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Nexus 7 Tablet, Will It Have a microSD Card Slot? Probably Not.

Since specs leaked for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet last night, the storage situation has been brought up more times than we can count. Rumored to come in 8GB and 16GB models, many are wondering if the tablet will have a microSD card slot to expand those seemingly minimal amounts of space. The short answer – probably not. 

If you look back at the last few Nexus releases, you won’t find an SD card slot anywhere. The Nexus S didn’t have one, nor did the Galaxy Nexus. Why is that? The Android team has decided that this is the route they would like to go. Dan Morrill, an Android engineer, explained it when the G-Nex dropped, basically saying that they chose to have only internal storage because they wouldn’t have to partition anything off, leaving you with the full amount of storage to play with and a “better experience.” That doesn’t mean that Ice Cream Sandwich or other builds of Android don’t play nicely with expandable storage, but that for Nexus devices, Google has decided against it.

Whether you agree the logic of that being better or not is probably something we could debate for days, however, this seems to be the way things are. Toss in the fact that Google’s products in general function in the cloud and I’d say you better get used to storing things elsewhere. Oh, it also doesn’t sound like there will be a rear camera on the device, so you likely won’t be filling this sucker up with high-res photographs. There is a front camera for video chatting and that’s about it.

You can store your documents and work files in Drive, look at photos in Google+, listen to music through Google Music, and check your email through Gmail.

  • caeckard

    for me, it was definitely a deal breaker. I spent time reviewing tablets, determining if I wanted a more powerful tablet or if an ereader tab would work. loved all the reviews on the Nexus 7 so I was actually in the store, item in hand while sales assoc was locking the case and I asked if sd or micro sd card..he said neither. oh, usb? he said no. no external ports at all. use cloud. upload and download?? and what if i’m not around an internet connection?? i handed it back. very disappointed.more like disbelief. anyway, at this stage i’ll stick to my laptop and phone. so yes, it IS and WAS a dealbreaker.

  • caeckard

    a tablet is my lite version of my laptop. i don’t need more storage IN the tablet if they offer SD card capabilities. That way I put in as much as I want.everyone isn’t loading this full of music or vids to keep…for me this is travel, temporariy. ex: I don’t want to upload then download and then delete just to view or share some photos just snapped from my camera. i want to pop in the card and let you peek and save or delete. i want to make a quickie playlist and pop it in during an hour on the train. i want to work on something and save it to the sd card and have it ready to go to pop into the laptop or desktop for work. we all use tablets for various reasons but we get a level playing field without second guessing it they’d all and sd card for US to decide how best it works for us.

  • katsumi1980

    My first thought was they don’t include an expandable slot so they can charge more for the higher storage model… But after doing some research The cloud concept and online storage make sense.

  • Anon

    piece of trash isn’t even worthy of being a paperweight.

  • OutOfTheVapor

    I have several SD cards with manual, music and eBooks. SD Card is required. Too bad they dropped an important product differentiator!

  • Epic fail on not having a microSD card slot. I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 which I use to read, watch anime, and play games. I use a couple microSD cards to fit all my anime on it.
    16 GB ant enough for me, maybe if it was available in 32, MAYBE

  • Yep. No SD card, no buy. Not everyone has unlimited data to stream crap over the damn cloud, and I can’t take the cloud with me everywhere. Who wants to spend all damn day deleting and adding different content before you take your device with you? Want one of those fancy new games with awesome graphics? Aww sorry, you need to delete half your damn music library and that cool moving you wanna watch too, or that other game that you wanna finish up. Terrible decision.

  • pops87

    I hope this no microSD thing isn’t the start of a new trend. Cloud storage is cool and all but I like the handiness of a high-capacity card in my device.

  • Justin McDermott

    The thing is, Google is trying to differentiate this tablet from the Kindle Fire. An SD card for the Nexus 7 would be one of many reasons for a consumer to go for the Nexus 7 rather than the Kindle Fire.

  • pball_inuyasha

    I just see one major problem with all this talk about how you need to use the cloud with this. It’s a tablet not a phone so you won’t be connected to the internet everywhere you go, so that seems like a problem to me.

  • B

    No SD, no buy. My daughter has the Fire, and I have the Tab 7 plus…whenever there’s an extended trip where video is needed, you simply can’t beat removable storage. A few episodes of Scooby Doo just can’t cut it on an 8 hour trip.

  • lupe

    This is turning into the G-nex, a wow cool at first then details ruin it. NO sd card slot in a age where ISP are capping you lower and lower, no thanks.
    Skimping on a sd slot is not a cost cutting feature but a oversight, or not maybe they are so busy looking at sales for cloud storage over useability.

    Sorry I have gone from gotta have to do not want overnight. I will save and deal with the larger 10.1′ screen on a asus transformer of some flavor.

  • Jason

    As someone the travels a lot this is BS on a WIFI only tablet. I want to have my music and a decent selection of movies along with all the apps I need, and I am not alone. This will seriously make me consider not purchasing it now.

    WIFI is available in planes for a charge, many hotels still charge and the idea of hunting down a hot spot so that I can connect to and down load a 1-2 gb file to be able to enjoy my own media is idiotic.

    If this thing came with a 32gb option I might look past it, but 8 and 16 don’t cut it. Screw the all powerful cloud, I like to control MY own media. My own personal thoughts of course.

  • Bionic

    I’ve actually decided to go ahead and get the 16GB if there is no SD card slot. For me personally, my music collection is only about 5GB. I done have much of anything else I need to put on my tablet, so im fine with all of this. I could get away with the 8GB version but id rather play it safe.

    As for the rear camera, who cares? How far away is your phone when using you’re tablet? And how far away is you’re real camera??

    This will be my first tablet and im totally happy with these specs. Yes I would have liked an SD card slot, but its not killing me.

    $249 for a pure Android experience tablet with what sounds like a good screen and quad core processor, not bad, not bad.

  • seems like all nexus products get the strip down cheap stuff inside,missing a camera, no sd,only 1,3 chip and only dual core,,,,why bother really

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    This is one ignorant stupid as crap question that Droid Life has posed here. It’s like people dont believe my early on, true analysis of why they are doing this, and i’ve said this on multiple occasions. If they are selling a device in different sizes, there is no mother friggin SD card slot. For their money raping point of view, it makes no sense to do that when they try to suck every last penny from you. So either Droid Life is stupid or dishonest. You’re not going to sell stupid options of devices to customers, if you give them the choice to cheaply buy the lower sized storage model, and then find a cheap as hell deal on an SD card somewhere and just upgrade the storage on your own.

    Sure you’d still have some people buy the one with the largest storage and then make it even larger by buying a cheap SD card. But if you’ve read what I said since the start, well it doesn’t matter, they want to take away alluserchoice like Apple does so they can sell different sizes in storage and battery because with taking away user choice theycan just sell that choice back to you at insane prices. And saying this once again, if your phone becomes older, and in the past you could just replace a dead battery or upgrade storage. Well they know more people are just going to buy a new device from them sooner, because they’ve taken away your choice to prolong the life of the device. I know some people can’t get over their devotion to the phone they own, and they think I’m attacking them and their phone choice with what I’m saying here. But I would have thought most people including Droid Life would look past such petty things and see they I’m talking more about how this is bad for the whole Android cummunity. Anytime our choices are taken away, it’s a very bad thing! And that is all this and I can’t believe some people don’t recognize what is going on.

  • Jackson

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  • Brandon Sikes

    If they give people who buy this some additional Drive space then this’ll be all fine and dandy, but ROMs get quite sizeable so that will be the only thing I’m concerned about.

  • While the cloud seems to be the go to thing nowadays, it really is becoming restrictive. Cloud storage was great while unlimited data was redly available. 16 GB for me will be plenty, but for someone who relies on this device for HD movies and games it may be a bit small.

  • Raven

    I definitely think that not having a MicroSD slot is a bad idea. I always keep an extra 32GB of Music and Movies on my 8GB Acer A100 fro when I am traveling. You don’t always have easy access to WiFi or even tethering, especially when you are on an airplane. Probably part of it is the fact that you can still only “rent” streaming movies from Google Play and not Buy them like you can from Apple. It is ridiculous that I still have to buy movies from iTunes and then convert them for use on my Android tablets.

  • MrWicket

    While I see the need/want and desire for a (micro)SD card I have survived perfectly well with the Galaxy Nexus and not having one. I think the key is having a crap ton of storage space to begin with! 😛

  • I am a heavy cloud user, so no problem in using Drive, Play Music and Google+ next to Dropbox and SkyDrive, but considering that the Nexus 7 is also rumored for not having 3G connectivity its used becomes limited to WiFi covered areas only, which is not good for those who want to access their data and work on mobile.