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Ice Cream Sandwich Leaks for the DROID XYBOARD 8.2 and 10.1

Are you one of the 10 people that owns a Motorola XYBOARD? I’m kidding of course. If you do own one, then prepare yourself for Ice Cream Sandwich, as it has leaked and is flashable as a legitimate update to both WiFi and 4G versions in 8.2″ and 10.1″ sizes. Similarly to what we have seen with the RAZRs and Bionic, these appear to be real update.zip files pulled from Motorola servers.

You should be warned that if you decide to update to these, there is a chance that you won’t ever be able to come back. We are hearing that the fast boot files are no where to be found, so please approach with caution. The last thing you want to do is update to this and then it end up not being official.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Rich!

  • jimmy

    THE BEST TABLET! I’ve had mine for six months and love it.

  • Leo

    I purchased one for 275 and love it. I am debating on waiting for the ICS upgrade or doing it myself.

  • Trevor

    Oh, you meant 11 people.

  • white

    Picked up a 10.1 off ebay for 320 with extras in mint cond. Awsome tech for little coin

  • zach

    You forget some of us won two free ones… no costs and now ICS. LOVE IT!

  • Rich

    Honeycomb on the XyBoard was slow and laggy so I too a chance and installed it on my 10.1 and it runs great. Very smooth so far with no complaints.

  • scottyfromga

    4.0.4 ICS….remember when that was all the rage? 😀

  • Xeneize480

    I have 1 because I had a Xoom got lost and insurance gave me the xyboard 32. I am ok. Wife uses it to watch videos and kids play games.

  • still waiting for it for the galaxy tab

  • Still one of the worst named devices I can remember…

  • Thread Monster

    Dont know why the xyboard gets a bad rap. I have the 8.2 and couldnt be happier with it. Its easy to bash something the masses didnt buy……..

    • Aardvark99

      Here’s one, where’s the other 9 😉

    • TheWenger

      I played with one at the VZW store and it was so slow and laggy I couldn’t stand it. And those prices….no way.

      • thread monster

        I had the xoom, brought that back. My boss let me use the ipad 2 for a couple days. didnt like that either. It was 230 dollars cheaper and it does everything i ask it to do. Ill agree, in certain sites like forums, it underperforms.

      • michael arazan

        the cost of the xy board, unsubsidized, for wifi is unjustifiable imo

    • My dad has one, I actually don’t mind it when I am using it. The power button can be a pain to find sometimes. I enjoy it over my GTab10.1 sometimes.


      I have an 8.2 and it can act up sometimes. It’s not a bad tablet but it could be better. I bet ICS is what it needs (and an unlocked bootloader).

  • Buy This

    If you were dumb enough to buy a subsidized second gen version of an early adopter marketed tablet that was largely unsuccessful (excluding the GED wifi version which is actually pretty baller) for a price largely the same as said GED device… Congratulations


      Your comment was doing pretty poorly then you said “baller” which just put it over the top. Congratulations.

      • Buy This

        aw go have a good cry hater wah wah wah

        • ERIFNOMI

          Nice. Now you’ve added hater. Have any more in that grab bag of yours?

  • the7nd

    Looks like a Razr, but treated like a Bionic.

  • richardsonadm

    Why wasn’t it on ICS to begin with?

  • This news is only relevant to those idiots who buy a subsidized tablet at $700

    • LiterofCola

      What if they actually liked the tablet regardless of the price? Just because you wouldn’t buy it doesn’t make those who would “idiots,” And no, I didn’t buy one.

  • MrSteve920

    The real story is someone actually bought one of the Droid Xyboards.