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Jelly Bean Factory Images Released for Nexus 7, Nexus S, and GSM Galaxy Nexus Variants

Jelly Bean factory images are now available from Google for a good portion of the Nexus lineup of devices. If you happen to own a Nexus 7, Nexus S (sojua or soju versions), or the Galaxy Nexus (yakju and takju versions), then we suggest downloading these files and keeping them in a safe place in case of future software troubles. Down the road, these could save you from a horrible custom ROM flashing fiasco and bring your device back from the dead. No love yet of course for the Verizon toro version, but hopefully we’ll be shown some love too in the future. 

Download: Nexus Factory Images

Via: Android Police

  • Chris Cox

    s anyone tried this factory on their Nexus 7? I have as I rooted/unlocked it and I lost the ability to download the magazine app….I used the Nexus toolkit to flash this to my device and I still don’t have the magazine app nor can I download it. It States that it is installed but I can’t do s%$# with it…..UGH

    • Chris Cox

      I got it….I found another post on xda that had me download ‘hide it pro’. Once I set it up there were 2 apps (Magazine and Wallet) and 1 widget hiding (Sound Search).

  • UrDoGG

    Alright, it’s happening today. I’m going to get off of my ass and flash an AOSP rom on my VZ GNEX. I hear a lot of talk of Bugless Beast, does everything work on it (such as wifi, GPS, etc.)? I am looking for a rom that is as close to the stock experience as possible.

    • TG

      bugless beast and jelly belly are as close to stock as they come. check rootzwiki

      • UrDoGG

        Thanks man. JB is now on my Verizon GNEX! Probably much like everyone else that has recently put JB on their phone, I’m finding that I feel pretty stupid for waiting this long. I was one of the folks that just wanted to wait until Verizon rolled out the update – F’ that. It’s ridiculous how much better JB is than ICS. It’s not like there are a lot of mind blowing changes, but project butter puts Android (in my opinion) right up there with IOS in terms of smoothness. Google Now is awesome, and I find myself using it quite often. Most importantly, everything works (GPS, Wifi, NFC, etc.).

  • Bionic

    Im surprised this website hasnt been reporting the news that Bionic’s ICS update is ready to go and will likely Soak test the first week of August and be out mid august. cant wait. Other websites are reporting this.

    • I’m sure the Bionic’s 4 remaining users are thrilled!

  • Bionic

    and now we have wrong sounding muppets

  • cb2000a

    Viewing this on a Nexus 7…awesome tablet…simply awesome’

  • ddevito

    too much in love with my Nexus 7 to care about Verizon and my GNex. I’m perfectly happy with Bugless Beast

    • Bionic


  • sith77

    yawn ………………. rezound ………… still waiting for friggin ICS …………… sigh ………. yawn

    • Bionic

      Bionic to, but august is 99.9% gonna happen

  • BrianLipp

    Yea guys! lets bash Verizon some more because its not updated yet, again! I agree, its annoying that they take longer for updates, but what would you rather have? A Galaxy Nexus that takes a little longer to get updated (and you can flash with anything), or that Verizon got a GS2 variant along with the rest of the carriers last fall? Id take the nexus every time, and ill get a CDMA nexus again and “suffer” through update delays (so long as Verizon gets a Nexus again….please)

    • feztheforeigner

      I’d rather have a REAL Nexus on Verizon with Google’s nice and timely updates. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the exact same phone get the update everywhere else weeks ago?

      • michael arazan

        Jean Baptiste in google groups said that JB for the gsm and cdma/lte are identical, so why can’t people flash the gsm version on a cdma version?

        • feztheforeigner

          We shouldn’t have to flash anything…

          • derek connolly

            but…but i like flashing things… 🙂
            sorry, im currently attending CFA (crack flashers anonymous)

          • Bionic

            i love boobies that get flashed

  • what happened to the google wallet app for verizon nexus, not there anymore

    • 4n1m4L

      Not where? If you are referring to factory images it never was there.

      • Jim McClain

        Was wanting to download Google wallet on my Verizon nexus

        • derek connolly

          Sprint supports Google Wallet, Verizon does not. That’s why it is blocked for the VZW Nexus.

          • 4n1m4L

            not quite 😉

        • flash bugless beast, it has wallet included

        • 4n1m4L

          Don’t flash a rom. They are all rooted, which breaks security. Just follow these steps. they use a loophole.

    • ddevito

      never was

    • Bionic

      rumor has it they are working on their own NFC payment system

  • SeanBello

    ugh…just think: they released the factory images 2-3 wks after those devices got the upgrade. we’re not even close. wtf.

  • I wonder when Samsung will release the stock files for the Samsung Galaxy SIII for Verizon so I can have piece of mind when I’m flashing stuff to meh baby :-).

    • Bionic

      i coulda sworn S 3 was released, maybe im thinking of something else

  • s23

    There is no such thing as Nexus on Verizon

    • Boblank84

      only if you rely on them for updates..its a nexus, so why would you?

      Edit: i do agree though its bs they drag their feet.

    • S_T_R

      Yes there is. Comes with a stupid-easy unlockable bootloader and frequent leaks of new software builds. I was on 4.0.4 a month before the GSM model was. And that’s without bothering with ROMS. Now that I have, Bugless Beast has 10% better battery life than stock, and it’s still in nightlies.

  • droidftw

    I read the title as “Jelly Bean Factory” and I got really excited. Then I read the rest of it and found out I don’t own any of those devices 🙁

  • Not a name

    F U VZW!

  • Google NOR Verizon/Sprint does not care about CDMA GNEX’s!

    • Pedro

      Google does.
      They have toro supported in the AOSP branch as much as maguro. Toroplus still needs negotiations. But it’s just wrong to claim that Google doesn’t care about CDMA.

    • Bionic

      cuz they want you to buy the 4G one