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Tip: How to Force the 4.0.4 Update for the Galaxy Nexus LTE

The 4.0.4 update is pushing out to a massive batch of Galaxy Nexus owners as you read this, however, there are still a number of you that have yet to be prompted. If you would like to speed up the process, you can try this little trick that dozens of readers have submitted as working like a charm.  

1.  From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
2.  Search for  Google Services Framework.
3.  Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
4.  Then choose “Clear data.”
5.  Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.

You may have to repeat the steps a couple of times. Good luck!

Cheers @splendorthought and to everyone who sent this in!

  • Chobanov Elchin

    If I didint recive update for my Nexus it meens???

  • sandark

    thanks a lot,like you said i had to repeat for a while before it worked.

  • Trevor

    Worked after 10-20 tries. Thanks!

  • Mallahet

    Wasn’t working for me, but I found someone on another site suggesting this and it works for me! In MN and hadn’t seen a thing yet, btw. What worked for me was disabling GFS and then re-enabling it. I did it over wi-fi, btw. Details:
    DISABLE google framework services and back out. Go back in (GFS will be at the bottom of the list since it’s disabled, right next to my VZW backup asisstant that is also disabled..) and renable it. Then
    clear data. And go to system update. Bam.

  • Bobby Hatfield

    You guys rock. Have been waiting ( impatiently) on VZW for the update. Your suggestions worked perfectly. Thanks you Droid Matters.

  • BCorrell34

    It worked! Thanks!

  • OK so I did the update and now I cant sync my google contacts, cant receive any texts and I keep loosing 4G signal. I have a completely STOCK Gnex. Anyone else having these issues and if so how can we fix them?

  • JChris

    Worked! Verizon was taking their sweet time with this. Don’t know about doing another Nexus through them after this although i love the phone itself.

  • MikeSaver

    Can anyone get Facebook to sync after this update? Not like it could sync with facebook before but thought it was supposed to be able to now

  • seth drasner

    worked! thanks!

  • teevirus

    took approximately 20 times but it ended up working. I was using 3g only when it went through.

  • I have noticed that with this update I can use juice defender now,before 3g or 4g would not come back on, so thats one plus

  • RSLP

    Worked on the 4th try. 39.8MB downloaded in 11 second, I love LTE.

  • Ryan Heimerman

    Just tried this and my update is downloading now!

  • David Stender

    That instantly worked !!! YES !

  • thefullritz

    Updated on the first try, stock ICS.

  • finally got it to work…I did step 3 once and then kept trying by just doing step 4 and 5 over and over rather than starting at 3 again each time.

  • Markuz

    Still, F*** You Big Evil Red!!!

  • Worked for me as well. I had to repeat the steps a few times but then I got prompted and installed the update without a problem.

  • Tim

    I updated my Nexus a few weeks ago to the leaked 4.0.4 build prior to this later one which is now available. I would liek to be on the latest so I followed these instructions as well as others and I have had no luck. My phone was not rooted and I am completly stock. I used some simple instructions and commands that unlocked the bootloader and made the changes and locked everthign back up as normal.
    With that being said, will the latest update not work unless I revert back to the 4.0.2 first ?

  • When trying to use the OTA update, I kept getting a bad signature when it was trying to install . The same thing was happening to me with the leaked update several weeks ago. I finally just bit the bullet and flashed the stock 4.02 ROM and then the 4.04 ROM would update without any problems. I have a feeling that messing with my build.prop file caused all of this, but I have no way to prove this

  • David

    Took 3 tries with the above instructions, but 3rd time was the charm, THANK YOU!

    • InyRules

      Same for me. My girlfriend’s Nexus updated after the first time trying this method. Gotta say, it’s been buttery smooth so far. 4G signal has much improved in my home, transitions are a lot faster, and the screen actually rotates when I turn it! Like, what the phone should have done on launch day! The small jab aside, I am enjoying this update. Probably going to run it a couple more weeks before I get the itch to root.

  • Ken

    Worked perfectly with two tries!

  • duke69111

    My battery is way worse with the update. Only 1.5 hours with screen on.. I was getting 3 hours.

    • florious80

      I was just going to post something like this. 4.0.4 is very bad on battery life. WTH? I have extended battery and I think the life is half with the same amount of usage. I don’t know what the heck is going on. We can’t be the only people seeing this atrocious battery drain…

      • duke69111

        Did you apply the OTA or the downloaded file flashed through rom manager?

        • florious80

          I unrooted, applied the OTA, and re-rooted. I figured that OTA may be a safer way to go since I don’t have enough experience flashing the file on my own to ensure that it was done right. This shouldn’t have any bearing on why the battery drain is so significant…did you flash or OTA? (Even though supposedly the files are the same)

          • duke69111

            I flashed the file through rom manager that was from Google’s Server. I’m glad you unrooted and did the OTA, that now shows that its the update and not one method of updating over another.

  • Vezman

    I can download the update but when it goes to install and restarts my phone i just sit at the google logo any idea how to fix this? Im not rooted im stock 4.0.2 please help.

  • Clayton Auld

    Worked very well! I was on the leaked version of this update, but after I restored back to the stock 4.0.2 image and did this 3 times it worked like a charm! Thanks!

  • ralph

    even since i did this, my g-nex hasnt shown up in the play store

  • stevegn

    help guys and girls.. right after i did the update its asking to allow google location service. The terms are scary should i say yes or no thanks


      clicked yes… you probably had it on since your first setup.. but it needs authorization again..


      also, lme know if you get restarts? had my first restart today.. its not a happy thing..


    Quuestion guys… got the 4.0.4 update but tried opening an email from the notification bar and again… it froze and restarted.. i thought this update fixed restarts? they suck..

  • Anonymoose

    This is the best information that I have ever seen on DL. Thank you kindly for posting.

  • Donald Jacobs

    Just did mine, Did take three attempts of doing the stopping of Framework. No Problems noted. Thanks for all the help.

  • Ever since I updated with this method….I can’t send pictures anyone else have this issue?:

  • Mikey_S

    Is anyone else seeing – or can anyone explain this to me?

    I have pulled down the update

    It stays it needs to reboot to install.

    When it reboots it doesn’t import the download it just restarts 4.0.2

    I have gone as far done a hard reset.

    has anyone else had this issue?

    • Mikey_S

      Booting in recovery mode shows ontl the start option and a
      Downloading …
      (Do not turn off target!!)


      • Mikey_S

        Can anyone tell me why on the reboot the update is not starting – or how to debug this?

        • Mikey_S

          Found 4.0.2 reimage walk though, reimaged the device, and the recovery worked this time – finally at 4.0.4 – ” ” close to rooting it – after all of this I now just might


      wiered maybe just shutdown. Do the force close and clear data of google frameworks and try it again.. ?

      • Mikey_S

        I am getting the download – it downloads it/verifys it then wants to install and “can’t”

        • GNEX(MOTOX)

          hmm, the way i see it.. is you have two options to go to vzw or just restart it and flash it instead.. well not flash it.. but the post a couple days back easily lets you put it on there if you know how to that type of stuff.. its probably not that hard.. iv’e done it for other phones and im only in high school so.. yea.. lol

  • Muddin

    I don’t have the option to check for updates under settings?

  • yellowcanary73

    I hope this fixes everyones problems but my reason for trading for Razr Maxx is battery life other wise the G/N is a great phone. So enjoy the great phone and I will enjoy my Maxx and its great battery and when we do get the ICS update it will make it a better phone even if its a few months out. Hey at least I didn’t go back to an Iphone

  • Matthew Hoke

    Worked for me but I had to try like 20+ times. Here are the steps i took that worked for me.
    1. Forced Stopped
    2. Cleared Data
    3. Disabled
    4. Backed out and tried to go into System Updates (didn’t do anything but make it disappear)
    5. Go back to apps and enable – then back out
    6. Force Stop – then back out
    7. Clear Data – then back out
    8. Check System Updates – this is where it worked.

    I know – sounds crazy but this is what worked for me.

    • james

      your technique worked when no one else’s would, thanks

    • This worked for me after I turned off wifi, thanks!

  • pjay

    Thanks DL…

  • vezman

    Hey need help i download the update then when it goes to install it resets then just sits at the sscreen that says google and i have to pull battery
    . Any suggestions? Would appericate and i am stock .

  • Finally! its downloading now. I had to reset the phone first for it to work but its finally on the DL. I was just about to smash up this poor camera, low volume, cant switch to 4G, powerful but always reboots or acts sluggish, non acessory having, Verizon money trap POS that has made me hate the word nexus and conteplate a jump to the iPhone 5 whenever it comes out, at least its updated properly without all of this to foolery. THANK YOU DROID LIFE!

  • Joey

    If you run into connectivity issues after updating, like I did. Just make sure you turn off, remove battery, remove sim card and reinsert. power back up and slow connectivity issues should be resolved.

  • Mine would also not update while I had wifi on. Once I turned that off, it noticed the update and is downloading it now. Thanks! We’ll see how it goes 🙂

    Edit: Worked perfectly! Thanks! Doing it on our other Galaxy Nexus now. I found it works with the Wi-Fi turned off. No problems with the app store. Thanks again Droid Life!!

  • Guadalajara Jones

    Has not worked on build# IMM30B.

    • Bobby Kaufmann

      Same build as me and hasn’t worked yet.

  • Guest

    Well…4g doesn’t hold signal like I thought it would after the update but the hand offs between 3 and 4g and WIFI is much smoother. I did notice that the bars are inflated on the 4g only compared to how many bars I get on 3g at the different dbm levels.

  • I did it twice and it worked for me!!!!

  • Tim Cooper

    Worked perfectly on the first try.

  • Bobby Kaufmann

    Anyone having any luck going from a previous version of 4.04?

  • i tried the force stop the clear data method 1st for 8 tries…nothing..then i tried the clear data first then force stop….success.!

  • Bristecom

    LOL, after trying all the methods you guys have described for 40 minutes, I give up. I’ll try again later I guess.

  • MrToTo83

    Took about 5 different times of doing but finally working!

  • alexbeast15


  • mikeym0p

    What BW skin are you using? I like how the background is clear

  • nick

    worked first time great find

  • lightlong

    READ THIS EXTRA STEP IF YOU HAVEN’T GOTTEN IT TO WORK YET. So the exact instructions listed in Kellex’s article didn’t work for me, until I also disabled “Google Services Framework” and then enabled it again. Do everything listed in the artlcle but then also disable and then enable the Framework application. Then it worked for me 🙂

  • is anyone having issues with Instagram since this update ? it continues to generate an error message saying unfortunately Instagram has stopped

    • Derrick Moreno

      working fine for me

    • Jwhap

      I installed the update a month ago. Instagram was working fine, but when I tried to open it about an hour ago it kept force closing on me.

  • JC

    This is why I love DL…the day is saved!

  • Luis Betancourt

    Awesome this worked for me. Thanks!

  • After abut 20 tries it finally worked, but after install it still says I’m on 4.0.2 What gives?

  • Bob Martin

    What does this have to do with the motorola Razr?

  • Barlog

    Just tried this about an hour ago, had to do it twice but downloaded perfectly now rockin 4.0.4 Whoo Hoo!! Only 5 months LATER! Oh well that what I get with Verizon

  • All is right in the universe! My day has been made! Thanks a million!

  • Tito Vides

    worked after about 20 tries -_- but finally instlled 😉

    ..only took my pops 3 tries…..so it really is different



    I had to clear data before a force stop. One I did the clear data first, it work great.

  • Steve

    Took 6 tries, but finally worked! Never had an issue with the mic, but the random reboots were a pain. Hopefully won’t have any more issues now. Thanks for the updating tip! ^_^

  • Had to do it twice but it works

  • pale5151

    great post worked like a charm 1st time.Thanks again been waiting for this since December!

  • ted

    Worked like a charm. Is there a complete list of items fixed?

  • worked perfect.

  • I had to do it twice but it worked! Thanks so much for posting this!

  • Coco

    OMG! Thank you for ending the frustration!! How simple was that?!!!

  • knightracer

    My Galaxy Nexus no longer shows up as one of my devices on the web version of the Google Play Store after this force update

  • Took two tries and it worked!

  • Dino

    its did work for me, thanks a lot

  • Took about 6 tries but it worked!

  • shamu11

    Will Aokp merge these new radios into there rom?

  • scrawnypaleguy86

    Tried three times, then rebooted and tried twice more. No dice. Any ideas?

    • Corey

      Does anyone know if this will work if I am on the leaked update from last month?

  • roth

    I followed the instructions, but now ‘Google Services Framework’ is no longer showing up on my Apps list, and the option to check for system update has disappeared. HELP!!!

    • roth

      Nevermind, Im a dumbass. I had the Framework disabled. I re-enabled it and got the update.

      • brett

        Roth i did same thing were do you reenable framework

  • Brien Gerber

    Worked for me, but now the play store online won’t recognize my Nexus.

    • gpzbc

      see comments below. A fix is outlined.

  • Took three times but it worked for me

  • aheiden82

    Worked for me

  • Got it on my second try.

  • Yes!!

  • fvqu

    What widget is that?

  • microdot

    Just worked for me too. I tried it a couple times yesterday with no luck and finally today with the first try….about damn time. Now lets hope the update was worth all the fuss and wait.

  • EatUrCrap

    What does clearing the data do? Do I lose anything?

    • gpzbc

      see comments below. It can cause some problems with the Google Play Store. There is also a solution posted,

  • cory

    omg it worked! Everyone do what it says its legit!

  • Gnex

    Phone seems to be quicker…3g signal seems to be the same at the house.(Wife has the Razr and my signal matches hers…so no concerns there) I will have to see about the 4g signal when I go to work tonight as it has not come to my home town yet…

  • magic9418

    Sweeeeeetttttt worked like a charm. THANKS!

  • crash override

    droid life is the shit…worked like a charm after a few trys

  • guest

    As an aside, my browser was getting hijacked on my phone and tablet when accessing Droid Life. I was running Lookout on both at the time. Saw that Avast was higher rated online for malware and since I installed Avast no more redirect. Hope that helps anyone who may be experiencing the same issue.

    • Jwhap

      I keep getting mobile pop up ads even though pop ups are blocked……..only when I visit DL.

  • I tried it a bunch of times but what finally worked was Force Stop/Clear Data, then restart the phone before checking for an update. When it restarted and I went to check for update, it was already downloading.

  • duke69111

    Does anybody know where the ota update is stored on the internal storage.

  • wid2767

    Is anyone having any issues with Camera not loading/force closing and Talk constantly force closing? I am rooted / unlocked running stock everything.

    • guest


    • hushdrops


  • jjl207

    Worked like a charm on the sixth clear/check try. Now on 4.0.4!

  • Cool Beans it worked

  • JohnPA2006

    Sad to say this but even though the update installed on my phone last night.
    Today, twice I had the one way audio drop bug STILL.

    Between the joke of the stock battery and the signal retention problems, the phone heating up dramatically during normal use, and this audio drop bug.
    I am returning this POS back to the ebay person I bought it from and going back to my iPhone4. Perhaps I will give the RAZR MAXX a try in a month or 2 when that comes down in price, sorry but for the months this Nexus junk has been out, they still have not fixed very basic problems.
    I really wanted to like this phone.

  • John D

    If you manually updated to IMM76K through the file XDA (from may 2nd) but only temporarily flashed CWM and then returned to stock will I get the OTA update?

    • Jwhap

      I don’t think so. It is the same update. But Cory (posted above) did the method above and he was on the leak as well.

  • Ben Schulz

    I love you Droid-Life.

  • Came here to say that it worked like a charm on my moms gnex!

  • Gnex

    Mine worked the very first time…it is updating now!

  • kidheated

    Gottta give props to XYZlene from AC forums for this tip. This tip does work. You may just have to do it a bunch. It took me in toto about 30 times, but this is over 3 different attempts and a few hours. The 3rd attempt, I did the pull 4 times and it work immediately. Love Android. Love the Community. Long live the bot!

  • Took me 4 tries but it’s downloading now… 🙂

    • Update installed without a problem. I was running stock 4.0.2 with the bootloader unlocked. First thing I noticed is more signal bars. Where I sit at my desk at work I never got more than 2 bars in 4G and now it’s getting between 3-4 bars.

  • Worked for me after 3 tries. Between the 2nd and 3rd I turned of wifi and plugged into a power source. Dunno if that made a difference.

  • I had to do this twice, but it worked for me.

  • ryan

    BIG PROBLEM: I tried this method and it worked. I received the update, but upon installing, I no longer have any cell signal. Have rebooted again and still nothing. Wi-Fi works, but there is an “X” where it usually shows signal strength. Anybody else have this problem or know of a fix?

    • Liderc

      Were you completely stock when you did the update?

      • ryan

        Yes, completely stock. In settings under “Network” it says “Searching for Service”. Has been doing that for the last hour. Have never had a problem with service before.

        • Liderc

          Maybe try removing your battery and sim card, hit the power button, then put them both back in.

          • ryan

            Removed battery, then sim card, then put them both back in and turned the phone back on. Still not fixed. Any other ideas? Thanks.

          • Liderc

            Well, there’s no way to just remove the update, so maybe you should try a factory reset. Unless you can call Verizon, who is probably just going to have you do a factory reset anyways.

          • ryan

            Called Verizon. Sounds like they are seeing this problem, especially with the GSM version which mine is not. Luckily still under warranty so they are sending me a replacement phone. Recommended going to the Verizon store and having them reinstall the update. Frustrating.

          • Liderc

            Why not try a factory reset yourself? Much quicker to see if it can be remedied that way instead of having to send off for a re-furb.

          • ryan

            Good advice. Pain to have to back up all my data/pics and stuff, but will do and then update to 4.0.4 and let you all know if it works.

          • Liderc

            You’ll have to do that with the replacement phone anyways, so might as well try.

          • ryan

            Still experiencing trouble. I now have a signal, but the phone keeps switching to roaming mode. If I reboot it, it works for a while, but then reverts to roaming again. I did a factory reset and was hoping to reinstall 4.0.4 but it was already installed upon reset. The roaming problems persists. At this point I am going to have to give up and hope the replacement phone works like it is supposed to. I guess factory reset doesn’t really mean factory reset as I cannot revert to a pre 4.0.4 build.

          • Liderc

            Hrm, I don’t see how it could have 4.0.4 after a factory reset. Maybe your area is having data trouble and it’s just a coincidence.

          • ryan

            Have now done numerous factory resets and 4.0.4 is already installed once the reset is complete. Pretty much stuck in roaming mode all the time now, even after reboots. Wish i could get 4.0.2 back.

          • ryan

            Went to the Verizon store. They replaced the SIM card and that has restored the signal. Apparently the update prevented my existing SIM card from working. Not sure why, but glad to have the phone up and running again.

    • Mine did this. I just let it sit. It went away in two minutes. Maybe you tried to restart too early, man.

  • whenjasonattks

    Got it last night at midnight! Makes my phone feel 2x faster

  • curtsie

    Got it to download and start the install, but failed while in recovery. Any others see this?

    • TheScientists

      Yep, this has happened to me twice. I’m unlocked & rooted, but running stock 4.0.2. I can get the OTA to download, but when I hit install, phone reboots, I briefly see the install animation, then I get the robot w/ red triangle. And it won’t allow me to enter the recovery menu (PB + Vol Up doesn’t work).

      • curtsie

        I’m not rooted currently so my error might be different than yours, but I worked it out. I don’t remember changing my default recovery to CWM, but that is what happened. Flashed the 4.0.2 recovery.img back on, and the problem disappeared.

        Hope you got your’s worked out.

        • TheScientists

          I ended up downloading and flashing the update via CWM. All is good now. Cheers.

  • Android

    Omg it worked, finally updating 🙂

  • allyn

    didn’t work last night but worked first thing this morning. perhaps because the battery was almost empty last night?

  • jstew182

    Worked like a charm! Thanks guy!

  • joshyroe

    Worked on the first try. Thanks DL now I’m running on 4.0.4.

  • Bob Martin

    Will this work on the OG Droid?

  • Mikey_S

    Is there an install log written? – I am getting the download, a reboot, but it isn’t loading the update? – is this because I have an unlocked bootloader?

  • Dev

    Worked for me! Needed to follow the step few times and it is downloading now!!!

  • Radgatt

    Worked for me

  • guest

    Took several tries and turning phone but finally worked. Thanks droid life!

  • k

    It messed up my google play store and online store not showing my GNEX. Any suggestions?

    • I have not run into this issue but you might try going into your
      Apps>Google Play Store>Clearing Data/Cache. Reboot your phone and
      go back into play store and see if issue is resolved.

      • k

        Nope…that didn’t fix it.
        any other suggestions?
        It also messed up my link from Chrome to Mobile extension….says a page is sent to my phone, but doesn’t open Chrome on the phone like it used to. Deleted extension and reinstalled. Logged out of Chrome on phone and redid. Nothing works. Phone doesn’t show in Play store on-line….only my old Droid X.
        Don’t know how to fix. Can’t believe only a few of us are having these problems…maybe others just haven’t checked.

        • Kevin

          Any HELP suggestions?

        • Feztheforeigner wrote:I asked because it didn’t work for me. However, it did stop me from
          downloading apps in the Play Store and from updating existing ones. I
          had to remove all my Google accounts then open the play store and add my
          account back in there

          • gpzbc

            This worked for me. I first went into my Apps>Google Play Store and cleared my Data/Cache. Then I rebooted my phone. Then I went into my Accounts & Sync and removed my Google Account, then rebooted my phone, then added my Google Account back. It took a little time for everything to refresh and resync, but now it is all back to normal.

        • gpzbc

          Crap. I am experiencing this too. Any ideas? Thanks!

        • Helen Read

          Log into Google Talk on your phone.

  • Worked on the first try!

  • Liderc

    Got it to work the 3rd time. Did turn the phone off and on a few times just in case anyone is having trouble.

  • so i tried the framework trick yesterday like 10 times with no luck, tried just now with wifi on and it worked second time, i think wifi is the trick….

  • Thadius Billings

    Worked for me

  • Jack Applebaum

    Thank you, worked

  • Thomas030

    Install is failing for me. My phone rooted, would that cause an issue?

    • Scott


  • Scott Hartman

    Worked like a charm!

  • SSSmm

    Now if only I’d get 4.x on my Bionic.

  • Once I flashed back to stock radios the update worked great even though I am rooted and unlocked

  • InyRules

    Worked for me, finally. Phone is A LOT snappier.

  • I had to do this about 10 times but it finally worked!

  • Ricky

    After tapping clear data press your home key then go to settings and search for update. It worked for me. So does anyone see any improvements in this update?

    • tabbibus

      Yay! did the home button before rechecking and it worked!

  • Russell Tanner

    Nice! If it doesn’t work for you at first, keep trying it. Took me four tries, but it worked. On the successful try I waited just a little longer to check after clearing the data, so maybe that helps too.

  • feztheforeigner

    Huge problem!!!

    After doing this I can no longer receive updates in the play store on my applications nor can I install new ones!

    Any ideas what the problem might be?

    • I have not run into this issue but you might try going into your Apps>Google Play Store>Clearing Data/Cache. Reboot your phone and go back into play store and see if issue is resolved.

      • Helen Read

        That didn’t work for me, but signing into Google Talk on my phone seems to have cleared things up.

    • Kevin

      Same problems here. HELP

      • feztheforeigner

        I fixed it by deleting all my Google accounts then opening the Play Store and adding my account there.

        • kevin

          Can you be more specific on where you deleted your accounts…do you mean on the phone?

          • feztheforeigner

            Settings>Accounts & Sync>open each account >use the drop down menu at the top right >delete account

          • Drummer62

            On the phone, go to settings accounts and sync. Highlight the google account and remove it by hitting the three dot menu item in top right corner. Then go into the google play app and it will ask you to install a new or existing account. Choose your existing and then log in. Give the web app google play a few minutes and refresh. Your device should be back there now. Hope that helps everyone with this problem!!

        • Kevin

          can you please be more specific on how you did this. Deleted on the phone? Added back on the phone? thx.

      • Booyah

        Download any app (on your phone), and then go into Play Store on the computer and your device will show up

    • gpzbc

      I had the same problem and this worked for me. I first went into my Apps>Google Play Store and cleared my Data/Cache. Then I rebooted my phone. Then I went into my Accounts & Sync and removed my Google Account, then rebooted my phone, then added my Google Account back. It took a little time for everything to refresh and resync, but now it is all back to normal.

      • feztheforeigner

        I did the same thing and a while ago and can confirm it is working now.

      • I wonder if all you had to do is just re-sync your google account instead of having deleted and re-add. I did notice after I did this I had to re-sync to get my gmail to start delivering my mail again. I probably didn’t notice the Play store wasn’t syncing because I re-sync’d for the mail first. Then all was fine. Glad you got it working nonetheless!

  • kobalt7

    Did it twice and worked like a charm!

  • well. i tweeted kellex that how i updated my nexus. you guys must have wifi. turn on wifi first and then follow that instruction. first we must turn on wifi second go setting->app->all->google services framwork->force stop->clear data then turn off cellphone and turn it on again then wait little bit. click Settings–>About phone->System Updates->Check Now->update!! when you back on to cellphone, they ask about google location services, then do not click agree or disagree. just click home button.and then go to setting for check update!! good luck

    • david g.

      hey you’re in new jersey! yay! haha im near AC

  • tabbibus

    force stopped – cleared data: nothing
    cleared data – forced stopped: nothing
    did the same and rebooting then checking… nothing. oh dear me in pittsburgh

  • Barry Karschner

    I just did it and worked on the 3rd time for me thanks so much!!!!!

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    how to rape your gnex y???

  • Sweet! It’s working for me…thanks! Now, if only the Droid-Life Android app could finally be fixed for ICS so it will stop crashing!!!

  • I’m rooted with 4.0.4. Is there any point to do the update? Would it screw things up to update? Can the phone even update if it’s rooted, and with leaked 4.0.4?

  • I’m getting the red exclamation mark also upon install .. stock , unlocked & rooted..attempted it 3x and same issue

    • I think its because I dont have the stock radios installed, I forgot I installed the 4.03 radios a while back. Did you install different radios?

      • Pk

        It’s not the radios. I have the same problem but never changed to the leaked radios.

        • Weird. I flashed mine back to stock radios (still rooted and unlocked) and it worked for me.

        • duke69111

          I just flashed back to the 4.0.2 radios and restored the build.prop file and it will not install for me either. Restoring these files allowed me to install the file that was downloaded directly from Google, but I can not get this OTA update to install.

    • Brent Morin

      If you had a rooted phone there was no need for you to do this. You could have had the update weeks ago!!!!

      • I know this ..but your respose didnt shed any light on the issue today .thank you.

  • Sean Skeels

    Thanks so much! this worked for me after the second time. been waiting so long!

  • B C

    after doing force stop first or clear data first.. the thing that worked was… Rebooting!

  • Michael Gomez

    Worked!!!!! You just made my day, seriously. Thank you Kellex!

  • jeremy

    Worked like a charm 1st try. Needs to be done in exact order as stated.

  • tabbibus

    nope, not working

  • Jerome

    It worked! 2nd times the charm

  • topherct

    Worked great thank you

  • Can I install the update rooted and unlocked?

    • When it installs I get the Android guy on his side with his stomach opened like a laptop with an exclamation mark…any ideas?

      • Brent Morin

        If you had a rooted phone there was no need for you to do this. You could have had the update weeks ago!!!!!

        • Haha yeah I realized this today when I saw the leaked radios post. Forgot that the official update was leaked a while back until I saw it rolling out

  • L9VYWmcJXO

    Did this all day yesterday. I’ve been using apex launcher so I uninstalled it then used the trick once more and it worked! So if you running a home launcher uninstall and try again

  • Namrepus221

    Worked for me first try. Cleared the data, checked for update and BANG there it was. Did have a small issue with the market giving me error 921 afterwards but I managed to fix it.

    • gpzbc

      How? Please share.

  • CJ(actual)

    AHHHHHH ,IT WORKS!!! Sorry, i was putting out my hair.

  • Mike S

    2nd time now I had the Install now key pop up – once this am – regular download? – then using the clear the data/reboot trick – I have an unlocked bootloader, not rooted, both times nothing happens – the device came back to 4.0.2


    • Brent Morin

      This is intended for locked and non-rooted. You are forcing Verizon to install something on a phone that is not in the state that the software was intended for. Just root and install from an online download.

      • Mikey_S

        I have relocked the bootloader – I am getting the download

        it reboots but then just starts 4.0.2 again –

        any thoughts – anyone – on why this would happen?

  • Scott

    Worked on wi-fi and clearing data! Still have that same awful upload speed but everything else seems to be great.

  • Alenghi

    It worked! For me, I had to go into All Apps Running to find Googlle Framework Services.

  • Mike

    Worked for me! Thanks for the help!

  • worriednoob

    Any drawbacks to this method?

  • KittyKittyBangBang

    DO THIS:
    Go to Settings/Apps/ALL/Google Services Framework/Clear Data/Force Stop. REBOOT YOUR PHONE and go to Settings/About Phone/System Update/Check Now

  • Bionicman

    i did this about 2 times Friday morning. Of course nothing happened but low and behold a few hours later it prompted me for the update. Not sure if it would have anyway without doing the above steps but who cares i love this new update!

  • Daniel Seymour

    Worked on my girlfriends Gnex!

  • hiimdh

    awesome! worked for me!

  • King of Nynex

    My tip for those who haven’t gotten it to work:

    1) Go into airplane mode to disconnect from the network
    2) Turn airplane mode off to reconnect to the network.
    3) Follow steps posted above.

    This worked for me!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Did exactly what you said, then did exactly what Kellex posted, and did not work. I even tried another user’s tip…follow the instructions in this post, then turn phone off and back on again, and still nothing.

      Yeah, my Nexus is cursed I think. I think it’s just happy being a phone and not a brick. Also happy with 4.0.2.


  • StepIntoMyHyundai

    Just clearing data on Google Services Framework didn’t work for me (multiple tries, before and after rebooting); but Force Closing and *then* clearing data and the update came on the first try. Just a thought, if clearing data isn’t working for you, this is worth a try.

    It’s very early; but I’m about 3 hours into my battery and Android OS is at a respectable 4% (pre update it was consistently lingering in the 20-30% range). We’ll see…but I’m very encouraged. Also got an extra bar of 4G at home (I know, I know, it’s just a graphic)…AND my first Speed Test resulted in 7+mb down when I had before maxed out at 4. So it’s looking good, I’m encouraged.

    Anyone know if the update fixes the mid-call-mic-cut-out issue?

    • EvanTheGamer


      Thanks for the tip dude! So basically, Force Stop, THEN Clear Data does the trick.

      Spread the word!

  • Has anyone attempted to load Google Wallet after the update. Any issues?

    • it didnt affect mine at all, still showin 10 bucks,havent used it on this phone yet, ive had 5 nexus phones so far

  • baldypal

    Finally got update this morning in Columbus GA

  • Doug Sprowls

    This works. Awesome. Thank you!

  • pharmdy

    Worked for me! About 10 tries on 4g. Installing as I type

  • Worked for me

  • Leo

    I did this about 20 times yesterday with no luck. I then switched to WIFI and it worked on the first try.

  • MrEnglish

    One major thing for me is now it will send MMS on wifi rather than being forced to switch to 4g to send pics or attachments. That’s worth the update by itself (for me). My 4g bars are full at my house, where they have never been more than half way up and usually fluctuate between 1 and 2 bars. ( I know that’s virtual and not indicative of an actual stronger signal, but still).

    • wickets

      thanks for the heads up on this…what a PITA switching when sending an mms used to be!

      • I had someone try sending me an MMS on wifi and it didnt work 🙁

  • Peter Pugliese

    Tried 3x. No luck.

  • david g.

    oh yeah i almost forgot…I FUCKING LOVE DROID LIFE.

  • Worked! I forced stopped, cleared the data and then checked for the update. Downloading now. Wonder if this will work for every update?

    Edit: The install animation reminds me of installing a new ROM.

    • Kyle Bailey

      Thanks man, I tried Kellex’s method like seven times and it didn’t work. Then I tried yours and it worked instantly.

      • Actually credit goes to Splendor Thought’s way. I just repeated it to make sure everyone else would see it.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Someone else posted this, and low and behold, it worked like a bloody charm! HELL YEAH!

      • EvanTheGamer

        Uh oh…the update did not install. It aborted.

        Not good. Any ideas?

        • “Mike Henry” just posted that he flashed back to stock radios and it worked. Said he is rooted and unlocked. If you’re running a custom radio’s you might try that. I don’t really have the experience to guide you.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Actually, everything is 100% stock, except for the fact that my Nexus is rooted and bootloader is unlocked. Everything else is the same though, nothing has changed. Never flashed any custom radios, no custom roms or themes, basically just different homescreen launchers, and that’s it.

            This is what it said after the update failed and aborted:

            Clockworkmod Recovery v.
            Finding update package…
            Opening update package…
            Verifying update package…
            E:failed to verify whole-file signature
            E:signature verification failed
            Installation aborted.

          • Derrick Moreno

            Getting the same thing. Unlocked, rooted, and flashed Clockworkmod Recovery…. but otherwise completely stock.

          • wid2767

            I am having the same issue I get to the screen with Red Triangle with ! point on the android guy. I am rooted and unlocked, no other mods. Anyone have a pointer?

          • Derrick Moreno

            OK, I just forced the update. I followed this guide:
            to flash back to stock recovery.

            I then forced the update and it installed normally.

            Hope this helps someone else out.

            *EDIT*: The OTA broke root on my phone. I’m re-rooting now.
            **EDIT** re-rooted with this guide:
            working like a charm.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Going to try this right now, hope it works! Will report back once I know what’s up.

            So I guess both Stock recovery and Clockworkmod Recovery are conflicting with one another, which is why the update keeps failing/aborting.

          • jonkido

            i’m having the same problem. both recoveries are conflicting so now i keep getting the fail sign

          • EvanTheGamer


            Did everything they said to do in the thread, but for some reason once I type in: adb reboot bootloader, it reboots my phone, but then it just says after I type in: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img – So not really sure why this is.

            Anyone know why? Or is this just hit or miss? I know that I have all drivers installed correctly, ’cause I opened up Command Prompt before and typed in “adb devices”, and my device was listed.

            This is very strange.

          • Derrick Moreno

            Not sure why you’re running into that. It’s not an issue I encountered with my install.

          • this is official, so it uses stock recovery, not CWM.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Do you recommend uninstalling Clockworkmod Recovery then? Would that solve this issue?


          • nightscout13

            Yes, if you do flash stock OTA ROM, you need stock Recovery. I’ve had this issue before with Droid X. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

          • EvanTheGamer

            That definitely makes sense though.

            Currently flashing back to stock recovery, so we’ll see in a few minutes if the update installs successfully. Hopefully it does!

          • nightscout13

            So, have an update? did you have to wipe data/reset ?

          • EvanTheGamer

            I don’t think you have to wipe data/reset if you want to flash back to stock recovery, at least I hope you don’t.

            These are the instructions I followed, and the poster didn’t say anything about a wipe data/reset.

            Ran into a few issues, guess I didn’t have the fastboot drivers installed, so I did that, but then ran into another issue, but not sure what’s causing it. I posted my issues on the thread.

            Hope I’ll figure this out soon. I may just say screw this hogwash and install a ROM instead. lol

    • feztheforeigner

      Will it work if you’re already on 4.0.4 but not this newer version?

      • Maybe. I can’t actually say if it will or not.

        • feztheforeigner

          I asked because it didn’t work for me. However, it did stop me from downloading apps in the Play Store and from updating existing ones. I had to remove all my Google accounts then open the play store and add my account back in there.

    • Liderc

      Hah, has anyone noticed they did alter how the bars read 4g signal?

      The dBm is the same, but I’m seeing 4 bars now at my house where I used to only see 2-3 bars.

      Anyone tested the mic drop bug yet? I don’t ever talk on the phone for 15+ minutes so I have a hard time testing it.

      • michael arazan

        I show 3-4 bars now instead of 1-2, and still only average the same 12 mbps down and 6 up just like before, using speedtest app. But the lag is gone in going into apps and app drawer. still no landscape on just regular home screen or app drawer, but apps and browser always did just fine. I just wanted my 4g signal issues gone and wifi problems gone and switching between them both. There are 2- 4g towers 2 miles apart from each other but are 8 miles away from me, and still only 12 up and 6 down just like before, sucks.

        Also got update fri night at 1150 pm, and they seem to be pushing it in larger groups now, because a lot of people in ac, vzw, and other forums reported getting the ota fri night around midnight.

    • palomosan

      That Method worked for me, thanks to everyone finding ways to get it to work.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      WORKED! woo! . . . I just unrooted and went back to stock 4.02 . . . Had to do this process 4 times… but it worked on the 4th!

  • david g.

    it worked!!! omg yay! finally! lol after 2 tries of just pressing the back button i decided to press the home key instead and bam it worked!

  • darat532

    Mine worked when on WiFi. Downloading now.

  • Anthony Garrett

    You guys don’t know that a lot of things got fixed in 4.0.3 and this change log isn’t the complete overview since a completely one is never given, half the excitement is finding the changes cause I could name a few that’s not listed

  • Speio

    A lot of glitches have been alleviated with this update. I can’t believe this isn’t the software the phone shipped with…

  • I got the update by going to the check updates screen last night at 12am

  • skrap

    *additional info* this didn’t work for me, until I rebooted the phone and cleared data again.

  • New gallery animation is nice.

  • Aceball

    Worked!! It was “Google Services Framework” under “All”. Followed rest of steps, thanks!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Just tried to find Google Framework Services, but instead found Google Services Framework. I’m pretty sure that’s the same thing, correct? Just wanted to make sure first before I inadvertently brick my phone*knock on wood*.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Actually, I think that’s it, just being overly cautious is all. I went ahead and hit the “Clear Data” button and to no avail, no update was available. BLASTED!

      I’m starting to really think that my Galaxy Nexus is incapable of receiving the update, which would utterly suck.

      • did you Go to Settings>Apps>ALL>Google Services Framework>Force
        Stop-Clear Data-Clear Cache>back out to Settings>About
        phone>System Updates>Check Now . If it doesn’t work the first time, reboot the phone and try it again. It may take a few times to do it. When I did it, I was not on Wifi…Only got on wifi once the downloading began

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yep, someone else suggested the “Force Stop” route, and sure enough, the update came in straight away. Hell yeah, here I come, 4.0.4!!!!!

          EDIT: Actually, you may have been that user who suggested this tip in the first place, haha…well, either way, thanks a lot man, this is awesome!

          • yes, that was me, but my post got buried, just glad someone repeated me and you’re on the update! I finally got Kellex to change the instructions so it may help more people too. It’s frustrating waiting for it to get pushed!

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yeah, that’s for sure! When they meant that they’re pushing it out to a “very small batch of users…”, they must have really meant it…like, 1 device a day or something. lol

            And yeah, definitely glad this method worked. 4.0.4, yeah!

          • EvanTheGamer

            On second though…I hit Update/Restart, it went through the normal updating process, then all of the sudden, went into Clockwork Recovery, and said that the update failed and had to abort.

            Now the update won’t appear again for some reason. Hmm…

          • tripled

          • double replied.( wish I could delete these)

          • are you rooted or have unlocked bootloader?

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yep, completely rooted, and unlocked the bootloader when I first got my Nexus back in Dec.

            Okay, so…finally was able to download the update again, went through the same process as before.

            The update still failed again, but here’s what it said:

            Clockworkmod Recovery v.
            Finding update package…
            Opening update package…
            Verifying update package…
            E:failed to verify whole-file signature
            E:signature verification failed
            Installation aborted.

            Any ideas why the update aborted? Matter of fact, a similar instance occurred when I tried manually updating to 4.0.4 with the leaked update.

            Is it because I need to update CMR?

            Please let me know, as this is becoming quite frustrating now. lol


          • I am not sure why…I didn’t root or unlock this ..mine was strictly virgin stock gnex. I always thought once you root or unlock, it took you off the OTA update path. But what confuses me is why you can’t manually update it. You have all the drivers you need installed?

          • EvanTheGamer

            Oh yeah, absolutely. Very strange. Trying something else…I was using Clockworkmod Touch Recovery, but going back to Clockworkmod Recovery and seeing if that works. Doubt it, but will find out in a few minutes.

            EDIT: Nope, that didn’t work. Shit. In fact, Clockworkmod Recovery didn’t even come up, only the Android red warning triangle appeared.

            Damn, this is lame. I’m almost going to just say “screw it” and install a ROM, instead of going through this bs.

          • it’s all good. I’m just glad they updated the instructions and you got it to work! I’ve always rooted and rom’d every android device I ever owned except this one. I was really happy with it right out of the box and didn’t feel the need to …but waiting for this update much longer would have forced me to root and apply the damn thing myself! “They” say patience is a virtue..but damn!

    • same thing.

  • PK

    This sort of worked for me twice… It downloaded and verified but the install ended with an error that forced me to do a battery pull. Does anyone know why? I’m stock 4.0.2 rooted with only change being my soft keys.

    • its happening to me as well. i’m also rooted.

    • having same issue

    • Has to be the soft key mod. I changed my soft keys back to stock but still hesitant to take the ota. I tried the p3droid link but cant access my sd card in cwmr. Im stuck and receive the update notification every time i turn my screen on. Im thinking back to stock is my only option. Damn soft keys.

  • Druzzedat21

    It worked after a couple attempts. 🙂

  • Rodeojones000

    I find the number of users actually waiting for this OTA update quite surprising. One of the main selling points of the Nexus was the easily unlockable bootloader and simple rooting process. I’ve been on 4.0.4 for a while now and this OTA is meaningless to me and the majority of Nexus owners. With that said, I am happy for those of you still running stock.

    • EvanTheGamer

      A friend said that he updated his Droid Incredible to the latest version(not waiting for the OTA update), and then once he did that, the OTA update eventually became available. It would not stop from prompting him to update his phone, ’cause somehow the phone did not realize that he had already updated to the latest version(via a leak). It was the correct version, but the phone was unaware.

      Eventually he had to replace the phone, ’cause the update prompt every hour screwed it up I guess.

      Not saying that this would happen with the Galaxy Nexus, as that his Droid Incredible could have just been screwed up to begin with, but ya never know.

      That is also not the reason I’ve waited. I was going to update to 4.0.4 a month ago, but was thinking that the OTA update was going to be pushed any day, so I was hesitant to update using the leak.

      Wish I had actually, but now that the OTA will be here any second, minute, hour, or day, I might as well wait now. Waited this long..what’s a few more days gonna do.

    • I have rooted and rom’d every other android device I ever owned…except
      this one. I was genuinely happy with it right out of the box. Had this
      update not gotten here by this week, I would have rooted and applied the
      update. But some people are happy with just having the gnex out of the

  • Yoji High

    well that’s it for the saga of me and my gnex. Got the update, but didn’t fix three of the biggest issues i have with this phone: lag on the multitask button, low call volumes, and worst of all didn’t fix signal issues..

    • Apostrafee

      If it didn’t fix I would recommend Rooting and maybe trying out a ROM like AOKP or Liquid Smooth. You may like them better.

      • Yoji High

        thanks! i think it might finally be that time. Have you done this / noticed any changes?

        • Apostrafee

          No not at all, I rooted my device right after I got it. If this or another update brings something significant I’ll jump back to stock to receive. But you should def give rooting a shot! There are some amazing developers out there with awesome ideas.

  • it worked but now I’m getting an error every time i try to install the update! wtf!

  • It worked! but it wasn’t running, but the “all”. Thank you for saying something in the comments!

  • speaker sounds the same,, damn

    • James Johnston

      Updates aren’t black magic, you know

    • Liderc

      This is a serious question, are you covering the speaker somehow with your hand/fingers? I swear my speaker is 90-95% as loud as my original Droid without any sound altering app. I keep it at max volume, but I swear it’s loud enough to sit on my desk and listen to music like a normal radio.

      I’m just curious if some of the speakers just suck because of hardware quality control, that’s why I’m asking such an obvious question.

      I’m listening to led zeplin on my desk right now with the Nexus and it’s louder than my surround sound set at 29 decibel.

      • john

        just you.. most gnex speakers are very quiet.. bordering on useless.

    • really because mine definitely sounds much louder. I actually have to turn down my ringer volume for a nice change!

    • Speaker is definitely louder for me. I had to turn it down a couple of times today and that never happened.

  • MrEnglish

    Another option that worked for me…
    ON WIFI: Tried backing out, just going to home, clearing data, and/or force stopping services framework and nothing worked.Switched TO 4G: Cleared data and force closed services framewark, hit home key, hit menu and went into settings, apps, and cleared data and stopped services framework. Hit home key, went into settings and checked for update and GOT IT that time.

  • Go to Settings>Apps>ALL>Google Services Framework>Force Stop-Clear Data-Clear Cache>back out to Settings>About phone>System Updates>Check Now …I gave people this on twitter but this one should be clearer instructions.

    • DCABuckeye

      Thank you!!!! Perfect!

    • feztheforeigner

      Huge problem!!!
      After doing this I can no longer receive updates in the play store on my applications nor can I install new ones!
      Any ideas what the problem might be?

      • k

        I am having same problems…..play store not working correct and device no longer shows on the online play store. It also broke my Chrome to Mobile extension….took off and reinstalled and still doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

        • I have not had any issues but..Go to your Apps>Google Play>Clear Data/Cache>Reboot your phone and go back to play store to see if it resolved issues.

          • Thanks for the tips, I removed and added my account, then cleared data in the play store and my device shows up again in the online play store

        • feztheforeigner

          On your phone delete your Google accounts then open the Play Store and add one back from the Play Store when it prompts you to.

          It fixed mine…

    • I followed these instructions and it finally worked thank you! Not sure why the other way wasn’t working. I tried several times.

  • joey

    does anyone know if this update is
    going to block the foxfi tether app from
    working? is you updated and have the app
    please comment.

    • Seems to work for me!

      • joey

        thanks Greg. wanted to know before updating.

  • surg

    Try force stop then clear data and update.that work for me.

  • is that a new sound when taking a screen shot or have I just never taken a screenshot with sound on?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    And in the comments below, we will expose all of those who aren’t rooted and don’t know why or how to flash a rom. /s lol

    • who cares really, if I ever choose to root I will, if not I wont

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Just pointing out that one of the main features of this phone was to unlock and customize it. It is not a really good phone stock, the whole point of Nexus is to go beyond stock. Apparently, most people missed that point and were upset how it runs stock. Its like buying a NASCAR and expecting to win a race without tuning it, you may look good and it goes fast, but without some tweeking, don’t expect too much out of it.

        • some of that may be true, but still when you pay this much money for the phone, it should at least do what its supposed to do right out of the box,example,, the speaker ?? its a joke

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Agree. The original droid was a good example of this. Great phone out of the box for the stock crowd and given new life from the mod crowd. Pleased everyone. When I compare even the build quality of the Gnex to the SGII, it is night and day. Not speaking of the screen or soft keys, just the actual build. The SGII seems solid and polished while the Nex seems cheap and plasticy. IMO

  • I did notice that while it was installing it listed 56 things,not sure what all that was

  • MrEnglish

    Nothing here. Showed 1969 as last check, then updated to current date as last checked. Hope dashed. 🙂

  • Daleg13

    Hasnt worked for me. tried many many times.

  • jdl13

    Well the bug fix didn’t fix the random reboot issue. Had my first one three hours into the update while using Navigation.

    • MikeSaver

      Thats unfortunate. I get the random reboot ALL THE TIME… no update yet

  • david

    finally got it to work by backing all the way out of settings to home screen, then going back into settings->about…, instead of backing out only to settings page.

  • achaf86

    I got the update a little bit ago, I’m starting to love my “nexi” again! Lol

  • anyone have the link to the change log?

  • Travis Shepherd

    A little off topic, but where is This Week in the Life of Droid?

  • DeltaTango


  • Worked for me on the second try! Installing now!

  • this may seem stupid but idk where the clear the data thing is anyone can tell me that would be great

    • do the four steps above in order

      • i did but there was no way to clear using running apps and i went into all and did it nada

        • but also when i do it under all apps and try to update it says last updated 1969

          • after you clear data, use your back button tap twice,then scroll down to ‘about phone,tap that,then scrol up to check for update… you have to use the back button

          • i did that but il try again thanks for the help

          • finally it worked after sying 1969 thanks joe buck

          • my pleasure,god I hope this fixes things

        • when you get to the ‘all’ scroll down till you see ‘google services framework’,

  • mthr1

    This worked for me also, however my “Google Services Framework” wasn’t among my running apps. It was, however, listed under my ALL APPS, and using the tip, the new update dropped as soon as I went to check for updates.

  • King of Nynex

    Tried it again…still nada.

    • Tristan Cunha

      I tried it a couple times, and then tried shutting off Wi-FI, and checking and it worked the first time. It’s probably just chance, but it might be worth a shot if you don’t want to wait.

      • Tyler

        I tried it with Wifi off and still nothing :/

        Edit: With wi-fi off and 4g on I cleared the data powered off and on the phone hit the yes to location data message got to the setting and it was downloading!!! Thanks Fady Ibrahim!

        • thank you! turned off wifi, rebooted and it was already downloading, woot!

      • The_Target

        Turning off WiFi then doing the above steps worked.

  • Goatweed

    Didnt work for me, when i got to the About page it showed thqt the last time an update was checked for was on 12/31/1969. I checked, it changed to today’s date and said i was up to date with 4.0.2


    • JMac726

      Try again; same happened to be but I think I maybe didn’t give it enough tine to clear. On a second try it worked!

    • I had the same problem, so I went in, cleared data again, then before checking for update, I turned the phone off and on. When I went to check in on the update, it was already downloading, then asked me to install, didn’t even have to hit check now.

      • Slippysam

        Perfect, the other ways didn’t work for me but this worked as you said it did. Thanks

  • joshua weissman

    Works like a charm! Thanks

  • InyRules

    Didn’t work for me. And the waiting continues.

  • andyjv

    I don’t get it… these bug fixes are so insignificant yet the people here are treating it like the second coming. What am I missing?

    • im still trying to figure what all they did fix

      • andyjv

        there’s an official changelog here:
        http://www.droid-life.com/2012/05/29/galaxy-nexus-update-imm76k-approved-by-verizon-and-ready-to-rollout-no-this-is-not-a-joke/ but if thats all the changes… and if thats all it takes to get android fanboys all hot and bothered… then no wonder they don’t understand iphone

        • MikeSaver

          there’s more changes than that. A lot of Galaxy Nexuses were virtually unusable with 4.02 because of audio cut out, crackling, etc.

          It also is supposed to make the phone rotate faster, improve battery life and so on

          • ive had 5,and all had the mic cut off problem,am soooo hoping this fixes this

        • lol, ive heard the rooters say,that its so perfect and fixes everything,then i hear others say its not soo, so I dont know who is lying,I do know that many of the rooters will never say anything bad about their nexus

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            RI will. Like the new radios and it does run a bit better overall. Phone is still built cheaply, speakers still suck, glass scratches too easily, and battery life still blows, unless 8 hours is a new standard for light to moderate use. Cant wait for the Moto Razr HD.

        • I would suggest that that isn’t the full list of changes. There will be many more bug fixes that VZW wouldn’t put in a press flyer. They will likely go unnoticed by most anyway. In my instance, my phone has had the random reboot, and I’m hoping this helps resolve the issue.

          • andyjv

            I don’t doubt that this isn’t the full list of changes, but I’d assume that the unspoken changes are for less common or less critical (if there could possibly be less critical changes then the ones listed) problems… and even if they unspoken changes are major fixes… its hard to get excited about maybes and who knows.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          The real Android fan boys are rooted and have had this rommed for quite some time. This is quite the ameteur hour rush in here this morning. The group that is not in here partying about this are the real group that iPhone fan boys don’t understand. 😉

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Random mention, getting a new iPod touch this week. I completely understand Apple and like their products, but just not in my phone. My touch tethered to my Nexus gives me the best of both worlds.

    • andyjv

      on a related note, I was pushed the update today and I was just looking to see what it changed

    • Apostrafee

      Not much, YET everyone complains complains complains they didn’t get the update yet. I understand it’s a Nexus it should get updates straight from Google but why all the complaints for such a minor update? I’m beginning to think people just want something new to gripe over.

      • andyjv

        I think you missed my point. People are getting super excited about this insignificant update; and I don’t know why.

        • Apostrafee

          No I got it. Before it came out there were many complaints it hadn’t yet, now it’s out all the excitement for nothing…

  • Worked for me. Installing update now. I didn’t find Google Services Framework under “RUNNING”, however, it was under “ALL”.

  • Brad Bilut

    If you run the Google Apps Policy application with you apps it will clear all settings for that app. If you Google Apps domain uses authorization you will need to get reauthorized to sync you phone with your Google Apps domain again. I found this out last night. This didn’t work for me, and I tried it like 30+ times.

  • anyone have the link to the change log?

  • No dice here either

  • keyboard in not laggin in landscape mode anymore

  • Newton122189

    It didn’t work for me.

    • did you back out,or use menu button ?

      • Newton122189

        I backed out using the back button and it didnt work, tried it like 5 times, just now I tried using the home button and it worked 🙂

  • Mike

    It worked for me this morning

  • gnex

    This works, did it last night. Only differences I’m noticing with the update is the menu is different when you go to shut off the phone, there is now dock options in the settings menu, and google talk icon is different. Are there any other noticeable differences?

    • nexTed

      yes…what was in this update that everyone was waiting for so patiently?

      • MrEnglish

        An update version, duh! 🙂

      • Fixes to other non-visible issues that many were experiencing including better stability.

        • shadowdude777

          Exactly. If all changes had to be visible to be valid, iOS might as well still be on version 1.1.1, and Froyo might as well have not existed.

          4.0.4 brought a boatload of stability increases, bugfixes, etc, and more importantly, a much better radio than the stock 4.0.2 one.

    • Hmmm… Shut off menu is the same, Dock option has always been there for me and the Gtalk icon didn’t change. Are you sure you’re not seeing things?

    • BJA

      Some of the other small changes I’ve noticed include a changed scrolling animation in the gallery app, check marks have changed from green to blue in the settings menu(s) and finally, when turning the screen on it now quickly fades of instead of just coming on immediately.

  • tomn1ce

    That didn’t work………time to wait some more…..and don’t tell me to root, I’m not into rooting…….

    • John

      Should look into rooting

    • didnt work for me yesterday, but like an idiot I wasnt backing out after clearing data,now I got it first time

  • Worked for me. It was “Google Services Framework” not “Google Framework Services”, though.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    It doesn’t work. Neither does *#*#checkin#*#* … all it does is reset all of your google services so you need to log into them all again and set notification sounds.

    • King of Nynex

      It didn’t work for me either, but it didn’t log me out of anything.

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        Check out your google talk… if you use it.

    • MrEnglish

      didn’t work for me on wifi, but as I posted, it did work after switching to 4g and doing the steps without backing out. It’s updating as I type this.

  • its loading now,didnt give me the option to update later,just started downloading

  • i’ll be damn, it works

  • Justin

    Didn’t work for me. Still says my system is up to date. 🙁

    • it didnt work for me yesterday, but i wasnt backing out, i think thats was the problem

  • kaufkin

    Yep, worked for me.

  • Have tried this trick 2x with no luck

    • you have to back out,using your back button

      • bonoriffic

        Used back button, didn’t work

        • Newton122189

          try using the home button instead of the back button. I just did that and it worked for me, just had to go back into the settings and check for update, good luck.

      • Newton122189

        I backed out, i tried it 4 times, it doesn’t work for everyone.