Android Users Catching Up with iOS in Willingness to Pay for Apps

A study put out today shows that the discrepancy between iOS and Android users on the topic of spending money on applications has drastically shrank over the past year. The guys over at SwiftKey partnered with a few websites to take a poll to see how users on each OS buy applications. Last year 39% of iOS users owned 20 or more paid apps with 3% having none. Android was the opposite with 12% having none and a measly 10% having over 20.

This year, that large difference has evened out a little bit. Android’s numbers have jumped to 19% of users having over 20 paid apps and no paid apps down to 6%. iOS has dropped dramatically down to 26% with the rate of no apps growing at the same time. Google has certainly been a bit more forceful in how apps should look since ICS was released, but there could be other reasons for this growth as well. The quality of apps on the platform has definitely improved. Plus, many developers are pricing their apps at lower introductory price points to get you into the game, where they then sell you additional features through in-app purchases.

What do you think? Do you pay for a good amount of apps on your phone?

Via: SwiftKey

Download: New Google Play Store Version 3.7.11 With Magazines and TV Shows

If you can’t upgrade your phone to Jelly Bean anytime soon, you can at least download the new Play Store that includes sections for TV and Magazines, two new additions as of yesterday. Other than those new sections, there aren’t any major visual tweaks other than the removal of those awful reflections. After downloading the application, tap on it and install over top of the previous version of the Play store.  (more…)

TiVo Launches Tablet Application on Android, Looking Straight at You Google TV

TiVo has been around so long that it’s now a household name, but up until recently their Android game was lacking. They have a basic Android application, but if you’re like me and leave your tablet on the coffee tablet in front of the TV, you would rather see a tab-specific application to control your TiVo with. Today, the company has released just that, along with a few really cool features other than your basic guide and search options.  (more…)

Starting Today, Developers Can Directly Respond to User Feedback in the Play Store

The comments section on an app’s page in Google Play is an important section. If a potential buyer is looking for a quality app, they can browse through comments to see if the app has problems or if it lacks certain features. For those that have already purchased an app, leaving comments has been the best way to provide developers with feedback on bugs or requested features. Up until now though, developers have been unable to respond directly, making this somewhat of a 1-way street.

Starting today for “Top Developers,” with roll out to additional developers down the road, publishers can now reply directly to comments left on their app’s listing. Whether it be to help users, answer questions, or inform folks of new feature additions, this should be a great way for developers to stay in touch with their users. Keep it up, Google.

Via: Android Developers

Google Begins Video Campaign for Google Play, Powered by Bananas and Mirrors

The switch from the Android Market to Google Play was received with mixed reviews, but the one thing it did do, is give Google a place to sell multimedia under one unified brand. While “Google Play” still feels a little bit awkward to say out loud, Google is sticking to it and these new videos on YouTube show how Google plans to market their one-stop-shop for everything down the road. (more…)

Slick ICS-Based Spotify App Leaves Beta, Available for Download Now

Remember that new Spotify app that came out looking really nice and inspired by Ice Cream Sandwich a while back? That was just a beta test of the app, but now that Spotify has got all the kinks worked out they’re letting everyone in on the new application. And they’ve even added a few more tricks into the deal for you:

  • Play queue
  • scrobbling
  • Crossfade/gapless playback settings
  • Widget – control Spotify from the home screen
  • Folder support

The download is available now in the Play Store for those who want to get in on the music streaming action. We advise you stream now before those shared data plans kick in.

Play Link

Via: Spotify

Evernote Launches “Hello,” Helping You to Always Put a Name With a Face

Nothing is more awkward than the feeling that you’ve met someone before, but you just can’t remember their name. The hugely popular note taking app, Evernote, is looking to help you with that with their new application “Hello.” Instead of stacking your contacts in an alphabetical list like most phones, Hello looks to save your contacts under pictures, names and unique notes that make people memorable.  (more…)