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Google Wallet Hacked to Work on Verizon’s Galaxy S3


In case you were wondering, Google Wallet is blocked from Verizon’s Galaxy S3 just like it was on the Galaxy Nexus. Big Red has their own mobile NFC payment system on the way, called Isis, and would rather you wait to turn your life over to one. Oh wait, they aren’t blocking Google Wallet, it’s just that it’s “different” than other mobile commerce apps. Mmhmm. In other words, they are blocking it for now, until they can work out a licensing deal with Google.

If you were wanting to get in some NFC payment action ahead of time, there is a new hack that will get you up and running and spending at your local NFC-equipped spots. A .zip is available to be flashed by rooted users. From what we can tell, it involves the changing of your current build.prop file, followed by a push of a tweaked Wallet app. The video above is proof that it indeed works.

Via:  XDA | Phandroid

  • hi I wrote about this website and included a link back to this page on http://thebestsites.com/more/google-wallet-needs-a-miracle/ … article talks about how google wallet has no chance because of the anti competitive behavior its seeing from wal-mart and the three biggest national carriers

  • You are all stupid for using a “hacked” version of any NFC payment system. No telling what is in the code and what its doing with your info.

  • Shane Girodat

    Why not block it in the Play Store and just make it available as an .apk that can be side-loaded. These are our phones how can they(VZW) tell us what software we can and cannot run on our equipment.

  • feztheforeigner

    Mine still doesn’t work. In fact I lost all NFC capabilities and had to restore my last backup (5 minutes before I flashed this)…

    Hopefully another solution will work better…

  • brent

    Works great so screw you vzw

  • Micael CrackMonkey

    The problem is that Verizon still has not released a version of Isis.
    They first said May then June now who knows when
    they will come out with a release.

  • robotturkey

    after I got wallet from the market on my big red gnex with the trick kellex showed a while back it is no longer blocked for me. maybe cause i rooted after that i dont know but no apps are blocked for me.

  • “Alas, regardless of their doom, the little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come, nor care beyond today.” -Thomas Gray


    Nothing says, “I’m dumber than a sack of hammers — ya’ll!” like using a cell phone hack — developed by people whom you do not even know and whom quite possibly don’t even reside in this country — to nefariously access your bank account(s) and your credit card(s) with your personal account numbers and passwords.

  • HurkaDirka

    Why on earth has verizon gone this long without being sued. Microsoft = sued for including media player, Microsoft = sued for including Internet Explorer, Verizon != sued for blocking competitors applications so they can force users to use their own product.

  • Evigilant

    Just did this and tested it out. Worked perfectly.

  • Nick

    That’s great, now hack that bootloader!

    • Droosh

      What are you talking about? There is already a workaround to the bootloader working. I had CM10 on my phone last week. The encryption on the signature will never be broken. Not possible.

      • Nick

        What’s the work around?

        • c4v3man

          kexec hacks to load a secondary kernel to overwrite the stock kernel apparently…

  • Mike

    Does the market web trick not work with the GS3?

    • Droosh


  • I am as disappointed as the rest of my tech peers with Verizon but I am wondering if there are any liability issued with credit card payments over a phone for Verizon / AT&T. I understand that other carriers allow Wallet, but they tend to be more loose / scrappy to draw in customers. Any thoughts on this?

  • psychosomatic2

    Is verizon becoming the ever growing evil empire of mordor?

  • T4rd

    It’s sad that the phone and app has to be “hacked” to use G-Wallet in the first place.. F*** Verizon.

  • Dan

    Who cares, nobody uses google wallet

    • ddevito

      I did, used it 5x a week. Loved it

    • Hunter

      Wow….how long did take you to poll all users to find that out?

      Oh and you must have skipped me, because I use it..

    • John

      If you live in a bigger city, you’ll utilize it more.

      • Dan

        OK. OK. I’ll give it a chance.. I just feel like it’s a bit of a pain, and the technology isn’t 100% working.

  • The words hack and wallet don’t complement each other very well…

    • steve30x

      I know those hackers probably put a “key logging” program to track your info hidden and encrypted on that zip. file lol.

      • Droosh

        not possible. you aren’t installing their software.

        • b

          Is possible. They take the wallet apk.and tweak it as well. No telling what has been added…

  • Destroythanet

    As always, XDA Devs > Verizon Moneygrubbers.

  • $6 for a breakfast sandwich!?!?! O_o

    • John

      lol. ya i was wondering wtf on that too

    • bandit

      If you listened to the video and actually watched it, the total was $4.01.

  • ddevito

    I wish someone would hack Google Wallet to get around the SECURE_ELEMENT issue

    • I wish carriers would stop getting in the way of crap and just provide a dumb pipe and service only.

    • Boblank84
      • ddevito

        Thanks – I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work.

    • tyguy829

      If you make a titanium backup of wallet (with app data), and restore it to any rom you flash, your secure element will be fine

      • ddevito

        I believe it needs to have no data – anyway, I didn’t back it up. I hacked my GNex so early it wasn’t known to be an issue yet.

        • I am curious how do you know if it is no longer working? I flashed many a times and believe I have a good backup but I just want to know how to tell. Will it just not work or does it warn you?

          • ddevito

            Well..I do not receive the ‘SECURE_ELEMENT’ error, per say, in Google wallet. Instead, when I open the app, the older version would be stuck at ‘initializing device’ – it would stay at that prompt forever.The new app now says ‘activating account’ – but it never does.

            Another symptom is that the ‘More’ sub-menu in Settings in inaccessible, and the entire Settings app itself hangs and crashes – VERY ANNOYING.

            I’ve worked with Google and Money Network and confirmed that when this happens the NFC chip seizes, per spec and design, to disallow anyone to use it in the event of a security breach. Money Network tried to do a master reset of my account, which works on their end, but fails on my end. The phone never actually makes communication with their servers, which explains why it gets stuck at that prompt.

            But it’s poor design, and frankly, Google needs to give some more technical info as to why they do it that way. When the NFC chip seizes the More menu is unavailable, thus you can change things like your mobile network preference (CDMA or LTE, etc) – which straight up sucks a big lemon.

            Google gets a gas face for Google Wallet.

          • Alright well thanks for the advice, do you know what happen if you get the secure element error? I just don’t wanna go to use it and have it not work.

          • I transferred it to my latest nexus,it was stuck on the ‘activating account’ for a while,so got busy doing something else and later got a message that it was activated

  • John

    I still don’t understand why Verizon blocks Wallet.

    • Because it can be used in so many places and with so many credit cards…an App people won’t likely use every day hurts the user experience…I hope my sarcasm was subtle enough

    • SirSoloDolo

      It’s not Verizon standardize bloatware so they can’t make any money on it

      • michael arazan

        Do they get a peice of the pie when i use amazon appstore purchases or the play marlet purchases over their network? What’s the difference of making purchases over their network between a bank and a company? I pay my bill over their network with other apps and they don’t get money for it, why are they singling out google? If their ISIS is going to be so spectacular they wouldn’t need to block people from using it would they?

    • Droosh

      because they plan to roll out their own payment system where they can leach money from us as a middle man adding zero value to the equation.

      • John

        Oh so do what they do best. Gotcha.