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Google Upgrades Gmail Video Chat to Newer Google+ Hangout Technology


Today, Google is rolling out a revamped face-to-face video chat feature for all Gmail users. Instead of the older peer-to-peer formula that has been in use since 2008, they will now utilize the Google+ Hangout service for all of the video needs, which is a more stable and optimized system. Naturally, Google is going way beyond just being able to video chat. With Hangouts in Gmail, you can watch YouTube videos, share what’s on your browser’s screen, and of course, dress like a pirate.

Google says that some folks can start using the Hangouts in Gmail today and roll out will continue over the next couple of weeks.

Via: Gmail Blog

  • carlena


  • Fatty Bunter

    They are doing everything they can do migrate things to google plus. No wonder the traffic there went up big time. Also, awesome, I love google plus and hangoouts.

  • ddevito

    If Google wanted to, they’d be able to bury Citrix’s WebEx into the ground. I often use Hangouts both personally and at work to share screens and view presentations (which is awesome because all the viewers need is a browser)

    • SchwannyT

      If you click on someone elses picture you can mute their mic (it makes a ding and puts a note at the top) but its really nice when someone leaves to go chase a screaming kid you can mute them (and it mutes them for everyone) while they are away and get on with it.
      But yes having a moderator would be sweet for a more “presentation” type show. I like the group thing for hanging out with the family (6 has been my max), but to do training or other more professional stuff even if people had to vote a moderator or something would be nice to have the option

  • I DO NOT understand why they don’t air these ads on TV. Everyone thinks FaceTime is the greatest thing since sliced bread and no one even knows about Google’s superior video chat.

    • My problem is i dont know enough people with front facing camera android phones. or the few i do i dont need/want to video chat with them, being nerds and all.
      All iphone users are beautiful people so they all really enjoy looking at each other which is why FaceTime is so so much better.

      • You can use Google’s video chat to chat with someone using a PC too, you don’t need a phone. I use it to chat with the family when I’m out of town. I’m guessing things like Siri and FaceTime don’t get used a whole bunch, but those are still cool features that will sell a device or service. Google needs to start advertising more on TV.

        • I dont really video chat on pc. I dont really use G+ or have many friends on there so I usually use skype for that anyways. But that’s all personal preference.
          But so agree, Also, google doesn’t seems to spotlight features that would “sell” the devices. Apple knows that people will actually buy a phone because of Siri and nothing else. While the GN commercial was cool. It didn’t sell it to the idiots. IMO they should have two ad campaign. Their usual one for smart people and then another one to sell to the general public.
          If there’s one thing apple is the best at, its marketing. Google should learn from them.

          • You don’t really need to advertise to smart nerds like us, we already know everything about the phones. And Google doesn’t need to learn from Apple, they make great video advertisements, see them here:


            They just don’t air them on TV.

          • They don’t, but they do. They aired the GN ad. It wasn’t as flashy as apple ads to the general pop. Look at how much apple plays up ONE feature (a bad one at that), Siri, buy hiring famous actors to star in them. The general population is stupid and needs to be wowed. A “great video” and a “great ad” is completely different things. I think Google makes great videos, but not great ads.

          • michael arazan

            They need to advertise, my friend who just bought an android device still won’t use the functionality of google+ but uses his gmail. Maybe now he’ll finally start using his the better points of google

    • ddevito

      I think you will see them. Google is starting to put some muscle behind its advertising efforts. The new N7 commercial is a huge hit on TV.

  • mustbepbs

    Sloooooooooooooow news day ._. Definitely doesn’t help a slow business day.

    • Bill Lumbergh

      Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays…

      • John

        Hah. Goes better with the image

      • mustbepbs

        You bet I do.

  • Nobody does ads like Google.

    • supermiah

      Now if only they would do that with their products (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus Q) they would KILL Apple so bad.