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Nexus 7 Tablet, Will It Have a microSD Card Slot? Probably Not.

Since specs leaked for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet last night, the storage situation has been brought up more times than we can count. Rumored to come in 8GB and 16GB models, many are wondering if the tablet will have a microSD card slot to expand those seemingly minimal amounts of space. The short answer – probably not. 

If you look back at the last few Nexus releases, you won’t find an SD card slot anywhere. The Nexus S didn’t have one, nor did the Galaxy Nexus. Why is that? The Android team has decided that this is the route they would like to go. Dan Morrill, an Android engineer, explained it when the G-Nex dropped, basically saying that they chose to have only internal storage because they wouldn’t have to partition anything off, leaving you with the full amount of storage to play with and a “better experience.” That doesn’t mean that Ice Cream Sandwich or other builds of Android don’t play nicely with expandable storage, but that for Nexus devices, Google has decided against it.

Whether you agree the logic of that being better or not is probably something we could debate for days, however, this seems to be the way things are. Toss in the fact that Google’s products in general function in the cloud and I’d say you better get used to storing things elsewhere. Oh, it also doesn’t sound like there will be a rear camera on the device, so you likely won’t be filling this sucker up with high-res photographs. There is a front camera for video chatting and that’s about it.

You can store your documents and work files in Drive, look at photos in Google+, listen to music through Google Music, and check your email through Gmail.

  • caeckard

    for me, it was definitely a deal breaker. I spent time reviewing tablets, determining if I wanted a more powerful tablet or if an ereader tab would work. loved all the reviews on the Nexus 7 so I was actually in the store, item in hand while sales assoc was locking the case and I asked if sd or micro sd card..he said neither. oh, usb? he said no. no external ports at all. use cloud. upload and download?? and what if i’m not around an internet connection?? i handed it back. very disappointed.more like disbelief. anyway, at this stage i’ll stick to my laptop and phone. so yes, it IS and WAS a dealbreaker.

  • caeckard

    a tablet is my lite version of my laptop. i don’t need more storage IN the tablet if they offer SD card capabilities. That way I put in as much as I want.everyone isn’t loading this full of music or vids to keep…for me this is travel, temporariy. ex: I don’t want to upload then download and then delete just to view or share some photos just snapped from my camera. i want to pop in the card and let you peek and save or delete. i want to make a quickie playlist and pop it in during an hour on the train. i want to work on something and save it to the sd card and have it ready to go to pop into the laptop or desktop for work. we all use tablets for various reasons but we get a level playing field without second guessing it they’d all and sd card for US to decide how best it works for us.

  • katsumi1980

    My first thought was they don’t include an expandable slot so they can charge more for the higher storage model… But after doing some research The cloud concept and online storage make sense.

  • Anon

    piece of trash isn’t even worthy of being a paperweight.

  • OutOfTheVapor

    I have several SD cards with manual, music and eBooks. SD Card is required. Too bad they dropped an important product differentiator!

  • Epic fail on not having a microSD card slot. I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 which I use to read, watch anime, and play games. I use a couple microSD cards to fit all my anime on it.
    16 GB ant enough for me, maybe if it was available in 32, MAYBE

  • Yep. No SD card, no buy. Not everyone has unlimited data to stream crap over the damn cloud, and I can’t take the cloud with me everywhere. Who wants to spend all damn day deleting and adding different content before you take your device with you? Want one of those fancy new games with awesome graphics? Aww sorry, you need to delete half your damn music library and that cool moving you wanna watch too, or that other game that you wanna finish up. Terrible decision.

  • pops87

    I hope this no microSD thing isn’t the start of a new trend. Cloud storage is cool and all but I like the handiness of a high-capacity card in my device.

  • Justin McDermott

    The thing is, Google is trying to differentiate this tablet from the Kindle Fire. An SD card for the Nexus 7 would be one of many reasons for a consumer to go for the Nexus 7 rather than the Kindle Fire.

  • pball_inuyasha

    I just see one major problem with all this talk about how you need to use the cloud with this. It’s a tablet not a phone so you won’t be connected to the internet everywhere you go, so that seems like a problem to me.

  • B

    No SD, no buy. My daughter has the Fire, and I have the Tab 7 plus…whenever there’s an extended trip where video is needed, you simply can’t beat removable storage. A few episodes of Scooby Doo just can’t cut it on an 8 hour trip.

  • lupe

    This is turning into the G-nex, a wow cool at first then details ruin it. NO sd card slot in a age where ISP are capping you lower and lower, no thanks.
    Skimping on a sd slot is not a cost cutting feature but a oversight, or not maybe they are so busy looking at sales for cloud storage over useability.

    Sorry I have gone from gotta have to do not want overnight. I will save and deal with the larger 10.1′ screen on a asus transformer of some flavor.

  • Jason

    As someone the travels a lot this is BS on a WIFI only tablet. I want to have my music and a decent selection of movies along with all the apps I need, and I am not alone. This will seriously make me consider not purchasing it now.

    WIFI is available in planes for a charge, many hotels still charge and the idea of hunting down a hot spot so that I can connect to and down load a 1-2 gb file to be able to enjoy my own media is idiotic.

    If this thing came with a 32gb option I might look past it, but 8 and 16 don’t cut it. Screw the all powerful cloud, I like to control MY own media. My own personal thoughts of course.

  • Bionic

    I’ve actually decided to go ahead and get the 16GB if there is no SD card slot. For me personally, my music collection is only about 5GB. I done have much of anything else I need to put on my tablet, so im fine with all of this. I could get away with the 8GB version but id rather play it safe.

    As for the rear camera, who cares? How far away is your phone when using you’re tablet? And how far away is you’re real camera??

    This will be my first tablet and im totally happy with these specs. Yes I would have liked an SD card slot, but its not killing me.

    $249 for a pure Android experience tablet with what sounds like a good screen and quad core processor, not bad, not bad.

  • seems like all nexus products get the strip down cheap stuff inside,missing a camera, no sd,only 1,3 chip and only dual core,,,,why bother really

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    This is one ignorant stupid as crap question that Droid Life has posed here. It’s like people dont believe my early on, true analysis of why they are doing this, and i’ve said this on multiple occasions. If they are selling a device in different sizes, there is no mother friggin SD card slot. For their money raping point of view, it makes no sense to do that when they try to suck every last penny from you. So either Droid Life is stupid or dishonest. You’re not going to sell stupid options of devices to customers, if you give them the choice to cheaply buy the lower sized storage model, and then find a cheap as hell deal on an SD card somewhere and just upgrade the storage on your own.

    Sure you’d still have some people buy the one with the largest storage and then make it even larger by buying a cheap SD card. But if you’ve read what I said since the start, well it doesn’t matter, they want to take away alluserchoice like Apple does so they can sell different sizes in storage and battery because with taking away user choice theycan just sell that choice back to you at insane prices. And saying this once again, if your phone becomes older, and in the past you could just replace a dead battery or upgrade storage. Well they know more people are just going to buy a new device from them sooner, because they’ve taken away your choice to prolong the life of the device. I know some people can’t get over their devotion to the phone they own, and they think I’m attacking them and their phone choice with what I’m saying here. But I would have thought most people including Droid Life would look past such petty things and see they I’m talking more about how this is bad for the whole Android cummunity. Anytime our choices are taken away, it’s a very bad thing! And that is all this and I can’t believe some people don’t recognize what is going on.

  • Jackson

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  • Brandon Sikes

    If they give people who buy this some additional Drive space then this’ll be all fine and dandy, but ROMs get quite sizeable so that will be the only thing I’m concerned about.

  • While the cloud seems to be the go to thing nowadays, it really is becoming restrictive. Cloud storage was great while unlimited data was redly available. 16 GB for me will be plenty, but for someone who relies on this device for HD movies and games it may be a bit small.

  • Raven

    I definitely think that not having a MicroSD slot is a bad idea. I always keep an extra 32GB of Music and Movies on my 8GB Acer A100 fro when I am traveling. You don’t always have easy access to WiFi or even tethering, especially when you are on an airplane. Probably part of it is the fact that you can still only “rent” streaming movies from Google Play and not Buy them like you can from Apple. It is ridiculous that I still have to buy movies from iTunes and then convert them for use on my Android tablets.

  • MrWicket

    While I see the need/want and desire for a (micro)SD card I have survived perfectly well with the Galaxy Nexus and not having one. I think the key is having a crap ton of storage space to begin with! 😛

  • I am a heavy cloud user, so no problem in using Drive, Play Music and Google+ next to Dropbox and SkyDrive, but considering that the Nexus 7 is also rumored for not having 3G connectivity its used becomes limited to WiFi covered areas only, which is not good for those who want to access their data and work on mobile.

  • Joshua Colon

    I’m in line with Google’s vision. I don’t store anything really on my devices. Everything gets uploaded to the cloud. This way, nothing gets lost, and it’s on all my devices whenever I need access.

  • soupysales

    Lack of a SD slot is a deal breaker for me…..shoot, I bought an $89 Polaroid tablet at Big Lots that runs on ICS and is expandable to 32G…..runs Netflix like a dream, Angry Birds, you name it and I can check email and stream YouTube videos. It’s great if you have little ones because if they ruin it, you are only out $89 bucks. I think I will wait and see what the next new tablet will be that is under $200….

  • Jon

    It would be a shame if this is true. 8 Gigs is just not enough. I would rather they gave 0 gigs of RAM and left room for an external SD card. I don’t need more than 16 gigs, but 8 is just way too small.

    That being said, I would still want this thing.

  • shopdroid

    This just lost my interest, considering that I can pick up a used/refurb TF Prime for $299. Google is starting to suck now!

  • This tablet is priced so well, I might pick one up for absolutely no reason other than to try one out.

  • I think people are totally missing the point with this device. 8gb and 16gb is totally reasonable for what they are making it for. If you’re like “why not x feature or y memory?” then you are thinking of a different tablet. If you want an ipad competitor or something high end buy a different tablet.

  • PC_Tool

    Google Music *sucks*. There is very little you can do about volume, quality, sound processing…and there are apps on the market that blow it away in every single one of those areas.

    I don’t really care how many fanboys that pisses off.

    This is why 8GB will not work on any mobile media device. For me. (It may work for you, but I don’t really care about you.)

    No SD slot = no dice unless they have a decently priced 32GB model.

    If this is the route Google decides to go, it’s already dead…they just don’t know it yet.

    • PC_Tool

      Of course, allowing other music apps to interact with the Google Music “Cloud” would absolutely solve this problem…

  • Sirx

    [rant]As a Galaxy Nexus owner, I SORELY miss the SD card slot. I wanted to look at some documents that my girlfriend was working on last week, and forget about popping the card in my phone and taking a look.

    A card with nothing but movies. Another with maybe your music collection, so that your phone is free and clear. HA! Good luck with that. Everything that you own today (apps, movies, music, pictures, some of which can run you multiple GIGAbytes by themselves) and WILL WANT TO OWN in the next few years or so will evaporate that storage space so quickly it’ll make your head spin.

    And don’t even get me started on the “OMG uze the CLOUDZ!” argument. That implies that I’d have to pick up an additional monthly data plan specifically for my tablet if I ever want to have access to my multimedia. And even if I did, no single person on this planet constantly has a strong cellular connection wherever they go at all times. And when I’m driving for hours and listening to my music collection constantly stop, stutter, and rebuffer, I don’t want to hear any nonsense about “the Cloud” this or “Google Music is so great” that.[/rant]

    This tablet needs expandable storage, Google. Come back when you’ve figured out how to insert a tiny,tiny slot into your device.

    • Its not really an elegant solution but you CAN mount usb drives for things like movies on your Galaxy Nexus

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      I’m glad you see how in the end this is just a bad idea that removes choices from the customer, just so the carriers and manufacturers can nickel and dime us.

  • Considering its being made by Asus (a rumor) and all their tablets have the micro SD slot, I am leaning more toward it does have one.

  • Troubled_Asian

    Screw the cloud. Damn, I really wanted this tablet, but not anymore. Yes, external storage is that big of a deal. Having options like removable storage and batteries, using the device as an external drive itself while connected to your computer, customized interface, etc… are why so many people choose Android. Taking options away just make the platform more like Apple. Dammit Google, don’t do this…
    I haven’t purchased a tablet yet because all the other Android tablets are either too expensive, or they just suck, or they are skinned making them suck. I was really thinking this tablet could be the one.

  • Bryan P

    I so much wanted to get this tab but without expandable storage its a deal breaker. I travel a lot and I need storage for movies and music. I have a 16 gig tab right now and I’m always having to move stuff around to make room.

  • I want one to play with, but I don’t know what I would use it for at this point 🙁 My GSIII is on the way and I have an iPad 3… Anyone have a justification to buy one that will not tick off my wife?

  • I would rather pay $300 for 8gb and an SD slot personally.

    I have the 32GB GNex, and that’s enough… but that has unlimited data.

  • bvgillis

    The last thing I owned with 8GB of storage was my 2007 iPhone.

    What is happening here?

    • palomosan

      It’s called Cloud Storage.

      • bvgillis

        Cloud storage doesn’t mean we don’t need more space on our devices.

        Why do you think they don’t sell laptops with 32GB hard drives?

        With the rise in technology we are going to continue needing more storage as apps get larger to keep up with higher resolution displays, more feature rich content, etc…..

        8GB seems like they are trying to sell their cloud storage by force- even though it won’t meet anyones needs.

  • bvgillis

    …..but you will have to store apps on the device itself- no cloud storage for that.

    With most (worthwhile) games reaching sizes around 1GB each. You get a total of 6 to 7 apps before it craps out on you (including system storage and whatever else comes pre-loaded).

    8GB is just not enough. With 32GB flash storage around $15 retail- I can’t understand why they don’t put more in there.

    Why would storage be the thing that got chopped?

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      See my long post please.

  • azndan4

    This is a bad move for a device aimed at media consumption.

  • FrankD

    When can I get it?

  • Dave

    I can understand the frustration with cloud storage and lack of SD card, but don’t most (if not all) these apps have offline caching? Essentially grab what you need or want before you head out to a “non-WIFI” area, and then you’re set. It’s not as flexible a solution as having it all readily available on your device but at this price point, it would be hard for me to complain.

    • bvgillis

      With 8GB of storage and offline caching, you won’t get many apps on your tablet before it’s full-up.

  • If it’s wifi only, I guess cloud storage is okay.

  • Stewie

    Must not be busy if we need a whole separate blog post for something this obvious …

  • MSauch

    This doesn’t matter to me in the least. The only storage I need is for music, and I can stream off of Play. When I’m using my tablet to play music, I’m at home with WiFi. If I’m on the move, or in the subway, I’m listening to music on my GNex. This is not a big deal at all.

  • 8GB or 16GB, why for?? There should be at least a 64GB variant….

    • Then buy a transformer if you want a high end device.

      • PC_Tool

        …storage does not high-end a device make…

        • never said that was the only thing, but you’re not going to find it on a low end penny pinching device.

          • PC_Tool

            Please… The Coby Kyros has an sd slot, ffs…

          • I wasn’t talking about sd card slot, i was referring to internal memory. Yes they could easily add an sd card slot, but they may not for reasons in the post.

          • PC_Tool

            The point is that I don’t think anyone would be complaining about storage if there was an sd slot capable of handling up to 64GB.

          • yep. that’s the point. that’s what the article is about ”
            Whether you agree the logic of that being better or not is probably something we could debate for days”

          • PC_Tool

            That’s the rub. It is debatable

            … but saying, “then it wasn’t meant for you, or the droid-life crowd” isn’t…

            It’s a Nexus device. It is “meant” for developers and OEMs as a reference-platform/device.

            With such limitations, it fails miserably at that.

          • But its not for developers so much, its mainly for the entry level market with those limitations. Those limitations define it for the entry level market. Its to compete with kindle fire, another entry level tablet. In this case i think Nexus just means its made by Google.

          • PC_Tool

            *sigh* (not at you, but at Google)

            Yeah…you may be right.

            While it was originally “The” reference device for design/development, it stopped being that once they let VZW ruin it. Now they seem to be going headlong into a dive to the lowest-common-denominator…dead-set on making Android be the “budget” choice.

            Nexus used to mean it was the flagship of the OS release, allowing the new functionality/features to shine on hardware that really showed it’s true potential.

            …now Google seems to be joining the manufacturers in their race to the bottom.

            (nitpik: Google doesn’t make hardware…no Nexus was ever “made by Google”…unless you are solely referring to the OS, but even that’s been broken, now.)

          • Exactly, and agreed. Not only Verizon but other networks kind of ruining it too. Google trying to break free and pave their own path but now have to compete directly. Selling low-end devices to the AVERAGE consumer is what sells. And personally, i don’t care how good a tablet is im not buying one if its more than $250, that’s what my cell phone is for.
            At the same time they don’t have to make high end decides that shine when someone is already doing that for them and any manufacture has the potential to do that if they wanted too.

            And yes, i was getting at that its Google certified and junk. Not that they manufactured it themselves.

          • PC_Tool

            “And personally, i don’t care how good a tablet is im not buying one if its more than $250, that’s what my cell phone is for.”

            Oposite here. Phone for making calls, Tablet for apps/movies/everything else. Tablet needs to be high-spec.

            “they don’t have to make high end decides that shine when someone is already doing that for them”

            The problem is that no-one is doing this, at least, not supported by AOSP. The draw of “Nexus” to developers and their followers was that we would have access to the source for the device and be able to *really* make it shine…with our own modifications., or by optimizing Google’s code.

            Doesn’t work quite so well with a Prime or Tab…it needs to be part of the AOSP device-tree (or at the very least, fully open and documented by the manufacturer, with their own code sharing repository.)

  • nightscout13

    Cloud storage

  • Corkis84

    I am sick of them trying to force this cloud crap down our throats. There is no cloud available in an airplane or in my car when the kids are throwing a fit and a movie would be nice. SD is a must, that is why I did not buy the galaxy nexus or the kindle fire.

    • Learn to use the pin feature. Great for music, movies or reading on a plane. Just have to pre-plan, which can be it’s own headache. 🙂

    • palomosan

      Well my friend, it’s here, all companies are using it and there’s no turning back.

      Besides at $200, I’ll say that’s pretty good compare to other prices out there for a Tablet, they had to cut cost somewhere.

      • tehserver

        Because a micro-sd slot costs $200?

    • shooter50

      If you need SD slot, there are dozens of tablets that have them. This is a 200.00 tablet, so quit being so cheap and STFU!

      • Corkis84

        Did you read anywhere in my post where i complained about money. I am upset with the standard Google, Amazon and other companies are trying to set. I love having access to my content directly and I hate letting others follow and log what i am doing 24/7 for entertainment. This is why i always hated ITunes.

    • KleenDroid

      I don’t understand what you mean. 16 gig is a lot of storage and I doubt you need to be transferring huge amounts of data from your phone to a computer while on a plane.

      Please explain the need for more than 16 gig while on a plane.

      I only have 32 gig on my Nexus and I have 17 gig available. And I have a lot of stuff on my phone that is not needed.

      • Sirx

        No! Alright?! No, it’s not enough space. I’m sick to death of hearing that argument. Some of the top tier games that are releasing for Android today run anywhere from 1-2 gigs by themselves. In the example that he gives, a movie is even more–at least 2 – 3. You put about 10 movies/apps on here, and you are done. That is ridiculous, and in no way enough space for longevity.

        • Kernschatten

          Agreed. Plus, competing with the Kindle Fire does not mean meeting the limitations.

      • Bryan P

        People who travel a lot need the storage and you use a tab differently than you would a phone so comparing them is not logical. I use my tab mostly for media and on a plane a 10 tab is a little to big. I think that an 8.5″ would be perfect but I was going to give this 7 guy a try.
        Most good recording of movies are around a gig each and I have around 8 to 10 gigs of music that I like to travel with. When I am on the road I’m away from the house for weeks at a time and like the storage option on my tab. The tab I have now has 16 gigs and its not enough. I hope they do include a sd card slot on this tab cuz without it it will be a deal breaker for a lot of people including me.

        • Raven

          I agree, as I just posted elsewhere, I regularly have 10 or so full length movies plus a lot of music on my 7″ Acer A100’s MicroSD card. Lack of expansion will ruin this device for me. I think some people need to travel a little more and get away from WiFi and once the unlimited data plans finish going away they will not have that to rely on anymore either.

          • Denzall oregon

            The Nexus is as much a Fail in the expandability dept as the Kindle. No microsd so you have to use the cloud. Screw the cloud, i want to jam a cheap 32 gb microsd in it for movies and books.

        • Kernschatten

          Two hours a day on the train. A 7 inch tablet is great.

      • Corkis84

        Leisure Trips with kids aside I will focus and list personal needs. I will even focus on my phone since you brought up the GNEx. I travel abroad for work – Sometimes to third world countries that love to claim my laptop and charge taxes for its use (if i dont pay they keep). Cell phones – in this case maybe even a cheaper tablet – are not generally targeted since strip searches are not done on a routine bases. They do however rummage through my carry-on from time to time. Cell coverage is sparse but data is non-existent. For entertainment(movies, music, and photos) and downloaded maps I fill 29 gigs of a 32 gig SD card (This is not including apps loaded on phone storage). Even if my job wasn’t like this i am scared of a future with only cloud service and limited data.

    • Justin Frieberg

      People said the same thing about “DIgital Copies” when their paper files were working just fine.

    • josh

      just use wireless tether. problem solved. i drive all across the country and have 3g or 4g 99% of the time on my gnex.

  • steve

    ” You can store your documents and work files in Drive, look at photos in Google+, listen to music through Google Music, and check your email through Gmail.”

    If I wanted to be forced to do things a certain way, I would buy an apple product. We all want sd storage.

    • NicholasMicallef

      Not to mention many services like Google Music, Movies, Books and turn-by-turn are not available in countries outside the US. (unless they change that at Google IO)

  • James_C_L

    no sd? they will lose 70% of potential buyers…including me.
    way to move backwards

    • You know they say 76 percent of all statistics on the internet are made up and untrue nonsense?

    • shooter50

      You my friend are a simpleton. Lose 70% of potential buyers? This tablet is aimed at the Kindle Fire crowd who probably don’t even know what an sd card is. You are so small minded and self important that you really believe Google aimed this tablet for people who frequent droid-life. Think again pal. For 200.00 your not going to get everything you want no matter how much you whine. So man up and spend a little more for all the features you want.

  • hkklife

    Someone please release the following:

    -8″ or 9″ 4:3 tablet (1280×1024 or similar IPS screen would be awesome). 7″, especially with a high PPI and virtual buttons, is just too small.

    -microUSB port for charging–NO proprietary crap and no non-standard micro plugs or adapters either. I want to take a tablet and a phone on a trip and bring ONE charger for both.

    -microHDMI port (none of this MHL foolishness)

    -Vanilla Android or very, very close to it with Asus-style levels of updates-At least 16Gb of internal storage + a concealed microSD slot.

    -Tegra3 so I can play all of these damn Tegra exclusive games I bought last year for my DX2 and cannot enjoy

    -Responsive screen and a really nice battery would be icing on the cake.

    -JellyBean out of the box

    -TWO cameras of at least reasonable quality

    -$299-$350ish price tag

  • Chris

    Not having an SD card slot sucks, but do you all remember the debacle with the Xoom? That’s why they don’t have SD card slots.

    • Michael Franz

      Not 100% true. That was really because the Xoom i feel was a rushed product. Needed to have it upgraded for LTE, sd didnt work off the bat, it was really pushed out to compete with the upcoming iPad 2 which still blew it out of the water.

  • schoat333

    As a Gnex owner, I have to say, I do not miss an SD card slot at all. I never even think about it unless there are one of these articles.

    That said, I’m surprised that 16gb is the max for this new tablet. I think Google are banking on people using more and more cloud storage tho.

    • azndan4

      Please people… stop prefacing your comments with “As a (insert reason for having authority), I think that…” It doesn’t give you any authority, it just makes you sound like a tool.

      • hldc1

        Whining about people having an opinion, like you’ve expressed yourself, makes you sound like a tool. That’s right. Toolbox.

        As a Galaxy Nexus owner, I agree. As a Galaxy Nexus owner, I have no doubt that azndan4 is a massive tool.

      • Hunter

        Its called context, and it makes any opinions the user shares more credible given that it pertains directly to what is being discussed.

        Your jealousy around not owning a Gnex is amusing. Fortunately you can still pick one up!

      • It’s about experience not authority…

      • will bartlett

        if he was like “my phone doesnt have an sd card slot and i dont miss it” you would be like, “oh he has a gnex” so stop being a dick. he just wanted to point out his experience.

      • 4n1m4L

        Telling somebody who has working experience with the subject that are talking about that they are wrong makes you sound like an idiot.

      • Calling people tools makes you sound like a tool

        • hldc1

          Tool – A person, typically male, who says or does things that cause you to give them a ‘what-are-you-even-doing-here’ look. The ‘what-are-you-even-doing-here’ look is classified by a glare in the tool’s direction and is usually accompanied by muttering of how big of a tool they are. The tool is usually someone who is unwelcome but no one has the balls to tell them to get lost. The tool is alwasys making comments that are out-of-place, out-of-line or just plain stupid. The tool is always trying too hard to fit in, and because of this, never will.

          Not understanding that it’s okay to call someone a tool when they are in fact being a tool, by association, makes you a tool, too.

          • ChrisTraeger1

            didn’t read lol

      • Alexander Garcia

        As a RAZR Maxx owner, you’re a complete tool for having an issue with this.

      • schoat333

        As the OP, I’m permitted to preface my comment any way that I Desire. Thanks for reading my post, and having an opinion. I respectfully disagree. That is the point of this after all, right?

    • florious80

      I’d have to agree. Especially the way that the phone manufacturers made the slot to be relatively inaccessible unless you remove the back/battery, i’ve had no reason to access the existing card. The only advantage with having a slot is that the expansion space is limited without one. I’m just going to pick up the tab anyways since I’ll try to use the cloud more often for files, and upload large files onto the 8gb internal space when necessary. The only concern i have is app space, but then I thought about the amount of apps i use now on my phone, and feel very comforting that I don’t need that much space anyways. 🙂

    • I like to put movie backups on my devices to have on the go. Some retarded ones like Social Network have that Cinavia crap, where the PS3 will mute the sound. My Gnex doesn’t have the same problem. But two 4bg rips of the movie cost 8 gigs all its own. So a tab with only 8gb of memory total would assuredly not work for me, cause I wouldn’t be able to play movie backups on it.

      Not to mention that 7inches just isn’t big enough. I went to Best Buy yesterday hoping to convince myself otherwise and just couldn’t do it.

    • Conceptually, I like the idea. But with how terrible awful MTP is, I do miss being able to access the internal storage QUICKLY. But I like that I don’t have to unmount it, and I *definitely* don’t miss the “move app to SD card” nonsense.

      As a side note – GNex supports USB OTG, and you can get a little dongle that goes to USB-A Female for < $10. You can plug in an SD card reader, or a thumb drive, or even an external hard drive and read/write. I don't miss my internal uSD at all knowing that I can always just plug in an external one, without even having to shut the phone off. (all uSD slots were under the battery)

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        Actually, that is incredibly false. I’ve owned and seen a large amount of phones that had the SD card slot on the side of the device, smart phones that is.

    • Chronon7364

      The Amazon Kindle Fire doesn’t have an microSD slot because Amazon intends users to be locked in to consuming Amazon digital content; this is also one of the reasons the KFire is so cheap. Even though Google isn’t at Amazons level with consumable content, Google is working towards that model by offering a cheap Google tablet that would tie users to Google’s products.

      As Google increases purchasable cloud content, having an SD becomes less and less beneficial to Google.

    • Bionic

      Now see, for a phone I prefer an SD card for simple things like printing pictures at walgreens. They dont keep or have the drivers installed on their kiosk to simply hook the phone up.

    • michael arazan

      I was just watching the review of the new Chrome Book, and it has no expandable memory and only 16gb of storage. They were saying how google is doing this to integrate their cloud storage to all their devices for now. I like cloud storage but It would be nice to know how guaranteed my storage will be. I use box for pictures and drive for hd videos, cheaped than upgrading my pos pc at the moment.

  • user311

    Isn’t this supposed to be based off the ME370T which had an SDcard slot? I think it would be in google’s best interest to keep the slot in there. Yes they have google cloud but in reality, it would only cost them money for people to constantly stream everything. 16GB is such a small amount of storage space, at least on the Galaxy nexus devices they offered 32GB.

  • Tristan Cunha

    I honestly never even thought to check if it had an SD card slot (at least until I checked the comments). And I could probably even get away with the 8gb model. I think the OS takes up about 3-4gb, which doesn’t leave a lot of space for media and apps. But if you’re mostly streaming, surfing and video chatting, that should be plenty of space (it works for the Kindle Fire).
    I just checked the storage on my 9-month old Galaxy Nexus, and I’m using 3gb, Whcih is mostly apps (including all the stock stuff, VZ, operating, etc.) a little bit of photos and music, and then about 1.2gb of random downloads (pdf menus, background images, beta APKs) that I would just delete if I needed the space.
    I’d probably end up paying a little extra for 16gb, and having more (on device) storage than I’ll probably ever need, but I imagine that 90% of the target audience for a tablet like this could buy the 8gb model and never run i to the limit.

    • Adam Brandt

      9 month old G Nex.? I didn’t know it was out anywhere last 9/25. Huh lol

  • moelsen8

    this is bad, bad trend. i don’t want to use the cloud for anything more than sharing pictures with family. there’s just something about actually physically owning your data and having it in your possession, at any time, with or without a connection to the internet (wifi-only makes this worse if you’re on the go). i can’t wait for the first time the cloud “breaks” and f*cks a bunch of people over.

    and hell, some games already have 1gig+ data downloads, and it’s only going
    to increase as processing power and graphics get better. you put a few premium games on the 8gig tablet and you could probably fill it up pretty quickly.

  • Jeff Tycz

    Like it or not SD cards are going to be a thing of the past since more and more devices are releasing without them

  • 8gb and no microSD Card slot is (almost) a deal breaker. 8gb = 4-6gb of actual space due to pre-installed system software and the OS.

    I am hoping this is not true and there is more space available on this device because other features of this device seem very impressive, especially JB!

  • Bauce40

    While you can store a lot in the cloud these days, what about the things a lot of people use tablets for, specifically watching movies (sure you can stream Netflix, xfinity, etc., but a lot of high quality movies take up a lot of space) and with that nice Tegra 3 in there, games are going to run about a 1GB in size. Plus I saw another mention of ROMS in the earlier comments, those take up space as well. 8GB is a waste, 16GB is questionable. I wouldn’t even think about anything less than 32GB these days. This “Nexus” seems to be aimed more at casual Tablet users (everyone has been comparing this to the Fire since it has a low price) then the hardcore Android tablet users. Why not make a high-end Nexus as well? The casual tablet (or Fire) user could care less about what a Nexus is or even whether it’s stock or not. I don’t have much faith in this tablet advancing (or saving) Android tablets.

    • Michael Franz

      I couldnt agree more. The majority of Nexus tablet owners will probably root and rom them. A rom backup of ICS alone on my gnex is 1+ GB. your right 8 will not cut it anf 16 is questionable, having the SD card slot would of been great, They could of went so far as to say its allowable but not supported, i would have even of accepted that.

    • They see a bigger market opportunity at this price point, that’s why. They want to demonstrate to OEMs that it is worthwhile to produce inexpensive yet decent tablets. They want to increase the Android tablet market share. Asus builds very good high end tablets, their updates are also very fast and reliable. But there is no decent 200 $ tablet with the Google ecosystem installed.

      • Bauce40

        That’s a good point, but why call this a “Nexus” tablet. The entire idea of “Nexus” simply appeals to Android lovers who want that pure experience. Asus had intentions of already releasing a tablet like this at a similar price, just let them do that. Like you said, they update quickly, why attach the Nexus name to it? The Galaxy Nexus is not the most popular Android phone, most people with Android phones probably have no idea what the hell Nexus is. I personally just see this as a let down from Google and not what they need to do to save Android tablets, but that’s just my opinion and what do I know. I said it in another post, there’s tons of choice and variety from Android tablets, the OS is good, it’s simply that the apps suck for tablets. Unless Google knows a way of this tablet leading to better apps (which I doubt seeing that this is a 7 inch tablet and there are several 10 inch tablets out there) then I don’t see this tablet as much of a big deal.

        • will bartlett

          wrong, they do it for developers.

          • Bauce40

            So then why make an inexpensive tablet then? Why not make it 10 inches and up the specs? The Nexus phones weren’t cheap.

          • NicholasMicallef

            because that would be in direct competition with the iPad and the Surface and Google know they won’t sell a decent amount at that price range.

          • NicholasMicallef

            That and because they know it would be hard to even try to compete with the iPad without good dev support to start with, let alone the Surfaces (that sounds weird). So possibly they’re just using this tablet to get more developer support, then maybe use that support to help sell a high end tablet later on (maybe next year)…

          • will bartlett

            i honestly think if you want a high end android tablet just get an asus. let google do what they want to do just to help the ecosystem. @Bauce40:disqus

    • josh

      If it is ICS just root and download Stickmount. Then you can plug in a flash drive with any media you want. if you dont want to do that, just dont buy this tablet.

    • Justin McDermott

      I agree. I dont understand these companies want you to buy as many apps as possible but they dont give you the space options to store them all. In my experience, I become very frugal in which apps I download because I worry about the memory space on my phone. This is the opposite of what Google wants and needs.

    • It seems pretty high end already, they just ran over their own toes by not having a microSD card slot

  • RadYOacTiVe

    With no SD slot, 8GB is pointless. They should have started with at least a 16GB model for $200. In the real world, going from 16-32GB on the board level is only a dollar or two difference.

    • Engineers at these costs are swapping out board-level components because of 2-3 cent differences. Such is the pain of high-volume manfacturing.

  • S Bosworth

    If that’s the case I’m not even wasting my time buying one to try. I purchased a Kindle Fire. That’s enough to know that I’ll never again purchase a tablet with less than 32Gb of storage. The cloud is a pain in the ass I don’t care what anyone says.

    • DavidHollinger

      Kindle fire doesn’t have a Tegra 3. One of the greatest features/apps of the tegra 3 is the ability to stream my Desktop PC games to the tablet… all while maintaining my work productivity, Administration, and troubleshooting apps on the device

    • rodney11ride

      i will start by saying yes the cloud IS a pain… However, it is free! if you need to store those files that you only access every few months on your device why not store them elsewhere?

  • Knlegend1

    I don’t know, it may make you more efficient about using Google services. If this is wifi only I don’t see a problem, well until you get to some huge games. Then again I would love to have the expandable storage.

  • No SD slot = FAIL … you’ve gotta give the user room to expand.

    • Ryan Powell

      Apple doesn’t and they certainly haven’t failed from that decision. IMO this Nexus isn’t really meant to be OUR Nexus. This is the one that gets a good Android ICS tablet out into the market for the majority of casual users.

      • Brent Stewart

        True but Apple’s tier starts at 16g and offers 32g and 64g models. I personally LOATH Apple’s tiered storage marketing. One of the many reasons I chose Android over Apple is it’s open nature and expandable storage. If that goes I may change platforms.

        • Ryan Powell

          True. I didn’t even realize Apple bumped the entry level to 16GB. I was thinking they were still starting at 8GB for the $500 price point. Even if you chose the possible 16GB tablet for $250 you are saving $250 over the iPad (Not that they are meant to be compared). I do agree with you on the tiered storage and dislike Apple for how closed off they are on a lot of hardware but I personally can’t complain about it in this case. My point was mainly that a potential user has a good Android option with this tablet and most users arn’t going to be concerned with the lack of SD card slot like we might be.

      • Droidzilla

        Actually, this may be more of a dev tablet. We’ll see at I/O, though.

    • ben

      there’s plenty of room to expand, buy the bigger one, or an extra two or three. why would google (or the nexus makers) want to let you buy an sd card to expand since they don’t sell those?

      • user311

        To sell more apps…

        • While this is a reasonable argument…who has that many apps?

          Also, for those with limited data plans who can’t afford to stream everything, they need a microSD slot to keep media on their phones. That is my argument for microSD.

          • user311

            I easily fill up 16GB almost mainly in apps, plus eMags/books from nook (They carry the best magazines imo) Both Fifa 2k12 and Max Payne each take up 1.6GB, while Capt America, Spiderman, Madden, GTA, NFS and others each take up between 600-900MB. I have a slew in the 100-300MB range. My gtab 8.9 16GB is full to the point that I can’t install all my apps and have to pick and choose while my tformer prime sits at 32GB used between everything. the nexus tab would replace my gtab and bump it down to coffee tablet status.

          • Sp4rxx

            Stream over wifi – problem solved (at least from the data plan point of view)

      • That logic fails in numerous ways.

  • Chris

    So the max amount of memory is the min on all other tablets. Nice job Google.

    • memory or storage?

    • Are you forgetting the price point?

      • Kernschatten

        Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 – $250, 8GB storage, rear facing camera (no flash), front facing camera, microSD slot, only dual core TI

        8GB is not enough, only 4.5 is usable. Plain vanilla ICS may give you close to 6GB. Trust me, still not enough. GTA3 and Max Payne take up 2GB alone.

        • The 16GB is only $50 more, so I’d say go for that. I think for the price the package is pretty great.

  • Personally, I am very happy with these design decisions. I just wish there as a Nexus 10 coming in at the $250-$300 range. I would buy that one without a second thought.

    • Ryan Powell

      I have a feeling that Asus and Google worked out a deal that allowed them to release the deal-buster Nexus first with Google and Samsung then releasing a more robust iPad competitor Nexus a couple months later. Perhaps even a Moto Nexus as well?

  • razr user

    I would have liked it to come with GPS but at those prices I’m assuming it doesn’t have it.

    • gps? but this is a wifi device

      • ApplesNAndroids

        Many wifi only devices still carry GPS…

  • Josh Flowers

    as much as i love Google Music & Drive, ROMs can be pretty hefty—coupled with the amount of music i’d place on this & seasons that aren’t on Netflix (venture brothers & simpsons , for example) i really have to second guess this purchase.
    yes, cloud storage is where it’s at…but not when you don’t have wifi connection (ie the car on lunch breaks)

    hopefully there’ll be some good deals on the 16GB

  • I think they will include a MicroSD but your points are very valid. I have a Galaxy Nexus and I do everything from the cloud. Only thing I would hate to have a issue with is putting Videos on this thing. I watch all my Anime on my Transformer Prime and most of everything is on a 32gb card.

  • Also, not sure I totally believe the leaked image is legit, looks like a mock up via photoshop to me

    • I’m with you, it probably is a mockup, but the device will likely be something similar.

      • possomcrast1

        Either way the mockup looks really nice let’s hope it looks similar.

  • Butters619

    Although an SD slot would be nice to have, for $200 I can’t wait to pick this up.

    Edit: $250* (I don’t think 8GB would fly)

    • Ryan Powell

      I’m with you. I have a hard time being picky for a $200 nexus tablet. I don’t think 8GB is enough but I have no issues with paying an extra $50 for the 16GB version.

      • nwd1911

        I think they are grabbing everyone’s attention with the $199 price tag, knowing that most will go for the 16GB model. While I agree I need the extra storage, it is painful to pay $50 for an extra 8 GB…can you say “margin?”

        • s1mpd1ddy

          id rather buy the 8gb, then spend $50 bucks on a 64gb microSD card

          • Hunter

            ok, have fun finding a place to stick it when this tablet will most likely not have an expandable storage slot…

          • Jordan

            LOL! i don’t think he read the article.

          • Cam

            I think he is making the point that for 250$, if it had the microSD slot, he would have 72GB of storage. And, it’s a fair point; removable storage is pretty cheap.

          • NicholasMicallef

            I think he knows. He’s just explaining that if it were to have a microSD slot he would do that…

  • mikesevenfold

    I have virtually zero uses for a tablet, but for a stock Nexus device at this price point I’m sure I can find a few things to use it for and couldn’t care less about an SD card

  • That would be kind of weird for Google to put so many limitations on a flagship tablet. I understand the no SD card on the Nexus, we have 32GB of space which is fine for even most power users. But 8GB and 16GB and no rear camera? Hopefully the leak is wrong. LOL.

    • I really don’t think it’s wrong. Google isn’t trying to make the next iPad, they are trying to take the lower end market. If you want to do that, you gotta cut out things like cameras and massive amounts of storage.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Rear facing camera on a tablet is more of a novelty if you ask me. I definitely need a Front Facing one though…

      • NicholasMicallef

        Agreed, It’s cumbersome and high end phones can take better pictures than any tablet I know of anyway, let alone a low end one.

  • I need my microsd slot in order to load movies and music on there so it’s completely separate from the OS. It’s just how I like it.

    • 4n1m4L

      Its one of the things that made android preferable too

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        Exactly! And instead of continuing withese freedoms and choices for the user, they are seeing how much money was made by Apple with removing those options and selling you different storage and battery sized phones. It’s just sad to me that people can’t look past what phone they own, and see how this is bad for the whole Android community. Anytime our choices are taken away, well that is a huge problem for me, and I absolutely will not support their greed at the expense of our personal choice and freedoms with devices. Sadly it appears I’m the minority in seeing this for what it truly is, and being really sad over it.

  • It just a nice thing to have if connection is hard to get sometimes.