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Samsung Galaxy SIII Launches Today in 28 Countries, U.S. by End of June?

Today is officially Samsung Galaxy SIII day, well, for those of you that live in the UK, France, the Middle East, Africa and some other 28 countries, not including the United States. As one of the most hyped and talked about Android phones quite possibly ever, the GS3 has a lot to live up to. With its 4.8″ HD screen, quad-core processor, long lasting battery, feature-packed version of TouchWiz, and ultra-fast camera, it looks like it may be capable of it.

But what about the U.S., when will it launch here? We had heard June as possibility during the unveiling event for the device and an Samsung VP has echoed that this morning to Pocket-Lint saying, “Unlike previous product launches, the time lag will be much more compressed for the Galaxy S III. So I think it will be available more or less globally within a month of the European release.” The press (roughly translated) is on board with that idea, mentioning that Samsung expects to be in 145 countries and on 296 carriers by July.

We went hands-on with both the blue and white versions while at CTIA, so be sure to check that out and think about whether or not this device will be a part of your future.

Via:  Pocket-Lint

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Seems like there are some delays though, I talked to clove and handtec and both won’t being shipping anything until Thursday or Friday. Kinda bummed about that.

  • wtsamatta

    meh, not a very compelling phone to begin with…bout the only schwing it has is the quad-core. Glad that I chose the gnex instead of waiting for this

    • SurgicalTech

      so you chose a cheaper phone, crap camera, no expandable mem, smaller screen ect? good job

  • hkklife

    296 carriers, and none of them are to be Verizon (at least not initially).

  • its a samsung,who cares

    • Ryan

      Way to bring intelligence to the conversation. Douche.

  • T4rd

    US buyer can get one this Friday:


    I think I’ll buy two for a backup at that price! =p

  • maratu

    I’m just hoping to use my last upgrade before the forced data-tier switch happens. Any more word on that?

    • me

      june 4

      • maratu

        Close! At least for pre-orders.

  • metakarma

    For those suffering from Verizon’s awful track record of not updating Galaxy Nexus for almost 6 months, should demand a no strings attachjed, 50% discount on updating to SIII 🙂

  • maratu

    I’m just hoping to use my last upgrade before the forced data-tier switch happens. Any more word on that?

  • PC_Tool

    Isn’t the phone supposed to be white instead of beige?

    What camera was used to snap that pic? I want to make sure I never use it…

  • U.S. by the end of June, and to VZW by the end of the year

    • jj

      yep…thats how it always been

  • Nick

    I want one!!!!

  • Jon

    It’s good they are rolling this out worldwide before the launch of the new iPhone. Google really needs to hurry up and announce their Majel project though.

  • MrEnglish

    Looks like the box an iPod comes in. Can’t wait to try it out though. Such a dichotomy.