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Game Developers Group Together for “Because We May” Promo, Slash Prices on Your Favorite Games

For one week, a team of game developers has collaborated to bring consumers some great titles at discounted prices. This team of smarties has created a website that lists out some of Android’s (along with other platforms) more popular titles such as World of Goo, Shadowgun, Osmos HD, at discounted rates. Buying straight from the developer is a good way of supporting these guys/girls and letting them know that Android is undoubtedly the sweetest mobile platform around. Follow the link below to see if that game you’ve wanted really bad is finally on sale. Also note, that it’s not just Android games being sold – there are apps available for iOS, Mac, and even Steam users. Winning much?

Via: Because We May

Cheers Adam!

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Osmos HD is friggin’ amazing looking on my Xoom — definitely use headphones for the full effect… turn on, tune in and drop out.

  • yuki

    I just noticed Rockstar is also having a sale on GTA III for $1.

    • thebluegod

      Nice! Gonna pick that up right now. Probably won’t be too great on my RAZR but once I get a tablet I can plug in a controller.

      • michael

        thanks for the update, just got it for .99

  • JDHokie

    Have had a blast playing Fieldrunners HD

  • Sweetest platform you say? I see what you did there sir… well played well played… I have a hankering for some jelly bean anyone else?

    • not jelly bean

      none at all lol

  • ChrisHanks

    I recommend Cogs
    Fun little puzzle game and well worth the $1

  • Towelie420