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New Orders of Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Now Shipping by 7/11

Over the last couple of days, we have seen almost every U.S. carrier announce some sort of delay for their shipments of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (our review) to both stores and consumers. Thanks to high demand, Verizon can be added to that list, with their estimated shipping date now showing as 7/11.

One thing we want to make clear though, is how this affects those that pre-ordered long ago. According to info we received, this new 7/11 date only applies to those that pre-order from today on or potentially within the last couple of days. If you pre-ordered between 6/6 and 6/13, yours should still ship by 7/9. If you pre-ordered between 6/14 and 6/18, yours should ship by 7/10. 

Cheers zepfloyd, ___, and J!

  • turf

    I ordered on June 6th and was told by a verizon rep just recently that I would get my phone on June 28th. Maybe i am being fed a line I hope not.

  • JazzoRenee

    This would make sense.
    Verizon is probably ordering them from Samsung in a certain quantity amount-age.

  • Jonbo298

    If I would have pre-ordered one day earlier, I would’ve been in the first batch. Ah well, 1 day won’t kill me.

  • holygrail-legendary

    i dont think i have ever been as impatient waiting for something as i am waiting for this phone. haha i want it NOW!

  • Rob

    At first I was bummed but then saw that earlier preorders might get out by 7/9 so hopefully I’m in that boat. But then again it’s just 2 days, the last 10 days have been flying by for me personally.

    But my SGS3 can’t get here fast enough!

    • JazzoRenee

      Hahaha me too

  • CBDroid

    love the one star review in the pic : )

  • xrawritsjack

    Tired of Moto’s locked bootloader with military grade encryption, I preordered last night and can’t wait to ditch this bionic. Now to find something to pass 3 weeks of time…

  • jonathanphx1

    Ordered 32gb Blue one last night on the website it says ship by 7/11 but the confirmation email I got says ship by 7/10

  • pickle3782

    Should I buy this phone?

    I have been eligible for an upgrade for two years and still have my last new every 2 discount.

    I am only concerned about battery power. I dont play games or watch movies, I just surf the web for lunch specials on restaurant websites and make some phone calls and texts. I charge every night but would like to make it a full day with a charge.

    Should I buy this for my last subsidized phone before the June 28 cut off, or should I just pick up a lower end phone like the Droid Incredible 2 from craigslist?

    I am currently using the Droid Incredible.

    • hkklife

      Buy this one to lock in your grandfathered data then sell it without activating it. Sell your Inc1, get a gently used Inc2 from CL if it ever is confirmed to get ICS. If not, get a gently used Bionic or TB.

      • chris sears

        You have to activate it or you will be charged the full retail price of the device after 90 days

  • mjs1124

    9th,10th,11th, who gives a crap! All those dates suck when I see all the people on AT&T and Sprint playing with their phones! Knowing Verizon even 3 weeks later we will find out that our phones are delayed then.

    • JazzoRenee

      Who cares about them, they won’t have service anyway.

  • Guest

    Weird, still no shipping date estimate when I check my order on verizonwireless.com 🙁

    • Ditto. Very frustrating.

  • shawn

    pre-ordered on the 11th so 7/9 it is 🙂

  • nightscout13

    SWEET….. Though i would have liked it more if i had it today.

  • Mikey

    Torn between this and a razr maxx….was hoping the razr hd would be announced by now but guess I was just dreaming…I think I’ll go with razr over this….never liked Samsung too much

    • AE35

      My wife has the RAZR. She likes it, I hate it. UI is terrible in my opinion. Tried to install Go Launcher EX but it really slowed it down.

      At least with the Samsung you know there will be custom ROMS soon if you’re into that. Unlocked bootloaders with S-off are the best.

    • Nemesis099

      I decided not to wait and get the Razr Maxx and I’m happy with it. I like Moto’s build quality and even though they lock the bootloader they still get custom roms.

      I was nervous about the Galaxy after the Nexus connection issues. I also wanted the big battery with how much power 4G can burn through!

  • Djsan99

    I dont get how At&T and Sprint already got thier customers phones. What is the hold up with Verizon?

    • burkett375

      It takes a long time to add all that bloat in there. I mean, EVERYONE uses VZW Navigator because Google’s Turn by Turn Nav sucks, right???

    • JazzoRenee

      Your complaining about 7 days, I mean it’s not like its a WHOLE 3-4 MONTHS like with the first Galaxy S.

  • Gimp_Ninja

    I am quickly learning just what an impatient person I really am.

    • arthur2142

      I sold my RAZR to upgrade to the MAXX, then the GS3 was announced so I returned the MAXX within the 14-day window. Now I’m stuck using my wife’s old DX2…

      Not only am I learning how impatient I am, but I’m also learning how spoiled I’ve become when it comes to smart phones…

      • Jason Pinns

        Try having an original Droid X. Brutal.

        • lago

          Try waiting on this to ship in order to replace an LG Ally with non-working GPS, non-working wifi, and constantly rejects text messages because it’s 40MB internal memory is constantly overfull on just essential apps.

        • Jim

          Try having og Droid. ;(

  • Kellex, did we ever get confirmation that the pre-orders keep our vzw unlim data? thx

    • joshua weissman

      Yes preorder save it. Verizon even came out and said you keep your unlimited data if you preorder the S3

      • oh i did, day 1 but some other sites seemed to question it. I couldn’t remember if vzw actually confirmed it or not.

        • TWIZZLE1337

          I pre-ordered mine in store and the reps said you would keep it. On my receipt it also said unlimited data under the features. Although I’ve looked everywhere and seen this confirmed multiple times from multiple sources, all this tiered talk made me a little paranoid.

  • Bassdj

    +1 for preordering on the 13th 😀

  • Temp

    My upgrade date is 7/2. Has anyone tried to have their upgrade date moved forward and been successful?

    • SKG

      you can upgrade before your date, but you’re gonna be slammed with fees for terminating your contract before its due which as far as i recall is $350 or so for big red

      • Temp

        Well, can’t really change the contract as I’m trying to keep unlimited data, so guess its full retail price for me 🙁

        • SKG

          with the termination of contract fees plus the fees to upgrade on top of the phone’s price, you’re gonna be close to paying full retail price for the phone regardless.. so best bet would be to do what you responded back with .. sucks that your upgrade date is only a few days after the cutoff ! 🙁

    • joshua weissman

      You can call customer service and try but usually Verizon isn’t very friendly with pushing up an upgrade. I have heard it done though so its worth a shot id say.

    • SMD79

      You can definitely upgrade early. They let my wife upgrade a month early to make this happen. If you get one rep that says no, just politely thank them, hang up, and call back. Different people have different levels of experience and authority. My ring used to only last for 15 seconds before it hit voicemail. I found out VZW could change that through forums. I called and the first 2 reps said “no, its impossible from our end”. The 3rd time I called the rep said “sure, no problem would you like 30 seconds or 40 for your ring?”

    • azndan4

      I was able to get a manager approved upgrade, but manager approved upgrades only work on non “special” devices (iPhone, SGS3). So I ordered a Rezound for 80 bucks.

    • Emilee

      My upgrade date was 7/12. I called in a few weeks ago to confirm that date, and was told by the Verizon CSR that as long as I ordered from them directly, and not via one of their authorized retailers, I could actually upgrade on 6/12. That sounded weird to me since they were already allowing to upgrade 4 months ahead of my November contract date, but I tried it. I called on 6/14 and was told by that CSR that I had to wait until 7/12 to upgrade. I explained that I’d been told I could go through them directly and that I was preordering a phone that would be shipped on 7/10 and I’d receive it on my upgrade date anyway and they went ahead and placed my preorder after getting supervisor approval. No extra contract termination fees or anything. I locked in my Unlimited for another 2 years and everything looks normal on my preorder.

    • Annemarie

      I did it two years ago when the X was released. I called and exclaimed that the deliver date was past my upgrade date, and the longer I had to wait the longer the wait list would become. They let me upgrade right then, my original upgrade date officially stayed the same, but I didn’t get any changes and my phone arrived ON my upgrade date.

      • Annemarie

        Explained, not exclaimed

    • Temp

      I talked to a CSR this morning and she told me I could upgrade up to a week before my actual upgrade date, so she said call back on the 25th. I had her note my account. We’ll see how this goes.

    • chris sears

      It’s hardwired in the system if it’s before your date it will pop as full retail

  • Xm4n

    I am gonna pre order on Monday… As long as I get mine and keep my unlimited data I can wait a couple of days.

    • SKG

      same here dude.. i dont care when my phone ships.. who cares if its delayed by a day or two .. as long as i keep my unlimited data, all is well !

      • guttatae22

        Same here lol…

      • AE35

        I was hoping some amazing HTC phone would show up before 6/29 when the tiered plans go into effect but I ordered the SGSIII just to be sure I locked into unlimited.

        I’m sure I will learn to love this phone even though I like HTC. Motorola is dead to me as long as they keep locking bootloaders.

        • SKG

          awesome! .. I initially wanted to wait it out til the razr hd came out even if i had to go with full price on it for unlimited data, but the fact that it has a locked bootloader..that just doesnt cut it anymore .. uncool move by moto.

        • Maybe if we all pray to our Google Overlords they will fix this crisis.

    • AE35

      I ordered on 15th. Unlimited data was still a choice so I have it for another 2 years. Hopefully by then there will be some competition on LTE from the other carriers.

  • J Dub

    Pre-ordered for my wife last night.

    • Bionicman

      same here we are replacing my wifes iphone 4 and are ecstatic to be keeping her unlimited data. then i’m selling it to help buy an ipad or google tab?! ooohhhh

      • J Dub

        I was hoping for the release of the Incredible 4G. I gave her the choice between the Razr Maxx and the S3. She wasn’t to keen on the Razr Maxx, but I liked the fact it would get great battery life. Ended up that she liked that the S3 has a pretty great camera on it.

  • Uno_Staro_Samsung

    Why only 1 Star for the 16GB in Blue???

    • J Dub

      Paid reviewers from other manufacturers. Mainly Apple probably.

    • Its not even out freaking apple trolls

      • Also not they just gave it a star review an left no comment

    • Booyah

      From impatient folks who can’t wait for a phone.

    • T4rd

      Lol, I noticed that too. I’m going to log on and give it a 5 star just to cancel it out. We should all do the same just to annoy them =p.

  • ObservantGai


    • SKG

      paid reviews by competitors

  • SMD79

    Bummer that Verizon is always a bit slower on things. But at the end of the day, its just a day longer now. I can live with that despite my impatience and excitement.

  • Phantom

    What about people that bought it when it said dates before the 9th? They have been “moved up” to the 9th?

    • XBR360

      It never showed a ship date before July 9th. Not for verizon anyway.

    • joshua weissman

      No it said on or before the 9th so it isn’t moved up its just more likely to ship ON the 9th instead of before

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    meh… By then they’ll be in stores… I need to get my hands on one first. Not sure I can give up my on Screen Buttons…

    • J Dub

      Seeing as how I can use them on my SGS1 on AOKP I think that you will be fine as soon as AOKP or another is released.

      • Actually this would work well for this phone if you can disable the glow on the keys. Then you only have one to deal with and could reprogram it to whatever.

  • Late to the Party

    Where do you find your ship date if you pre-ordered in the store?

    • joshua weissman

      It should say on the confirmation sheet they gave you or you could just call the store and ask.

      • Me again

        Thanks. I’ll go dig my receipt out and look again.