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Samsung Opens Up About Developing the Galaxy S3 – Multiple Models, Dummy Boxes, and Family Secrets

Samsung’s Galaxy SIII development team sat down this week and opened up about their experiences while creating Android’s next big thing. The topics of discussion mostly revolve around security and the struggles the teams had at keeping this phone under wraps. They talk about dealing with family members, including their own children, who constantly asked about the device. They mention the difficulties in trying to hide the phone whenever it was taken off campus. Did you know that there were actually 3 different models being worked on at all times? Now we know why there were versions in the wild with on-screen navigation keys. And speaking of those leaks, remember the “dummy boxes”? Yeah, they dealt with those too. Their team even went as far as hand delivering the Galaxy SIII to testers rather than using third party courier services to prevent leaks. Helicopters were involved, no pictures were ever allowed, and trying to price the device even turned into a chore since the marketing teams couldn’t see it.

It’s a great read that can be found at the Samsung Tomorrow site below.

Via:  Samsung Tomorrow | SammyHub

  • putterk

    time to let go of my good ole droid x

  • Noel

    Physically same design as the GNex with the metallic rap around the device edges, eliminating the slight curve and a new back cover design. Take a GNex and a GS3 put them side by side for a side view comparism, both sides look identical except for the curve. Now the internals are different.

    • CORYK333

      Metallic rap?? Is that what the kids are listening to these days??? 😉
      (sorry dude, couldn’t resist)

  • stubbX

    This phone is growing on me.

  • mikem84

    How does the SGIII compare to the GNex. If I have the mic cut-out and poor data connection issues with the GNex, can I expect to have the same problems with the SGIII. I have an upgrade but don’t want to get into another problem phone.

  • Stewie

    I really wish Sammy would put more energy into ACCESSORIES as they do the PHONES.

  • Liderc

    And yet they still came up with crap. Literally, its chassis is made of recycled compost.

  • r0lct

    Apparently in all the confusion they accidentally forgot to make a black/grey version.

  • darknight

    Had to have physical button for S Voice

  • yellowcanary73

    The way Android uses ram the 2megs of ram really won’t mean much.

    • Sven Enterlein

      You mean 2 GIGS good sir.

    • Diablo81588

      Wrong. More ram means precaching more programs, which will make for a snappier device in general.

      • michael arazan

        especially for watching videos, it would be seamless and no buffering, over 4g

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I’m looking forward to this phone… I’ve been rockin the OG Droid and it’s finally time to move on to a better phone 🙂

    • Yea. It’s the first non-stock that I am interested in. For one, I really like the design. It feels like an evolution to the Galaxy Nexus. I wish Samsung will continue this trend — uses its Nexus (if they also make one this year) as a test ground for new hardware idea near the end of the year, then releases a Galaxy S line phone in mid year that improves upon the last Nexus.

    • S2556

      I’m in the exact same boat! I almost feel bad finally shelfing my OG

      • michael arazan

        i’m debating on selling my nexus for this phone. After it comes out and people spend time with it and i check a display, I hope people will post how their devices work. if there are any bugs or not. Cause if there are bugs you know its going to be 6 months for verizon to post an update to fix them.

  • adam

    So I upgraded to the Maxx on May 23 because I thought VZW was getting rid of the unlimited plan. I had to exchange it for another one on June 5th because of problems. On my receipt it says I have until June 19th to return or exchange my phone. Can I return my Maxx and pre-order the S3? Or would that have only been with the original phone?

    • Just try it and see what happens?

    • DroidCzar

      How many times you going to ask this on different articles? Just try and find out or call them up. I highly doubt anyone else is in the exact same situation as you.

  • Guest

    What’s all the hype about of this phone? I mean that with all respect…

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Has more to do with hardware then anything. It is built like a true android device should be. Mount that up with a global launch across multiple systems and carriers and you begin to piece together a device that will really give Apple a run for its money.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        And like the iPhone, we finally have a single universal device to circle the wagons a round..there will finally be a solid third party accessory market because the items will be interchangeable. Say, in comparison to the droid.lineup which.is.limited.

        • CORYK333

          Well said on both comments Phil

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Thanks…. now if I could just get my keyboard on my phone under control…. 😀

  • stang6790

    I really wish they would have went with on screen navigation keys. i know you would lose screen space but I would sacrifice a little screen for the flexibility of putting your navigation keys where you want them. You are also able to put what keys you want on screen and determine what the long press action does on each.

    • And when you want to use that space they disappear best part imo

    • I wonder if it would be possible to port on screen buttons to it and disable the physical ones then you would have the option of either. That would be cool. I’ve seen some cool things come from the dev community so I don’t know that it couldn’t be done.

    • geedee82

      So true…I think this would have been the perfect phone if it weren’t for that one omission.

  • All that work and then when it heads over here it loses half of it’s appeal since there is no Exynos. Maybe instead of working on three models they should work on making better radios. This phone is a whole lot of hype and not a lot of anything special. 2GB RAM is a nice touch but that is the only thing it has going for it. Not even sure that will make all that big of a deal.

    • I don’t understand why you even commented you admit to ignorance but yet you still feel the need to belittle the device out of ignorance. Wouldn’t it be smarter to withhold that type of judgement until you can see for yourself weather or not the hype is warranted or not? I guess everyone has to get their word in no matter how knowledgeable or in your case ignorant.

      • Azn_Android

        Please go to school and learn how to spell and converse coherently before attacking his opinion. With that said, I agree with you.

    • Matt

      The Exynos processor doesn’t currently work on LTE, which is why it wasn’t included.

    • geedee82

      2 Gigs of ram is the ONLY thing it has going for it??? uuhhh yeah, sure buddy

    • michael arazan

      when the one x came out they posted a vid of a quad processor and the snapdragon together. snapdragon is still pretty fast.