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Google Begins Video Campaign for Google Play, Powered by Bananas and Mirrors

The switch from the Android Market to Google Play was received with mixed reviews, but the one thing it did do, is give Google a place to sell multimedia under one unified brand. While “Google Play” still feels a little bit awkward to say out loud, Google is sticking to it and these new videos on YouTube show how Google plans to market their one-stop-shop for everything down the road.

True to Google fashion, they do their videos a little bit…different. It’s funny and catchy however, and even more important, it’s a good demo of what Play does. Their webstore for movies, music, apps and now devices is really key to Google’s plans moving forward.


Via: Phandroid

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    The ad does a good job of explaining what Google play is, Google should try to put this on Tv so people chose to shop at play rather then itunes.

  • tgfree

    Love it! Banana’s and Mirrors….instead of Apples and Windows! lol

  • Why not just call it “Google Android Market”? {{-_-}}

    • Jacob121791

      How about just Google Market…. 0_o

      • Tyler Chappell

        Probably because Market and Store are too similar of terms and the last thing they want is ignorant consumers calling the Google/Android Market the “Google App Store” or Android App store etc.

  • I bet most people who came across this video are those who already know what Google Play is, and is using it. Google, for some mystery reasons, still refuse to do any traditional ad campaign to reach people who only recognize Android phones as “phones that work like iPhone.”

    • Droidzilla

      It sure seems to be working for them.

  • ddevito

    Yes, naming it the Play Store sure is BANANAS

  • Wow, remember the original Chrome videos? Google is starting to seem less cool every year,

  • Allen Byrd

    That was really awesome. I love Google advertisements.

  • Jake

    They need to get these commercials on TV more frequently…at least as frequent as iPhone commercials.

  • jnt

    you know, I *just now* realized that the Google Play logo is a play button… 😮

    • Allen Byrd

      Wooooooah. Can’t believe I didn’t notice that earlier. Thanks, dude. xD

      • MKader17


    • Droidzilla

      You must feel like Neo when he found out about the Matrix.

  • Monkey <3 B

    That ish’ is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

  • eddieonofre

    seems that they made this videos so the “commun” ppl who still uses iProducts understand how google play works

    banana and mirros… I’m sure they can understand that

  • Michael Schnider

    “With Bananas and Mirrors” lol

  • What’s this Google Play app? I tried searching for it on the Android Market, but couldn’t find it.

    • Adam bublitz


  • NorCalGuy

    Getting off track are we this is a little bit better but the internet and football articals?? Is this not droid-life? I have other sources for that type of info, is the boss not in today? Why not talk about updates to roms, been a while since there was a featured rom or dev on here… just saying maybe back to the basics.

    • maxkobi

      did you read the football article… its about angry birds and app marketing…

  • Letz_Shake

    The banana represents our penises. PSYCHOLOGY

    • CivilDroid


    • Thank you, David Brent

  • Morris

    honestly I thought it was kind of vague what they were saying and people might just change the channel or rather go elsewhere

  • maxkobi


  • Um, in case noone noticed, that was definitely the voice from powerpuff girls…

    • maxkobi


    • Inquizitor

      Nope. Totally Mr. Moviefone.

  • PyroHoltz

    Clever, what will Googlage think of next?

    • michael arazan

      It would be nice if they would think too sell the movies in the play store, 5-6 dollars to rent a movie for 24 hrs is kind of a rip.

      • Jacob121791


  • FortitudineVincimus

    If only Freud was here today

  • RedPandaAlex

    My first thought is I hope this means we’re getting towards being able to buy movies. Seems like an odd ad for a 24-hour rental.

  • KleenDroid