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Quick Look: Spigen SGP Leather Flip and Folio Cases for the Galaxy S3 (Update: Contest Winners Picked)

Since the Samsung Galaxy S3 on a variety of carriers including Verizon, has started to arrive on the doorsteps of many of you, we thought we would spend some time today to talk about a couple of your case options. Last week, we looked at the offerings of RearthUSA, but today are switching over to Spigen SGP. In hand, we have their Argos leather flip case and the Folio faux leather case, each in a handful of colors.

After you read through our thoughts on them, be sure to jump to the bottom to get in on some contest action. That’s right, you can win everything you are seeing today. 

Folio Faux Leather Case

The Folio Faux Leather case comes in a greyish brown, navy blue, and the reddish color you are seeing in the pics above. The material itself is obviously not leather, but it feels really nice in hand. It has almost this ribbed feeling that definitely gives it enough grip to help keep it in hand. The flip mechanism doesn’t feel cheap, and you even have a slot to keep a business card or two. There are indents for the volume rocker and lock switch so that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding or pressing them. There are camera, speaker, headphone jack, and microUSB cutouts on the back and bottom as well, so that you will never miss a shot, sound or charge.

For the most part, I like the feel and look of this case, but I do have one small gripe. With a phone inserted, it doesn’t really feel like it hugs it tight enough, for me anyway. Now, your phone certainly isn’t going to fall out of this case or anything like that, but it would have been more impressive had it really hugged my Galaxy S3 just in case the material starts to give over time. Overall, it’s a solid flip case option. The price is $39.99 though, and again, it’s not real leather. [Buy]

Argos Leather Flip Case

The Argos Leather Flip case is definitely like no other case I have ever held. Rather than flipping to the side, this flip case goes vertical on you. So when holding it in hand, the top cover actually moves down from a top latch to give you access to the phone. There are cutouts for the volume rocker, lock switch, camera, and speakers, however, the microUSB port is only accessible with the top flipped open. I sort of like the idea of the case flipping down and out of your way, but it would definitely take some getting used to.

This case is made of genuine leather, comes in 3 colors (white, black, and brown), and is listed at $39.99 on Spigen’s site. Personally, this genuine leather feel is not for me, but for those that have chosen leather in the past, you may be good here. To me, the faux leather of the flip case feels much nicer in hand. Who knows, maybe once this genuine leather has worked itself in a bit, it’ll feel amazing. [Buy]



We have emailed our winners. Go check your email and see if you got lucky. 🙂


Let’s give all of these away, along with a screen protector! Some of you may have your orders by tomorrow or early next week, so the last thing we would want is for you case lovers to be walking around naked.


1.  In the comments, tell us why you chose to buy a Galaxy S3.
2.  Then tell us which of these cases or screen protector you would like. Your choices are:

*We have 1 black Argos, 1 white Argos, 1 brown Argos, 1 red Folio, 1 blue Folio, 1 grey Folio, and a Ultra Nano Clear screen protector.

3.  Tomorrow at 9AM Pacific, we will choose our winners.

Good luck!

  • That 4.8inch screen got me.
    Blue folio

  • Portrub

    I bought it because of the specs and to upgrade and keep unlimited data. If I won I would prefer any Argos or the Ultra Nano screen protector.

  • I bought the galaxy s iii because I want to keep my unlimited 4G Data! And the galaxy s iii is the best phone on the market right now.. those TecTiles will really come in handy. I certainly can’t wait to root my phone and use it as a hot-spot 😉

    I plan on picking up Ringke case as well, but the white Argos will look very professional.. so both would be great.

  • dsilva1217

    I pre-ordered a Galaxy S3 because it’s designed for humans and I am human. Also, I’m taking advantage of my upgrade to lock in unlimited data and I just love the design and look of it. #can’tgethearsoonenough

    Brown Argos please! 🙂

  • David Simmons

    1. I wanted to get one more phone at the subsidized price, and keep my unlimited data! Plus, I am upgrading from a droid2, do I really have to say anything else? Haha.
    2. Argos black, baby!

  • wolfgang71

    The devil made me order one…and by devil, I mean Verizon. I ordered 3 GS3s one for each eligible line. When are these carriers going to realize that they are data pipelines? I really cannot wait for Google to start sending selling these phones directly. I’ve been eyeing these flip covers for a while and would appreciate your the blue folio. Thanks for all your android coverage. I’m addicted to it.

  • Jesse McCall

    I’m buying it because it has NFC technology and is the newest and best phone on the market (in my opinion). I also had to use my upgrade before unlimited was killed so now I’m babying a phone for 14 days until it arrives in stores. I was told by the sales associate that I couldn’t preorder it and keep unlimited so I’m doing it this way! I hope it works! If the release date gets pushed back past the 11th (the last day I have to return the Razr I bought to hold me over), I won’t be able to get the Galaxy S3!

  • Suggested my wife get this phone so she could keep her unlimited data. She was wary of buying a phone that she couldn’t see in person, but after reading up on it from a few sources, she was sold.

    I think she would prefer the folio cases; any color would be great!

  • dsilva1217

    I bought a Galaxy S3 because it’s designed for humans and I am a human, not a sheep. Also, grandfathering in unlimited data is a nice bonus.

    I would love a brown Argos case or Ultra Nano screen protector please.

  • Billy Hales

    I bought the S3 because I wanted to use my last upgrade before Verizon rammed it deeper. I think the black Argos would look awesome on the white S3.

  • spliced249

    Droid X was becoming old and busted. Ordered the GS3 before Verizon could get their nasty paws on my unlimited data. I would choose the Brown Argos. Thx DL!