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TomTom for Android Coming This Summer, Will it Give Google Maps a Run for Its Money?

In the Android ecosystem, once Google Maps got the ability to navigate via GPS, most people moved over and used that as their go-to navigation system. Before that, TomTom was big and now they are looking to regain some of their market share by releasing their application on Android.

If you’re a diehard TomTom fan you’ll be happy to know that the app will most likely launch this summer. The report is that “summer season is important” for TomTom so we might get to see the application within the next month or so. On iPhone the TomTom app is $59.99, granted it has a few tricks that Google Nav doesn’t. Can an Android user justify spending that kind of cash on this application? We’ll have to wait and see.

Via: Phandroid | Pocket-lint

  • no

    my wife is a tomtom fan, i used to use garmin. i liked garmin over tomtom, and i love gmaps over garmin. but my wife won’t give up tomotom…ohwell

  • Steve Schneider

    Horrible Photoshop btw.

  • only saw a few people on apple that gave it 5 starts,most gave it one or two

  • I once thought that VZ navagator was the best, but after using gmaps,I now prefer that, but no way in hell i’d pay 60 bucks for tom tom,, no no

  • U crazy?

    Don’t see why anyone would ever spend 60$ on something that is free with google maps

  • Trevor Blain

    For 60 bucks it better make me a sammich and give me a backrub while I drive on a zero slowdown highway through downtown L.A.

  • If it’s reasonably priced at say $9.99 then it has a chance since you got to bring your own GPS hardware (phone).

  • MikeCiggy

    I am glad this is being released. Not because I will purchase but because it will push Google to add more features like TomTom. I had an old TomTom unit and went online to download new maps and they wanted $80 for the download. You can buy a new TomTom for that I tossed it out and stuck my Gmaps.

  • TomTom got me lost in Texas back in October… Google Maps on my phone NEVER did 🙂 GMAPS FTW!

  • slops

    i wonder if google is going to start charging for the navigation part of google maps?

    for the price of development for an android app along with constant updates, i doubt they could afford to launch this app for even close to $10 (which still wouldn’t justify it’s purchase). i think it’s silly of them to even try and market it to android users who get a free GPS.

  • TomTom sux. I wouldn’t use it even if it was free. It’s not as good as Garmin’s products or Google Navigation.

    • I have had the reverse experience. About 3 years back I had the low-end TomTom device, I don’t recall the model number. I then won the equivalent Garmin product in a company golf tourney. I ran them side by side for a couple of weeks comparing how fast it was to get GPS lock, how easy it was to enter the destination and accuracy of directions. TomTom won hands down. I really wanted to like the Garmin since they’re based 10 miles from where I live but I re-gifted it in our family white-elephant gift exchange.
      I’d still be using the TomTom if it didn’t require an annual subscription to keep the maps updated.

  • sgtguthrie

    I will say, at this point I prefer to use my garmin over Google Maps. Maps just isn’t as refined yet in a direct comparison. With that said, I still wouldn’t likely even pay 10 dollars for a navigation app. I tend to find my POI’s on Maps, then navigate to them with my garmin.

    I tried using Maps to navigate in Pittsburgh once, and that was a nightmare. It’s a tough city to navigate in though. Maps was still trying to tell me where to turn as I was supposed to be turning already because it felt the need to say every road number and name for the road.

  • Terrance Steiner

    While Google Map Navigation is the killer app for the Android platform not everyone has it. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Google Maps Navagation only covers the USA and Canada. All the Android users in Europe and Asia will love a fully functional navigation app like this. If this uses pre-installed maps, this could also be very helpful for people who live in areas of spotty coverage. No data coverage, no Google Maps.

    That said, I’m in the US and have excellent 4G coverage so I will be sticking with free Google Maps for navigation.

    • Dycius

      I use maps and navigation in England and it works great. It handles roundabouts really well and if your GPS is fast enough, it shows you in real time where you are so you can exit correctly on the really huge big ones.

      • Terrance Steiner

        I stand corrected…although I do not believe that it is up and running in Asia yet.

  • Really who thought up the marketing plan for this….lets compete against the standard in navigation and charge 60 for it…?

  • Kris Brandt

    For US users, the price will be hard to justify. For people who live in areas where Google Maps navigation doesn’t work, they’ll have an easier time justifying the cost.

  • ty

    I think this is pretty much unanimous: Absolutely not. Why would you pay $59.99 for an app that comes pre-installed on your phone, and does everything that you need? This is dumb (assuming it’s going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $50).

    • ty

      I meant “Why would you pay $59.99 for an app when a similar one comes pre-installed on your phone that already does everything you need.”

  • snoop5

    60 buck wow thats half the price of a tom tom gps unit, geewhiz

  • The thing that TomTom offers is faster routing and traffic. Called IQ routes and HD traffic.

    • LionStone

      “Faster”… than what? GMaps has routing and shows real time traffic delays, etc.

  • MrWicket

    hahaha! not after today’s Google Maps announcements of things to come!

  • In the Android ecosystem, once Google Maps got the ability to navigate via GPS, most people moved over and used that as their go-to navigation system.

    Really now? But its navigation features, like, don’t work at all in Japan and Russia (and, well, in a whole lot of other places)?

  • John

    What you paid is what you get.
    There’s a reason Mercedes still sell when Kia and the likes are still around.

  • Palmer Nyako

    LOL. no chance rofl.
    Google Maps is free and includes great features.

  • TheOiulkj

    $50 so you can hear Darth Vader give you directions?


    I almost want to say yes. But no, I can’t do it. Sry tomtom, nice to meet you, but bai4ever.

  • johnpa2006

    Tom Tom on iPhone was 32$, why would they charge double that on android when it has its own native GPS software. This does not make sense at that price.
    Tom Tom needs to open they’re eyes.

  • johnpa2006

    Tom Tom on iPhone was 32$ for only north America maps.
    I don’t know where they are pulling 59$ from.
    Navigon for iOS isn’t even that much.

  • CodeToJoy

    Even if Google Nav isn’t your cup of tea… there’s other options for free. I’m a fan of Waze myself.

  • Even in places where I don’t have signal, Google Maps will still get me to the end of my directions, so I don’t see why I would want to pay for any other app, and it has been great the entire time I have used it.

    • sk3litor

      I agree. Plus with a little bit of “skitch” magic you can plan out your entire route beforehand so even if data goes out, no biggie. But I also believe people can spend there own money on whatever they want. This mite be handy for truckdrivers who’s roadtime is money. They can’t afford to get caught up in local accidents or construction

  • Diablo81588

    The one thing that keeps me from using google nav instead of my gamin gps is locally stored maps. Having to rely on a data connection when your out in the middle of nowhere and lost defeats the purpose of a navigation system entirely. Its good for a quick look up but it’ll never replace my standalone nav system.

    On a side note.. Can we please either go back to the old Disqus or fix the mobile verison? I had to get on my computer to make an edit because stupid Disqus would not let me hit the “Save edit” button on my phone! I’m tired of this beta trash!

    • HarvesterX

      The next Maps update will be adding the capability in to download and store maps on your sdcard. This isn’t the same as the beta caching feature already built in. When you have an area displayed that you’d like to keep offline, and then long press the area on the map you want saved and it will download. Read through the rest of today’s posts here on DL as this is where I’m getting the information from.

  • EvanTheGamer

    That would be a negative. There will NEVER be a navigational app that’s better than Google Maps(or simply Nav. Beta).

    • Say, how do I get proper directions from Shibetsu’s town office to Shibetsu’s city library on this super best navigational app? Without getting messages about not having enough data, area not being supported, and all that?

      • Medications

        Move to America

        • ty

          ^ this. + 1.

        • But I don’t feel like trading good healthcare, stable income, fast (1Gbps and up) unmetered internet, cheap cell phone subscriptions, and a sizable estate for some backwater country with DSL lines all around just because there’s some free navigation app?..

          • mbaldwin85

            Sooo America is a bad place because of DSL lines?

          • r0lct

            While his response was juvenile you certainly stooped to his level.

          • EvanTheGamer

            That’s awesome…thanks for sharing! I on the other hand am proud to live here and to be an American! But yeah, you can just be happy and keep on livin’ in Mother Russia…it’s all gooooood.

          • Alas, I’m a Japanese citizen, I can’t really keep on livin’ in Mother Russia.

      • Beka27

        If your area is not supported by Google Maps, by all means, maybe this new TomTom app will work well for you. I hope it does. For myself, and the majority of the people here (who do live in North America), Google Maps works just fine and gets us where we’re needing to go. You have posted several comments belly-aching because of the lack of Russian support on Maps. Have you taken the time to contact Google and recommend they update the app to support your area?

        • Well to put their response short, they don’t quite care about neither Japan or Russia. That’s what I heard first person from the head of their Tokyo office at a corporate meeting (I was representing my family’s company there).

          • Beka27

            Well, that’s a shame. As I said, hopefully when this new TomTom app is released, that will solve your navigational issues. :o) For boring people like me who never venture outside of the US, I’d rather save the 50-60 bucks.

          • I’m not actually planning to purchase this app (and I highly doubt the app itself will cost that much; as people have stated above, the price tag is somehow overblown). My point is that Android is about freedom.

            Here’s my issue with the other guys who already accused me of being a troll:

            Why turn into a gSheep when there are alternatives to consider? They might be free or they might cost you money. You get to choose. You get to pay for what you think deserves your money. Vote with your wallet. You like Google Navigation? Fine with me. But why are you forcing your opinions on me?
            And finally I don’t understand this bashing of an unreleased app just because it’s supposedly not free like its competitors.

  • br_hermon

    No… Frickin…. Way…

  • tech247

    Waste of money if it aint free…

  • Turn right fool!

    I used to have TomTom on my Treo. I miss having Gary Busey and Mr. T give me directions. But I don’t miss them to the tune of $60!

  • Ken_P_619

    Now if only Google could get Snoop Dogg’s voice to give me turn by turn
    directions, then I don’t see why Google couldn’t get ALL of the market

    Isn’t that the only real thing TomTom offers extra?

    • No, it’s the actual navigation for everything that isn’t the USA or Canada.

  • that picture is horribly photoshopped

  • SeanBello

    how is Tom Tom still in business when there is a better free option? it can’t POSSIBLY be that you can have Darth Vader talk your directions to you

  • I was reading the reviews of tom tom on apple, no one rates it very high at all, about all give it one to two stars out of five, lol

  • Jon

    The brief two weeks that I had an iPhone 4, I tried every Nav app available on the platform, including TomTom. It wasn’t even a close comparison. Google Maps and Google Nav are easier to use and far more useful with all the integrated things like Places, walking, bicycle and transit directions, Latitude, and the way it works so smoothly with Android. It’s almost foolish for them to have even bothered, which I assure you is why they hadn’t done so thus far.

  • this aint apple, we dont pay for apps that are already free

    • Tyler

      The only reason people with iPhones buy tom tom apps is because the core iPhone lacks the functionality therefore making people look for alternatives, with android there is no reason to look or pay for anything else when the current works flawlessly and gets beter as the days go by.

  • luvmyGN

    pffft. Ridiculous! Tom Tom’s last ditch effort.

  • so what does it do that google doesnt?

  • DeeMat

    Can’t see it eating much into GMaps market, especially if it costs > $0.

  • used to have a tomtom, havent touched it since I got my og droid back in 2008, there was never a time I actually wished I had it over Gmaps nav

  • dblockkk

    Who cares ill just steal the APK

  • I use Waze.

  • what are these extra features in the iphone app? just wondering, never actually seen or used it

  • Jon

    hahahhaha!!! heeehahaaaahaaaheee! bwaaaaahhahaaaahaaaahhhh!!!! /lol

    • Carlos


  • mz

    Nope, won’t use it unless it’s free. Google Maps works fine for me.

  • mustbepbs

    Survey says: No.

  • DoctorOta

    As others have stated $60 is a lot of money for just a couple more tricks than google maps. I feel it won’t have the same integration that google maps has which will most likely be a negative especially for such a hefty price.

  • What are the other features? Better real-time traffic? Better real-time rerouting? I am unclear what is different so I can’t say if it would be worth it. I think in some ways Waze is a better navigation application since it allows me to better avoid incidents that suddenly happen or construction/closures Google doesn’t know about.

    • mike.s

      The Waze routing engine sucks. Haven’t you ever seen it try to direct you off a highway interchange, then immediately back on?

  • Justin Everett

    Finally! an alternative to the annoying TTS voice!

    • NemaCystX

      have you tried Google Maps on ICS? the voice is vastly improved, it doesn’t have the robotic voice anymore. It actually sounds like a woman talking. I actually like the new smoother voice over the voices Garmin/TomTom offer. TomTom does have some awesome voices for download though, like Darth Vader, Yoda and KiTT along with some cartoon characters. but the question is, are those voices on the iOS app? if not I don’t expect them on Android when it comes.

  • regkilla

    Took forever

  • DaveTea

    Like others have said, only if its free or very cheap. If they want a good chunk of change for it you would be better off just buying a dedicated GPS.

  • BSweetness

    With full offline support for maps coming to Google Maps? No way.

    If Google Maps didn’t have full support for offline maps on the way, it would be an attractive option for those who need offline maps, but it still wouldn’t give Google Maps a run for its money.”

    • NemaCystX

      its not full maps, its only that area like it was when it was in beta, except now you can select a bigger area, but you still have to choose the area. Its not an entire map of the US

      But Google does have an edge over TomTom because of this, the maps will never be outdated and you won’t have to pay for map updates like you do for Garmin/TomTom GPS’s

      • BSweetness

        Indeed. I forgot the “support for” in there. Corrected.

  • Edwin M

    Unless that $60 leads me to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I doubt it will beat a free native app.

  • Flyinion

    Depending on the price I might try it. I have to admit, about a year ago I was given a TomTom by a family member as a Christmas gift and I actually haven’t used Google Navigation since then unless I’m not in my own vehicle. I think I’ve been mostly using it though due to the larger 5″ screen and to be able to tell said family member “yes I used it thanks for the gift”.

    Accuracy is much better with Google. Tried to use the TomTom to go to a bed & breakfast near Yosemite and it had the location off by over 1/2 a mile (and that’s only one of many examples). The flip side is not needing data connectivity to plot a route though.


    It’s hard to beat free when it works…

  • KleenDroid

    If its free it will do well. If not……..better not be more than a buck.

  • X2caleb2X

    Competition between a 50 dollar app and a free app…

  • Robhimself79

    There are only a few things I wish Google nav did better. Its not $60 worth of wishes… heck I would probably not spend $6 on a nav app.

  • To strictly answer the title:

    …only if it’s free

    The “extras” from TomTom are not worth spending $60 for an app you can get for free

    • EvanTheGamer

      Even if they decided to release TomTom app for free(highly doubtful obviously) it’ll still NEVER be as powerful and as incredibly fantastic as Google Maps(or simply Nav. Beta).

      • michael arazan

        Who the hell does tomtom think we are for 59.99 price tag, iphone suckers, i mean owners?

      • I’ve yet to see a major GPS navigation system that’s worse than Google Maps with its Navigation stuff.

        • ty

          I’m not sure what your experience has been but Google Maps has always gotten me where I was trying to go, and the best part is it’s free.

          • Only if you’re in NA.

          • i agree. ive used a lot of gps units. a lot have the same problem Waze has: telling you to make turns that end you back up on the same road you were driving on. i have yet to see something better than Google Maps. Mainly because google maps/nav never seems screws up. its traffic prediction is very accurate as well.
            the only thing another app can do is add features such as speedometer, which is built into my car. so it seems unnecessary.

    • r0lct

      Or at least amke it $10 annually, I can’t see the big up front cost, especially if they don’t include free updates on maps and traffic for life.

  • trixnkix637

    Overpriced paid app not native to OS vs Free constantly updated app developed by OS creators? Seems like quite the easy decision.

    • Another probably actually good navigation system with proper support for countries that aren’t US and Canada? This adds to the choices I had before! (And I never included Google Maps there.)

      • No one cares bro.

        • Of course, for gSheep anything that isn’t by Google is crap by default.

        • sgtguthrie

          I’m sure he does, as he doesn’t live in North America 😉 This article is likely good news to them…

          • I do. (Also, it’s “she”.) Alas, Google Maps is only actually good within NA, and this is what 99% of this site’s visitors seem to be unable to grasp.

          • Turd_Ferguson

            Probably because 99% of the site’s visitors DO NOT need navigation outside of NA.

          • i dont understand what you are saying. there are people that live outside of north america?

      • jayray78


  • Troubled_Asian


  • EC8CH

    “Will it give Google Maps a run for it’s money”

    it’s hard to run faster than FREE

    • mike.s

      But driving is faster than running.

      When Google maps includes features like local maps (so you’re not dependent on being in cell coverage), “find along route” (I don’t care about that restaurant I passed 30 miles ago), waypoints, lane guidance, “limited speed” routing, speed limits, etc., only then will free be better. Heck, it doesn’t even show your current speed.

      • r0lct

        It doesn’t have to be better, just meet the needs of most. Unless you’re traveling daily or even weekly to places you’ve never been before you’re probably happy with Google Maps/Nav.

        • mike.s

          Whoosh. There’s a market for something better. Garmin and TomTom continue to sell stand alone unit for that reason.

          But, I understand that some people are satisfied with “just good enough.”

          • r0lct

            If I want something better I would just buy a standalone.

          • Turd_Ferguson

            This ^

    • This. It’s hard to compete with free. It has to be a whole lot better than Google to be worth paying any money at all.

      Given how expensive TomTom devices and map updates are, I can’t imagine the app will suddenly be a good deal.

  • Aaa

    That’s an easy answer – no.

  • Michael_NM

    Will it give Google Maps a run for its money? No, it’s making a run for our money.