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Soak Test Invites Sent, Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Heading to the Verizon Motorola XOOM?

By now, we all should understand that the original Motorola XOOM that was sold to Verizon customers back in March as the first ever Honeycomb device was a beta product. Google admitted that Honeycomb was rushed and unfinished and the device lacked 4G LTE radios that would need to be added on later. It’s been a rough ride to say the least.

There may be a glimpse of hope on the horizon though, as Motorola Feedback Members who own the device are being invited to test an update in the near future. All we can think is, “This has to be Ice Cream Sandwich.” What else could it possibly be at this point? We have seen the screenshots from Verizon’s internal testing system, showing that Android 4.0 has been in testing and potentially ready for some time now. I’d say the day has finally come. And let’s not forget that Motorola told us “Q2” for a rollout.

According to the info we received, it doesn’t matter if your XOOM has been upgraded with the LTE radio or is still on CDMA, the update should work anyway.

Cheers M, S, T and J!

  • Anyone want to buy my shitty xoom what a pos and still no ICS gtfo

    • JoshGroff

      AOKP that shiznit. VZW always delays everything…

    • ocdtrekkie

      For the record, that’s a bad way to advertise something you want to sell. 😉

  • Too late moto/verizon. Already flashed AOKP and couldn’t be happier.

    • JoshGroff

      Flashing it today, expecting it to be awesome. I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

  • Jon

    Wait what! Isn’t the the Xoom a Google device? And yet no ICS already?

    • bakdroid

      The Xoom Wifi (US) is the true Google device. Remember, CDMA devices are no longer (really never have been) on the ASOP tree.

  • OMG! I hope so, my Xoom has been acting up. The browser keeps crashing and after that happens I have to restart it.

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Hope y’all get it sooner or later… Xoom on ICS is amazing!

  • Droid-Xer

    What does it matter? Root it people. Its a GED tablet for gods sake.

  • Michael Franz

    Still rocking AOKP…..just sayin =p

    • JoshGroff

      Going to rock AOKP this evening, don’t have time to root/unlock/flash @ work

      • Michael Franz

        its worth it, im actually running Black ICE which is a slightly modded AOKP B37. I just am partial to the theming done in Black ICE

        • JoshGroff

          For some reason the latest gapps recommended in milestone 5 isn’t working with B37 (keeps going to lock screen and won’t unlock, even after a full wipe and formatting /system)

          Had to revert to stock after having the same problems with EOS.

          • Michael Franz

            The Gapps i use are dated from 04292012, my typical install goes as follows
            wipe data/cache.dalvik
            format system
            flahs rom
            flash gapps
            load rom, let google restore apps and sync up, not touching anything else.
            reboot to recovery, flash the black ice themed gapps
            They can all be found in the rootzwiki.com forum for android development on the xoom

  • And to download the stock rom from Moto is taking forever!

  • Daniel Clifford

    Don’t get your hopes up! We had a soak test for the Bionic…..last month and we still have yet to see anything.
    Nothing is for sure until someone actually downloads it.

  • akazerotime

    Looks like i am returning to stock.. :SIGH:

  • azndan4

    Motofail for the 100th time.

    • garbagedick

      Moto had the update for the wifi one out for months now, the fail is clearly Verizon

      • Correction, Google had the update for the wifi one out for months now. Though the fail on this one is still Verizon.

        • 4n1m4L

          Its comforting knowing there is nothing between my wifi Xoom and google

    • azndan4

      Maybe if Motorola had the balls to push Verizon to update the product, it wouldn’t have taken so long?

  • KleenDroid