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Google Working on Update to Bring Galaxy Nexus Back to Stores by Next Week

If you have not seen it already, the Galaxy Nexus status in Google Play is listed as, “Coming Soon.” To many Android lover’s disappointment, Apple recently won an injunction against the device due to a patent infringement. The patent itself is a “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system,” that is currently utilized in the search functionality of the Galaxy Nexus and many other Android devices (don’t tell Apple that). 

Today, Google and Samsung confirmed that the device is indeed banned from being sold in the United States until a fix is issued. Samsung released a statement that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to the game that Apple is playing:

Samsung is disappointed with the court’s decision that denied our motion to stay. We believe today’s ruling will ultimately reduce the availability of superior products to consumers in the United States. We will continue to pursue an appeal of the Galaxy Nexus preliminary injunction, which we filed on July 2 to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Meanwhile, we are also working closely with Google to resolve this matter, as the patent in question concerns Google’s unified search function.

As we touched on earlier, Samsung is not in this alone. Google is indeed expediting a software update that will fix the issue in question that is to be pushed out to the devices some time next week. Sure, the device will come back on sale again shortly, but in my opinion, this a low blow by Apple which only truly affects technology consumers and not the actual targeted corporations.

What do you think of the recent ban of the Galaxy Nexus? And please, keep it civil.

Via: ABC News

  • Daniel Hall

    My question is, why isn’t Google countering Apple with the whole notification infringement? When my fiance updated her phone and she had a drop-down notification bar, I flipped. I know it’s petty, buy why isn’t Google returning the favor? Make those SOB’s plug their POS’ into their GD, overpriced, Macbooks and update to remove what Google accomplished first.

    Tried to keep it civil, but Apple gets the blood boiling.

  • While Apple is playing within the legal confines of the law in this suit, the law needs to be changed. Software patents are hindering innovation and hurting consumers.

  • Sully

    Quoting from a previous article, “Apple continues to compete in the courtroom rather than the marketplace.” I’m just waiting for them to sue Google et al for all the features they’ve swiped from Android and implemented into iOS.

  • you can still buy it from Verizon but luckily i have mine already and running 4.1 and things run perfect so i’m probably never updating don’t wanna lose any features hopefully when its officially released a dev will make a fully loaded stock rom that hasn’t been tainted buy apples dirty hands hands who knows whats going to be missing

  • benjewman

    i find it funny that even though this was in place i still got a galaxy nexus from a corporate store today. side note freaking love this phone

  • Higher_Ground

    really, it just makes me that much happier that i picked up my nexus last week 🙂 loving the sleek design, 4g, and looking forward to jellybean in the next few days

  • Al B

    Seriously, how can Apple claim that they are innovative?
    And Steve Jobs said Android was a rip-off of Apple’s iOS ??

    Let’s look at iOS6, the “still under-development” system.
    Source: Apple.com

    1. Maps. Maps take a whole new turn. Now with Turn by Turn nav and Traffic
    Android: Map was one of the most important built in apps for Android OS. Turn by turn (Google Navigation) was “invented” more than 3 years ago. Traffic was also included in Google Map long ago.
    Fly over feature on iOS6? Have you heard of Google Earth (long before iPhone first appear in 2007)

    2. Siri. Sports, Restaurants, Movies.
    Android: This is one of the more debatable apps. I have to agree that Siri is a bit better(and really a step up) of Google Voice Search.
    Android: However, Google voice search was here since Galaxy S device was out, which was 3 years ago. You can simply say: Map of McDonals, and Google Maps opens up and tells you where are the closest McDonalds…etc
    (Did I mention Google Voice supports 30+ langauge while Siri only support 6, soon.)

    3. Facebook integrated.
    Post Directly to Facebook: I remember posting facebook photo and status directly from my gallery, since 2 years ago?
    Contact: I merged my phone contact and facebook account since Galaxy S device (3 years ago), and since Galaxy S2 (1 year ago), it can even automatically apply my friends’ facebook photo to my phone contact display picture.

    4.Share select photos with a select audience.
    Android: Isn’t Google+ already like that?

    5. Passbook. No more hunting through your wallet for gift cards, coupons…
    I admit it is a SMALL step up from Android.
    Reason being a small upgrade? Heard of Google Wallet? If not, Google it, you will find out Google Wallet appears on the market since early 2011.

    6. Facetime, now over cellular.
    To be fair, facetime was first on iOS, then Google Video follows.
    However, Google Video (within Google Talk app) allows users to use over cellular since it first released.
    (Let’s not talk about Jail break for now, we want to be official)

    7. Phone. Send to voicemail, reply with message.
    Android had the exact same feature since long ago.
    My 3 years old Galaxy S had it already.

    8. Mail. An even better email experience.
    VIP inbox: Copied GMAIL’s “starred”, changes the name to VIP and claims it’s new.
    Photos and videos: Add photos and videos to email messages:
    Android have it long ago. Attachment isn’t new to the world, right?

    9. Safari. Browsing is just the begining. Now with iCloud Tabs, Offline Reading List – full web pages- not just link.
    Once again a straight COPY.
    Since Google Android 4.0 (which appeared in Nov2011), we have offline reading web page.
    At the same period of time, Google Chrome App already have tab sync with your laptop, tablet or desktop.

    Apple listed 9 features, which only 1.5 of those maybe a step up from what Google Android already had. However, the other 7.5 features appeared on Android device already, most of them even existed more than a few years.

    Why would Apple even say: Android is a rip-off from iOS?

    It won’t bother me if Apple didn’t claim they are innovative, but since Apple is trying to sue everybody now for copying them, that just made me hate Apple so much.

  • It’s as if Google & Samsung are validating Apple’s claims when go and revise their handsets.

  • yarrellray

    This too shall pass. Android will only be stronger as well as Samsung.

  • I wish there was a way we could publicly embarrass Apple. What I mean by that is most normal users of Android and iPhones don’t really know about all the whining Apple is doing with all the pathetic law suits. If Google, Samsung or HTC make commercials and take jabs at them is kinda just sheds a bad light on both parties so that is not what I am looking for.

    The best idea I can come up with is this…

    Someone makes a short one or two line sentence that either:

    A) Draws people in to see what you are talking about

    B) Tells most of the story and allows people to dig deeper

    Then post it on every imaginable social media outlet you can find…Obviously I am thinking Facebook here, but also Google+ and Twitter (with a creative hashtag)

    Let to consumers be heard!

    Just a thought…

    • spursrchamps2007

      I actually say we all just march to apple HQ with our android phones and picket lol

  • crapple inc

    Can I file a patent for breathing?

    • summit1986

      No, prior art.

  • nightscout13

    Apple, you fail yet again.

  • Scott Willenborg

    I hope they redact the injunction soon, I have like 96 missed calls and over 200 messages I have to return…

  • Aaron Burroughs

    well im sure apple and google will be suprised by how many people buy a nexus after this ban is lifted. I’ve been in sales for a long time, and i know thing for sure is that the nexus popularity will have sky rocketed, and anyone one the fence about buying one will snatch it up fast. So in the end, google will be happy, and right after the patch, Apple goes after another set of phones.

  • The HSPA+ Nexus needs to come back on sale within at least 3 months, so I can jump off Verizon. 🙂

  • Liderc

    I currently only use search for the web anyways, so this won’t affect me. What I’m curious about is whether this will severely affect Google Now.

    • Droidzilla

      If it does, Apple can DIAF. And hopefully Google can backend send the functionality to some devs on XDA (or we get this patent nonsense sorted out once and for all and get a ban on all software “concept” patents).

    • NeedName

      Google Now searches only Google’s servers, not your local device. . . from what I understand. So this patent should have nothing on it.

      • Liderc

        Ah, thanks for the clarification.

  • PC_Tool

    Google said JB would be available for the Nexus mid-July. Next week sounds about right.

    Maybe they are working on a work-around, but I think they solve the dilemma for the Nexus by simply pushing out JB as planned.

    Problem solved until Apple gets that banned as well, right?

  • Keeping it as civil as I can,
    Fuck Apple.

  • Trooper

    Does anyone know what exactly is Google doing to dumb down the search? Only reason I ask is because I am thinking of selling my VZW Gnex for a GSM version. Guess my timing is off. : Thanks folks.

    • It’ll be available again next week, patience.

    • Instead of dumbing down the search, why don’t they just migrate VZW Gnex owners to JB? That should resolve the infringement issue and it’s one less update they’ll need to do.

      • JB still has “unified search”

        • PC_Tool

          Does the “ban” specify functionality specific to ICS, or is it broader than that?

          • TheWenger

            No “unified searches” for anyone. Ever.

          • it specifically applies to that functionality on the Galaxy Nexus, so I assume it would have to be removed from any software running on that device. I’m sure Apple tried to get the ban to be as vague as possible. They don’t want to risk allowing any competition in the market.

          • PC_Tool

            So the JB build they release to the G’Nex will likely be borked with this same knee-capping of search…if it doesn’t delay the release entirely.


            Still think they should just set it to search the web and the data you have in the Google “Cloud” (and move the data it used to search on your device to the “Cloud”…at the very least in the form of metadata.)

            I know…people are going to go ape-sh*t over Google having all that data, but it seems an elegant solution to me and I tend to ignore the doomsayers anyway. 🙂

    • Anthony Armando

      most likely they will remove the local search. so, if you hit search and type in something you will no longer get suggestions from stuff located on your phone.

  • WCDave

    Verizon still seems to be selling it.. which is a good thing!

    • PC_Tool

      As I understand it, they can sell out of their existing stock. They cannot supplement that stock with new devices until the ban is lifted.

      • WCDave

        Thanks for clarifying that!! 🙂

  • Jeff Tycz

    Google should just start handing out the GNex for free on the street, its not being sold for profit so how could apple do anything about it?

    • They would get into extreme legal trouble for doing that, contempt of court, distributing banned merchandise, etc. Not to mention eating at least 350 dollars on every handset given away. 😛

      • Jeff Tycz

        but with every device given away increases the amount of content consumed from the play store which really is the ultimate goal

  • Havoc70

    F off CrApple

  • Will

    From a purely business perspective, what Apple and other patent trolls are doing is a fantastic idea. Total war on the competitors is a brilliant way of doing this, especially if you have the resources Apple has. There is also a good part of these, new ways to skirt around patents leading to what Adam Truelove said, but also maybe in the long run someone will notice the total BS that is happening and this will influence patent system reform. Wouldn’t that be great.

    • No one ever said Apple was stupid, it’s actually quite genius. They know the iPhone is going to continue to bleed market share to Android, particularly the Nexus brand. They feel they can’t beat Android with straight up better features, so they’re just trying to destroy them. If you can’t beat your competition fairly, just take them out of the game.

      • well I don’t know, I really doubt that apple is afraid of the nexus,any iphone model has out sold the nexus by about a million to one

        • That’s true, I guess I should have just stuck with my “bleed market to Android” statement.

      • Droidzilla

        Apple will continue to bleed market share to Android, but probably not the Nexus brand. Maybe the Nexus 7; we’ll see.

  • hellboy2232

    F**k y*u! Apple

  • That’s a bitch move on apple’s part but then again if you can’t innovate, you must litigate.

  • Chris

    Does anyone know if Google will ever sell the Verizon Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store?

    • No, they won’t.

      • Would love a pure data only phone that takes calls as data. Screw wireless carriers. I think this is what will happen. Google/Apple could be the new carriers 😛

        • well, in a couple years time when the 4G coverage is good enough, they will start working on phones that run purely off LTE, both voice and data.

        • Wes

          I don’t think that would happen. I believe AT&T got busted for trying to make its own telephones back in the 60’s and 70’s. Too much of a vertical monopoly, especially with Apple.

        • Oh God, could you imagine Apple as a carrier? That would be worse than Verizon.

        • TheWenger

          Let’s hope you have an unlimited plan. Those unlimited minutes wouldn’t get you much then.

    • The Galaxy Nexus no, but in the future they might sell phones compatible with Verizon.

    • PC_Tool

      The CDMA modem software is closed-source and owned by Qualcomm. They will not distribute or allow Google to distribute the source. As such, it cannot be fully supported in AOSP.

      This, as I understand it it, is currently the “bar” devices must be able to reach in order to qualify to be sold on Google Play.

      So until Google works out a licensing deal with Qualcomm (highly doubtful, but if anyone can do it…) I would not expect to see *any* CDMA device in the Play Store.

  • I read an article that said in order for the product to get a preliminary ban, it would need to go beyond just hurting the offended company (Apple) through a small monetary value. The device would have to take customers away from the iPhone to the Nexus.

    I cant remember anyone saying “I got an iPhone because of the universal search. If android had it, I would not even have an iPhone.”

    • AlexKCMO

      Exactly, I really want to know how someone looked at this and said “Yes, this feature is definitely hurting Apple’s sales. Apple would probably have 75% marketshare if Android didn’t feature Universal Search.

      The stupid thing is the fix won’t disable it, it will just work around it.

      If A = C and B = C, and A is patented, Google will just use B without issue. These disputes should really be along the lines of “Did we create something that can’t be replicated any other way that is being stolen” as opposed to “Did we create something that can be done any number of ways and they’re using our way and we’re going to sue.”

    • There is not a single person who would be interested in a Nexus that would buy an iPhone under any circumstances.

  • #superweak
    Apple reminds me of a nasty little child that throws hissy fits if something doesn’t go their way.
    Grow up Apple. Google makes a joke of you.
    Don’t hate what you can’t defeat.

  • Mapekz

    I believe the search feature in question has been in Android since 2.0.0 proto-Eclair (the version the Droid shipped with). Two major points that need to be addressed:

    1) Apple is clearly just trolling for competitive advantage at this point. The judges across the nation really need to unite to stop enabling patent trolling once and for all in hopes that legislators can properly reform patent law.

    2) It’s such a miniscule feature that doesn’t warrant the entire device being banned. If anything, Judge Koh should have given Samsung/Google one month to amend the software before banning the device from the market. This ruling is absolutely criminal.

  • mm777

    this must be the gsm version because i went to a vzw tuesday and it was still there for $150 contract.

    • PC_Tool

      The ban is on the import. Not on the sale. VZW can sell out their existing stock…as can Sprint and T-mob. (Does AT&T have one?)

    • they can only sell their current stock, Once stock runs out, then they cannot do anything until the ban is lifted so they can import more devices.

  • NeedName

    see prior art for the “universal search” patent here:

    • Droidzilla

      I don’t even care about prior art. This is a concept; not a process. There should never be a patent grated on things like this.

      • NeedName

        True. . . totally agree. however, since the patent offices are allowing concepts/ideas to be patented we need all the ammo we can get against such patents because the courts, often, have their heads up their back sides as well.

  • Andrew Elliott

    Yea I’m really confused by all of this as well. If I recall the unified search feature has been in android since I’ve had one.(OG Droid) I could be wrong but im pretty sure I could search apps and contacts as well back then. Not sure how you can patent something someone else has been doing for years already.

    • NeedName

      see the link I posted in my comment. . . the patent in question has nothing to do with the iphone or siri. . . it goes back to 2000/2004

  • Liderc

    What I don’t understand is, how can the Nexus be banned and not other devices using the same software? Doesn’t make sense legally. If the Galaxy Nexus’ software is infringing on an Apple patent, then all Android devices (or at least ones running ICS) have to be infringing as well. Wouldn’t this set precedence for Apple to have the ability to ban all Android devices right now? Seems like a slippery slope.

    • fgclolz

      No law expert here, but I’m guessing it’s a timing thing. When Apple filed the lawsuit perhaps the GNex was the only phone that had ICS at the time.

      • Liderc

        But to me, and forgive me if I’m wrong, the patent doesn’t look like it’s only in ICS at all. It looks to be a feature android has used since its existence.

        • they just go after the the phone they think will increase their market share the most by banning it…

          • Liderc

            But that still doesn’t make sense either. The Gnex definitely isn’t the highest seller, the Razr and GSII I’m sure beat it in sales in the last 2 quarters and the GSIII will probably stomp it in sales.

          • Droidzilla

            Apple’s already up to its ears in Samsung suits, but I wouldn’t bet against suits coming down against the S3. Apple goes after Moto a little bit, but now that Google owns them I wouldn’t expect Apple to sue Moto until they get really desperate (and they’re not at desperate, yet).

      • In my opinion the ICS lockscreen is not a slide to unlock the Gingerbred and below lockscreen was so this filing seems to be a bit false.

    • fgclolz

      No law expert here, but I’m guessing it’s a timing thing. When Apple filed the lawsuit perhaps the GNex was the only phone that had ICS at the time.

    • Jon Gee

      Seems pretty simple. Apple COULD go after every Android phone maker but they are most threatened by Samsung. Plus, this is a play to get at Google.

    • The Gnex is the biggest threat to their market share. It is the physical representation of Android itself, which is Apple’s biggest target.

      • Liderc

        The Gnex isn’t even close to being their biggest threat. If anything, the GSIII is their biggest commercial threat right now. And that’s not even the point. If a patent is being infringed upon, then anything that uses that patent is capable of being banned, aka any android device within the last 2-3 years.

  • So what part of the UI is it Apple’s patent? Using the search engine? I don’t get it. Anyone that knows the patent can explain this?

    • Practically, the “Unified Search” allows you to search BOTH the web and local files using one singular search UI (that annoying search bar that you can’t remove unless you flash a ROM or install a theme launcher that doesn’t incorporate it).

  • apple needs to get over themselves apple products are crap!!

    • Apples products are not crap their OS, i*hone and Corporate leadership are. The 2 most durable laptops are Toughbooks and sadly the macbook pros ( have had both for 4 years now and in the 4 years prior to them I had 3 laptops Hp and Sony)

  • msk

    according to Koh, if every Android phone has unified search, it should be banned. VZW, Sprint, ATT, T-mobile love Apple about now. Their profits will never take a hit…right

  • There is ONE silver lining to all this. Apple keeps patenting all these features, which forces Google to “Think Different” and come up with even better ways of solving problems and implementing features. An example is the sexy new JB lockscreen. It no longer has a moving circle that you “slide to unlock” the phone. It just has little dots that appear as you move your finger around. It’s more of a “choose to unlock”. This, at least to me, is a sexier and more universal way to implement a lockscreen, and it wouldn’t have happened if not for Apple’s slide to unlock patent.

    Let Apple keep their outdated patented features. Google will be forced to TRULY innovate to overcome them, which can only make Android better.

  • There is ONE silver lining to all this. Apple keeps patenting all these features, which forces Google to “Think Different” and come up with even better ways of solving problems and implementing features. An example is the sexy new JB lockscreen. It no longer has a moving circle that you “slide to unlock” the phone. It just has little dots that appear as you move your finger around. It’s more of a “choose to unlock”. This, at least to me, is a sexier and more universal way to implement a lockscreen, and it wouldn’t have happened if not for Apple’s slide to unlock patent.

    Let Apple keep their outdated patented features. Google will be forced to TRULY innovate to overcome them, which can only make Android better.

    • 100% this. I agree completely.

    • Very well said. Apple will keep looking inward at what they have hording it for themselves. Google will go on a journey looking at things in a different light.
      Forced innovation ftw!

    • Anthony Armando

      this. while i have complete disdain for the current patent system and the current legal battles taking place, there is a silver lining. i just hope google is patenting everything they can so fire back at apple when they blatantly steal it and then call it revolutionary.

      • Wes

        Kind of difficult to claim “Irreparable Damages” when you run an open-source OS.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      The problem is Android being an open platform, which means apple can (and will) steal the ideas after they are done bitching and moaning.

      And I really dont get the point of banning the Nexus… no one is going to the store to buy a nexus, sees they are out and gets an iPhone instead.

      • banning a Nexus device, since they are stock, is the equivalency of banning Android. Then any device or OS that uses Android would have to add in ways around the patents or they could easily be banned.

      • They can’t steal things Google patents, and there are plenty of Android features Google is working on getting patents approved for, it just takes a while.

        • Droidzilla

          They can “steal” every single Android feature, since it’s open source. Apple could even install their own distro of Android on the iPhone and Google couldn’t touch them for it. Google’s point in getting patents is to protect themselves from litigation on those features.

          • RedPandaAlex

            I don’t think that’s true. Read article 3 of the Apache License Android is released under
            http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 . Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it transfers the rights of patented technology utilized in the code ONLY UNDER THE CONDITION that the party modifying it does not file suit about anything else in Android. Essentially, if Apple used anything patented from AOSP, they wouldn’t be able to sue anyone over Android or the patent license is revoked and then Google could sue them.

          • Droidzilla

            You may be right. Isn’t there also a clause that states you must open source your software, too? I don’t remember.

          • Under the General Public License, which covers the kernel in Android, I believe. Most of the OS are under the Apache or Creative Commons licenses.

          • Suralin

            Therefore, they are free to “borrow” features from Android. So long as they don’t actually use Android as the base OS, they can pretty much implement all the features Android has.

          • RedPandaAlex

            I don’t read it that way at all. I read it that stuff in AOSP may be patented, and anyone is licensed to use the patented stuff as long as they don’t sue anyone else for using AOSP due to another patent. If anything Apple is using is patent-protected and Apple is suing someone else over Android, Apple can be sued.

          • kevinc

            Wrong. The Apache licence covers source code only, not end user functionality. Apple can “steal” features from Android, implementing their own code, all they want and not be affected by any Apache licence.

          • you obviously don’t understand Open source and Patent law. The AOSP allows devs access to the source codes to build for the Android platform, meaning whatever is designed, it will be implemented within the Android OS/Kernel. The patents still belong to Google. If crApple steals a feature and calls it their own and makes profit from it (like the several hand fulls of preexisting features they already stole from Android), then that is patent infringement. Regardless of Open Source, the features still belong to Google, so unless crApple hops off the high horse and “borrows” the features with credit to Google (and permission), it’s patent infringement.

      • Andrew

        Kind of how everything new in OSX looks like it came straight out of Ubuntu?

      • michael arazan

        Yes, but can you still patent ideas that are available for an open source software? The same way java is open and was sueing because there software is making money for others. I think google should stop making it available for open source but still allow it to be free for android companies and developers and modders, just so apple or others can’t steal their ideas.

    • Jeff Tycz

      Except for the fact that apple calls a “touch” a “zero position slide” I am not making that up, it is in one of the court documents from one of the HTC trials i believe

      • Yeah, and the judge pretty much laughed at that one.

        • Suralin

          Yep, the judge mentioned that a “touch” as a zero-point slide is like saying a dot is a zero-point line.

        • Bryan Sparks

          Not funny. My mom always yelled at me for zero point sliding myself under the table.

  • tyguy829

    so that means official jelly bean next week! I hope toro is included…

    • Don’t get your hopes up. Verizon still has to test and give the update the GO, and that won’t happen for a while.

      • Pretty sure he meant the source code…who owns a GNex and waits for VZW updates…defeats the purpose

        • It doesn’t defeat the purpose for people who don’t have the knowledge or desire to deal with the dev community (like my wife). Plus official VZW updates will include carrier specific fixes like new radios and such.

      • tyguy829

        true. at least the source will be pushed to aosp so some official roms can start coming out

  • kixofmyg0t

    As a person that doesn’t even like the Galaxy Nexus, I think this has gone too far and it’s complete BS. Apple is just lashing out at everything else that’s clearly better in every way.

    “Innovation” through Litigation.

  • MikeSaver

    But when they release the update, will this dramatically change the device???

    • No, not at all. Instead of searching your phone and web through the interface, you will now only be able to search the web. That will at least stop Apple’s trolling for a little while.

      • msk

        i can see the menu drop down having the ability to have the user check, apps, contacts, or web.

        • msk

          in other words, if the user selects what he wants to search – its no longer unified. While not as “slick” as universal, its still quite functional.

          • oh that ‘universal search.’ I NEVER use that feature on JB. In fact, i NEVER used it on my iPad 1,2,3.

            GET OVER IT APPLE.

          • oh that ‘universal search.’ I NEVER use that feature on JB. In fact, i NEVER used it on my iPad 1,2,3.

            GET OVER IT APPLE.

        • They could even have a button that’d you have to press after a search is completed that would then search your phone. That way, the search isn’t happening at the same time, but it’s at least through the same interface. I wouldn’t worry too much. If anyone can come up with a great way to overcome this, it’s Google. They may even come up with a better way.

        • Pedro

          Offhand, it only seems that app data and SMS would be excluded from searches.
          Mail? Google servers
          Contacts? Google
          Calendar? See above.

          I’m sure there are some local pieces that I either don’t realize live only on my phone, or don’t use enough to care. Or maybe I don’t understand the ruling well enough.

          • PC_Tool

            Actually, they can do App data too with the latest update to the web-version of the play store where it lists the apps you currently have installed by device and allows you to uninstall them.

            For SMS, they should back that up just like their app data. It would be awesome to be able to text from your play-store web interface (and have those texts restore to your device when you wipe/flash).

          • Droidzilla

            Google Voice.

          • PC_Tool

            Not all Google users utilize Google Voice…and it does not (last I checked) support MMS. But something like that…maybe GV, even, hooked into the stock messaging app would definitely work.

          • Josh

            App data could also be done serverside; Google already tracks apps installed via the Play Store, it would be trivial to add sideloaded and pre-installed apps to the serverside index.

      • so wait, that’s what i have been trying to figure out. I use the Google Search widget, or rather the main app quite frequently on my GNex. The question I have is will i see a difference in how it works? Or the results it displays? Or is it more in the background. I worry it will disrupt the core functionality of it. Also, thinking in the long run, wouldn’t this effect Google Now or the new Google Voice Search? Just wondering on that.

        • Frank

          @facebook-15106193:disqus from what I understand, the new search will not allow you to search within your device for something; it will only let you search the web

      • MikeSaver

        I’m also wondering about Google Voice Search and Google Now? Won’t this be affected? It seems useless if you can’t set reminders and stuff like that…

    • No. And for that reason alone, this injunction should have never been granted. It’s ridiculous. The only reason injunctions should be granted are if the patent is a core part of the product. And since I can answer your question with “No”, this clearly is not a core part of the product!

      • NeedName

        Not just a “core part of the product” but something that could cause a consumer to buy the infringing device over the patent holder’s device.

        And this patent doesn’t do that, and there is prior art, and the patent is far too specific thus doubtful anyone can actually infringe on it.

  • MikeSaver


  • Trevor Bissler

    The search patent is barley evened used on my nexus. its not even that similar to the iphones version. Haha apple you just spents millions on bond to have this phone banned and your going to go home empty handed. Justice

  • I can’t say much, because I can’t keep it civil. Apple used to have my respect even if their products didn’t interest me personally, and I would also recommend Apple products to other people. No more.

    • Rickerbilly


    • Daniel Hall

      this ^

  • kretz7

    “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system” – how is that patent even awarded..

    • Prior art: CRT Displays. :-/

    • samster

      Isn’t that just a concise description of what Google is?

  • Finire

    And in Windows, Linux, and just about any other computer interface out there today…