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Microsoft Brings Kinectimals to Android, First Game for the Platform

Microsoft seems to be showing a bit more love for Android as of late. Just the other day, we finally received an official Xbox Live application (which totally rocks) and up next we have a brand new game. I am completely unfamiliar with Kinectimals, but from all of the positive ratings it has received in a single day, I may have to check it out. 

From what we can see, you are put in charge of loving and taking care of an exotic cub. Lions, tigers, and cheetahs oh my! The game is $3, which doesn’t seem bad for an official game such as this. Are you starting to like all of this positive attention from Microsoft?

Play Link ($2.99)


Cheers Billy Jo!

  • Cowboydroid

    Couldn’t care less about anything Microsoft did.

    • blackmagick20

      You obviously cared enough to come in here and comment…idiot

  • droidlove3874

    Does this work with the LG Revolution?

  • feztheforeigner

    Look at all the glare on that weird phone in the video!

  • Hey should have implemented Kinect style technology using the front facing camera. Had I just seen that:
    mind = blown

  • Flyinion

    No no no, not some silly game, come on MS bring us a Zune Player app. Me love you long time if you do! 😛

  • balthuszar

    of course they’re going to bring things to android…they do make money off of android…

  • JG

    Wow, i didn’t know iPhones now run Android 😛

    • Couldn’t find a video of it running on Android, had to settle for that :-/

    • iOS version was released earlier

    • Chuckers

      Yea it really improved the user experience! :p

  • My kids love this game for the Xbox. I can’t imagine it’s nearly as fun without the Kinect.

    • It’s a Nintendogs without a stylus.

      • Jimmymac

        Droid DOES…what NintenDON’T…

        man that was cheesy