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Chameleon Beta Arriving “Beginning of August” for Those That Pre-ordered

Backers of Chameleon, the Android tablet home replacement app, mark “beginning of August” on your calendars. Announced today through the Chameleon blog over at Kickstarter, a beta version will be made available in the coming weeks to all those that pre-ordered the app. It will be published through the Play Store, which we are assuming means there will be some sort of login process in order to activate it. Otherwise, it would be a free-for-all and defeat the purpose of it being a beta.

We have written about this app countless times, so this early arrival of a beta is greatly welcomed.

Via:  Kickstarter

Cheers Kevin and EvanTheGamer!

  • michael arazan

    Will this work on phones with ICS since it is based on phone and tablet software? Or do you think with such a small screen on a phone compared to a tablet it wouldn’t be worth it?

  • randy

    Is the Xoom the sexiest device ever or what? Every time I see someone feature an app it has to be the Motorola Xoom that is showing it

  • Every time I get a Kickstarter Project Update, I get more enamored with it. The only potential issue I can see is a lack of sexy widgets.

  • Cool name… I love chameleons!

  • WHY.jpg

    >preordering an app
    What the hell is this?

    • r0lct

      Yeah, unless there is a benefit for pre-ordering I can’t see the point. I did get sucked into the Nexus 7 but that was a rare occurrence.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Just pre-ordered it I think on Tuesday or yesterday and I honestly can’t wait to test out Chameleon on my Nexus 7. Two weeks and counting…bring it on!

  • Greg Morgan

    can’t wait to try this out on my Touchpad and GTab.