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Motorola Adds “Global” Option in Latest DROID RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich Leak

Stemming from yesterday’s report that Verizon does indeed have plans this summer to update the RAZR and RAZR MAXX, Rezound, and the DROID 4 to feature global capabilities, a reader running newly leaked Ice Cream Sandwich firmware on the RAZR has basically proved just that. From what we gather, when the device receives the official ICS OTA, it will bring along the global features. When exactly can we expect it? Well, according to Motorola’s update timeline, we’re looking at a very vague “Q2 of 2012.”

Cheers TC!

  • Steve

    Just to ask maybe an obvious question… is the RAXR MAXX both CDMA and GSM? I have a Droid 3 specifically for that capability and would like to upgrade but ONLY if it has both CDMA and GSM capabilities.

    • chris125

      yes it is.

  • Where can we download this ICS leak???? Waiting impatiently… ;p

  • mcdonsco

    Whatever happened to the razr getting IcS on omay 23rd? Yes, I know its not may 23rd yet, but figured articles like this would mention that expected date…

    • TMadd

      Exactly. I’m not holding my breath, but I would at least like to see *something* about that past prediction/”leak”. Perhaps a ‘So it looks like the May 23rd date isn’t realistic – hold out another month guys’ or something like that. Just to put people like us at ease. /rant

  • SB

    Hey, what happened to the CDMA only mode??????
    That is needed when using the GPS extensively, otherwise the battery drains pretty fast…

    • On Global devices, there are three different selectors (at least on my DROID2 GLOBAL).

      1st is what you see in the screenshot: the technology to use.

      2nd is CDMA mode; 2G or 2G+3G. Probably will have an option like 2G+4G on these LTE-capable devices.

      3rd is GSM mode; 2G or 3G with 2G fallback where unavailable.

      • SB

        Aha… got it.

  • Lord_Vader1941

    The term “leaked” is grossly over-utilized….

  • MacallanRocks

    only 38 days left until the end of “Q2”

  • Joe


  • Neil Phillips

    My MAXX just keeps getting better….

  • Damian

    somone needs to charge their phone……

  • they always its ‘leaked’ yea right, you found out because they wanted you to

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    lol I told you all this last week 😛

  • Jonathan Juanico

    Will someone please tell me when in the hell is Q2! haha I’m hoping were in it now!

    • theentropic

      It depends on what Motorola says is their fiscal year, but typically Q2 means 4/1 – 6/30

      • theentropic

        Edit: Deleted… forgot I can edit posts on Disqus.

    • red57

      April 1st – June 10th.

  • paul_cus

    This would be a very welcome feature.

  • Droidzilla

    Google’s had ’em for five minutes and already there’s good news.

    • Supraface

      even though Google had nothing to do with the decision to put GSM radios in the CDMA Razr(I think…) or Verizon’s decision to activate them, but sure I guess.

      • Droidzilla

        Don’t bother us with petty details. Google takes over, the RAZR is made global.

      • LTE is based in GSM IIRC…shouldnt be an issue. Hopefully they’ll bless the Gnex with the same global win

        • Droidzilla

          Does the LTE GNex have standard GSM radios, or just the LTE ones? It would be nice if they could software hack that bad-boy into a global phone.

        • LiterofCola

          I really don’t see why they wouldn’t make all phones with a global option.

        • BSweetness

          The LTE Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have the necessary radios to make it GSM capable like the recent Motorola devices do.

        • Michael

          LTE is the upgrade path for GSM, but is a completely different technology and unfortunately incompatible with GSM (as is CDMA). This is why we had to develop ways to “hand-off” connections between the 3G standards and LTE.

  • cizzlen

    Where they will also find an “unlock bootloader” option.

    …yeah keep wishing

    • My Droid X that has ran CM7 and is currently running MIUI. Has locked bootloader, still able to make device “my phone”.

      My Razr Maxx will be just fine too.