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HTC Posts Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Details Again, Lists the Old June 20 Release Date Too

Back on June 20, HTC posted software upgrade instructions for the Rezound and its impending Ice Cream Sandwich update. Initially, we were as excited as can be. But after not hearing a peep out of Verizon, we started to wonder if this was a mistake. Sure enough it was, and HTC removed the details almost immediately.

Today, those same details for software build 3.14.605.10 have returned along with the June 20 date. We aren’t sure if this means that the update is finally ready to be pushed or if someone accidentally pressed “publish” again. If Verizon releases details for the update, then we know this thing is on, but until then, keep your fingers crossed.

HTC told us recently to expect the update at the end of July. Since today is the 18th, I’d say we are getting close.

And don’t forget, that this build leaked back in early June.

Via:  HTC

Cheers Jason!

  • The Ice Cream Sandwich update on the Rezound is just *ok*. You have to see an HTC screen whenever you try to access text messages and whenever you move in and out of different apps. It is as though HTC has no shame in forcing product placement (almost like an ad for the expensive phone you have already purchased) while obviously documenting your every change, which for some reason takes SEVERAL moments…. Much more waiting time with this system than the previous.

  • It seems like the rezound being such a great phone and still one of the top has been shoved to the back by Verizon. I see no support out there. I saw screen protectors, cases, accessories, for phones that weren’t even out yet in stores like Best Buy and yet nothing for the rezound even after it was out like 9 months. They dont even have the rezound out on display at Best Buy but they have the thunderbolt? This phone has better specs than some of the recently released phones that just came out. The only thing the incredible 4G lte has over the rezound is ICS and Sense 4.0

  • yuji

    welcome to the tinyurl.com/cyk9xz2

  • zepfloyd

    HTC pulled this…again.

  • name

    What about the d4

  • I have zero regrets jumping ship to a nexus. The Rezound was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

  • das0527

    Surprise surprise. The notice has been removed from HTC’s website.

  • das0527

    Verizon and HTC can suck it. Anyone who bought a Rezound and trusted those two companies should get an embossed apology packaged with a refund and a damn Nexus device. They’re slinging blame back and forth like spoiled children while leaving their customers in the dark with no useful information. And when the users try to take matters into their own hands by supporting the work of an amazing dev community – who did what VZW and HTC apparently can’t – the only thing they get for it is a spanking and a voided warranty. They don’t give a damn about supporting the users who have already paid their money. Instead they rave about other fancy new phones they’ve released with the very software others of us have been waiting for since the Rezound launched back in mid November. Is this their idea of good customer service and ethical business practices? I don’t have any more respect for VZW and HTC than I do of Apple, and that’s the bottom of the damn barrel.

    • Given a Nexus device? HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a joke. I returned that POS as fast as I could. If Rezound users wants ICS that bad they need to install it themselves. Because we’ve all see what happens when Verizon gets a hold of updates.

    • We should seriously — and I really am serious — consider a class action lawsuit against any company which doesn’t update its software in a timely way at least once during the typical lifetime (2 years?) of a cellular device. In this case, there is documented proof of promises made and not kept.

      • das0527

        Steve, I’ve considered contacting the state Attorney general’s consumer fraud division.

  • July 23 will be the day just talked to rep he confirmed it that ota of ics will be Monday july 23

    • Sith77

      Bro , not gonna hold my breath that’s for sure but that would be cool considering rep comented back on the Verizon forum and stated no eta and some time this year l I’m crossing fingers with you bro

    • rcasmus

      I will never believe it until i actually see it. I can’t believe a Verizon rep would actually say that. Still hopeful though. On a happier note I now have 4glte at my house woohoo!!!

    • It’s July 23rd and no one has posted any info about the update yet. I really hope today is the day my ReZound gets ICS.

      • sith77

        well 23rd here its after 12 safe to say NO ICS as usual . face it people we were scammed and duped into ANOTHER Verizon money tactic to help them double their profits this year , we are never getting ICS unless you want 3rd party ……………………. F U VERIZON

        • I’m selling my ReZound and getting the Galaxy Nexus. I’m not gonna succumb to this Android fragmentation.

  • Just called Verizon rep confirmed tentative release for ics will be Monday July 23 , they plan on pushing out the ota of ics for the rezound, can’t wait till the!!! Also rep said had some minor bugs so that’s why it was not released yet

    • Sith77

      Wahh Wahh never happen never gonna get it

  • Sith77

    What’s even more agravteing is that the tmobile ( soon to be stealing ALOT of verizon customers ) htc amaze almost identical phone has had ICS for months now . So you KNOW htc has been done with their end and it’s on Verizon at this point .

  • Sith77

    No more HTC for me . It’s all I’ve had for the last 8 years and I have bought quite a few phones at full price just to have them cause how awesome I thought they were . Now I realize it was all for nothing . Why be loyal to brand when they aren’t loyal to you . iPhone 5 in fall here I come . Updates when they say their gonna be released , smooth OS operations with out connectivity issues like the constant dropped data connection on the rezound now ( which we still haven’t gotten an update to fix ) amazing customer support from apple . God bye HTC it WAS fun while it lasted . Until then I can only and pray ICS comes soon so at least I can test it out for a little while

  • CraigSling

    UPDATE: HTC pulled page again….

  • WhatAJoke

    HTC has removed the page once again.

  • steve30x

    Here is my email from yesterday to HTC..
    Dear —–,
    When it comes to the release of updates for our phones Steve, we don’t get much information ourselves when it comes to release time lines. Our developers at HTC do extensive testing of the update and how it works with all of our phones before pushing it out to our customers. As a result, it can sometimes take a long time for them to get pushed out to the end customers as at any point during the testing process there may be bugs or errors that arise. Since there is no way to know before hand how long it will take to fix these bugs it’s impossible for us to announce a release date until it’s pretty much read to go.
    Let me know if I have successfully answered your question, please click here to complete this.

  • George264

    Really, Verizon people are assholes. Just give it to us ):

  • Sith77

    This is the message being posted on Verizon message boards in regards to when the update is coming . NOW they aren’t even saying August anymore just some time this year with NO release date . This is complete and utter B******T rezound owners not only have had the wool pulled over eyes but now they are juste beating us with socks filled with bars of soap and laughing at us waiting for us to dump the phone and go buy a new Samsung or something FORCING us to try and loose unlimited data , and add to their bottom line profits for unit sales…………… F A Quuuuuuuuuu Verizon

    We do know that the Rezound is still on schedule to receive ICS this year.
    At this time, we do not have a release date as to when ICS will be released, but we are just as excited as you are.
    You can check out http://bit.ly/n5snpq for software update & product information.

    Tamara H.
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

  • Aliasqa

    I’ve been running this firmware on my phone for about 2 1/2 weeks. I’ve
    had only one issue the phone would shut off randomly. I thought the
    issue was Sim card related so I pulled the battery and removed the Sim
    card. Waited about two or three minutes and reinstalled the Sim and
    re-powered the phone. The issue was abated I think the firm is pretty
    stable and runs nicely. You can disable the Verizon Crapware ……

    The only issue I’ve seen is the phone has two Preferred Network Modes LTE/CDMA or CDMA only.

    The firmware released for the Razr has a Global and GSM option but does not have an option to use CDMA only.

  • New_Guy

    Thunderbolt next, pleeeeeaaase!

    • George264

      Bro, you won’t get ICS. At least not until 34234243234234234 Year. Remember when they said Rezound was ICS ready? If you’re stuck on Verizon, like me, considered yourself screwed. Even the Nexus…

  • Rezound owners have no reason to bitch and moan, next time you feel like crying think about the Thunderbolt owners that have NO ICS LEAK and NO RIL to get a functioning ICS rom. Not to mention the fact that they have been on GB alot longer than anyone on the rezound on official build with Sense 2.1 instead on Sense 3.5

    • HerpDerp

      Well sorry to say it but the thunderbolt is going on 3 years old. it’s old news, and probably won’t receive ICS for a decent amount of time. You were never more or less promised ICS, where as We have been for the past 4 months.

  • mmoreimi

    Done with this garbage. I’m so sick of it.
    Rooted, S-off and running Newt’s One XXX ROM…..for now.
    Next time just going to get a Nexus.

    • Kevin McDole

      Next time just gonna switch to a different carrier with the best HTC phone rather than upgrade and loose my unlimited data.

      • mmoreimi

        The problem is that changes….IMO the Rezound was the best HTC phone until HTC dropped the One X….but now there’s talk about an HTC beast that’s coming to VZW that should put them on top. Quad-core, etc….
        It’s just so difficult… you can’t win, dude…

  • djkoz78

    Maybe this is finally coming! I checked VZW’s story page and as far as i can tell us all the same. All it says it’s UPDATE COMING SOON! Of course this had been saying COMING SOON for months and months and of course everyone knows that EARLY 2012 isn’t end of July early August. It’s in fact late 2012 & a direct slap in the face along with a blatant Lie from HTC America during the NYC event back in November 2011. HTC said that the Rezound had a strict update plan and will have the update out for the owners early 2012. http://androidcommunity.com/htc-rezound-set-to-get-ice-cream-sandwich-early-2012-20111103/

    This was obviously said and lied about so people would buy the Rezound instead of waiting or getting the GNex. Now it’s 8 mos. going on 9 mos. later and I would be willing it’s safe to say more than a few Rezound owners are angry. I can say personally I don’t like being led to believe a lie so they can ask for forgiveness later. I don’t care about the politics between VZW and HTC i only care that we were told a specific reason to buy the HTC Rezound was it was going to be updated quickly and one of its biggest selling points only to be deceived. Then HTC said oops sorry do you forgive us? Oh and buy our new device it will be updated to jelly bean early 2013 oh you don’t trust us now? Whatever for? What was it that we did for our customers not to believe us? Was it the lie? Was it the lack of reasons as to why it wasn’t updated early 2012? Was it not hearing a peep as to why we posted it was ready on 06/20/2012 then quickly pulled down and delayed yet again and nobody said anything?

    How about ALL OF THE ABOVE! Never again HTC.

    • Adol

      I’ve had ICS on my Rezound since early 2012. I didn’t root my phone or anything. HTC had it out, they leaked it. it’s Verizon that doesn’t push out anything. btw, nothing was ever buggy.

  • JustAnAngryJOE

    In all honesty don’t blame any of the manufacturers for the delays that happen to OS and standard updates that are supposed to fix the phones it literally is all Verizon’s fault. Every time the company gives them the update to fix a pretty important issue, these morons have to take it, and essentially fix where they can push all their bs bloatware and vzw bs onto the update which in turn can either work out or they completely screw the update up with there crapware in it. Like the nexus for example, i sure everyone has at last heard of the dropped call on full signal and the whole mic audio dropping out when your on a call, well i found out that Samsung had long since giving them the update to fix that issue i think roughly 2 to 4 months back has vzw released it of course not, wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t come out till the end of the year or something but i digress, in all honesty manufacturers should just say screw the carriers, push the update themselves, cause id be willing to put my bottom dollar on knowing that the upates that some of our devices need and what not are perfectly fine and fully functional until VZW bs gets inserted into it and essentially makes it unstable and worse then when it started and yet like spoiled incompetent punk , VZW has to suck on its bottle and be like i didn’t do it it was Samsung or Htc that messed it up, I just sell it and provide lackluster support. Oh but please let me interest you in this 1gb data allowance for the low low price of 50$. Oh yeah be sure to use your WIFI on Americas fastest NWK. Oy when will the madness end, But on the bright side at least some of the manufacturers aren’t sitting there letting VZW blast them. with the BS.

    • jack

      JustAnAngryJOE it is also htc’s fault too cause they have promised ics updates to a list of phones including the rezound n htc evo 3d and its almost fall and no update. The Vivid got it and amaze got it practically early 2012 thats because at&t and t-mobile get better commission for htc than verizon and sprint does ” don’t u see this”? and also the vivid update was a bribe. also Verizon and htc are at equal blame

      • JustAnAngryJOE

        fair enough though u can probably sense the bitterness i have against VZW lol

  • I think its time to remove the rights of Android OTA updates from the carrier and give the phone companies full power to broadcast the updates on their own servers.

    • JustAnAngryJOE

      pardon my french but damn right !!!!

    • I agree on that. Let the manufacture roll out the updates. Verizon probably cant get their “bloatware” to work on the update so that is most likely the hold up.

  • Guest

    Rezound is a junk phone lol I went back to my Inc2

    • popper

      So true..

      • popper

        I think the rezound is the worst phone of 2012.

  • trumpet444

    Mine has been on ICS so long that I don’t even remember what GB was like on the Rezound

  • Guest

    It’s ridiculous how long it’s taking the Rezound to get an update to ICS. It has top-notch hardware that is getting dragged down by GB.

    • trumpet444

      I’m glad someone on the internet knows how to spell ridiculous. I see “rediculous” all the freaking time

      • wyngo

        Verizon IS rediculous!

  • jack kramer

    It doesn’t take 7 month to check if a update has bug, this why I broke my rezound and got a galaxy nexus.

  • Edwin M

    It definitely looks like Verizon has been pushing this update back because they wanted the Incredible to be the HTC phone with ICS. Once they sell a bunch of these, then they decide to let us have an official ICS update.


    Who actually uses V CAST Media Manager?

  • Liderc

    HTC dropped the ball. Rezound was a good phone, could have been great with a timely ICS update. The One series is a step in the right direction but it’s not on Verizon…

    • Don’t blame HTC for this one. They clearly thought the update was ready on June 20 and were told to pull it back.

      • k_nivesout

        Were they told to pull it back because it was buggy? That would be more on HTC if that’s the case, but the information reported thus far doesn’t clarify that. Although we all know that Verizon takes their sweet time testing updates.

        • DJS

          It’s a little buggy. I’m running the leak and am overall impressed but occasionally the screen flickers. Waiting for the official release because the capacitive screen sensor has a dead spot right in the middle. Thank goodness it’s not over the keyboard.

          • Kevin McDole

            That may be your phone…I haven’t noticed that at all. I’m on the 3.14.605.10 leak.

          • DJS

            Thanks. That’s what I’m running as well. I didn’t have any screen flicker on the previous leak.

          • Kevin McDole

            I should’ve said that I occasionally (very rarely when returning to the home screen) notice a screen flicker, but I most certainly don’t have a dead spot anywhere.

      • Liderc

        You’re right, I assumed since Verizon got the Razr’s ICS update through that it this was all on HTC, but it’s possible that the build has been held up for other reasons.

      • I’m willing to bet VZW wanted to update the RAZR’s first since they never really marketed the rezound very much.

    • Jack Holt

      Agreed it had potential. The marketing on it could have been better and a timely ICS update would make it a contender of a phone still. Especially considering that the Inc 4G is really the only phone we’ve seen this year on VZW….

    • jack

      Yeah but the one x and the one s will be out shined by verizon’s quad core s4, 1080p screen and beats audio but my next phone will be a nexus i hate htc they can suck it

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I hope it is finally here. I am using BB on my GNex but my wife is still in Gingerbread hell (won’t let me mess with it) on her Rezound

  • I think they are trying to make a point. Verizon has had this update available to push and aren’t HTC wants users to know that it’s not them that are causing the delay

    • michael arazan

      Verizon’s secret proprietary 4g lte code won’t be given out to anyone or company even if its just for updates to make the phones on their network better. The sad part is we the people in the U.S. own the air waves Verizon is leasing from the government for their network. Verizon needs to open a section in its company for dealing with updates for phones. All smart phones are always going to need updates, and they should know better by now to help keep their over charged customers appeased with their devices. Also when crapple’s 4g phone comes out later this year, they too will have to go through the same crap too for updates, and if they don’t a lot of android people will be calling and bitching to vzw, myself being one.

  • It’s like watching paint dry… if that was painful and agitating.

    • John

      Hah. So true