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Motorola Demos Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR in Official Video Series, Watch Them All Here


We know that Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR will be here some time before the end of June (Q2) thanks to an updated timeline released by Motorola within the last week. What most of us don’t know, unless we flashed one of the leaks, is exactly how Android 4.0 will look and act on the device now that Moto has added their Blur flair to it. In a series of videos released to their Japanese RAZR site, we get to see it all. We are talking Webtop 3.0, screenshots, the new lock screen, time lapse video, navigating around ICS, the browser, dialer, notifications, and more. Just know that some of these are in English while others are definitely in Japanese. You’ll get the idea in all of them though.

One thing even I have to admit is how nice of a job Motorola appears to have done with this. It definitely has their mark on it, but there is a lot of stock Android left in this build. Moto appears to have actually added useful features to this rather than trying to take it as far from the base of Android as they possibly could. Anyone else excited for the RAZR HD now?  

Navigating Around Android 4.0:


Webtop 3.0 Basics:


Lock and Home Screen:


Taking and Sharing Screenshots:




Face Unlock:


Notification Window:


 Buttons and Icons:




Dialer and Contacts:


Placing Shortcuts and Widgets:


More Widgets and Shortcuts:




Social Networking:


Data Usage:


Via:  Motorola

Cheers Guan!

  • Joey Park

    That’s what i really wanted!!

  • Joe See

    yes ICS.. nice.. but does this update unlock the GSM radio for global use??????

  • Koneesha

    I am sad that they are taking out the social networking widgets and app. That was the best part of blur. It was nice just to be able to scroll through everything and see updates from everywhere. 🙁

  • telephoneteck

    I had a razr maxx and in less than 10 days it crashed, wouldn’t power up or down well except once the battery finally died. It was stuck on the Droid screen. Ticked me off so when I took it back I got a gnex, I haven’t had any problems with it and I have been running 4.0.4 for months. May not be official but who cares I can always update my gnex to the newest release thanks to all the hard working devs! Btw my girlfriend has had the razr since December and hasn’t had any real problems but also she isn’t running ics either.

  • DoctorOta

    Will this have a way to take screen shots?


      chek the video above..power button and down button for 3 sec.

      • DoctorOta

        Thank you, I had spotty service and internet for the past week so it was hard to watch the videos.

  • jiujiu1145
  • I don’t give a crap about the icons, all i need is the ICS upgrade form my Atrix 2, After watching these videos Q3 seems waaaaaaayyyyy tooooo looooooooonnnnngggg

  • Rob

    I had a Galaxy Nexus for 5 months and got it exchanged last week for a Razr Maxx. Despite the 960×540 pentile screen, the whites are whiter and brighter and don’t really miss the high res screen of the Nexus. The Maxx is faster on the move, takes good pics and is more comfortable in the hand. Can’t wait for ICS!!

  • N8shon

    This looks excellent. The webtop 3.0 bonus tablet-style functionality and versatility makes my MAXX a powerhouse. All I need now is a new TV since mine just kicked the bucket.

  • my girlfriend wants to get the iPhone but i keep telling her that for $150 cheaper she can get the droid razr in purple but she still wants the iPhone cause it has a smaller screen cause shes use to smaller screen from her featured phone she is on Verizon what can i do to make her NOT GET AN IPHONE? i showed her these videos and tolder her a lot but she still wants the crappy ass iPhone…

    • yellowcanary73

      Let her get it if you want a phone that just work day after day the Iphone is what you want. I talked my wife into a DroidX after 1.5 years she was so ready to go back to the Iphone I used my upgrade for the 4s she’ll probably never go back she just never has a problem with it. To be honest if they had one with a bigger screen I would get it but I jumped on the G/N and have had nothing but trouble maybe trading it for the Razor Maxx this week tired of waiting for update. Let her have what shes happy with.

  • iamme

    I’ve had it for over a month now…works really well

  • Looking good,

    Can’t wait to get ICS when Jelly Bean comes out…..

  • sgtguthrie

    Okay, I really like the looks of this. I think I will have to consider the Razr HD even if Googorola doesn’t make the bootloader unlockable. I’m not the flashaholic I once was anyway…

    On the d1 I flashed roms to try and make the ui more fluid. On the Thunderbolt I flash roms…well…because I realized I hate Sense. I don’t hate blur on ics though…as long as I can have root, I’ll probably be okay with this 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong though, the Bootloader is still a major factor for me. I sure hope Google flexes some muscle on that issue from the start…with the razr HD please 😉

  • JoshHenry

    What an awesome way to start my morning! Thanks @droidlife!!

  • Nathan Steiner

    what is the soft reset if volume down and power is going to be screen capture ? _ Droid Razr Maxx owner

    • bakdroid

      Vol Up and PWR

      • ooohhaaahh

        vol dwn+pwr is both, it’s ~10 secs for force off, and ~3 foe screen shot

        • Nathan Steiner

          so im going to have to take a screen shot of me soft reseting, lame i hope its like bakdroid says vol up and pwr

  • Ramdanih Seven

    balance of Blur and AOSP.. and more fitur at ICS..

  • Pete

    Looks really nice but i m thinkin that if they only had to customize the original ICS this much then y they took so long! i mean they really didnt do much! almost all of it is stock!

    • Noyfb

      And when its finished, is verizon going to take six months to test this update for the razr like another phone and not say a word on what they are doing and when they will push the release for it?

    • Anon

      I wouldn’t call the Webtop stock.

  • jared

    Notification window vid says formally android market…. I think they meant formerly

  • bob Martin

    My Iphone 5s doorstopper will get Icecream sandwich for the motorola razr.

  • I couldn’t understand the video— the people were speaking like aliens!

  • Matthew Merrick

    I hope google pulls the new webtop out of motoblur and syicks it into jellybean ASOP :3

  • k_nivesout

    Surprised to see they didn’t murder ICS! Actually looks pretty decent, I agree that the lockscreen looks like GB and their choice of icons is a little disappointing, but it’s good to see that they kept quite a bit of AOSP ICS.

  • phoneman67

    I want the Razr HD

  • Droidzilla

    While this is a bucket of rad, Gingerbread with GO Launcher works so well for me that I’ll be cool waiting a bit for ICS on my RAZR.

    • Jordan

      I flashed AXIOM Razr ICS B21 the other day, i must say that DroidTh3ory did a nice job on this one. my phone feels amazing fast and ICS is just beautiful.

  • Hocky

    This is why I love my Moto :3

  • It looks exactly like the Nexus. That’s kinda odd right?

  • WebTop 3.0 + Chrome Browser = Google TV

  • Joel Gautraud

    Hey, this looks pretty good actually.

    IMPORTANT QUESTION: Is this really what the U.S. Verizon Droid RAZR will look like with ICS? Or is this lightly-skinned update only headed to the international version?

    There is a chance that Verizon will be adding more slop on top of their ICS update, right?

    • BlueLetter

      they’ve only ever added bloatware, they’ve never changed the UI itself to my knowledge.

      • hkklife

        Only time verizon ever fiddled around with UI changes was around 2005-2008 when they started putting their horrible red bar interface on their dumb phones. In fact, they ruined the original RAZR V3C so badly that it prompted me to switch to a Palm Treo in 2006.

        • BlueLetter

          Ahh I wasn’t around for those days, well thanks for the history lesson

        • Iny

          That’s exactly why I loathed Verizon phones back then. I also recall Metro doing this to some of their phones as well.

        • Jordan

          I had an Alltel V3C and my friend had a Verizon V3c, i was always curious as to why the UI was so different… I loved my original razr and im glad i have the new one. I love it.

  • WebTop 3.0 plus Chrome Beta Browser in desktop mode = maximum productivity!

    • afwafawfw

      It looks awesome, can probably use it instead of my noisy hot computer for lighter work. I just hope this comes to my Atrix aswell. Would also be interesting to know which resolutions it can handle, 1650 for example.

      • now u dont even need a webtop dock, all u need is hdmi n tv, in a big screen connect n good to go, u can use the usb on-the-go to connect wireless keyboard n mouse, i tried it on a leak 🙂

        • afwafawfw

          Yep, or mini-hdmi to DVI cable for old screens like mine. So what resolution did it run webtop on, 1080p on your TV?

          • yes it support oh hdmi FullHD 1080, n it look good on my 1080p big LG super ips+ monitor 🙂

  • vyruz

    i want my bionic to have ics now.

    • Bob Martin

      your Bionic getting ICS is like Steve Jobs rising from the dead to eat an apple. It aint happening

  • Young Werther

    Razr/Maxx are receiving ICS on 5/30.

    • AndreX


    • dbam987

      Gotta source on this info??? I can’t wait for this release on the RAZR. Looks epic. This should be the GN rather than Samsung’s version.

  • gskelter

    so, anyone knows when is the update cuz i cannot wait

  • Why thats bad that’s positive

  • Mike Hale

    wow.. best job so far from Moto and that is without Google at teh Helm. I have traditionally not liked moto phones… but tis looks pretty darn close to stock Android with some ever so slight changes that i think look great!! Dont have a razor, but this is awesome to see!!

  • Congrats Razr owners, enjoy your last update ever.

    • Knlegend1

      probably true…but I will enjoy it

    • Lol you think so?

    • chris125

      It isn’t like the nexus is getting a ton of updates either…

  • Dave

    Very nice Moto, I like the fact that “blur” is very minimal.

  • Charlie

    I like it! Now let’s see the OTA. Side note: At 0:42 in the Notification video, did Moto really misspell “When”? Lesson Learned: Never proofread your own work.

  • yellowcanary73

    May trade in my G/N for this looks really nice my G/N has to many problems tired of the shutdown.

    • BSweetness

      Sold off my Galaxy Nexus two months ago and bought a MAXX. Haven’t looked back since.

      • Joyce Davis

        I did the exact same thing.I surely don’t miss it

  • dsass600

    Looks like i’m never getting another Nexus. A skinned device is getting an update before the nexus. That’s ridiculous.

    • Eddie Jr

      Ummmm isn’t the Nexus already on ICS???? So NO the skinned phone is NOT getting the update before the Nexus. Nexus owners have never had to run on Gingerbread.

      • dsass600

        I was talking about 4.0.4

        • dsass600

          Dude. Are you mentally challenged? Nothing I said was even biased. All I said was that the Razor is going to get 4.0.4 before the Galaxy nexus. Thus making a nexus just as prioritized by Verizon as any other phone.

        • dsass600

          The Razr is in fact getting the update to 4.0.4, or any update for the matter, before the nexus, the phone that is supposed to get updates as soon as they come out. So, the nexus does not have anything special about it. The nexus program is dead, at least on Verizon it is. I think i’ll hop on the Galaxy S series of devices, depending on whether or not Motorola ups their game.

      • Knlegend1

        “Nexus owners have never had to run on Gingerbread.” Are you sure about that lol?

    • fartbubbler

      agree. I just keep telling myself “at least my bootloader is unlocked and I can do whatever I want with it”

    • r0lct

      But its not out…and may be weeks or months until it is, especially for Verizon’s RAZR since they need to test out all the bloat. Not trying to troll, but it’s definitely premature to make such statements.

  • I hate and love the changes to the lockscreen stock 4.0 should have the 4 options but i don’t like the change to music.

  • LiterofCola

    I’m pretty sure this would have been the end result, even if Google hadn’t bought Mobility

  • A ton of stuff was kept from AOSP. Very nice, Motorola.

  • Motorola remove motoblur think god motorola is the best manafacturer now love you motorola

  • Cool I love motorola phones and I can’t wait to get this on my droid bionic in early q 3 it should be the same if someone have a comments please answer

  • davetheAndroid

    Aside from things like the lock screen, looks like Moto left in alot of stock and not so much Blur. Looking forward to next month.

  • Hey guys, do you prefer Webtop 2.0 (Ubuntu kind of os) or Webtop 3.0 (Tablet UI)?

    • i heard webtop 2.0 was buggy, but webtop 3.0 is a lot more smoother, wats even better i dun have a dock so i couldn’t use webtop mode before on webtop 2.0, instead on hdmi + tv i could only use a mirror mode of phone display, but now with ics webtop 3.0 i can connect hdmi + tv n use webtop mode to get the full tablet experience on my big screen i can even connect USB devices like wireless mouse + keyboard since its supported in ics, thats awesome 🙂

    • Webtop 3.0 makes it look like an ICS Tablet UI. Very very nice.

    • Mr_Bucket

      It all depends on what they’ve done to memory management with Webtop 3.0. With the version the Bionic is currently running I constantly get “low memory” warnings because it manages the phone and webtop memory separately. I’m not sure how well it currently works on the Razr but I’m hoping for a huge improvement when they move the Bionic to ICS.

  • I’m glad that Motorola follow the “stock vanilla” path!
    MOTOBLUR is getting better ever since Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. 🙂

    • Bob Martin

      It’s less blurry.

  • wow best skin i seen so far, looks fresh n cleaner n much better than sense 4.0 and touchwiz, its even slight improvement of stock nexus. can’t wait to get it, so far all leaks have been very stable no issues n wats so ever! good job. hello moto!!

  • Jon Amireh

    Very nice balance of Blur and AOSP. Surprised that a lot things were either kept AOSP or resembled it very closely. “Settings” has it’s Blur but it’s not retracting away from an ICS feel so it’s alright with me. Launcher can always be swapped with something like Apex or Nova so no worries there. Notifications look great but I’m missing toggles ): Dialer looks surprisingly good, as well as the keyboard. Icons in general are a little “out-there” but bearable.

    I only thing I dislike so far is the lockscreen, they’ve diverged too far away from ICS and it looks like it belongs in Gingerbread. Swap the icons back with the classic white ones or something close to them and that’d be better.

  • Buy This


  • Butters619

    It looks good Moto.

  • Knlegend1

    Nice can’t wait now

  • I actually really like this

  • UmangKedia

    OMG!! Will I receive same thing on my Atrix 2? Am excited! Awesome work. Worth the wait!

    • Jeffrey Garcia

      Yes, the Atrix 4G and Atrix 2 are scheduled to both receive Ice Cream Sandwich in Q3. 🙂

    • JamesZ5

      I’d like to think so! In the past, previous builds of android had different versions of blur, but now would be as good a time as any to unify them. One can only hope!

      • UmangKedia

        I have used RAZR. Currently they have same build of Blur. Lets hope it goes on in ICS too.

        • JamesZ5

          Right, the Razrs have identical hardware so they have the same software too, but it would be nice for the other phones to have the same software. It would be great if the Atrix and Atrix 2 software was identical to the Razr series.

          • hkklife

            And don’t forget about the Bionic, Photon and the Droid 4! Sadly, however, I bet the RAZRs (maybe D4 too) will have the latest and greatest and the other phones will be receiving various watered-down ICS builds.

  • If we ever get it, they may pull another thunderbolt gingerbread and keep delaying until they just phase it out.

  • Guest

    It’ll be lovely when the razr gets 4.0.4 before the TravestyNexus does.

    • ArcaneXVI

      The current test builds for the RAZR are currently 4.0.4 🙂

    • srh14

      but my GALAXY Nexus already has 4.0.4 silly.

      • Not officially it doesn’t.

        • realfoxm

          officially it does. where are you getting your information from?

          • Guest

            He probably gets his information from the system update on any verizon galaxy nexus which says that its currently up to date at 4.0.2. If you have to download it from a website, its not official son.

          • Guest

            He probably gets his information from the system update on any verizon galaxy nexus which says that its currently up to date at 4.0.2. If you have to download it from a website, its not official son.

  • Mark

    SWEET! 🙂

  • Will the razr’s version of ICS sync facebook contacts, unlike my nexus’s?

    • Buckoman

      I believe so, as Motorola seems to have their own implement of Facebook sync. Remember when you were first setting up your phone and it asked to set up accounts? It showed Facebook even though you didn’t install Facebook from the Market yet. Hopefully that implementation stays, as I can’t live without my contacts sync, and refuse to go to Google+.

    • dr154

      Yes you will be able to sync Facebook, Twitter contacts unlike the Nexus did.

      • its well established that stock galaxy nexus phones can’t sync contacts with facebook like other phones thanks to a change google made to ICS.

        • Liderc

          You can do this easily by downloading a simple ap if you’re stock. If you aren’t stock, it’s even easier.

    • I’m running the .79 leak and it syncs facebook contacts, photos and all. however the photo sync is a separate app from actual facebook, so there is some weirdness with the contact list and contact display settings. hopefully it’s consolidated in the ota

  • Joe

    >>>>> MotoBlur (A.K.A. Don’t call it MotoBlur)

  • paul_cus

    Tease city.

  • hasbrobot