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Video: Unboxing the Galaxy S3 on Verizon

The Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon is in the building, locked bootloader and all. While we have already unboxed both the T-Mobile and AT&T versions, we thought we would help celebrate the occasion by doing this little guy as well. At some point we’ll do a review, but trust me, it’ll be a short one. Since this phone is identical on all carriers aside from the radios inside, our testing is going to focus on battery life and connectivity. Testing those takes time, so hang with us. Otherwise, jump below to watch us take the covers off this bad boy, and then cruise over to our full Galaxy S3 review


  • I don’t know if I should get the samsung s3 or the droid razr maxx.

    • Jack

      Galaxy S3! HD Screen, Faster CPU, More RAM, Ice Cream Sandwich, Easy to Use! 🙂

      • bpow

        That’s all true. The things that are really keeping me away from the S3 are the fact that it has a plastic back, and the maxx has a Kevlar back. And the home key on the S3. The maxx just seems to be built a lot stronger, and a better battery. The maxx also has ICS too. I really am not seeing major upsides to the S3 that would stop me from getting the maxx.

  • Matt

    How is the battery life on the S3?

  • FYI: Cant put the Bionic Sim Card in it…it doesnt fit.

  • Buckoman

    Now we just need the unmarked international battery cover. All backs should fit all carriers, correct?

  • Orlando Ayala

    I think the fact that older LTE devices have larger SIM cards is why they send the extra one in the box. When I pre-ordered mine it said my Thunderbolt SIM was incompatible.

    • letsmotor

      My s3 showed up today without a sim card, yippee get to go to a vzw store!

    • LionStone

      I just found out today that the Thunderbolt sim card won’t fit in the Dinc4G…you’re right, its larger than the new ones.

  • Flyersbro

    I’m coming from a BIONIC to the GS3 and the sim from my BIONIC is bigger. I guess that’s why they send a new sim card.

  • GatorHands

    Just tried to buy a case and spare battery but neither fit. Case-Mate barely there case was too small, Samsung battery too big.

  • joshua northrup

    they told me pre-orders arrive in relation to when the pre-order was made. I made mine the second day it was announced we could do this and keep unlimited. I’m looking at a delivery to NC by next Monday (or rather: “should be by next Monday”). WTF!!!

  • john

    i like the look, I love white phones for some strange reason.

  • Rob

    Funny, the S3 was the first gadget I’ve ever did an unboxing video. Totally on the cuff and me not being serious, but I think I’ll upload it just for kicks.

    And when I upload, I’ll make sure to use Verizon’s network off my phone. The uplink speed murders my BS capped 2 mbps by my ISP anyway.

  • Realistic87

    And we open the box to find a pad lock with no key

  • At what point does that WiFi notification start showing up?

  • kevin

    Did anyone else cringe at the sight of all that bloatware?

    • m6droid

      i’m pretty sure my butthole puckered.

    • guest

      There actually want that much bloatware compared to previous phones. Id say verizon did tone it down abit in the area of preinstalled software.

    • spartansquad25

      you can hide all the bloatware.

  • hotguy_e

    seriously bro Kellex i’ve been following you now since you opened this website, my question to you is? how the hell can you affort all these phones from droid 1 to now?

    • Liderc

      You coming to his website?

      • We are making him rich. Have youu seen his watches? lol

    • mustbepbs

      99% of them are review units. OEMs send them to popular tech sites to review and send back after a certain time frame. He has his own phone that he pays for.

  • cloverz7

    Will the dev community continue to support this badboy with the locked bootloader. That is the question holding me back from buying one =(

    • possomcrast

      Honestly, I feel devs like a challenge and get even more into it when the boot loader is locked.

  • ayyyyyy

    I just wanna know if this thing has the same mute call issues the Gnex had.

  • TimothyLMJR

    Do you personally think your useless spam works or do you have a bot do it for you?

    • sgtguthrie

      There’s a special place in hell for spammers!!!

  • js

    A signature is required for delivery right? I might need to WFH tomorrow…

    • m6droid

      Yes, signature is required. you can do like I did though and just post a note on the door with your tracking number and signature that says you authorize them to leave it on your doorstep. they’ll leave it there for you. I did that since I’m at work when they deliver.

      • js

        Sweet. I will do that. I appreciate the tip!

    • Scottyb112

      Indirect signature. So anyone can sign for it, friend, fam, neighbor, etc. I think you can even leave a signed note on your door if no one will be around

  • My wife’s just got delivered FedEx!! …I’m more excited than she is. She got the blue, I won’t see it for a few more hours though.

  • Still waiting for mine, expected delivery is tomorrow, I was hoping it would show up early.

  • nightscout13

    I just got mine by FedEx! YAY!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Lmao “There should be another dot there that reads locked bootloader”

    • Touchwiz + locked bootloader = yuk.

    • g-dawg

      And one that says “Bursts into flames”

      • m6droid

        …if you microwave it after your dumb friend drops it in water. DERRRRRRRRRRRRP!

        • michael arazan

          I thought you were to submerse it in dry rice or kosher salt or something.

      • caddy197

        “burst into flames”? If you are talking about the story about that one that caught on fire…..the owner stepped up and said it was due to placing it in the microwave because he dropped it in water. Grow up!

  • I dont know what to do… Should I just cancel my preoder? I signed a 2 year contract for my moms phone in March because I never expected to leave Verizon. But this bootloader stuff is making me agry. Should I cancel my S3 and get a gnex or will I lose unlimmited? Should I cancel and keep my Droid X for 2 more years and buy a Nexus 7 right now so I can get quadcore and the latest android goodness?


      Personally you should keep the S III, it’s a great phone, and atm there’s an unofficial way of loading custom roms and kernels; eventually Verizon might budge, or a key might get “leaked”, but this is the best phone atm!

    • cloverz7

      I’m almost in the exact same boat as you, I almost have to stay on Verizon due to signal at home, and other people on the plan that are satisfied with bone stock. The question is do I upgrade now, or try my best to wait on the next big thing?

    • WaltAssault

      If getting this phone allowed you to keep your unlimited then use the 14 day return policy to get the phone you want. that shouldn’t mess with the contract at all. I love my Nexus but you will probably be more than fine with this phone. It still has great specs and all of the Moto’s(minus the droid 3 it was a nightmare to root an rom for my brother) had dev love even while locked down. Not nearly what I’ve seen with the Nexus but it’s out there none the less. Hell I have ICS on my kindle fire. that says something about the community.

      • sgtguthrie

        No, if you return it within the 14 days, and try getting another phone you’ll loose unlimited data! I already tried it and the system wouldn’t let them do it without changing my plan :-

    • I wouldn’t switch… but if you must get the phone pay the $35 restocking fee and then get something else and you will keep unlimited data being that your plan was renewed before the 28th of June.

  • counsel dew

    Can this be “upgraded” to a world phone like the Droid Razr Maxx ?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It will be

    • jbegs23

      After the OTA update they plan on rolling out.

  • WalCs

    I believe the SD slot supports up to 64GBs

    • Indeed it does, not sure what the hell I was thinking heh.

      • m6droid

        Which kind? HDSC? XC? Also, i think I read that HDSC is faster, but XC has more memory capabilities? So which is recommended?

      • strows

        that so much memory on a phone it’s ridiculous!!!

      • Scottyb112

        Does the Gnex battery fit in the GS3??

      • JK37

        Have you noticed that you cant change the screen options as you can on the quad core one?

      • JK37

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVLV4R3osOc&list=UUnM7BYdy07zvi5VE4hAHZww&index=2&feature=plcp notice at 5:29 of this video, the US version does not have this!


    Verizon are the only dickheads that Changed the boxing, and locked the bootloader!

    • reyalP

      And the wifi toggle! Verizon is turning into Apple! They are trying to control what you do and how you use your phone. They already f’ed up the Galaxy Nexus. Assholes! I hate to say it but I’m seriously considering jumping ship.

  • htowngtr

    Do you personally order all these phones or do you get them from sponsors?

    • John

      review units.

    • Greg Morgan

      The manufacturers send the units to bloggers for review usually. They have to send them back eventually.

      • Normally yes. This one I bought. 🙂

        • Greg Morgan

          well ;P then! lol

        • EC8CH

          No wonder the boot loader news pissed you off so much 🙂