very minimal bezel and I think it’s perfect. No smaller.

  • somethingwired7

    Edit: double post

  • Bear_it

    Judging by the build design and shape you’d be more inclined to think it was made my Motorola instead of Samsung. Some peoples kids…

    • paul_cus

      I thought Motorola as soon as I saw this.

  • Matthew Merrick

    god that is a beautiful phone *drools*

    • Diablo81588

      Why, because it says nexus on it?

    • It’s ugly.

  • Michael Forte

    U.G.L.Y. you ain’t got no alibi, you ugly, yeah yeah, you ugly.

  • Good lord that is an ugly phone. I can’t believe anyone would think was real.

  • Why do people make these pointless concepts that are ugly and not even real concepts

    • Michael_NM

      They’re conceptualizing… that’s their job. Frankly, I’m jealous.

    • trololo

      art majors

      • Larizard

        i lol’d

    • MonkeyWork

      Where do you think the designs for the released products you like come from?