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TomTom for Android Coming This Summer, Will it Give Google Maps a Run for Its Money?

In the Android ecosystem, once Google Maps got the ability to navigate via GPS, most people moved over and used that as their go-to navigation system. Before that, TomTom was big and now they are looking to regain some of their market share by releasing their application on Android.

If you’re a diehard TomTom fan you’ll be happy to know that the app will most likely launch this summer. The report is that “summer season is important” for TomTom so we might get to see the application within the next month or so. On iPhone the TomTom app is $59.99, granted it has a few tricks that Google Nav doesn’t. Can an Android user justify spending that kind of cash on this application? We’ll have to wait and see.

Via: Phandroid | Pocket-lint

  • no

    my wife is a tomtom fan, i used to use garmin. i liked garmin over tomtom, and i love gmaps over garmin. but my wife won’t give up tomotom…ohwell

  • Steve Schneider

    Horrible Photoshop btw.

  • only saw a few people on apple that gave it 5 starts,most gave it one or two

  • I once thought that VZ navagator was the best, but after using gmaps,I now prefer that, but no way in hell i’d pay 60 bucks for tom tom,, no no

  • U crazy?

    Don’t see why anyone would ever spend 60$ on something that is free with google maps

  • Trevor Blain

    For 60 bucks it better make me a sammich and give me a backrub while I drive on a zero slowdown highway through downtown L.A.

  • If it’s reasonably priced at say $9.99 then it has a chance since you got to bring your own GPS hardware (phone).

  • MikeCiggy

    I am glad this is being released. Not because I will purchase but because it will push Google to add more features like TomTom. I had an old TomTom unit and went online to download new maps and they wanted $80 for the download. You can buy a new TomTom for that I tossed it out and stuck my Gmaps.

  • TomTom got me lost in Texas back in October… Google Maps on my phone NEVER did 🙂 GMAPS FTW!

  • slops

    i wonder if google is going to start charging for the navigation part of google maps?

    for the price of development for an android app along with constant updates, i doubt they could afford to launch this app for even close to $10 (which still wouldn’t justify it’s purchase). i think it’s silly of them to even try and market it to android users who get a free GPS.

  • TomTom sux. I wouldn’t use it even if it was free. It’s not as good as Garmin’s products or Google Navigation.

    • I have had the reverse experience. About 3 years back I had the low-end TomTom device, I don’t recall the model number. I then won the equivalent Garmin product in a company golf tourney. I ran them side by side for a couple of weeks comparing how fast it was to get GPS lock, how easy it was to enter the destination and accuracy of directions. TomTom won hands down. I really wanted to like the Garmin since they’re based 10 miles from where I live but I re-gifted it in our family white-elephant gift exchange.
      I’d still be using the TomTom if it didn’t require an annual subscription to keep the maps updated.

  • sgtguthrie

    I will say, at this point I prefer to use my garmin over Google Maps. Maps just isn’t as refined yet in a direct comparison. With that said, I still wouldn’t likely even pay 10 dollars for a navigation app. I tend to find my POI’s on Maps, then navigate to them with my garmin.

    I tried using Maps to navigate in Pittsburgh once, and that was a nightmare. It’s a tough city to navigate in though. Maps was still trying to tell me where to turn as I was supposed to be turning already because it felt the need to say every road number and name for the road.

  • Terrance Steiner

    While Google Map Navigation is the killer app for the Android platform not everyone has it. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Google Maps Navagation only covers the USA and Canada. All the Android users in Europe and Asia will love a fully functional navigation app like this. If this uses pre-installed maps, this could also be very helpful for people who live in areas of spotty coverage. No data coverage, no Google Maps.

    That said, I’m in the US and have excellent 4G coverage so I will be sticking with free Google Maps for navigation.

    • Dycius

      I use maps and navigation in England and it works great. It handles roundabouts really well and if your GPS is fast enough, it shows you in real time where you are so you can exit correctly on the really huge big ones.

      • Terrance Steiner

        I stand corrected…although I do not believe that it is up and running in Asia yet.

  • Really who thought up the marketing plan for this….lets compete against the standard in navigation and charge 60 for it…?

  • Kris Brandt

    For US users, the price will be hard to justify. For people who live in areas where Google Maps navigation doesn’t work, they’ll have an easier time justifying the cost.

  • ty

    I think this is pretty much unanimous: Absolutely not. Why would you pay $59.99 for an app that comes pre-installed on your phone, and does everything that you need? This is dumb (assuming it’s going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $50).

    • ty

      I meant “Why would you pay $59.99 for an app when a similar one comes pre-installed on your phone that already does everything you need.”