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A Quick Look at iOS 6 and Its New Android Features

Whenever a new version of iOS is announced by Apple, we usually take a few minutes to look at the features that were highlighted and compare them to Android, since in many cases, Android users have been experiencing the “new” fun for years. With iOS 6, the same can be said again, but to give credit to Apple this time around, we have to point out that words like “reinvented” weren’t used much if at all. During today’s presentation at WWDC, Apple’s execs seemed to give off the impression that they knew they weren’t changing the game “again,” but were finally adding in features that should have been there long ago.

If you are reading tech blogs across the globe today who insist that iOS 6 is the greatest thing since Zapp’s Cajun Crawtator chips, we are here to show you that you can do all of this stuff now on your Android device and more.


Apple did indeed kick Google Maps to the curb in favor of their own map solution, dubbed “Maps.” From what we could tell, it’s your standard maps + navigation app that Android users have enjoyed for years now. They have 3D images of cities, turn-by-turn directions with voice, traffic and route recommendations, etc. No reinventing here, especially without transit directions (that we know of), offline maps, and social integration, all of which are embedded in Google Maps.

Safari and Tab Syncing

For those with Chrome installed on a computer and Android phone, you know that Chrome has had tab syncing across devices for almost 2 months now. Apple introduced it to iOS 6 and Safari today, but since no one uses Safari, I’m not sure how useful this can actually be to iOS users. Chrome is the most popular browser in the world and has this feature already included. Then again, this is Apple’s way of getting you to use Safari on a desktop if you want to take advantage of syncing. Sorry, iFolks.

Facebook Integration

As they did with Twitter in iOS 5, Apple announced “deep” Facebook integration. You can now post to Facebook in an instant, share URLs quickly, and allow it to sync with your calendar and contacts. Android users, you can do all of this with much more than just Facebook and Twitter. In fact, almost every single app that needs it, has sharing capabilities. If you want to share something with Pocket or Google Drive or Dropbox or Gmail or Facebook or Twitter, you can, just by hitting the share button. You aren’t locked into only sharing things with Twitter and Facebook. Calendar and Contact integration has also been there for longer than I can remember. Google removed it a tad with stock ICS, but custom skins from HTC, Samsung and Motorola all kept it in.


The coolest thing I saw today during the iOS 6 presentation was Siri returning sports scores and stats. With each Siri knock-off Android app, one of the first questions I always ask ย has to do with last night’s games. They always come back empty and ask if I want to search the internet. They also tossed in Yelp, OpenTable, and movie stuff, which could come in handy from time to time. Still though, everyone with an iPhone 4S that I know tells me every time I ask, that they never use Siri.

Google still doesn’t have their own Siri-like app, other than Voice Actions which are limited. At Google I/O this month, they are expected to show something off that should compete in this space.

Phone and Quick Reply

Quick replies during incoming calls! Nope, not an iOS 6 original. Through Android, stock or a variety of skins, if you quickly hang up on someone, you are almost always prompted with a menu to either text them or be reminded of that call at a later time. With most, you can even create canned text messages that can be fired off in an instant. It’s a great feature, just one that has been around for a while.

FaceTime over Cellular

In previous version of iOS, you were not allowed to FaceTime video chat with people unless you were connected to a WiFi network. In iOS 6, you can finally make FaceTime calls over a cellular network, however, this is not new and has been done with a variety of video chatting apps on Android, but most importantly, natively through Google Talk for some time now. Hell, I think it has been around since Gingerbread almost 2 years ago.


Apple announced a new app called Passbook which stores flight information, coupons, movie tickets and loyalty cards. It’s time and location based, so if you enter your favorite coffee shop, your phone will automatically pop up your coffee rewards card for quick scanning. As you enter an airport, it will pull up your flight info and potentially notify you should your gate change. This is actually a cool idea. There are Android apps out there that do similar stuff, but not as an all-in-one application.


In iOS 6, Apple added a “VIP” mail category that acts in a similar way to Gmail’s priority inbox. You can set up select people (or I’m assuming groups too) that will hit your VIP inbox while those boring work emails will slide to your regular folder. It’s a handy feature, but like I said, Gmail’s priority inbox does something similar, but actually learns on the fly so there is no manual setup. They also tossed in easy photo embedding into emails, something that has been in Android since the beginning of time.


Oh, they didn’t announce fragmentation? Those little footnotes at the bottom of the Maps and Siri pages that read, “Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later” and “Siri will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad (3rd generation)”ย made it seem like they did. So let me get this straight, iOS devices are updated to the newest versions of iOS at some incredible pace, making Android look so silly on giant projector slides, but those new versions of iOS don’t even include all of the same features? There you go Android OEMs, now you know the trick – just start pulling features from your updates to push them out faster. (Cheers SR!)


And that’s pretty much it. Apple said that there are some 200 new features, but these were the big dogs that they showed off on stage and are likely the most noteworthy. What we can take from this, without being too nasty to this other mobile operating system, is that both Android and iOS are becoming more polished with each new release. There probably isn’t much room for something dramatic to happen at this point, so it’s the little things that they’ll continue to add in. This latest iOS release includes a whole bunch of stuff that has been in Android for a long, long time – most of it is incredibly useful by the way – so we are glad to see our frenemies get in on the action. If you were looking for that game changer though, it didn’t happen.

  • There’s really no need for manufacturers to send out updates more often, just root and get the Jelly Bean ROM you know you want haha

  • mcdonsco

    I would love to see someone go to one of these Apple events someday with a prepped and ready Android device and question the speaker on each point “how is this different from this feature we’ve had on Android for the last year+?”…

    That would be entertaining to watch!

  • Sean

    I agree that it is frustrating being an iPhone user some times due to the fact that Android users seem to get some features before Apple. But, I think Apple really shines in learning from Droid’s mistakes and taking the time to make everything really seamless for the user. iPhones are slick both in hardware and software design. Androids feel clunky to me – I really don’t like the UI. That’s just my opinion and why I’m an Apple user. Plus, I really like how all the devices work together.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    LOL @ Apple patent trolling for the past year only to come out with new ripped off Android features

  • Nismo350gt

    Everyone here is a hater!!!! Apple is the best OS and you guys know it… Never does it force close like andrroid does…. No wonder that’s the motto “DOID DOES” … Why do you think all of the best apps are on the iPhone?

    • If you prefer iOS fair play to you but to suggest it’s the best mobile OS is laughable. I have a third gen iPad on 5.11 and multiple times apps have force closed on me. Meanwhile I’ve only had a handful of problems with my Android 2.3 Galaxy S2 for the 14 months I owned it and zero problems with my Android 4.04 Galaxy S3 in the month and a half I’ve had it.

      “Why do you think all the best apps are on the iPhone”
      Considering ‘best apps’ is subjective and will depend on the category and requirements of the user you should just quit spouting nonsense now. There are thousands of high quality apps available on both iOS and Android for almost every purpose you could think of.

  • subshell001

    Most of this article is pretty fairly written but unfortunately it falls apart with the few hyperbolic statements strewn throughout it. 14% of internet users use Safari. 7% of Android users use Ice Cream Sandwich. By your logic, nobody uses Ice Cream Sandwich, so if you really want to be consistent and fair you should avoid mentioning any features exclusive to ICS :). Also, I think it’s pretty fair to say that 3rd party apps simply don’t count when you say “Android Features” as in most cases, there are also iOS 3rd party apps that do the same thing. I don’t consider that to be a strong argument in this case.

  • GeorgePR

    “…but since no one uses Safari…” I’ve been using dolphin on different android devices for 3 years now and facebook has always recognized all my connections as “Safari on MacOS”. I think this explain a bit why market researches think apple is so spread on mobile use

  • Love me some Zapp’s Cajun Crawtator chips. That iOS thing…not so much.

  • Counsel Dew

    Isn’t Apple’s” map app Tom Tom Data (or Apple’s spin om Tom Tom’s App)?

  • N0X

    While the “maps” app is nothing innovative at all, it was a really smart move by Apple.. How much money do you think Apple is paying Google per year for this feature? Apple attempted to get turn by turn navigation with Google, but it was blocked and deemed an android feature (which I was okay with). As an ex android user, this is probably the only feature I truly missed. I obviously had “Choices” (everyone loves that word ๐Ÿ˜› ) for other GPS/turn by turn apps (some of which are free), however Google Maps is just extremely polished.

  • Tyates420

    I dnt understand all of the people complaining about the Iphone 4s battery..I currently have a 4S and a razor Maxx. My 4s will last me 1 1/2-2 days on a single charge

    • GeorgePR

      that’s because the
      fisherprice iphone screen and features are half than my android and your Maxx is faulty

  • Artistan

    I wouldn’t really call it fragmentation… Everyone know how obsessed Apple is with their user “experience”. I would imaging the reason they don’t support some of the new feature is due to the apps not performing the way they want. Personally I would give Apple kudos for supporting their older hardware one way or another instead of just dropping support to it a year later like the majority of Android phones.

  • Rei-chan

    The only Android feature missing from iPhone is, iPhone doesn’t blow.
    Huge win for android here, it sucks like a vacuum cleaner on steroids.

  • EatUrCrap

    What the iPhone, iPad, etc. need is a Notification LED.

    • K. Nelson

      The notification LED was number 2 on my list of reasons not to stay with the iPhone 3G (that’s when I gave iOS a spin). I’m always giving my Apple fanboy friend crap because he is always missing calls/texts and claims “he didn’t see it”. My GF doesn’t have a problem, but that’s because she has the iPhone “twitch”…i.e., turning the phone on & unlocking it every 10 minutes to check for missed events.

      The number one reason is that it’s just far easier for me to get the info I need from my Android phone compared to an iOS device. I mentioned this in another post, but my GF is jealous of my OG Android…she has the iPhone4.

  • Name one thing that Apple does that Android/Google has no idea how to do. Give out firm dates of releases.

  • Andrew

    So Android can’t copy iPhones at all and it is totally wrong, but they can steal every aspect of it and then also showcase it as their own? Wow.

  • JustinUnderscore

    “… greatest thing since Zappโ€™s Cajun Crawtator chips…” — I was so sure you had made this up, until I googled it: http://www.cajungrocer.com/zapps-cajun-crawtator-potato-chips-p-762.html

    Yes, these do actually exist. Wow. Mind = blown.

    Seriously, though, great article. Nothing too unexpected, although I’m a little surprised they didn’t do anything more impressive with their map service. They probably realized that, with last-generation hardware (i.e. the current Apple devices), they couldn’t achieve the kinds of things they wanted to. I’m also a little surprised that they don’t care more about fragmentation. This will more or less cripple one of the main arguments in favor of iOS over Android. It will be interesting to see the implications of that over the next year or so.

  • InvaderDJ

    None of the iOS features are hugely inventive or revolutionary, but they do seem to be all well done. Maps and Navigation was one big thing I thought iOS was missing and it has it now. If Apple comes out with a 4″ iPhone as rumored that is another major problem I had fixed. After that I just need some better Google services (Gmail and Voice) and my major problems would be gone. I’m intrigued to see where iOS will be in 2013 when I’m out of contract.

    And as far as fragmentation goes I would much prefer your option (removing some features) than what we get already. Especially since it already happens in Android, I know for instance that at least on Sprint’s Evo LTE you can’t disable all built in apps and of course all of these ICS phones that aren’t Nexus devices “disable” Holo.

  • WickedToby741

    Passbook is where I think Google Wallet needs to head. I mean it’s called Google Wallet and I don’t know about you, but debit cards and credit cards aren’t the only thing in my physical wallet. There’s a ton of gift cards and loyalty cards too and it makes a lot of sense for a wallet app to have all of those as well as payment where the carrier permits it. Adding in the ability to save loyalty cards, tickets, and gift cards in an intelligent way like Passbook should be the logical next step for Wallet. They could even integrate Google Offers where applicable and include Offers coupons right there with your other cards.

    • CapnShiner

      I agree. The problem is, if Google does that now, people will claim they are just copying Apple.

      • Michael Scrip

        “if Google does that now, people will claim they are just copying Apple.”

        Isn’t this whole article basically a “we did it first” from Google?


    • TornadoRex

      You can put loyalty cards in there now. The problem is it only supports a few companies. Hopefully Google will expand it soon.

  • Liderc

    What I don’t get is they still haven’t gotten widgets, or true multi-tasking. Everything listed here is already possible with android. Not to mention their browsing experience is still laughable compared to android’s many browsers.


      I don’t miss widgets at all. And what is true multitasking? Push the home button twice and all your previous apps and music controls pop up. That is the beauty of the iPhone, simple and easy to use. The only thing I miss from my android days is the ability to turn on/off WiFi, Bluetooth and such from the notification bar.

      Had to edit. Really miss Google maps!!

      • This and the lock screen is my main reason to jailbreak besides tinkering. Check into it…

        • ERIC REED

          SBSettings is my favorite tweak for sure!!

    • Use perfect browser for iPhone. The multitasking is 99% never a problem. It is preferable to all apps always running. In fact, I believe Google and Microsoft also do not use true multitasking on their phones for battery reasons. I do not remember the reference though.

  • Tony Allen

    iOS Fragmentation is becoming more and more real. With the 3G and original iPad abandoned.

  • Well, Apple wants to have an ALL-IN-ONE app to manage your wallet because they develop it, they support it and they want it to work better than what is on Android.

    And when is Google going to have more than 7% of their users on Ice Cream Sandwich? 85% Android users are using GIngerbread. Why? Don’t they like Ice Cream Sandwich?

    And why did Samsung invest in Linux? Do they have difficulties with Android? That’s my take. Android also has MORE malware than Apple. Oops. Sometime Apple doesn’t want to copy.

    Maybe Google takes too long to make updates to Google Maps and this way Apple can update their product when they want to and IF you still want to use Google, you can.

    And when is Android 5 coming out? If they can figure out if they can actually people to actually use it. Otherwise why bother.

    • Liderc

      How is it Google’s fault that manufacturers don’t update their devices to ICS?

      Google gives them the source code for free. Do you want them to create the specific builds for everyone for free as well?

    • CapnShiner

      Why is it that the dumbest, most ignorant people are always the loudest?

      Apple wants to have an all-in-one app because they think they can do it better, regardless of whether or not they actually can, and they want to eliminate their competition so they can get more money out of it.

      ICS is only used by 7% of the Android users because the OEMs haven’t released updates yet. Once Google releases the source code, it’s essentially out of their hands. You can’t blame Google for the slow adoption rate or fragmentation of Android versions. The users want it, they just can’t get it.

      Who cares why Samsung invested in Linux? Android is Linux, you ignorant troll.

      You think Google takes to long to update Google Maps? Google Maps gets updates so often I can’t even keep track. It’s constantly improving. Apple’s maps app/service is from TomTom. You think two companies trying to work together will get faster results than one company alone? This is why Android OS updates are slower to be released than iOS.

      Android 5 will come out after Android 4.1 and most likely before iOS 7. It will come out whenever it’s ready. Since when were version numbers so important? It’s the new features, improvements, and bug fixes that matter most. That can come from apps too. All that changed with iOS 6 is the integration of a few “new” apps. When Google makes a new Android version, they improve the whole user experience, including the GUI. Apple has yet to really do that with iOS. It’s still the same old grid of polished square icons from the first iPh*ne.

      If you’re going to make a point or argument, it usually helps to start with facts. You should try it some time.

  • what’s the point of passbook if you go outside US and your phone literally doesnt know where you are.

  • Michael

    And while us iPhone users will ALL get the iOS 6 when it’s available, majority of you will still be wondering, “will I ever get the latest dessert on my clunky, fragmented, outdated device.

    I say this again, it’s iPhone (quality) vs. Androids (quantity) and I rather go with a device that is finely polished, smooth interface, and effortlessly synched with all my other Apple devices at its latest updated operating system.

    Let’s not forget about the resale value of iPhones vs Androids. I will have no problem getting my money back as I can easily sell my 4S for $300 when iPhone 5 comes out. Too bad we can’t say the same for Android owners cause by the time eligibility rolls in for upgrade, a year and 8 mos. old device will be a big “has been” and still have yet to receive its latest OS.

    Go ahead and bash me all you want, but truth hurts sometimes.

    SO sad that only 7% of Android users are up to date with Ice Cream OS while rest are still getting short-changed. Pathetic if you ask me.

    • CapnShiner

      Why are you even here? If you dislike Android so much, why are you reading an Android fan site? Do you have nothing better to do than troll internet comment boards?

    • If you think Apple are the only company to make polished phones with a fantastic user interface you’re greatly mistaken.
      Android synced far easier and more intuitively to my Windows laptop and several internet services (Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, Gmail, Chrome, Skype) than my iPad has.

      It’s funny how you call Android phones outdated when the latest Android phones have quad core processors, larger 1280×720 HD resolution screens, bigger batteries and 4G (in countries that support it). iPhones are still stuck on measily 3.5″ screens at 960×540 and lack widgets, live wallpapers and until not too long ago they didn’t even have the notification bar.

      Not to mention the lack of a physical back and menu key, it makes navigating iOS more cumbersome than Android any day of the week, the lack of widgets also makes the constant ‘app switching’ on iOS feel outdated and unnecessary.

      The delays in rolling out the latest Google OS is entirely down to individual phone manufacturers and phone carriers not Google. The Galaxy S2 received it’s update to Android 4.04 about 3-4 months after the first ICS 4.0 phone was released which is acceptable. Gingerbread is still an extremely useable and fast mobile OS anyway.

      7% isn’t ideal but again Google aren’t at fault it’s outwith their hands.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Except a 2+yr old version of Android has more features and Apple’s latest iOS, so please try again. The fragmentation argument for Android really is invalid. It’s sad when Google’s 2yr old OS can keep up with Apple’s latest in terms of features etc.

  • IOS users don’t care who else has them we want what IOS is giving us. My Android device has no ICSโ€ฆ still

  • Still waiting for ICS after months and months I’ll have IOS faster for my IOS device.

    • Liderc

      You bought the wrong android device then. Blame your manufacturer for being slow.

      • No, its sad but true. That is how many makers of phones are that use android. See, the makers make money on the phones they sell only, and not directly by maintaining the software. Thus, this is an inherent problem. I believe this is one of the reasons why google bought motorola. The ugly truth is that person will probably be you later.

        • Liderc

          It won’t be me, that’s why I bought a Nexus. I can put whatever OS updates I want on my phone myself. I don’t have to wait for manufacturers or carriers to screw around.

  • 4n1m4L

    Google wallet should do all the things passbook does. Its just been left out in the cold lately


    Still no 4G LTE LOL

  • Derail Doax

    Said it before, I’ll say it again. WWDC = What Will Droid Contribute? Apple sucks. These days little innovation, mostly impersonation and some litigation.

  • D.C.

    Great summation.

    One thing that iOS does well and somehow Google refuses to do in Android is to respond to meeting requests sent from Microsoft Outlook. Every business person in the world needs this simple capability (which exists in web-based gmail) but strangely omitted from Android gmail app.

    • CapnShiner

      If I had to guess, I would say that is most likely a licensing issue because Exchange Active Sync is Microsoft’s intellectual property.

      • D.C.

        Probably not, since the online version of gmail functions correctly. There are hundreds of feature requests for this at Google Android Code issues (please star them if you go there.) It’s simple
        standard RFC 2446 Internet Calendar Sharing (ICS) meeting request implementation. It’s either a limitation of Android (since the feature requests go back to 2007) or Google refusing to play nice with Microsoft (since Outlook is the standard mail platform for business, which Google wants to take over with Google. Apps).
        Either way, it’s a major shortcoming for Android.

  • Steven Roy

    “Chrome is the most popular browser in the world”
    I know this is a rallying speech for us android lovers, but let’s be honest. That requires a fairly loose definition of the term popular. It’s not like Chrome has some landslide type margin of browser market share. Some stats show it to be number one by ~.2% or so. Others still show IE still has a better than 50% share.

    • Allen Byrd

      The only people that still use IE are the people that have no clue what an internet browser is in the first place. They see the application pre-installed on their computer as “the internet.”

      • Tony Allen

        Have you used the latest version of IE in Windows 7? It’s pretty damn slick. Like a stripped down version of Chrome feature-wise, but it is.. dare I say, faster.

        • Liderc


          Burn him quick!

          Seriously, IE is the worst browser ever created. All my life I’ve begged my family to switch to Firefox/Chrome so that I can stop going to their houses to fix their spyware ridden computers due to IE’s terrible vulnerabilities.

      • CapnShiner

        You’re right and it bugs the crap out of me when people are that ignorant.

    • CapnShiner

      When Microsoft releases IE for Xbox Live, expect a significant shift of those numbers in IE’s favor.I am still amazed that it took Microsoft this long make it happen. It seemed like a no-brainer to me.

  • shawn

    Atleast if you bought an iphone in the last year you’re going to get the update to the
    latest OS. Unlike Android phones.Love android but

  • MrEnglish

    Preordered the new MacBook pro and can’t wait for ios6, regardless.

    • CapnShiner

      Know your audience.

      • MrEnglish

        It’s not always necessary to match the arrogance of either camp. Sometimes it’s ok to acknowledge that people use multiple platforms and enjoy products independent of a fanboy cult (read Android & Apple). My Apple products are the best in my opinion, which, until someone else pays for them, is what counts. When someone makes a better product, I’ll buy that too, but until then, it is what it is. Doesn’t mean I don’t own or love Android products too. I still have W7 machines running, so I could not possibly care less about any “audience”.

  • sslayer22

    I freakin love those chips!

  • Greyhame

    I was more impressed by Samsung’s GSIII event. The additions to the camera and quick calling from a text dialog box are more innovative than these “new” features from apple. Plus, their UI is looking so dated these days.

  • Neomastermind

    Apple is doing something right when they even have dedicated Android sites covering their news.

    • Michael

      valid point! either that, Kellex is 1. a big Apple fan and needs to come out of the closet admitting it or 2. feels threatened by the competition

  • sonicyoof

    For a moment reading that opening paragraph I was shocked, then I realized I was on Droid Life rather than Engadget (too many windows from RSS feeds open).

  • I don’t understand the snark @ Facetime over cellular. That wasn’t Apple’s decision to keep it to WiFi only, that was AT&T that told them that.

    And you guys all realize that you probably wouldn’t have your Android phones now if Apple hadn’t gone ahead and done what they did w/ the smartphone market. I’m not saying it never would have happened, but I don’t think it would have happened as quickly. Apple proved there was a market for slab touch screen phones, and I think we’re all better for it.

    • False

      • Michael

        what’s false about it?

        • And you guys all realize that you probably wouldn’t have your Android phones now if Apple hadn’t gone ahead and done what they did w/ the smartphone market.”

          There would be no smartphone market if it weren’t for Palm, MS and RIM. Apple just improved the touch experience that Palm and MS had already been using.

          Here is an interesting read http://www.webpronews.com/infographic-iphone-android-2012-05

  • Truthfully though, one of the reasons why I stayed an android fan was because of turn by turn navigation. But with Apple having this feature as well, it makes them more considerable in myopinion…and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Quite frankly, the more features Apple adds on that were on Android, the less likely it is for the average consumer to purchase an Android phone over an iPhone now more than ever.

    • cb2000a

      Not necessarily true…Google will up the ante soon at I/O. Also, do people really like trying to surf the net on those tiny screens? Even if the iphone 5 has a four inch screen it is small by Android standards today. The 4s is looking very dated and the 5 will be dated three months after it arrives.

  • Destroythanet

    Why they never included widgets in iOS even though they’ve had it in OS X for years is a mystery to me. Definitely an advantage that Android continues to have.

  • NicholasMicallef

    Am I the only person who doesn’t even care who copies who. I just hate the fact that Apple take all the credit and sue everyone who tries (or even those who don’t) to do what they do all the time. IMO if one company “copies” some concepts from another but improves upon it and doesn’t try to act like it’s the first company to ever even think about the features it’s a good thing. I mean how can innovation be made if everyone is too worried about lawsuits? And to fanboys on either side competition is always healthy, since you’re probably not on the companies’ payroll.

    • stubbX

      Exactly! That’s why Apple is evil and Google’s slogan is “don’t be evil”.

      • We are talking about two giant corporations here. In fact, wouldn’t the liar say he is not a liar. I don’t think any of the big three companies are not “evil.” For instance: Microsoft, Google, or Apple. Do you think they got where they were by praising the competition?

        • stubbX

          But Apple is blatantly trying to stop it competition with lawsuits and delays that are mostly unjust. Apple then steals technology and rebrands it as innovation and the only option. I’m all for sharing technologies but this sounds pretty evil.

  • Jim

    Passbook is just a more indepth Offers I’m thinkin, the UI is even similar.

    But yeah, so much for “the most advanced mobile operating system”, all they’re doing is playing catch-up.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Why do we even care what new features that the next iOS will have? Seriously, who cares?

    • CapnShiner

      I think the point of this post was partly to poke fun at Apple and partly to give some perspective or to illustrate how innovative Android is.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, that’s true, just sick and tired of hearing anything about iOS anymore. Android is the better operating system, and that’s it, so who cares what the next iOS will try to rip off and bring to the table. I’m not interested. lol

  • Facebook Sync hasn’t worked for months. They never updated it for Android OS 4.

    • Facebook sync works on Androids end Facebook however didnt want to make the changes to their app for it to work with Android.

  • Jake

    A friend wanted to show off Siri, saying, “Siri, what is the weather going to be like today?”. I pulled out my Android phone and just said, “Weather.” BAM! I got what I needed with far fewer words, and I got my results before Siri could respond. Later the same friend wanted to catch a movie, and asked, “Siri, would you tell me what movies are playing at nearby theaters?”. I pulled out my phone and just said, “Movies”. BAM! I got showtimes for all the movies playing at all the theaters near our location before Siri got back to him.
    I don’t need to talk to my phone like it’s a person with feelings that will get hurt. Google Voice Actions serves me efficiently.

    • Droidzilla

      This. Even Picard barked orders at his computer.

      “Computer: tea. Earl grey. Hot.” Now imagine what a douche he’d look like saying, “Hey, computer; what’s crackin’? Can you flow me a hot, earl grey tea? That would be off the hook, dog!”

    • You do know that if a Siri user says “weather,” they get the exact same response, right? Just tried it here, works quickly. I try on my Galaxy Nexus and it kicks me over to Chrome (my default browser).

      The difference is that the iPhone owner isn’t *forced* to use a specific syntax, and he also isn’t kicked out of the voice search into a browser just so a search engine provider can scrape a few more ad hits. S Voice keeps you in the voice search, but then it’s also not a guaranteed feature across Android, is it?

      Not to mention that the syntax lets you control what you see much more precisely. Ask “is it going to rain tonight?” and you get the forecast for the hours ahead along with a verbal response to your actual question. You can even ask “will it be nice tomorrow?” and it’ll both give the forecast for that day as well as an answer depending on whether or not it’s raining, snowing, hot or cold.

      Yes, you don’t have to speak whole sentences to Android… but the key is that you can do it if you like. Ironic that Apple’s the one giving you a choice here.

      • Jason James

        Siri isn’t “across” IOS only the 4s has it now, the 5 or so before it and 3 ipads dont have it. so yes while S-voice is for one phone so is Siri use facts please

        • Remember what the original argument was: that Android Voice Actions were somehow better because you had to use stiff, limited syntax. S Voice moves away from that to a more natural dialogue, but S Voice doesn’t define Android — only a tiny fraction of the platform even uses it. The iPhone 4S is not only the main iOS device on the market, the narrow phone range means it defines a huge part of the experience.

          On that note: if you’ve seen the WWDC keynote, Apple is bringing Siri to current iPads as of iOS 6, so it’s clearly the way going forward. We don’t even know if S Voice will survive past its first generation, let alone spread to other Samsung devices.

          • AppleFUD

            You do realize that Samsung smartphones outsell apple’s so. . . a “tiny fraction”?!?!?!?

          • GBGamer

            I would just like to point out that the GS3 will be the most popular Android phone EVER, if current trends are any indication, if not the most popular Smartphone ever. I’m talking bigger than the iPhone.

      • PotentPatent

        Apple giving a C..H..O..I..C..E… !!!! Will the sheep understand ?

    • Neomastermind

      You must have not seen the latest Siri commercials.

  • From Innovators to “Maybe Laters”

    • Dain Laguna

      To be fair apple has never really struck me as innovative. I dont think they like bleeding edge. Just refinement.

      • Michael Scrip

        Innovation can simply be coming up with a new way to implement an existing idea… or, like you said, refinement.

        Pretty much everything you want to do with your phone has already been done in some form or another… probably even before Android and the iPhone.

        But it’s the details that count. If you add up everything Apple has put into iOS over the last five years… I’d say they are pretty innovative.

        If you want to get into “innovation” vs “invention” that’s a topic for another day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Smeckle

    1. I’ve never been automatically given the option to quick text when I decline a phone call and I’ve always been stock (OG, now GNex).
    2. More importantly, how do you embed photos in the Gmail app? Obviously you can attach them, but I’ve never seen an option to actually embed them into the email.

    • 1. ICS does this. When you’re getting a call, instead of dragging the circle left or right to hang up or answer it, drag up and you can send a custom txt to the caller.


      • Smeckle


      • ERIC REED

        And then hurry up and plug it back in the charger because you just used twenty percent of the battery…I kid, I kid!!

    • Liderc

      I use the auto-message when I decline calls all the time on my Nexus. You simply swipe up to the message icon and it asks you which message you wish to send.

  • It’s too bad Google didn’t copyright all those Android featuresโ€ฆ

    • I would imagine they tried. The problem was probably that they were already patented. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • elmotactics

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Apple actually did something with tab syncing that I wish you could do right now with Android. In it’s current state (at least that I’m aware of) you can’t sync your phone tabs back to the computer. I want this.

    • tryptech

      Let me introduce you to my good friend, Chrome.

    • beefalo

      Actually if you go to a new tab page in Chrome in the bottom right there is a link for others devices that will bring up a list of all other synced devices and their current tabs.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Didn’t Google just patent a way for devices to know where you are and pop up notifications based on your location? If so, should Google stop Apple from using this type of technology?

    • Droidzilla

      Google doesn’t initiate lawsuits via patents; they have patents for defense only because they think the patent system is borked. One of the reasons I support Google.

      • Nicholas Vettese

        I wholeheartedly agree with you, which is why I worded the question with “should”. I would love to know other’s thoughts.

  • Now Apple can patent gps on a phone and sue everyone for it.

    • New_Guy

      As hilarious as it sounds, you might not be that far off…

    • CapnShiner

      I appreciate the humor and sarcasm in your comment but, sadly, it’s not really possible because Apple partnered with TomTom for their maps app. I’m pretty sure they can’t sue their partner. They’ll just sue everyone else. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • subshell001

      Do you even understand how patents work?

      • PotentPatent

        Yes, in a complete sh1t way.

  • Fatty Bunter

    What a hilarious article (in a good way)

  • richardsonadm

    This reminds me of Apple vs Microsoft and them copying each other. The best thing about Android “fragmentation” is staying ahead of the game compared to your competitors. Just look at Microsoft, they haven’t even left the dock yet. Apple was the speedy rabbit that got cocky.

  • jesus

    damn ios 6 is pretty disappointing…nothing cool, just incremental stuff

  • bobukcat

    Of course there will be no Street View functionality in Apple’s Maps and I think users will miss it sorely if they know it exists in Google Maps now.

  • athensjohn

    I am not a fan of Apple, but I do think iOS integrates the features it has well. I would compare it do telling a joke or doing a magic trick. It is not the words or the trick that are important, but the presentation. Some of what apple does appears to be integrated well such as the quick reply, mail, etc.

    I think Android can use a bit more polish. I do think it is improving, but I know people who tried Android and went back to Apple for its ease of use. I certainly find android much easier to use, but that is what I have been using for several years.

    Android has lots of great services like voice, maps, talk, voice commands, etc. I think the ease of use and set-up needs to be improved a bit. I’m not suggesting they copy Apple, but keep working on some of the rough edges.

    I also think competition is a good thing and that it helps to drive innovation.

    • Troubled_Asian

      I agree (with pretty much everything you said). Google needs to hire a better marketing/advertising firm. My iPhone friends are always telling and showing me all of the features that their iphones have, which are pretty much the same features that were advertised (rather effectively) on TV. What if Android’s features had been advertised as well as Apple’s? Still, you can’t fault Google too much, Android is the number one smartphone platform…

  • Royal2000H

    Passbook does sound pretty good.

    Also, they introduced Do Not Disturb (not on your list) – which can be done with some apps on Android. Tasker for example, I think.

    • SeanBello

      it’s also built into AOKP natively (minus the exception feature)

      • KRS_Won

        Or Airplane Mode. lol

        • Royal2000H

          Well, no.
          Do not Disturb lets you set things like, only these contacts break Do not Disturb.. or if a contact calls 3 times, make noise.

  • meh nothing really impressive

  • westau

    I prefer the Cajun Dill Gator Tators myself or the Voodoo.

  • It still looks like a glossy version of PalmOS. iOS needs a visual revamp badly. Its just so monolithic and, dare I say, boring.

    • Liderc

      It looks like something I’d buy an 8 year old. Nothing but rows and rows of glossed bubble icons. I just don’t see how they can continue without adding widgets/multi-tasking.

      • CapnShiner

        Exactly. It is simple enough for the average 8 year old or an adult of average or below-average intelligence. It is a smartphone for the masses. If they allowed widgets or customization, people would just break it.

      • t.o.

        Are u stupid there already is multitasking
        but they do need widgets

        • billy routh

          Aye you stupid? Its not real multitasking

          • I use backgrounder, it rarely adds anything different. I use it for better navigation app loading times, and for my alternative browser. It’s mainly for bragging rights. It has little practical use to me and has nearly been discontinued by the jailbreak community. Still, it’s a pain when most apps use it because it gets sluggish, I would rather they just gave us the option in iOS for certain apps… No widgets are needed. I would welcome a dashboard, like OSX. These are called widgets that are used there, oh wait ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, I think it is getting rather boring. I have been seeing it for a while now, but every time I pick up an android to look around it looks dark and dull. Clearly, it is difficult to develop good UI for mobile devices. Windows 8 metro for the phone looks like someones orphan. It is so ugly. But still when I think of it, it is hard to think of how it could be different or better. Nevertheless, I do jailbreak my phone because I am a tinkerer, but I think that is the main reason.

  • howdy

    today was more about cutting into Google’s profits than a dick-measuring contest with android:

  • How about the fact that when using turn-by-turn navigation, you can ask Siri questions like “where is the next gas station” or “where is a great place to eat,” while driving and she’ll help you on your trip.

    • I actually wish there was a “search on route” function in Google Navigation. Would really come in handy.

      • God, I wish. I hate trying to find the nearest location when it directs you to only the closest one which is behind you and a few miles off your route.

      • justincase_2008

        I did a simple search for fast food or gas station on a road trip i took last Friday. Google maps picked up the closest place and asked if i want to change that to my new destination.

        • Yes, and that is handy, but I’d like to keep my final destination and find things along the route. For example, my fiancee is moving from MI to AZ to live with me, and We are driving a truck with all her stuff down here. I’d like to keep the MI to AZ route, and find gas, food, etc along the way.

          • justincase_2008

            Yeah that would be nice. I just saved the first place as a stared location so took two seconds to get back on track.

          • I use Layers to display all of the gas stations when I’m using Navigator, and when I see one coming up, I just drive to it.

          • ERIC REED

            I just go old school. I see the green sign that list all the gas stations coming up and get off at that exit!!

    • stubbX

      Google+ Local does this and more!

  • Passbook is basically Square Wallet

  • Sirx

    No, Passbook does sound off the chain. Automatically pulls up flight info and rewards cards without having to free your hands and dig through inbox(es)?! YES PLEASE!

    Horrid, half-functioning knock-off version for Android in 3…2…1…

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’m sure Google’s already planning on putting it into the new version of Google Wallet mentioned earlier. Of course, that needs to get on more than one device for that to work.

    • Its called Google Offers, and its already been integrated into Maps, and Wallet for some time now.

    • boybert

      I agree that Passbook sounds like a great feature. What’s so wonderful about Android, though, is that we can have things like this without waiting for Google to release a new version of Android. A developer could certainly build an app that does this and leverage lock screen controls and home screen widgets to give the very same functionality. Apple got to it first, but Android can have all kinds of things like this without it being built into the OS.

      • CapnShiner

        Also, in Android, any developer will be able to take advantage of the functions if they bake it into the OS and users will have complete control over when to use the app or not.

      • Michael Scrip

        “What’s so wonderful about Android, though, is that we can have things like this without waiting for Google to release a new version of Android.
        A developer could certainly build an app …”

        That’s true.

        But… 50 million people will have Passbook on their iPhone by the end of the year… because it’s baked into iOS.

        It would be difficult for a small 3rd-party app to gain that much traction… and gain acceptance by retailers and such.

    • New_Guy

      Passbook is about the only thing that’s worth noting in their entire list of “new” features. That’s pretty sad…

      • Michael Scrip

        There’s not very much “new” these days, anyway.

        Pretty much everything you want to do on your phone has been done before in some fashion or another…

  • RedPandaAlex

    Yeah, no real innovations here. Just more feature parity. But then, I expect Android 4.1 to be similar–just a few features to bring Android more in line with iOS and Win8. But I do expect Android 5 to be released in November with some genuinely cool new stuff.

  • triangle8

    Nice summary and analysis of the iOS 6 announcement. Not really anything significant for the android community, but I’m sure all of the isheep will love finally having turn by turn directions when it actually gets here.

    Now if Verizon could just get their hands on an updated Galaxy Note that would be something worth talking about.

    • boybert

      I’ll be interested to see how the iOS nav compares to Google Maps on Android. The Verge said that the interface looked great (which is no surprise) but Google Maps Navigation has so many features these days (not least of which is Street View) and the new offline caching. Built-in Nav remains in my opinion one of Android’s very top selling points.

      • New_Guy

        I agree. “Maps” is Google’s home court and I highly doubt that Apple (or anyone else) has the ability to beat Google at its own game. Google Maps is just way too comprehensive.

      • KRS_Won

        Goog Nav was the reason I came to Android over from an Omnia.

      • Liderc

        Not to mention maps has a lot more time to mature, Nav is a difficult thing to perfect and IOS is just starting…

  • Tristan Cunha

    The announcement I was actually most interested in was the idea of a “Siri button” on the steering wheel of your car. If there’s one place that I always want easy access to voice commands, it’s while driving, and this is a spot where Siri would be very useful. If they can actually get automakers to start including a button it would be great. And if they’re smart, it would work for Android too.

    In fact, Ford already has Sync, and already has an Android API out, as well as a site with some featured apps, but I haven’t seen anything new or interesting come out of that in a long time. It’s just a small step to get that existing functionality to tie in with voice commands on Android (and/or Assistant when that comes out), and probably not too much more work to get it to work with Siri too.

    • S-voice asks … “Why do you even need a button at all?”

      And I have to agree with her. Requiring a button to activate voice search/actions is antiquated.

      • I tried a jailbreak app that was a listening service for siri. By the way, jailbreak iOS you would be surprised how much more it is than android. Nevertheless, it used too much battery. It always was listening. Id imagine that would be the problem regardless.

  • stupidllama

    “one of the first questions I always ask has to do with last nightโ€™s games.”

    To which it responds: “I’m sorry Kellen but the Blazers lost again. Maybe next year.”

    • Wes

      Or, “Your team lost again, and the coach says they need to ‘try harder and play better’.”

      • JustTrollin69

        I think you wrote that just to comment on something, because that wasn’t funny.

    • Haha +1 and damn you! It’s been a rough couple of years for us Blazers fans. ๐Ÿ™

      • To think… you guys should have Durant…..

      • Andrew

        I’ll trade you #4 and #24 for #6 and #11. Your thoughts?

      • Teabling

        Not to mention the Timbers were booted from the US Open cup by a team of amateurs.

      • been rough being a rockets fan

      • GBGamer

        At least you still have your team :'(. I have had to switch my team alliance to your team, because we don’t have one anymore. (At least I still get the Sonics on NBA Jam.)

  • Wes

    The only one of these features that I don’t have from stock on my phone is Passbook. There will be an Android analogue soon enough.

  • deesnutzz

    So do you think they copied because I’m not seeing it. Yes googke has a lot of features 1st but do most android users (not geek users) knew that these features even existed. Yes apple created a new maps app but google wasn’t the first to creat maps neither. And maps is integrated with siri which is nice when dicked in car.

    I think guided access is pretty good to help special needs kids.

    • google

      Of course he doesn’t think that but it generates page views when you mention Apple and he wants to get in on the huge amounts of web traffic which always follows WWDC

      • Diablo81588

        Go away Apple troll. I’m sure there are plenty of other blogs raving on the “revolutionary” new features of iOS 6. Your defense on an Android blog is not required. Move along.

    • mike leistiko


    • SeanBello

      I think most of the people that have i*hones are special needs lol they need someone to hold their hand to do anything rather than learning for themselves.

    • CapnShiner

      Best typo I’ve seen all day: “…which is nice when dicked in car.” I suppose hands-free operation would be pretty convenient in that situation, lol.

      • CapnShiner

        Especially if your phone is docked in the front of the car and you’re getting “dicked” in the back seat, lol.

  • Oscar De La Rosa

    Android wins yet again

  • sciwiz

    You left out fragmentation.


    “Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later”

    • Google

      This isn’t fragmentation. This is legacy models not getting certain feature, exactly like what happens with Android. Fragmentation is when developers are forced to develop for tens or hundreds of possible configurations. This is an Apple feature and doesn’t affect devs at all. Next.

      • This Apple feature is affecting users.
        This is an essence of Apple corporate greed – to push users to buy a new devices which is only marginally better than the one from the last year by artificially limiting some features.
        iPhone 4 which will get iOS 6 certainly has all capabilities to handle navigation ,just like 4S, but Apple wants you to by 4S instead. Greed, and nothing but a greed.
        With Android this is never happening – if your OS version support certain API level then the app will work for you. When Google first introduced navigation to Google Maps it was first done to 2.0 but later protracted back to 1.6 so it worked on virtually every Android legacy hardware.

        • Dain Laguna

          Corporations deserve to get rich if people upgrade their handset just to get a few features they dont currently have imo.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, it has been awhile since I’ve turned on my iTouch, but from what I remember some developers when updating their apps would make them only for a certain iOS ver and even new apps wouldnt work on older devices. I know this is true for OSX because apps I had been using in 10.6 told me to upgrade to 10.7 (non-apple apps), not all but some.

        PS: I will never own an iPhone because I hate having to tied to the iOS ecosystem. Android is the better mobile platform because of the ability to work well with MS, Unix, and iOS ecosystems.

  • Great Headline, really like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TheWenger

    Good article. It shows off the things that Apple “slavishly” copied from Android, but also gives some credit where it’s due.

    • michael

      Man, i can only imagine how much their maps and nav package is going to cost for their phones. I heard tomtom was almost $100 when it came to apple store. You know they aren’t just going to give that away for free since they purchased like 3 companies to make this thing. They should really thank google for their innovation.

      • AppleFUD

        Oh, that would be hilarious if they charge for it and Google puts Maps in the app store for free.

      • CIFchamp24

        It will be free…

  • Google

    Hi Hater

  • SR

    Now lets talk about the battery life with the new Deep Facebook integration and the time and location aware Passbook!

    • Didn’t even think about that. Welcome to Android, iOS users. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • CapnShiner

        If Apple didn’t include a toggle for those features I would call it a major oversight. I think it’s a safe bet that the next iPh*ne will have a larger battery, so it will be able to better take advantage of Passbook and Facebook integration. The people who try to use it on anything currently available, however, will feel our pain.

    • kashtrey

      Ya, a lot of these new features will be really battery intensive. I think location based alerts and what not are awesome but running your GPS constantly is a terrible drain on battery.

      • Luke Vander Poel

        That’s why Motorola was so smart with the 3300 mah battery in the Maxx

        • Liderc

          If by smart you mean gluing two batteries together, then yes very smart.


          Sorry, I know I shouldn’t, but they should have released the Razr with the 3300mAh battery in the first place. When they share the same price point, that means the people who bought the original got jipped.

          • ddfuji

            and for that reason i hate motorola, im one of those who got jipped

          • Jim Davis

            It’s “gypped”, not “jipped”. It originates from the word “Gypsies” and some consider it a racial slur. (End pedantic word lesson.)

    • paul_cus

      That’s the first thing that popped into my mind. Bet alot of people won’t use these features because it’s going to crush battery life.

      • That is one thing that apple should be able to do because they integrate the software with the hardware. They are probably aware of battery changes that need to be made when they add it, or additional alterations.

    • Jake

      Yeah, iCloud, Photo Stream, and Location-based reminders really screwed battery life for folks I know who got the 4S at launch. They disabled those things so they could get a day’s use.

      • Tyler

        This. I had a 4S. Battery would be almost dead by the time I got off work… Siri was a piece of junk and the 3G is terribly slow on VZW. Got a DROID RAZR MAXX – Battery is literally difficult to kill, Voice Actions blew my mind right in front of my face (speed and accuracy > Siri’s) and 4G LTE is juts stupid crazy fast. Plus my RAZR MAXX hasn’t gotten all scratched up like my 4S did after a week [of sitting on my desk…]

      • trumpet444

        both of my 4S friends/coworkers are plugging up at LUNCH just so they can make it to quitting time

        • Liderc

          Wow, I have to do that with my Nexus but I’m always on 4G. Wonder what will happen once they finally get 4G.

        • ERIC REED

          Hmmm…I’m usually at 20/30 percent at the end of the day with my 4S. I would say I’m a heavy user. Not here trolling, but I have to call bullsh*t on these comments. Having had the Galaxy Nexus and the Thunderbolt I know about bad battery life on phones, and the iPhone does not have this problem. Also my wife and two teenage kids have iPhones, so no it’s not just mine i’m judging from.

  • netPIMP


  • Bigsike

    Great headline! lol

    • ๐Ÿ™‚

      • More importantly, great ( and very classy) summary paragraph.

      • t.o

        Not really u need to install other apps to have the same features that ios has.
        app store has apps that can do whats on ios 6. So no they are not stock Android features

        • MikeCiggy

          But if I would never use an app like Passbook why should it be included on my phone.

          • trumpet444

            and I bet it can’t be hidden in a folder (without a trick or jb) like Newstand

        • WickedToby741

          Even if you need a third party app, Android allows efficient third party app integration like being able to share to a multitude of apps and the ability to set defaults. Let’s see you set a different default browser (or other service that Apple competes directly with) on iOS. Android is and has always been about choice and empowering that choice.

        • CapnShiner

          I suppose it just wouldn’t be a post about iOS with at least one troll/Apple fanboy in the comments. That being said, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, Voice Actions, integrated sharing features, and Facebook integration are all stock on the majority of Android devices, if not all of them. All the features mentioned in this post may not be built into stock Android but whatever isn’t stock is always added with the OEM customizations like Sense, Blur, or TouchWiz. Oh, and by the way, are all of those apps you refer to that are in the app store free? They are for Android users.

    • sc0rch3d

      came here just to make that comment…well said…now (scrolling up) reading the article

      • Peter Bailey

        Totally what I did

        • BrooklynGirl

          Me too LOL…

    • yarrellray

      Yeah apple heads can’t stand the truth but what they are finally getting is OLD NEWS in the real world of technology. Apple is the land of make believe.

      • squiddy20

        You’re one to talk about “the real world of technology”. You who told me I had a Samsung Moment ( a CDMA phone that was only offered on Sprint) running on a prepaid carrier such as Simple Mobile that uses HSPA+. You who told me on multiple occasions that rooting was for “2 plus year old devices” despite a HUGE rooting community behind your (then) Evo 4G. You who stated many times that the Evo 3D would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012”, when it stopped being sold not even 3 months into the new year. Yeah, you know sooo much about technology.

        • guest

          you mad bro?