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Motorola Demos Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR in Official Video Series, Watch Them All Here

razr ics dialer


We know that Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR will be here some time before the end of June (Q2) thanks to an updated timeline released by Motorola within the last week. What most of us don’t know, unless we flashed one of the leaks, is exactly how Android 4.0 will look and act on the device now that Moto has added their Blur flair to it. In a series of videos released to their Japanese RAZR site, we get to see it all. We are talking Webtop 3.0, screenshots, the new lock screen, time lapse video, navigating around ICS, the browser, dialer, notifications, and more. Just know that some of these are in English while others are definitely in Japanese. You’ll get the idea in all of them though.

One thing even I have to admit is how nice of a job Motorola appears to have done with this. It definitely has their mark on it, but there is a lot of stock Android left in this build. Moto appears to have actually added useful features to this rather than trying to take it as far from the base of Android as they possibly could. Anyone else excited for the RAZR HD now?  

Navigating Around Android 4.0:

YouTube Preview Image

Webtop 3.0 Basics:

YouTube Preview Image

Lock and Home Screen:

YouTube Preview Image

Taking and Sharing Screenshots:

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Face Unlock:

YouTube Preview Image

Notification Window:

YouTube Preview Image

 Buttons and Icons:

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Dialer and Contacts:

YouTube Preview Image

Placing Shortcuts and Widgets:

YouTube Preview Image

More Widgets and Shortcuts:

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Social Networking:

YouTube Preview Image

Data Usage:

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Guan!

  • Joey Park

    That’s what i really wanted!!

  • Joe See

    yes ICS.. nice.. but does this update unlock the GSM radio for global use??????

  • Koneesha

    I am sad that they are taking out the social networking widgets and app. That was the best part of blur. It was nice just to be able to scroll through everything and see updates from everywhere. 🙁

  • telephoneteck

    I had a razr maxx and in less than 10 days it crashed, wouldn’t power up or down well except once the battery finally died. It was stuck on the Droid screen. Ticked me off so when I took it back I got a gnex, I haven’t had any problems with it and I have been running 4.0.4 for months. May not be official but who cares I can always update my gnex to the newest release thanks to all the hard working devs! Btw my girlfriend has had the razr since December and hasn’t had any real problems but also she isn’t running ics either.

  • DoctorOta

    Will this have a way to take screen shots?


      chek the video above..power button and down button for 3 sec.

      • DoctorOta

        Thank you, I had spotty service and internet for the past week so it was hard to watch the videos.

  • jiujiu1145
  • I don’t give a crap about the icons, all i need is the ICS upgrade form my Atrix 2, After watching these videos Q3 seems waaaaaaayyyyy tooooo looooooooonnnnngggg

  • Rob

    I had a Galaxy Nexus for 5 months and got it exchanged last week for a Razr Maxx. Despite the 960×540 pentile screen, the whites are whiter and brighter and don’t really miss the high res screen of the Nexus. The Maxx is faster on the move, takes good pics and is more comfortable in the hand. Can’t wait for ICS!!

  • N8shon

    This looks excellent. The webtop 3.0 bonus tablet-style functionality and versatility makes my MAXX a powerhouse. All I need now is a new TV since mine just kicked the bucket.

  • my girlfriend wants to get the iPhone but i keep telling her that for $150 cheaper she can get the droid razr in purple but she still wants the iPhone cause it has a smaller screen cause shes use to smaller screen from her featured phone she is on Verizon what can i do to make her NOT GET AN IPHONE? i showed her these videos and tolder her a lot but she still wants the crappy ass iPhone…

    • yellowcanary73

      Let her get it if you want a phone that just work day after day the Iphone is what you want. I talked my wife into a DroidX after 1.5 years she was so ready to go back to the Iphone I used my upgrade for the 4s she’ll probably never go back she just never has a problem with it. To be honest if they had one with a bigger screen I would get it but I jumped on the G/N and have had nothing but trouble maybe trading it for the Razor Maxx this week tired of waiting for update. Let her have what shes happy with.

  • iamme

    I’ve had it for over a month now…works really well