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Quick Look: Spigen SGP Leather Flip and Folio Cases for the Galaxy S3 (Update: Contest Winners Picked)

Since the Samsung Galaxy S3 on a variety of carriers including Verizon, has started to arrive on the doorsteps of many of you, we thought we would spend some time today to talk about a couple of your case options. Last week, we looked at the offerings of RearthUSA, but today are switching over to Spigen SGP. In hand, we have their Argos leather flip case and the Folio faux leather case, each in a handful of colors.

After you read through our thoughts on them, be sure to jump to the bottom to get in on some contest action. That’s right, you can win everything you are seeing today. 

Folio Faux Leather Case

The Folio Faux Leather case comes in a greyish brown, navy blue, and the reddish color you are seeing in the pics above. The material itself is obviously not leather, but it feels really nice in hand. It has almost this ribbed feeling that definitely gives it enough grip to help keep it in hand. The flip mechanism doesn’t feel cheap, and you even have a slot to keep a business card or two. There are indents for the volume rocker and lock switch so that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding or pressing them. There are camera, speaker, headphone jack, and microUSB cutouts on the back and bottom as well, so that you will never miss a shot, sound or charge.

For the most part, I like the feel and look of this case, but I do have one small gripe. With a phone inserted, it doesn’t really feel like it hugs it tight enough, for me anyway. Now, your phone certainly isn’t going to fall out of this case or anything like that, but it would have been more impressive had it really hugged my Galaxy S3 just in case the material starts to give over time. Overall, it’s a solid flip case option. The price is $39.99 though, and again, it’s not real leather. [Buy]

Argos Leather Flip Case

The Argos Leather Flip case is definitely like no other case I have ever held. Rather than flipping to the side, this flip case goes vertical on you. So when holding it in hand, the top cover actually moves down from a top latch to give you access to the phone. There are cutouts for the volume rocker, lock switch, camera, and speakers, however, the microUSB port is only accessible with the top flipped open. I sort of like the idea of the case flipping down and out of your way, but it would definitely take some getting used to.

This case is made of genuine leather, comes in 3 colors (white, black, and brown), and is listed at $39.99 on Spigen’s site. Personally, this genuine leather feel is not for me, but for those that have chosen leather in the past, you may be good here. To me, the faux leather of the flip case feels much nicer in hand. Who knows, maybe once this genuine leather has worked itself in a bit, it’ll feel amazing. [Buy]



We have emailed our winners. Go check your email and see if you got lucky. 🙂


Let’s give all of these away, along with a screen protector! Some of you may have your orders by tomorrow or early next week, so the last thing we would want is for you case lovers to be walking around naked.


1.  In the comments, tell us why you chose to buy a Galaxy S3.
2.  Then tell us which of these cases or screen protector you would like. Your choices are:

*We have 1 black Argos, 1 white Argos, 1 brown Argos, 1 red Folio, 1 blue Folio, 1 grey Folio, and a Ultra Nano Clear screen protector.

3.  Tomorrow at 9AM Pacific, we will choose our winners.

Good luck!

  • Thom

    I primarily bought 2X Galaxy S3 because I wanted to use my last Verizon Wireless upgrades before being required to change plans. Currently, my wife has a 300 minutes, 300 sms, unlimited data plan. I have a plan that only existed for 3 or 4 days, Unlimited 4G data only for $49.99.

    I already have a few VZW phones including my GNex and wife’s iPhone as our “Daily Drivers.” I wanted to Maximize the value of these upgrades while considering the devices I already own. Also, though I know VZW says it won’t be an issue, I wanted to move my wife from 3G to 4G in order to avoid any future potential troubles with maintaining her plan while upgrading to a 4G device. The Galaxy S3 seemed, to me, to be the device to get.

    Additionally, the Galaxy S3, from the reviews and specifications, seems to be fairly solid. I like the 2GB of ram, processor, camera, and universal availability of accessories. I also like knowing that with many anticipated sales there should be a large base of developer supporters for custom ROMs and the like.

    I would prefer the black Argos case or screen protector. That said, I’d be truly happy to win anything.

    • Fred

      $49.99 4G unlimited data only? What plan is / was that?

      • Thom

        It was offered right when the Thunderbolt came out. If you had a Thunderbolt that wasn’t under contract you could get the plan. They got rid of the unlimited and switched it to 5GB for the same price after that first weekend. Needless to say, I doubt many people at all have the plan. The plan, on my bill, is listed as Email & Data Unlimited. I can’t remember the plan code.

  • Thom

    I bought (preorderd) 2X Samsung Galaxy S3 becaus I had 2X VZW upgrades available. I already have a Gnex and my wige a iPhone 4. I wanted to get my last upgrades before being required to change plans. She has 300 min, 450 sms, and ulimted data. I have unlimed data only for $49.99.
    I would like the black Argos case or screen protector, but would be very happy to win anything.

    • Thom

      Tried sending this with from my phone. It glitched out on me while I reviewed my wife’s plan, the SMS number is incorrect.. Please ignore this post, and consider the one above.

  • Because the Razr HD Maxx isn’t out yet and b/c I wanted to use one subsidized upgrade before they forced me onto a tiered data plan. Also the sweet screen real estate and slim form factor over my Thunderbolt didn’t hurt either.

  • I chose to get the phone because its hardware specs are awesome and has a gorgeous screen. Blue Folio Case.

  • Those cases look great. It’s a shame they are leather though. If you don’t understand why – go to grantbarker dot com

  • I bought the Galaxy SIII because my original Droid just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s done me well over the years but it’s time to move on. I’d like to have the black Agros case….thanks.

  • jbegs23

    I upgraded through my wife’s line to keep unlimited and screw Big Red. I also love the specs of the phone and have the newest…oh wait…slightly old OS (hopefully getting JB super soon).

    I would like to win the White Argos if chosen.

  • GuidZilla

    I bought the S3 because its the current bleeding edge in my opinion and I like Samsung’s work. Case wise, the red folio looks nice 🙂

  • Matthew Brown

    The reasons for my Galaxy S3 purchase are the best reasons. I am a day-of-release Bionic owner and my 4G data drops have never ever been solved, only lessened. It’s maddening and I’m beyond ready to switch. This is also the last time I’ll be able to upgrade my device without switching data plans or paying a large amount of money!
    Good luck all
    1 Brown Argos

  • Hey there, I bought a SGSIII because after a breakup I had an extra data plan that wanted to keep and upgrade before the family share plan.. Ha ha so I’ve got two unlimited plans now! I’d Like the grey Folio…

  • Usty

    Bought the 32 GB Blue to keep unlimited data for 2 more years. Going to be very hard to give up my GNex after only 6 months, but I’d like the grey folio case to protect my new toy.

  • Brooks Barnes

    Had to get the S3 to keep my unlimited data. Now, if you could just hook me up with the white Argos 🙂

  • MooseCat

    No real good reason for getting the GSIII other than it was an opportunity to get the latest smartphone and lock in one last subsidized phone and keep unlimited data on Verizon. That being said, a gray Folio would look fantastic around a pebble blue GSIII.

  • krusty46

    Because Droid-Life said I should 🙂
    I’m not picky-I’d be grateful for any one of them.

  • Raymond P.

    Because I needed to upgrade from my BB Curve 😀
    Grey folio please!

  • willie

    I upgraded to the the Galaxy SIII to keep my unlimited data plan. I would like to have the
    blue Folio case. thanks

  • LGT

    Bought the GS3 b/c its the last discounted phone I will buy through Verizon.

    The gray folio looks nice.

  • marcs

    I chose the Galaxy S3 since my Droid X was getting sluggish, and I liked the 4.8″ screen and removable battery. Argos Brown or Black would be great!

  • bsteen

    i as with most, I bought the galaxy s 3 because it was the best phone available before I would lose unlimited data. I would appreciate any of the covers thank you

  • freddyfResh

    Well I got stuck on the evo 2 years ago, I wasn’t aware of the epic coming with a gorgeous screen, so I finally have the brand I want and super fast phone I can show off, plus I’m a android fan and Samsung is the brand to take on Apple. The blue folio would be awesome 🙂

  • Jon

    I bought the S III on Verizon as it seems to be the fastest Android phone available and has an amazing camera. I would love the grey folio…or any of the folios.

  • I chose the Galaxy S3 because of the specs compared to my Droid Incredible. Since I wanted to upgrade before Verizon ended the unlimited data, I wanted the best in my opinion that they offered to replace my Incredible. I would love the Blue Folio. Thanks for having these great giveaways.

  • Bought the phone because NFC and 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon S4 and hardware is AWESOME.

  • quad core processor, this phone represents a plateau in android hardware. I intend to use this phone until I can afford to get another phone with unlimited data. Black argo please.

  • I got the GS 3 for the screen and LTE. I would like to have the
    Ultra Nano Clear screen protector.

  • Freddy

    I chose the galaxy s3 as i wanted a phone that was fast and at the top of the smartphone food-chain. The s3 has 2gb of ram (which some laptops still have) a 2100mAh battery and 64gb of memory with a 64gb expansion slot for a micro usb (perfect for all my music and videos). Plus i hate apple products. Ive alays ben skeptical of samsung products (HTC fan) but the new droid incredible 4 doesn’t match up to the s3’s specs and the s3’s predecessors have had much success.

  • First of all, shout out to all the folks at Droid Life, I read your site everyday as if I’m addicted. Even now at 11:15pm, I’m at work posting comments.

    **T-Shirt Idea: Droid Life Addict**

    But I digress…I bought the Galaxy SIII because of the specs, the hope that the dev community will support this phone heavily, not to mention Verizon pretty much forced my hand with their new Share Everything initiative.

    If I were to win, I’d say send me what you have left. I’m not picky, my device just needs protection. Since I got the White version, anything would look sexy with it. If you forced me to choose one, I’d choose the Black Argos.

    Thanks guys,

  • Michael

    I bought the galaxy sIII because the specs alone blew me away but i was also tired of htc’s nonsense with my thunderbolt. The specs alone were amazing and i wanted to get one last phone before verizon introduced the shared data plans. So i took the birthday money that i got from my parents and spent it on something that i knew i would love. Thats why i bought it and im super excited to get it. If i were to win id love the Black Argos Case because it’ll go really well with my white galaxy sIII. Thanks again for the contest, best of luck to everybody entering.

  • I bought the Galaxy S3 because everyone else in my family has or wants an *phone and I am never going to the dark side! NEVER!
    I would love the the Folio Faux leather in the red.

  • David Goodwich

    Chose the S3 because it was the best option available when upgrading from my Droid X. Also has great specs and some innovative features which I’m looking forward to using.

    Would love a grey Folio to protect it! Thanks for the offer DL.

  • I got the SIII because it had everything I wanted. A great camera, fast CPU&GPU, NFC, beautiful screen, expandable storage, and of course, Android.

    (blue folio)

  • jp1wildman

    I chose the S3 because I read Droid Life daily and you guys said it is the real deal and possibly be best phone out to date.
    Brown Argos.

  • Hellsmotel

    I just didn’t want to get screwed by Verizon’s tiered data plan. Had an upgrade so I used it on the S III. Grey Folio. Thanks

  • lilcledix

    My fiance bought me the Galaxy S3 because he loves technology and he loves me. I am so happy that he bought it for me and I so can’t wait to try it out. If I win I would like the blue folio case please.

  • Jerome Gantt

    Like most, I preordered the S3 because VZW forced me into a corner. A limited plan would do me no good especially with a phone that could handle my streaming needs better then my A855 (yup still rolling with the original Droid). I would have loved to check out the Razr HD and the next Nexus, but now I have no choice. As for which case I would pick, it would have to be the Argos. I think using a side opening case would be kind of awkward if trying to take a photo. Most of use snap shots holding the phone with one hand gripping it with the narrow end.

  • Themanhere10

    I preordered my s3 with Verizon because I wanted to keep my unlimited data, upgrade to 4g, and get discounted pricing on a phone.

    I would like the 1 brown Argos if possible! Thanks!

  • I bought the s3 because the iphone is just plain boring!! I would go for the gray folio.

  • I preordered my galaxy s3 with Verizon because it was my last chance to use upgrade at a discounted price and not lose my unlimited data. The specs are impressive which has made decision to get this VERY exciting! Not mention ditching my iPhone is a great choice especially after the low ball against the Nexus. If I win the Black Argos please. Thanks for the contest!

  • I bought the GS3 because I wanted to make one last jump before shared data. I’ll take any cover. I’m not picky ;D

  • jmafisher

    I bought the Galaxy SIII because I have had a series of blackberries and wanted to get into the 21st century. Wow, what a difference. I’d like the Black Argos, Brown Argos or the Grey Folio in that order of preference. Thanks for running the contest.

  • I bought the Samsung Galaxy SIII because its the latest and greatest phone out, so i had to have it! Ill choose the Blue Folio case to match my pebble blue S3.. its nice looking. Thanks for the giveaway Kellex

  • Jeff718

    I chose this phone to get the best handset using my upgrade, since I need to keep my unlimited plan. I’d like a grey folio!

  • Scottyb112

    I bought the Galaxy S3, because it was the best phone on Verizon right now so I could keep my unlimited Data plan. I would like the folio case if it wasnt pink. If not Then the Argos it is!

  • Chris Brunetto

    Honestly, I bought a Galaxy SIII because it’s the best phone in the VZW lineup right now, I had to use my upgrade before I lost the last chance to upgrade with a subsidized price and still keep unlimited data, and because I believe it will be a worthy successor to my precious OG Droid. As for the case, the grey Folio would be nice to have.

  • Spyro Giannikas

    I bought a GS3 because I wanted to keep my unlimited data! It’s also and awesome phone! I’d like the white Argos!

  • TheDK10

    I bought the Galaxy s3 on verizon so i can keep my unlimited data and upgrade finally from the original droid. I literally use like 3 gb a month on 3g so 4g ill be using a ton. If i won i would like the White Argos Case please! Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  • I got the SIII because I wanted to keep my unlimited data on Verizon, and because nothing compares to it. If I win I would like to get the blue Folio. THANKS!!!!!

  • I bought a Galaxy SIII because it was the smartest time to upgrade at a discount and still retain my plan. It seems to be a great phone and will likely be supported for a while. If I won I’d prefer the Argos Black, but really any of the Argos look good, vertical flip is more what I’m after.

  • Heath Dewey

    I’ve been a Motorola user for the past three years. But I got sick of the locked bootloaders and general bad attitude Moto has for the development community. I preordered the GSIII because of Samsung’s great rep for killer handsets and their general hackability. I could put the brown Argos case to good use protecting my Jelly Bean rom! Thanks

  • well i bought it because you guys said it was the best and i always listen to what you guys say….ALWAYS…..lol ok no but really i bought it because i really didnt like where MOTO was going with there phones(them all looking the same and all) and my other those was a fruit phone (apple) and well i’d rather use a carrier pigeon—-and any color really im not picky they all look sick